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20+Best CPS (Cost-Per-Sale) Affiliate Networks in 2024

Our Recommended Ad Network guarantees that your revenue will increase by 25%. 

Our Recommended Ad Network – 10% bonus on the balance of the amount of deposits.

If you are looking to boost up your online business and increase your income stream then you came to the right place!

CPS or Cost Per Sale is one of the best models in Affiliate Marketing in which advertisers are liable to pay commission only when the product gets sold.

If you are looking for a high-paying and efficient CPS affiliate network, then this article is very beneficial for you. With its advanced technology, you can manage your account properly as it is a secure and convenient platform that provides you with quality services and products to promote your business and earn more revenue.

Affiliates prefer to use CPC Ad networks as it provides high commission rates and is considered trustworthy by the publishers because it is serving thousands of publishers for many years and always make payments on time.

In CPS ad networks, advertisers pay out the publishers when the products they publish or advertise are sold and the customer has made the payment.  Then, after the confirmation of sales money is transferred to the publisher by the available mode of payment.

In this article, you will get a piece of knowledge about the best performing CPS Networks that can help you to give your best and generate a good amount of commission.

Surely, the list of these Best CPS Ad Networks will meet your needs and will encourage you to achieve your goals. If you will read the article carefully, then this article will be proved highly beneficial for you.

Our Recommended Ad Networks To Join:

If you are a blogger or publisher or affiliate, check out the following CPA Networks that we recommend.

MyLead Logo guaranteed that your revenue will increase by 25%. They are focusing on IAB-1 sites, mainly Tier 1 traffic and a minimum of 100k pageviews per month
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CPA.House logo is one of the top CPA networks for beginners that provides the best deals and daily payouts to their all publishers.
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Adsterra Logo
Adsterra CPA Network is a source of high-paying offers from reputable advertisers. We deliver risk-free, superfast payouts to affiliates
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Meet the most profitable ad network for publishers. Bitmedia ad network is a transparent and secure way to monetize traffic.
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Best CPS Affiliate Networks 2024:

Here is the list of Best Cost Per Sale Affiliate Networks For Affiliates to join in 2023 and 2024

  2. MaxValue.Media
  3. MyLead.
  4. Dynu in Media
  5. Partners.House
  6. Adsterra
  7. CPA.House
  8. Mobidea
  9. Olavivo
  10. Amazon Associates.
  11. ShareASale.
  12. CommissionJunction.
  13. eBay Partner Network.
  14. ClickBank.
  15. LinkConnector.
  16. Impact.
  17. TradeDoubler.
  18. FlexOffers.
  19. Awin.
  20. AvantLink.
  21. Pepperjam.
  22. RevenueWire.
  23. CleverBridge.
  24. Webgains.

1. Push.House:

Push-House-For-Advertisers is one of the leaders in the advertising market and is a great CPS affiliate network as well. You can easily earn money by placing advertisements on your website or blog. makes it really simple as they use a push notification method. You can make a lot of money through as they offer really high coverage. Their services span out to about 180 countries all over the world.

Push.House will not only help you in making more money but will also bring high-quality traffic to your website/blog as well. They provide publishers with the highest ROI through unique traffic. In case of any queries, you can contact their customer support which is always ready to answer your questions.

If you want to look at your statistics then it is also available in the form of real-time statistics. You can see everything in real-time. This helps you in planning your future moves. So, for publishers, is one of the best CPC Ad Networks out there.

Join Push.House Now!

Payment Details:

  • Price Models: CPC and CPM
  • Payment Frequency: NET7 (Weekly)
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $50
  • Payment MethodsPayPal, Payeer, ePayments, WebMoney, QIWI, VISA/Master Card, Advcash, and Bitcoin
  • Referral Commission: 3%

2. MaxValue.MediaThe #1 Ad Network For Publishers:


MaxValue is a new yet one of the most preferred ad networks out there. The company has a keen eye for website publishers who are looking forward to publishing ads on their sites in exchange for money. 

