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20+ Best VPN For Netflix 2024 – According to Experts

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Are you in search of unblocking Netflix content that isn’t available in your region? Are you getting bored of watching the same Netflix movies & shows repeatedly? Then, you are in the right place. We will recommend to you the 20 best VPN services that can unblock Netflix content in your region. A VPN is used for many reasons, but unblocking geo-blocked services is the most common use of VPN these days.
Unblocking geo-blocked means getting access to content that isn’t available to watch or browse in your regions, such as Netflix shows and movies. There are several Netflix shows that aren’t available to watch in Asia because those shows are specifically released for American Netflix viewers only.

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What is a VPN?

Hiding your identity online with the help of a virtual private network isn’t a very big deal in the modern era of technology. Yes! A virtual private network (VPN) can hide your identity using advanced protocols and security systems. A VPN hides your identity online, by hiding your IP address from your Internet services provider (ISP) or any type of attacker trying to breach into your system.

How does It work?

A VPN uses end-to-end encryption so that your data cannot be accessed easily. End-to-end encryption is based on Cipher texts and techniques which means the original information is encoded into cipher text which includes capital letters, numbers, and alphanumeric values which are decoded at the receiver’s end. Anything that is available on the internet can be browsed using a VPN without getting exposed to the internet. A VPN converts a public network into a private network.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a VPN:

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a VPN are mentioned down below:


  • Tunneling protocols are used to protect your privacy
  • Geo-blocked content can be unlocked easily
  • You can browse anonymously on any website
  • End-to-end encryption keeps your data secure from hackers


  • Can slow down your internet speed.

Best VPN For Netflix 2023:

Here is the list of 20+ Best VPN For Netflix that you can buy in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Surfshark VPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. IPVanish VPN
  4. Ivacy VPN
  5. Fastest VPN
  6. CactusVPN
  7. NordVPN
  8. CyberGhost VPN
  9. TorGuard VPN
  10. Pure VPN
  11. VyprVPN
  12. ProtonVPN
  13. Private Internet Access VPN
  14. Hotspot Shield VPN
  15. StrongVPN
  16. Speedify VPN
  17. TunnelBear
  18. VPN
  19. FrootVPN
  20. PrivateVPN

These are the best VPN providers that can unblock Netflix and can secure your internet browsing experience. These listings are based upon product quality, performance, pricing, features, and benefits.

1- Surfshark:

A budget-friendly and super stable VPN provider which is available to download for all platforms. It has more than 1700 servers and is currently operating in more than 63 countries. You can have unlimited connections at once which is the highlighted feature of the VPN. You can also unblock the streaming videos and shows on Netflix. Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands and is highly secured. Surfshark provides tools like a virtual private network, a private search tool, and a leak detection system. Surfshark was initially released in 2018 and is available for all platforms including Linux-based devices and Mac devices.
Surfshark VPN was named the best VPN in 2020 by CNN, and it received its first seal of approval in October 2019. The protocols used by Surfshark VPN are extremely powerful and advanced which include, IKEv2 protocols, OpenVPN protocol, shadowsocks, and a wire guard tunneling protocol. The app uses the amazing 256-bit-encryption technique for transmission to make the user data secure and private. It has super-fast internet speed which allows you to enjoy peer-to-peer and torrenting services.
Access Netflix and Hotstar tv shows and movies with super-fast Surfshark VPN. The updated policies allow you to pay through Google or Amazon Pay. It all depends on you how do you want to pay for the services. The company also offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the services provided by the VPN. So, enjoy Netflix or download unlimited torrent movies with the help of Surfshark VPN and keep yourself entertained in your leisure time. Surfshark gives you the guarantee of 100% security and protection against any type of attacker who is trying to steal your data while you are browsing or watching anything online.
The Multi-Hop technology which is not often seen in many VPN providers is a great feature of this VPN. You can route through two different servers to keep yourself completely anonymous from your ISP (Internet services provider) or attackers.