MaxValue does not compromise solely on the quality of ads it provides. Other than the high-quality ads, another point that sets MaxValue apart from others is its Header Bidding Technology. It allows the users to experience real-time bidding using the largest Demand Sites. The result of the bidding is an increased revenue of the highest bidding. MaxValue supports Sticky ads,  Banner ads, Video ads, as well as Native Ads. Moreover, the registration process is super easy and quick. 

Their user-centric dashboard offers features from viewing traffic information by country and checking the website’s traffic quality to ad performance insights. But there are things you need to keep in mind if you want to work with them as a website publisher. They work with websites that have at least 100,000 pageviews per month, have traffic mainly from the US, UK, and Canada, and have content that is free from illegal, unsafe, controversial, violent, aggressive, or banned content. 

Even though they have some requirements to get started, they maintain the quality of their services. The company claims to give a minimum 25% increase in your website’s revenue, and if it does not happen, they claim to pay the gap, which is a big statement to make, especially as a newbie. 

  • Company Details:
  • Company Name: MaxValue
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Minimum Payout: $25 (Net-15)
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency

Join MediaValue Now!

3. MyLead – The #1 CPS Affiliate Network:


MyLead is the biggest and most-famous affiliate network for publishers and advertisers to help them with marketing by offering advanced technological features. It not only offers you innovative tools but also offers you to learn new techniques through its exclusive training programs once you create your account.

It is the best CPS Affiliate network where you can get your commission based on the order value that has been placed through your marketing strategy. The dashboard of MyLead provides you with every tiny detail of its services, models, monetization tools, and a lot more. The major focus of MyLead lies in building a large community that is interlinked through various channels designed to benefit customers, advertisers, publishers, purchasers, and every single department involved in the niche.

The earning opportunities at MyLead are vast enough to help you get to a point you have been dreaming of. They help you to promote the products and services through a wide range of social media platforms based on your area of interest.

Affiliate marketing through MyLead has been a huge success over the past years as it is based on consumer preference and user experience. The team at MyLead believes in a transparent relationship with the customers which has helped them achieve a significant amount of trust and loyalty.

It has several offers for you to choose from as per your interest and promote a certain affiliate program of your choice. It has a process of five simple steps to reach the earning end. All you need to do is invest your time and skills and get ready to be paid a significant amount of money in no time. You should have a look at their website and see if it deems fit for your interest.

Join MyLead For Free

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $20
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Skrill, Bank Wire Transfer, Revolut, WebMoney, Bitcoin.

4. Dynu In Media – Best CPS Network for Beginners:

If you’re a publisher and looking for an affiliate marketing network that would support you, guide you, and offer maximum benefits, then you have arrived at the right spot! Dynu In Media is an affiliate marketing platform chiefly concerned with CPA, CPL, and CPS models and is a subgroup of Interate Corporation. You can boost your income for hundreds of quality sponsorships and advertisement drives, in just a few simple steps, by filling out some straightforward forms and providing them with all the data that they require.

This platform primarily supports the CPA, CPL, and CPS campaigns through display, search, and social media. It aids the advertisers in increasing their users’ accretion by looking for the top best-quality publishers for their online advertisement drives. This AM platform also assists the publishers in gaining profits by offering commissions on the publisher’s referral tasks. This forum is a digital marketing maestro with a solid experience of seven-plus years. It provides ultimate authenticity by continually altering its approaches concerning the tech needs of the market.

The best part is that your allocated Affiliate Marketing Manager from Dynu In Media will accompany you on your way to success, guaranteeing that you are contented with their services and stick with them for the longest-term partnership. Their enterprise is based on and supports, with CPA, CPL, CPS, CPV, CPI, and CPC drives through social media, navigation, and manifest.

Being led by designated professional associates and a rock-hard base, this platform is among the industry’s most esteemed and capable affiliate networking platforms. They engage with a wide diversity of markets, particularly in the US, EU, and are always willing to broaden into new ones. Their present prime verticals include Sweepstakes, Finance, Market Research, E-commerce, Health & Beauty, Education, etc.

Join Dynu In Media Now!