Get Surfshark 81% Off Deal

  • Multi-Hop connectivity is available
  • Available for all platforms
  • Good speeds of the internet
  • It can unblock geo-blocked content of US and UK regions libraries
  • UI is simple and easy-to-use
  • Advanced Standard Encryption (256-bit).
  • Customer service is not satisfactory

2- ExpressVPN:

One of the most popular and oldest VPN vendors is ExpressVPN which has been providing its services to 94 countries. And the best thing about this VPN is that it also works in China. Many VPNs do not work in China due to their strict policies toward using the VPN. The average speed provided by the VPN is somewhere near 130 Mbps. Therefore, you can use the VPN without having any difficulty or any type of lag. The main concern of many VPN users is the ease of use. For the people who are concerned about simple UI and ease of use of the app, they can go for the ExpressVPN virtual private network provider.
Advanced encryption like the AES-256 bit is included in the ExpressVPN as well. There is a lot you can do online with the help of ExpressVPN such as, playing multiplayer games, streaming blocked Netflix content, and browsing anonymous. As for gamers, they can simply connect to any server they want and can play with the players available on that server. And for the people who want to unblock Netflix content in their country, they can easily do that with the help of ExpressVPN. VPN claims to be 100% safe and also gives surety about the no-logs policy.
A no-logging policy assures the VPN users that their browsing history or data is not stored anywhere or sold anywhere. ExpressVPN has been a name in the VPN race for many years now and it gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its users, whether they use it for streaming, gaming or to get the news from other countries which is blocked in their region. ExpressVPN is expensive though but it is completely worth it.
Customer support is extremely friendly and helpful all the time. Get the assistance through live chat or through the email option.

Get Express VPN 85% Off Deal

  • Easy-to-use with simple UI
  • No logging policy is included
  • Split-tunnelling is included
  • Open-sourced browser extension.
  • It can unblock streaming services of BBC, iPlayer, amazon prime and Netflix
  • ExpressVPN is not available on the play store in India

3- IPVanish VPN:

IPVanish brings you amazing Virtual private networks services at amazing prices. With more than 1600 servers around the world. IPVanish is packed with 70+ locations allowing its users to connect to any location they want without having any difficulty. IPVanish is reliable and its browsing speed is lightning fast and secured. As the main purpose of a VPN is to hide your identity online and keep you safe from any unknown attackers, IPVanish does it all in an amazing manner and in addition, it can also unblock Netflix libraries in US and Japan. It secures your data with the help of AES-256-bit encryption.
With its simple and eye-catchy user interface design, it is easier to connect through different locations and navigate through the app. It provides ten connections that are above average in comparison to its competitors. IPVanish is available for all platforms including Linux, Mac, Android, and Windows operating systems. It smoothly works with Kodi and Fire TV. The tunneling protocol strategies of the VPN make it super secured and lightning-fast. Also, there are no bugs in the app. It runs smoothly whether you have a good device or an average one.
The company offers a money-back guarantee as well so that you can get your refund anytime you want. But according to our tests and review, the VPN won’t ever disappoint you. You will get the best results within a reasonable price range. IPVanish also provides torrenting and peer-to-peer services which means you can download torrent movies and videos without having any issues. The features provided by the tool aren’t seen commonly on many VPN service providers, that is why we definitely recommend using IPVanish VPN, as it is the best in the race of VPN providers that can unblock Netflix US-based libraries and provides amazing security features.
Customer support for the VPN is also good and cooperative. Although the VPN is not that costly if you want to buy the VPN at extremely cheap rates then you can check out some amazing coupons and discount deals available for this VPN.

Get IPVanish 88% Off Deal

  • Advanced and reliable security features.
  • The no-logging policy is strictly followed
  • Servers are extremely fast
  • Enable users to unblock Netflix and other content
  • Cost-effective
  • As the product is US-based, it remains under the command of 5 eyes

4- Ivacy:

With more than 1400 servers in 70+ countries of the world, Ivacy is a very well-known brand across the globe. Based in Singapore, Ivacy VPN keeps your browsing private and anonymous. Connect up to 10 devices using Ivacy and get the best browsing experience anytime, anywhere. Ivacy is available for all platforms. So, if you are a user of Linux or Mac, or Windows user, you can easily download the VPN and can get entertained by the services provided by this VPN. This VPN is compatible with each and every device and accepts payments through google pay amazon pay or bitcoin. They offer shared or dedicated IP addresses. Also, provide multiple protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, UDP, TCP, and IKEv2. Ivacy VPN allows users to have unlimited bandwidth, split tunneling, and limitless speed. It also has an internet kill switch option.
Additionally, Ivacy gives you amazing DDOS protection as well alongside, IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection. Also, Ivacy supplies you SOCKS5 web proxy. It has the fastest speed that lets you stream Netflix and other streaming websites. With Ivacy’s sharp speed, you can stream online sites, share Peer-to-Peer files, and can-do torrents as well without any lags. They have standard pricing. Ivacy VPN also offers its users a 30-day money-back guarantee. This VPN will provide your data 100% safety, security, and protection from hackers through its tunneling protocol strategy.
You can stream Netflix videos anytime anywhere with the help of this VPN. It can unblock Netflix libraries in US and UK and you can easily watch all the geo-blocked Netflix content while sitting at your house. Customer care for the product is super cooperative and supportive at all times, you can get the best assistance from their technical team within hours or minutes.

Get IVACY 87% Off Deal

  • Super easy to use and the best protection protocols
  • No logging policy
  • Speed is a highlighting point of this VPN
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • No-kill switch for Mac users

5- Fastest VPN:

Fastest VPN
The fastest VPN is a newcomer in the race of the VPN series, which does not have many servers across the world. Fastest VPN claims to be the fastest VPN so far. On the pricing side, they have multiple catchy prices for multiple offers. They have Mega offer deals for 5-years and also have a lifetime deal offer. The fastest VPN protects your data through encrypted tunnel protocol. And it claims to not collect any logs. They receive payments through PayPal, Crypto, and credit cards.
The VPN is new in the market but its reputation is super clean since its release. The android app is super handy with the best UI design. A user can navigate through the app easily. It’s has a kill switch feature, a 30-day money-back guarantee. We’ve tested torrenting with Fastest VPN and it comes out decently satisfying. They also have pretty fast download speeds. In the end, it’s a fast VPN but not the fastest one. This VPN will provide your data 100% safety, security, and protection from hackers through its tunneling protocol strategy.
The VPN comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee, which is a pretty cool benefit of this VPN, and not all VPN vendors provide such features. Netflix, Hulu, and amazon prime videos content can be unblocked using the fastest VPN services. There might be some slow network speed issues on the way while watching Netflix shows or watching movies but it can be considered worthy of trying according to the price range of the VPN
Customer support is available in form of live chat and email and phone calls. You can get assistance from the company’s technical team 24/7/365. They are super supportive and humble according to our review.

Get Fastest VPN 90% Off Deal

  • Lightning fast
  • Available for all platforms
  • Lifetime subscription is available
  • Not the best, but a value for money VPN

6- CactusVPN:

Cactus VPN
An underrated but surely powerful VPN. It is a Moldovan-based VPN having 37+ servers. These servers are present in more than 22 countries. CactusVPN is a great VPN when it comes to privacy and data leaks. The company has maintained leaking no data since the release of the VPN. The company claims that the VPN has a strict no-data logging policy and the user data is super secured, safe, and sound while browsing. They keep no data of a user including his/her searches, downloads, or passwords.
The main concern of adding such an underrated VPN to this article is that there aren’t many VPN vendors in the market that can unblock geo-blocked videos and series of Netflix. We have reviewed this VPN and it can unblock geo-restricted libraries of Netflix, which makes this VPN included in our 20 best Netflix VPN list. The VPN comes with a kill switch, and many advanced protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, SSTP, and WireGuard. There is also an option for this VPN to make it a browser extension so that it can block annoying ads and can make your searches and history safe and unrevealed.
The company supports payments through PayPal, google pay, Crypto, and Credit cards. You also get a money-back guarantee from the company which stays valid until 30 days.  This VPN assures its consumers the proper safety, security, and no data breaches while browsing online and unblocks Netflix.
If you are looking for a VPN that can unblock Netflix content, go for CactusVPN. Your time and money both will be saved.