Dynu In Media Details:

  • Offer Types: CPA, CPC, CPV, CPL, CPS Offers, etc
  • Minimum Payment: more than $50 Payment, for Wire payments, 300$ USD
  • Frequency: Net-25 payment term indicating amounts within 25 days of the following month
  • Payment Method: Payoneer, Wire, PayPal, etc

5. Partners.House – High Paying Ad Network:

Partners House

Since 2019, Partners.House has been the greatest push notification provided service, with rewards lasting up to 7 days. Each partner has a manager. Better RevShare for top partners, as well as a 3% referral scheme. They’re an ad network’s affiliate program. Advertisers can rest assured that their brands are safe with Partners.House.

They have a fraud-prevention mechanism in place that ensures to find and get rid of any suspicious traffic like bots or fraud. Publishers can use safe codes to monetize their websites. They can choose from a variety of payment alternatives. Moreover, Publishers from all over the world are invited to join.

Partners.House has an easy-to-understand working mechanism. They allow the publisher to establish their website through ads and push notifications. If you have an increasing number of visitors, you may join this excellent network and benefit from their incredible services.

Join Partners.House

About Partners.House

  • Company Name: Partners.House
  • Founded in: 2019
  • Countries Allowed: Worldwide
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Partners House: For site partners (Webmasters) and affiliates
  • Payment Models: CPL, CPC, CPM, CPA, and RevShare
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Web Money, ePayments, Bitcoin, MasterCard, QIWI, Perfect Money, and AdvCash are the payment methods.

6. Adsterra – Best CPS Affiliate Network:

If CPS Affiliation is what you are looking for then you should definitely check out Adsterra. This global ad network founded in 2013 ranks among some of the best ad networks in the market. They have all types of features present that make it really easy to earn money through various types of ads. Through Adsterra, you get instant access to quality traffic from over 18K+ publishers.

The fill rate provided by Adsterra is also amazing as they always provided a 100% fill rate. Their rates are also high and provide genuine traffic. All of their ad formats are also high converting as well. There is also a lot to choose from and you can choose anyone that you prefer. They provide an approval rate of 10 minutes which is insane.

Their security systems are well thought out so there is no chance for any fraud. Overall, Adsterra is one of the better choices for CPS Affiliate Networks

Join Adsterra Now!

7. CPA.House – Top Cost Per Sale Affiliate Network:


If you are on the lookout for a high-paying CPS Affiliate network then CPA. house ranks among the best ones out there. They provide the advertisers with a really high pay rate and daily payouts as well. You also get a higher approval rate by working with So, if you start working with them, you will see a drastic increase in your order confirmation rate.

In order to remove any unwanted traffic, CPA.House has a protection system in place. They use Artificial Intelligence to remove any unwanted traffic. They also have a really easy-to-understand dashboard, as well, where you can see all the statistics. You get the Audience analytics which helps you in targeting your campaigns in a more efficient way.

All in all, is one of the best CPS affiliate networks in the market due to its higher rates and fraud detection system.

Join Now! Details:

Company Name: CPA.House
Offer Types: CPA, CPI, CPL, PPC Offers, etc
Minimum Payment: $50 Payment Frequency: Daily Payments
Payment Method: Check, PayPal, Payoneer, etc

8. Mobidea – An Outstanding CPS Affiliate Network:

Mobidea Home

Mobidea offers an intriguing and promising CPS affiliate network for publishers and advertisers. This network has been gaining quite a lot of public focus during the past five years. You can make a lot of income by promoting the offers available on the Mobidea website. The success of any affiliate network is determined by the extent and quality of the brochure of their proposals, which in Mobidea’s case is premier!  

You can earn on a CPS basis if a client purchases the offers advertised by you. And your profit will be determined keeping in view the number of sales driven by you. The platform is presently

drives 1000+ offers. Quite strikingly, more than 80% of the revenue generated is shared with the affiliates! Sounds like such a committed network? It is!

Joining this network is quite convenient, as you just have to make your account on the Mobidea network, which takes about one and a half minutes. This platform is free to join and is a hub for mobile affiliate marketers to make profits! It is a solely mobile-driven affiliate network that will assist you in driving surged traffic to the desired offers either directly or through its famous Smartlinks technology, which provides the affiliates cost-optimized suggestions to keep in view the business’s traffic. 