Get Cactus VPN 72% Off Deal

  • Super-fast and maintenance is super easy
  • Comes with a built in adblocker
  • Supportive and time saving customer support
  • Torrenting is available on 3 to 4 servers only

7- NordVPN:

NordVPN is the best VPN available to use in the market when it comes to the updated features, protocols, security, and its ability to unblock streaming content. NordVPN’s headquarters is based in Panama. Headquarter in Panama means the VPN is highly secured and the VPN consists of more than 5500 servers with over 10 million users across 65 countries in the world. NordVPN claims that it has speeds higher than other VPN providers which mean there will be no lag during the connected sessions.
Military standard encryption like the AES-256 bit is included in NordVPN. It has shared IP addresses. You can also connect up to 6 devices with the VPN at once. It provides its own DNS server along with a kill switch. Go anonymous on the internet with the help of NordVPN in a simple three-click process. As we are mentioning the best virtual private networks in the market that can unblock Netflix streaming services. NordVPN comes at the top with amazing protocols and abilities to unblock Netflix geo-blocked content.
The VPN comes with 3 amazing deals which include a 2-year plan, 1-year plan, and 1-month plan. Enjoy the streaming of Netflix at lightning-fast speed without any dysconnectivity or lag issues. Torrenting and peer-to-peer file sharing are also allowed by the company for the users. This means now you can download torrent files at fast speeds without having any issues. The company claims that the VPN is services they provide are the most reliable and easy to use. As the app has an amazing UI design so that users can easily navigate through the app. Also, you can pay through google pay to get the premium plans.
Customer support for the app is also amazing. The technical team of the app is always available to assist you anytime through live chat or email or support.

  • AES-256-bit encryption is included
  • No logs policy
  • Connect up to 6 devices at once
  • Simple UI design makes it easy to use and handy
  • No split tunneling feature

8- CyberGhost:

Become a ghost in the world of online chaos using the CyberGhost VPN. 90+ countries are included in the list of CyberGhost VPN. It has more than 38 million followers has 3,200 servers all across the included countries. Since 2004, CyberGhost is providing security and safety to its users. The app comes with a simple and easy-to-use user interface which makes it a favorite of every user within no time. Simply select the server and connect to it without doing any additional work. There is a large set of security tools provided by the company to increase the performance and security of the VPN and make it super-fast and reliable.
Stream while the VPN is connected, play games or unlock Netflix content without having any issue. The desktop version is super handy, fast, and easy to use. For android users, the app is still new and is progressing day by day with the help of new updates and upgrades provided by the company. It uses a 256-bit encryption technology which makes this VPN super secured. It hides your identity online and keeps you safe from hackers and attackers. The most important feature provided by the tool is that it comes with a built-in ad blocker that blocks the annoying ads while browsing through any website and keeps the user experience extremely less annoying.
OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols make this app extremely secure with fast speeds. The speed tests conducted by us showed some great internet speeds without having any lag. Netflix shows and movies can be unblocked easily. If you are in search of a VPN that can unblock Netflix services with amazing security protocols, you can go for CyberGhost VPN.
Customer support is extremely friendly and helpful all the time. Get the assistance through live chat or through email. They are available 24/7 to help you in any case whether it is about connectivity or the Subscription plan renewal.

  • Split tunneling is included for Android users
  • The company claims that the no-log policy is included
  • Equipped with AES-256-bit encryption system
  • Cost-effective and renewal prices are low in comparison to other VPN vendors
  • Android app crashes. It needs improvements

9- TorGuard:

TorGuard VPN is an extremely fast VPN with more than 3000+ servers across 45+ countries of the world. The hub of the tool is located in the USA. A VPN that comes with the most unique features that not many vendors provide. It is equipped with features like a WireGuard tunnel and a kill switch. TorGuard has availed their VPN to all platforms like windows, android, IOS, Mac and Linux, etc. One of the most highlighted features of the TorGuard VPN is that it comes packed with a no-logging policy, which means that the websites you browse or the data you keep inside the browser is not being stalked or stored.
TorGuard VPN is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption which makes it super secure like many other top-notch VPN tools. TorGuard VPN can also unblock Netflix libraries of UK and US-based shows but, you need to pay additional charges to unblock Netflix because there is a dedicated IP address. TorGuard VPN is also equipped with an amazing adblocker that can block ads and can enhance your browsing experience. TorGuard offers aggressive pricing for their products and always gives amazing discounts on their VPN services.
Talking about Netflix which is the main highlighting point of this article, as we have spoken that the VPN is not the best fit for Netflix because you need to pay some additional charges for it. So, if you want a VPN for unblocking Netflix content, we do not recommend this VPN because there are several other VPN providers that can unblock the Netflix libraries without even paying a single penny.
The company always keeps improving the VPN through updates and patches. Therefore, the app has become stable and does not crash or lag.