Mobidea is a specifically effective mobile affiliate network focused mainly on mobile recommendations for affiliate marketers. As a Mobidea affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn instantaneous profits and get swift cash payout from them. The free-of-charge performance tracker is a lifesaver for affiliate marketers, enabling them to record their performance, and offers full integration and entirely prearranged traffic resources. 

It deals with sweepstakes, adult, dating, finance, gambling, pin submits, mobile content, and more. The goal to revolutionize digital affiliate marketing and to be always ahead is what keeps Mobidea going. In case of any confusion or queries, you may contact their multi-cultural support team, offering guidance in multiple languages. 

Payment Details: 

Minimum Payout: 50€

Payment Methods: Crypto, PayPal, Paxum, Bank Transfers, SEPA Transfers, among others.

9. Olavivo Best CPS Affiliate Network:

Olavivo is one of the most reliable and reputable boutique affiliate networks that offers its services to over 10k+ active publishers & advertisers globally. Whether you are an advertiser, publisher, or media partner, it can help you get your desirable objective, whether you are looking to increase traffic or looking to monetize your traffic, then Olavivo is the perfect option for you!

If you are an advertiser, once your offer is live with Olavivo, affiliates/media partners will start pushing quality traffic to your offer that can help you increase your leads, sales, or whatever your objective is around the clock. They also provide dedicated support that assists you in optimizing your campaigns. Furthermore, they work on a worldwide level and offer multilingual support. 

If you are a Media Partner, then Olavivo gives live and up-to-date reports. In addition to this, they also offer competitive payout rates and amazing referral programs. 

Especially, if your website niche is related to Crypto, Finance, Sweepstakes, or Leadgen, then it is the perfect affiliate network for you! 

In short, whether you are an advertiser or media partner, Olavivo can help you maximize your impact, and no matter which part of the world you belong to, you will be welcomed and provided with amazing support & positive vibes. Get Started Today with Olavivo.

Payment Details:

  • Offer Types: CPA, CPL 
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly
  • Payout: $250 Threshold
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Digital Currencies, Wire transfer, and others. 

10. Amazon Associates – The #1 CPS Affiliate Network:

amazon associates

It is an interesting and best CPS Ad network that is managed and promoted by It has earned the reputation of best working CPS Ad networks in the marketing industry. They’re an ad network’s affiliate program. You can earn a lot of revenue by linking with Amazon as it has the most expensive but qualitative products available for sale to customers.

It is very easy to use and is free of cost to join,  is considered the best opportunity or you can say entry point for a number of affiliates to earn 10% advertising amount.

You can choose any of the products from but first, you have to sign up for Amazon that will take a few minutes to become Amazon associates then you will be able to sell the affiliate products and promote your sales and site as soon as possible.

It provides you with a variety of standard ad formats and designs to display the ads in a more attractive way whether that is in the form of banner ads, contextual links, or widgets.

As an Amazon affiliate, you have better options for producing high conversion rates and promoting sales by working with the top-rated online shopping store.

You can keep an eye on the site´s performance and also keep the track of revenues, sales, clicks, and dates by linking with the Amazon CPS Ad network. So, in case of any issue, you can resolve it by seeking help from the supportive team and improving your progress in this way.

Payment Details:

Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Methods: Cheque, Bank Transfer, Payoneer or Amazon gift cards.

11. ShareASale – Best Cost Per Sale Network:


ShareASale is one of the leading CPS affiliate networks that are famous among the publishers for its advanced technology, great features,  reliable network, on-time payments, as well as efficient and transparent business plans to get more audience and business promotion.

It is working trustworthily for more than 17 years and has got a good reputation in the market. Its extremely supported team and customer services act as a great platform in terms of affiliate marketing both for publishers and advertisers.

ShareASale has a vast network of professional advertisers and expertise that helps the affiliates in generating new talent and innovative ideas to produce a better user experience, that’s why the number of advertisers has reached 3500.

They are always making efforts to improve the performance of sites or blogs in order to make their merchants happier and give confidence to affiliates.

You can track the performance by the useful tools it provides as well as by statistical reporting to check the number of sales, response of customers, view, date, and earnings.

For working with this ad network, you don’t need to sign up again and again but only once then you can work with different merchant programs at the same time.

ShareASale allows you to work with different categories including wedding cards, gifts, birthday ceremonies, fitness, tech, apparel as well as productivity.

Other than this, you can easily customize your affiliate links by creating shortened URLs that are extremely impressive for visitors or you can also use the best URL shorteners. You can even create your own customized reports with the help of reporting features.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Methods: PayPal or Check and Bank Transfer.

12. Commission Junction – Pay Per Sale Affiliate Network:


CommissionJunction is a leader in trade affiliate marketing that provides high conversion optimization tools, innovative technology, extreme customer targeting, and a high support system that opens a gateway for affiliates to promote your sales and increase your income stream by affiliating through the efficient Commission Junction

It has created a global affiliate network by gathering professional and hard worker publishers, advertisers and working with high marketing agencies.

Furthermore, it gives you standard performance solutions that act according to your needs and improves your site’s performance making it better to produce optimal results.

Commission Junction has got a mastery in digital marketing innovation and expertise, you can get the best ROI with the help of its great features and highly innovative technology that tends to grow your business at a global level and has established a well-known place in the e-commerce market. They pay at Net 20 basis

It is connected with more than 3000 advertisers and works with leading brands all across the world.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Methods: Check, Direct Deposit.

13. eBay Partner Network:

eBay Partner Network is one of the largest e-commerce networks since 1998. It has a great name in the marketplace. A large community of advertisers and publishers is working with it. eBay associates a huge number of purchasers and vendors around the globe, enabling individuals and making open doors for all. It generates great revenues, by adopting smart analogies. To assist you with procuring such that’s best for you, EPN offers a wide scope of monetizing opportunities for each ability level. eBay has millions of customers, so whenever anyone clicks on your item and makes a purchase, you are commissioned. Besides, If you are keeping massive traffic and millions of impressions per month, why are you not utilizing it with eBay? Drive your traffic to eBay, and earn big. You can earn 50% to 70% of commissions. You get your payments within minutes and 100% uptime is guaranteed.

eBay has a user-friendly portal that provides nitty-gritty details of one’s performance, so by tracking one’s daily analytics, one can oversee results and improve each day. Their tools are easy to use and an efficient guide is available for each of them

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $10
  • Payment Methods: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire.

14. ClickBank – Leading CPS Affiliate Network in 2023:


ClickBank is one of the early CPS networks and is equally popular among advertisers and publishers. They deal with digital products like software and ebooks etc. ClickBank engages business people simply like you, to develop your business on the web and earn enticing incomes. More than 30,000 registrations are done with it on a daily basis across 190 countries

ClickBank pays the absolute most noteworthy commissions out there in light of the fact that they believe in their affiliate’s satisfaction and happiness. You can earn up to 75% commissions with them, and sometimes You can earn recurring commissions as well. You go on earning for years and years, as long as your customers continue their subscriptions. This is one of the great features that make ClickBank “worthy to sign up affiliate network”.

Their site offers tens of thousands of a vast number of products so you can simply pick those that, you think would attract your traffic, or particularly demanding in your area.

ClickBank has a very transparent system, you can see clicks, sales, and profits in the real-time frame, via a user-friendly dashboard. They work all fairly and clearly with their clients

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $10
  • Payment Methods: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire.

15. LinkConnector:


It is also one of the best CPM Ad networks that help publishers and advertisers increase sales and earn more revenue by using the innovative technology and effective features offered by the Link connector.

It is a great platform where you can connect with the standard and internationally recognizable brands, its affiliate relations team allows you to build long-term relations with quality brands to increase the performance of your site or blog with its efficient LC technology.

With the help of this Ad network, you can join a quality brand and supportive management team that is all the time available to serve its users.

If you are looking for such an Ad network that can provide you long time deals and success because it provides the publishers with trusted brands and its ideal technology.

It also contains a Naked link technology that provides high SEO results and great revenues to its affiliates. So, you can promote your online business within hours as it gives you a response in a few hours instead of weekly performance.

With the LinkConnector you are allowed to view the performance data based on device, mobile, browser, location, etc.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Check.