  • AES-256 Encryption enabled VPN
  • Split tunneling is provided by the company
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy-to-use with a simple user interface
  • Additional charges for Netflix

10- PureVPN:

All the virtual private networks that made our list of best VPN for Netflix are top-notch and the best in their category. Here is another VPN named PureVPN with more than 3 million users and 6000+ servers across 140 countries. The reliable thing about this VPN is that it is a Hong Kong-based VPN, which means it does not serve under the enforcement of 5 eyes, 9 eyes, or 14 eyes. It is currently in the best category of virtual private networks that are super safe and can unblock the content of other countries. PureVPN comes with a kill switch option as well. Also, PureVPN makes split tunneling possible.
While mentioning safety and security, speed is also an important factor while using a VPN. PureVPN does not bring any immense internet speeds, the speeds we tested were just above average, which means you can have the average browsing and streaming speed on this VPN. The average speed of the VPN is not what you think, it is yet still reliable and usable. PureVPN is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption to make sure that your browsing experience is safe and secured. PureVPN also gives a 31-day guarantee on its product.
PureVPN has the ability to unblock Netflix content easily. You do not have to pay any additional charges to unblock such content. It can also unlock Disney+ content which is known as the most difficult streaming service to be unblocked with a VPN. PureVPN does it. It can unblock these types of apps and will give you the best results according to your desires.
PureVPN makes it easier to get help from its technical team through 24/7 support. You can always live chat or leave an email to get assistance from their customer support.

  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Clean user interface
  • Best customer services
  • Free live chat support is available
  • Average speeds

11- VyprVPN:

This VPN comes with 70+ locations across the world. VyprVPN has evolved and now it has become one of the best VPN providers in the VPN race. VyprVPN has more than 2 million users across the globe. Based in Switzerland VyprVPN comes with an AES-256-bit encryption method that keeps your data ultra-secure from any type of hackers or attackers. The average speeds recorded with Vypr VPN we have tested are somewhere near 44 Mbps. Although you get amazing performance with advanced protocols.
VyprVPN is equipped with advanced protocols like ChameleonTM, OpenVPN, and WireGuard. Most companies claim to be trustworthy with no logging policy included in their VPN services but they do not often compete with their claims, but VyprVPN’s no-logging policy is worthy of trust. You can browse safely and securely through VyprVPN services because it does not keep any record of your browsing history or downloads, passwords, credit card information, or anything else.
The primary concern of our article is the VPN that can stream Netflix. So, we are glad to tell you that VyprVPN is easily able to stream Netflix US library. Now you can access all the Netflix shows that are only available for United States-based users. VyprVPN can also unblock Hulu, iPlayer, Amazon prime videos. Alongside Netflix, you can watch all these streaming services providers without paying any extra single penny. The connection limit on VyprVPN is 5, which means you can connect up to 5 devices to the VPN. Enjoy the unblocked content from any part of the world.
The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with great security features and protection against attackers through the most advanced tunneling protocols.

  • Great customer support
  • No logging policy included
  • Kill switch is included
  • AES-256-bit-encryption
  • Renewal fees can be costly

12- ProtonVPN:

Headquarters are in Geneva. As the VPN is based in Switzerland. ProtonVPN has routed multiple 568+ servers across the world. ProtonVPN is currently operating in 40 + countries providing ease to the users by securing their data online and by streaming Netflix and other streaming platforms for free. It comes with a free version as well, which is a plus point because not all VPN providers give you an option to use the VPN for free. The premium version comes packed with multiple different features. With all the advanced features like AES-256-bit encryption and a kill switch the VPN has got almost everything that a good VPN should have. Speeds of the servers are standard when compared to other VPN providers, yet it never does compromise on its security services ProtonVPN Because this means it doesn’t lie under the five eyes, fourteen eyes, and nine eyes.
ProtonVPN has three subscription types: Free, Basic, and Plus/Premium version. The Premium version does provide you with a dedicated IP address where you can watch Netflix. And plus, a version also lets you download P2P files from torrents. Moreover, you don’t have to fret as ProtonVPN has passed the kill switch and DNS leak protection tests. With a ProtonVPN connection, you can use five devices at a time. This VPN will provide your data 100% safety, security, and protection from hackers through its tunneling protocol strategy.
Customer support is always an important factor when choosing a VPN, ProtonVPN comes with one of the best customer services as they are always available to assist you anytime, if you are stuck in something or don’t know how to extend your plan or renew your plan, they will guide you all the way.

  • Email customer support.
  • Connect up to 5 devices at once on the premium plan
  • The VPN is equipped with AES-256-bit encryption
  • Customer care does not provide you the facility of live chatting

13- Private Internet Access VPN:

Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access is based in the USA to assure users’ data security and that’s how they have developed a good reputation. It has more than 3200 servers across 30 countries in the world. They have received much positive feedback from their users. They also have pretty good customer support services. Private Internet Access VPN has compelling prices that help them gain new customers. Private internet access VPN lets you connect to up to 10 connections simultaneously on all the devices. And yes, you can also use a Private Internet Access VPN on Firestick! but that will need a manual setup.
Its ultra-fast speed supports torrents and lets you enjoy Netflix streaming without any lags. Now you can watch Netflix as much as you want while sitting at your home The private internet access VPN app is user-friendly and modish. Their app also has full features and is completely easy to install. It adds value by presenting a reliable no-log policy. The VPN is equipped with a no-logging policy which means no data of a consumer is recorded or stored in any case. This VPN will provide your data 100% safety, security, and protection from hackers through its tunneling protocol strategy.

  • Response to email is extremely fast
  • Great speed
  • No logging policy is included
  • No free version is available

14- Hotspot Shield VPN:

Hotspot Shield
For a very long period, the Hotspot shield has become one of the best VPNs in the VPN market. It has more than 650+ million users all across the world having more than 3,200 lightning-fast servers. Hotspot shield operates in more than 80 countries providing its users with amazing VPN services. Hotspot allows its users to connect 5 devices simultaneously. Although many top-notch VPN providers come with a built-in adblocker, Hotspot does not consist of any adblocker which should have been included in the premium version. The good thing is hotspot shield comes with a trial version which means you can use the VPN for a trial version of 30 days and can decide whether the VPN is compatible with your needs or you need to switch to another VPN.
A hotspot shield is widely used in the gaming industry. People use this VPN to connect to their favorite server to play with the players of any country they want. Also, the VPN does not lag or reduce internet speed while gaming which is why several thousand gamers use this VPN gaming.
Hotspot shield can also unlock geo-blocked content. Yes! it can unblock Netflix libraries that are not available to watch in your region. So, don’t worry about your favorite Netflix shows because Hotspot shield got you covered. It can also unblock Hulu, Amazon prime videos, and iPlayer. The VPN comes with a money-back guarantee. As the VPN is equipped with military encryption, you don’t have to worry about browsing online. It will keep your transmission anonymous and hidden from your ISP (internet services provider) and hackers. Customer support is also great in case you ever want to communicate directly with them, you can do that by simply going through a live chat session or an email. Depending on your problem they will guide you in the best way.

  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy to use beginners friendly
  • On top in the category of lightning-fast VPN vendors
  • Adds value to the user’s experience.
  • Based in the USA means its jurisdiction is not trustworthy

15- Strong VPN:

Strong VPN
As the name represents, the VPN itself is strong in any case whether it is security or gaming, streaming, or unblocking geo-blocked content. You are getting everything in this amazing VPN including a no-logging policy and AES-256-bit encryption alongside tunneling protocols and a dedicated Kill switch. A user can connect the VPN to 12 devices at once and can boost its workload in no time. StrongVPN is strongly concerned about user experience, that is why its services have improved since its release and now it has become a very well-known brand all across the world with more than 950 servers across 20 different countries. These servers are based in 46 different cities in these 20 countries. If a VPN server is closer to you, it will be faster and more secure for your browsing experience.
StrongVPN can easily unblock Netflix content from the US-based library only. Now you can unblock all the libraries in the USA and can watch your favorite shows without paying any additional cost to the company. According to our tests, we were able to unblock Netflix on the first try. But there are some particular servers that can unblock Netflix services. Not all the servers are capable are unblocking the geo-blocked Netflix content.
StrongVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee carrying no trial version for its users. On the other side, StrongVPN is extremely safe for browsing or downloading anything and it keeps a strict logging policy.

  • The eye-catchy user interface is very easy to use for all users
  • Lightning fast
  • Cooperative customer support
  • It can unblock Netflix US-based library
  • 12 simultaneous connections availability
  • Not all servers bring you the Netflix content unblocking facility

16- Speedify :

New in the game but, the beast in with its services. It comes with over 500 servers. All the servers are spread around 34 countries. Available for all platforms including Mac and iOS devices, also the VPN is available for android devices. You can download the VPN from the play store, It will help you go anonymous in the digital world where there is total chaos regarding the privacy and security of internet users.
It is based in the United States of America and has got military-level encryption which makes this VPN super secured, and safe. Split tunneling is always a great feature that is necessary to be included. Its UI gives you a feel of an advanced user interface that makes it more popular. Speedify has a stable speed that lets you enjoy Netflix and other streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Disney plus, Hulu, and hundreds of other sites. And it allows you to download and upload smartly.
Speedify has so many options, like torrenting, a kill switch feature, and unblocking geo-restrictions. Customer support is also great in case you ever want to communicate directly with them, you can do that by simply going through a live chat session or an email. Depending on your problem they will guide you in the best way.

  • Military-grade-encryption based VPN
  • Comes with a kill switch
  • Split tunneling is a great feature included by the company
  • Reasonable premium plans
  • Five connections can be attached to the VPN simultaneously
  • Do not support live chat.

17- TunnelBear:

TunnelBear is a really simple and easy-to-use VPN app that is available for all platforms including Linux, Windows, and IOS devices. Like many other Virtual private networks, TunnelBear stops any threats that are harmful to users while browsing online and hides their identity. Using the AES-256-bit encryption, TunnelBear hides its user’s activities online, sensitive data, your location. Blocked unusual sites that are not available to browse in your country can be accessed through Tunnelbear. You can access Tunnelbear for free remaining under the limit of 500 MBs per month.  Tunnelbear servers are extremely faster and the network gridlock system can be bypassed using Tunnelbear.
TunnelBear’s UI is as simple that any type of user can access the app without having any problem. As many users prefer simplicity over complexity, Tunnelbear is the best fit according to their needs. Connecting through TunnelBear can be done by anyone, whether you are an expert in security and the cyber world or a newbie trying to hide activities from your parents. Tunnelbear comes with aggressive premium plans for its users.
TunnelBear can unblock the Netflix library easily. But videos and series unblocked using the Tunnelbear VPN can be watched in SD quality only or on devices that can play SD videos only. Not the best for unblocking Netflix content but you can always try a VPN according to your budget and will.

  • Equipped with 256-bit-encryption
  • Easy to configure and easy to use
  • Available for all platforms
  • The free version gives you 500MBs every month
  • Minor bugs and glitches found within the IOS app

18- :

Another underrated yet powerful virtual private network that has more than 256 servers across 90 countries. According to our survey of best virtual private networks, this VPN is the cheapest and a value for money choice. It comes at great reasonable prices and you can buy its premium plan online through PayPal or by credit card. A highlighting point of this VPN is that it comes with a 3-day trial so that you can check the VPN and if you don’t like the product you can go for other VPN vendors who have better options in better price categories.
This VPN is compatible with all devices, whether you are a Mac user or Windows user or you want a VPN for your phone, VPN got you covered. It has a simple yet eye-catchy user interface design which is very easy to handle by any type of user. The built-in ad blocker for this VPN works pretty well and can unblock unnecessary ads throughout the whole browsing time period and enhance your browsing experience.
The best part about the VPN is that it supports the unblocking of Netflix geo-blocked content through a simple process. You can unblock the US-based library of Netflix and can enjoy all sorts of shows and movies without paying any additional charges to the provider. The VPN is simply the best in its price range because it can unblock Netflix content, and is able to secure your network with the best available protocols and encryption techniques. Yes! it uses the amazing 256-bit-encryption so that you can get rid of any type of danger floating over your head while browsing online.