16 Impact Radius:


Impact, founded in 2008 is one of the most reputed CPS Affiliate Networks. They have a network of over 7 million partners spread all across the world from region to region.
With Impact, you can certainly settle on the audience choices, that move development fast. It offers instruments that convey power to your sales. The speediest method to pull up advertisements on Impact Radius is to simply tap a tremendous list of promotions of different kinds. What’s extremely pleasant is you can even rapidly channel standard promotions by size.

It streamlines the process of tracking, commissioning, paying, and evaluating performance across channels and devices. Their tracking system is 100% fair. Impact Radius is an anti-fraud system that only connects to real advertising and publishing units.

All things considered, Impact can amplify each and every of your penny.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: The minimum amount threshold is completely up to you from $25 up to $5000.
  • Payment Methods: ACH (free), International Bank Transfer.

17. TradeDoubler:


TradeDoubler is a reliable name in the CPS affiliate market since 1999. As its name portrays, it doubles your trade and boosts your earnings. It has become a global network of digital advertisers, publishers, and customers. Its creative innovation, ground-breaking monetizing solutions, escalated client focusing, and support drive new income and open doors for you. It’s become a market driving innovative network with a profound comprehension of clients’ needs.

They have nine offices in distinct countries in Europe. Customers from all over the world are connected with trade doublers. It connects publishers to 20,000 top brands in the market and thus generates streaming revenues for them. More than 180,000 working publishing units and 20,000 plus advertisers are part of their team, thus this platform generates more than 1.4b pounds each year, for its customers. Thus, you can earn eyes -sparkling amounts with trade doubler.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: £30
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer.

18. FlexOffers:


FlexOffer is also a better performing CPS Ad network, that provides the best functioning tools and solutions to meet the affiliate’s requirements.

It provides several affiliate programs, programs, tools, high commissions, prompt payouts, and a delivery system that provides a beneficial affiliate marketing experience.

With the help of FlexOffer, you can track the performance of your websites such as clicks, earnings per click, transactions, the response of the audience, impressions, conversion rates, and commission as well. Thus you can keep a check on products, campaigns, and categories.

In case of any difficulty, you can contact the team members through a contact form, email, or phone.

You can join the FlexOffer by getting registered through this Ad network, simply have to fill up an application form and make initial payments ranging from $500 upfront plus a $100 deposit.

More than 5000 advertisers are registered with FlexOffer to get more revenue by producing more sales.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: ACH, Bank Transfer, or Cheque.

19. Awin:


Awin, famous as Affiliate window in the past is a global name in affiliate marketing. In 2012, it was awarded as the Champ of affiliate networks. This worldwide network has a solid base of 13000+ publicists and 100,000+ publishers. It has given a beneficial advanced promoting channel to sponsors and distributers which flourish with conveying astounding execution. Its broadly acclaimed system goes on to help the sponsors and distributors.

It influences its ground-breaking innovation and professional account executives assisting sponsors and organizations to interface with crowds the world over. Its distributors are effective in making gainful associations with the best brands the world over. It owes  15500 active advertisers and more than 20,000 active publishers and till 2018 their sales rate is 139 million in a year. They also allow their customers to use their creative and driving advertising tools, anywhere on any platform

Awin provides clear and real-time tracking of sales via its portal. Their portal is easy to utilize and understand. So, one can have an alert eye and focus on its business insights.

In 2019, Awin donated €10,000 in support of Earth Day to the world’s biggest environmental movement. Hence Awin is completely an ideal network in the world.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: The minimum amount of threshold is $20
  • Payment Method: The mode of payment is by ACH, Check, Wire Transfer

20. AvantLink:


AvantLink is one of the superior CPS Affiliate Marketing networks. AvantLink expedites board inventive methods and moral strategic policies which give you sufficient chances to develop your online business. Its unmatched help will assist you with outperforming any difficulties that come in your business journey. It offers quick and modified 24/7 help that encourages you to succeed. Furthermore, It gives an active tracking user portal so you can adequately screen your online business status. It maintains its network’s transparency and helps users to have more planned goals.

Regardless of its adaptability, APIs calls, straightforwardness, innovation, dealers, organizations, partners, and backing, AvantLink is one stage in front of its rivals. You can excel in your business at lightning speeds by utilizing their standard advertisements, content promotions,  HTML advertisements, etc. Your business will not be as much easier before AvantLink.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer.