  • 5 connections are allowed.
  • Great speed
  • No bandwidth limits
  • Easy to configure
  • It also has a 30-da
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • The server count is way less than normal

19- FrootVPN:

FrootVPN is a great choice for people who are in search of a VPN that is highly optimized and great at providing security. It is a highly underrated VPN with absolutely insane performance. Based in Seychelles, this VPN comes with a clean history and greater reputation all across the world. The VPN app is available for all devices including Mac devices, iOS devices, Android, and Windows devices. FrootVPN also allows you to connect up to 5 simultaneous devices at once. Equipped with 256-bit encryption, its user interface is extremely basic as it is designed for all types of users. You can easily connect to the VPN and can change locations to anywhere you desire within 2 to 3 simple clicks. Another primary concern of many VPN users is Kill Switch. So, we are glad to tell you that the VPN includes a Kill Switch for all kinds of platforms.
The UI is not customizable as some other VPN vendors provide customizable themes and user interfaces. But it is okay for people, who just want to connect and browse while staying incognito online. However, this VPN is equipped with protocols like L2T and OpenVPN. And the best thing about this VPN is that it can unblock geographically restricted sites and it can also unblock the Netflix library in the US. So now, you can enjoy lag-free HD streaming of Netflix shows that are only available in the US region without paying any extra charges.
FrootVPN also offers you a money-back guarantee, but according to our tests you won’t be getting your money back and you will be enjoying the best VPN services without any additional fee.

  • Provides guaranteed security.
  • Geo-restricted content can be accessed easily
  • Easy-to-navigate and easy to use
  • Torrenting is supported by this VPN
  • Performance in its price range is remarkable
  • Dysconnectivity issues

20- PrivateVPN:

The last VPN in our 20 best VPN for Netflix list is PrivateVPN, as it is a VPN with more than 100 servers across 63 countries around the globe. According to our tests, its speed was above 3000 Mbps which was quite remarkable according to our thoughts. This VPN is based in Sweden. Based in Sweeden means it is being watched by the 14 eyes which makes this VPN super secured and reliable for its consumers.
With PrivateVPN’s amazing protocols and custom-built, you can unblock any Netflix from the US and can watch in High-definition quality on any device anytime, anywhere in the world. You can easily bypass the geo-blocking of Netflix content in a very less amount of time and can get the best Netflix experience without having any buffering or loading issues. You do not need to worry about flagged accounts as well because PrivateVPN got your back. You can access the full catalog of US-based shows and movies. In addition, you can also unblock geo-restricted sites services like player and BBC while sitting at your home.
On the other hand, the VPN is equipped with the best security protocols to make sure that your browsing experience is handled well and you are browsing anonymously in the online world. The customer service is great and the crew there is always helpful whenever you contact them. The service provided by PrivateVPN is very rare and is not seen in all VPN vendors. That’s why we definitely recommend trying PrivateVPN as it does extremely well in terms of both security and unblocking geo-blocked services.

  • It keeps the strict no-logging policy
  • Live chat is always available and they are super supportive
  • Netflix libraries can be unblocked easily
  • Speed is reasonable according to the price
  • The application for the Mac version is dizzy.

Final Words

A VPN is a great source of securing your data online, whether you are on a social media site or you are browsing a site that is not safe. You can unblock geo-blocked content with the help of a virtual private network (VPN).
With the best encryption techniques and protocols offered by all these VPN providers, you can keep scrolling through your feed with 100% guaranteed safety without any threats circulating around you. And if there is a threat to your data, the VPN will rapidly remove the threat and will make your browsing experience super-smooth and highly secured.
According to our reviews and tests, these are the best Virtual Private Network vendors that provide satisfactory services at reasonable prices.

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