21. PepperJam Network:


PepperJam Network is a huge name in CPS affiliate marketing owing to its advanced monetizing techniques. It has a vast network of advertisers, publishers, and accomplices, working with them for years to years. They believe in maintaining long-term relations.

It targets improving deals and not simply traffic. They plan appealing advertisements and position them where they can be seen and followed upon, which reduces half of your efforts and help you excel in your business fast. These innovative advertisements draw in a large number of clients. They likewise offer individual assistance and backing to new customers. A customer can contact their team 24/7, in case of a query or side-assistance.

With their sophisticated tracking system, you need to stress about anything, you can have complete analytics of your business via it. Everything is completely customizable with PepperJam.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $25
  • Payment Methods: PayPal.

22. RevenueWire:


Revenuewire is an extraordinary worldwide internet business network. It for the most part deals in the digital market. This web-based business is dynamic in excess of 200 nations. It’s a system made out of national and global organizations. Along these lines, its advertisers and publishers get more chances to create more income means for their sites. The system causes distributers to make significant organizations.

It offers all the fundamental advertising means and contents to the advertisers and publishers for accomplishing their advertising and pay objectives. You can exploit its cutting-edge innovation and creative answers for the benefit of your CPS Affiliate Marketing. It’s extremely simple to utilize in any event, for a novice member advertiser.

It is very easy to sign up with Revenuewire. You’ll simply need to respond to a couple of simple inquiries, at that point you’re prepared to make some partner commissions. The pubs are paid out on CPS, CPA, and CPL, basis. They can earn up to 99% commissions.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $25
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, ACH Bank Deposit, Wire.

23. CleverBridge:


CleverBridge, begun in 2005 as an eCommerce Company is a very successful and popular network, It is outstanding amongst other adaptation stages for organizations of different sizes. Its inventive arrangements enable you to deal with the most perplexing business activities like subscriber management, global payments, and international infrastructure Cleverbridge’s ground-breaking eCommerce methods can develop your online income. It is a flexible platform to price in the right currency, offer preferred payments, and optimize pricing as you expand in the new market.

Their solutions let you simplify signup and renewals, manage upgrades and downgrades, streamline billing events and churns. It supports 30+ different languages. With CleverBridge you comprehend your clients better and improve your relations with them. It surpasses your desires and encourages you to develop and serve your clients. With this advanced showcasing supplier, you can turn upward to proceed with help and devotion to your business

CleverBridge protects the privacy of your data, besides offering an advanced real-time tracking portal. Anybody, associated with can have a keen observation of its sales insights and analytics via it. Moreover, it is quite easy to use.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer.

24. Avangate:

It is another interesting and flexible CPM Ad Network that helps the publisher to increase their sales and promote their business at a wider scale, globally.

You can increase your revenue by affiliating with CPS affiliate marketing. It provides the best e-commerce solution and a set of efficient tools to its affiliates so they can successfully sell software and online services across the whole world.

You can optimize your website and accept global payments as well. It has earned a big name in the marketing industry as it is used by more than 4000 SaaS and other software companies because of its global infrastructure and best footprint.

By using Avangate you can increase your sales by 25%, thus you can create a quick flow of traffic to your product and services.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $100.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire, Cheque.

25. Webgains:


Webgains was created in 2004 in England, is one of the best marketing affiliate networks that offer the best possible results by increasing sales and linking you with real customers in real-time.

It has the ability to understand key markets that boost your sales. It encourages you to make the right decisions and build confidence in the affiliates so that they can compete better.

Webgains has a large network of more than 1800 advertisers and 250,000 publishers that is increasing rapidly. If you desire to extend your market and get more traffic, then Webgains is the best opportunity for you.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $25
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire, Cheque, ACH.

Here are Some Relevant Ad Networks For Publishers:

Final Words:

We have researched hundreds of CPS affiliate networks and made comparisons among them on various scales and at last, articulated a few of them which are worthy of being labeled as “The Best”. But before choosing the one, access your needs and requirements, research hard then make the decision to link with. Stay Successful!

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.

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