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15+Best Sponsored Post Networks 2024 (According to Experts)

Best Sponsored Post Networks:

Are you searching for a way to fill your pockets from home?

Are you looking for sponsored post networks to earn money by writing sponsored posts?

Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to explore some of the best-sponsored networks that you can join to generate huge revenue. You will be paid for the sponsored posts you write by joining these networks.

Before moving further, let’s discuss sponsored content networks.

What is a Sponsored Post Network?

Sponsored content network, also known as sponsored post network, is basically a bridge between the influencers/bloggers and the brands. Meaning that it helps to connect the brands/advertisers with the bloggers, who can write sponsored posts for the brand or products and promote them.

Sponsored content is created in a way that it fits in the environment it is posted in. Sponsored posts are lengthier because they tell the full story and are made to be encouraging and engaging. They provide important information to readers via an entertaining or educative medium.

When you sign-up for the sponsored post network as an influencer/blogger, you will get opportunities for writing sponsored content for different brands and ultimately make more income. Joining the sponsored content network is a lucrative way to make a large amount of money compared to other Ads and affiliate platforms that require more time and effort to generate a substantial income.

So, below is the list of best-sponsored content networks that you can use to build a huge income

Best Sponsored Post Networks 2023:

Here is the list of Best Sponsored post Networks that you can use in 2023 and  2024.

  1. Linqia.
  2. Acorn.
  3. Real Clever.
  4. TapInfluence.
  5. Blog Meets Brand.
  6. Izea.
  7. Influence Central.
  8. FlyOut.
  9. Markerly.
  10. The Blogger Program (TBP).
  11. ValuedVoice.
  12. AspireIQ.

1- Linqia:

Linqia is the top sponsored content network that works on CPC (Cost-Per-Click) model. This means that you will be paid for the number of clicks you generated through your content. The company was founded in 2012, and since its launch, it has grown to be the best influencer marketing company. Linqia offers traffic in a wide range of niches such as travel, food, weddings, pets, gardens, fashion, match-making, and more.

It connects the brands with the highly passionate storytellers/bloggers across the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. The platform takes pride in more than 100,000 bloggers with audiences between 10,000 and 250,000. Moreover, an experienced team of support managers assists you in campaign optimization, management, and reporting.

The personalized dashboard offered by Linqia can be used to monitor your performance via a real-time reporting system. The platform provides an excellent ecosystem for both marketers and bloggers to generate maximum revenue. The payouts are instant, and they will pay you within 10 days after the campaign competition. Linqia transfers money through PayPal.

2- Acorn:


Acorn is another leading sponsored content network that is the best choice for both experienced and newbie bloggers. With 3.8+ Billion monthly impressions and 16+ Million engagements per day, Acron has made itself a worthy network. The network joins brands with highly qualified and experienced influencers.

Moreover, you will get email alters after you qualify for a campaign. Acorn matches your creative expertise with authentic brands to deliver the right content to a particular audience. The platform offers continued opportunities and compensation to influencers.

Further, the platform offers a good ecosystem for brands to generate maximum and timely conversations. To maximize content viewability and program results, they identify authentic channels for appropriate message placements.

3- Real Clever:

Clever is the world’s top sponsored content network that provides full services in influencer marketing. The platform has more than 12 years of experience in influencer marketing. They offer campaigns in a variety of verticals, including Food, Healthcare/Pharma, Finance, Kids, Pets, Technology, and more.

Clever acts as a “middle man” to connect the content writers/influencers with the brands of their preferences. Joining the platform is very easy; all you need is to sign-up, fill out the application, connect with brands, promote the brands, and start earning money. It offers an advanced dashboard and step-by-step guide for each campaign. They demand high-quality and engaging content from bloggers, and the use of copied content is strictly prohibited.

The platform’s analytics tool helps you monitor your performance and keep a record of your earnings. On the downside, they pay you after 60 days of the campaign completion.

4- TapInfluence:

TapInfluence is another well-organized platform for sponsored content, enabling brands or agencies to find influencers from different corners of the world. They offer various tracking tools to brands for tracking the untapped audience and monitoring their campaign’s performance. The platform provides services in niches like food, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and many more.

They focus on providing the best platform to attract new customers, maximize purchases, and increase customer lifetime revenue. TapInfluence is used by the world’s top brands and agencies as they offer a huge rate of interest (ROI). The real-time analytics tool helps check reach, views, and engagements from users.

You will get paid after 30 days of campaign completion, and the payouts are instant and automatic. Moreover, TapInfluence pays via PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, and Bank Transfer.

5- Blog Meets Brand:

Blog Meets Brand

As explained by the name, this network helps to connect the brands with content writers/bloggers. If you have an excellent blog following, simply sign-up for the platform, fill in your name, email, and password, find a suitable campaign, start writing, and generate revenue. They offer services in Food, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Health, Photography, Pet, Education, Finance, and Entertainment.

More than 40,000 influencers are generating revenue by using Blog Meets Brands. Moreover, an experienced support management team will help you select campaigns and develop various strategies to promote your brand. Further, they offer advanced geo-targeting technology to reach targeted audiences.

Blog Meets Brand also provides brands a maximum ROI, plus a tracking tool to track the performance of campaigns. Along with this, you can also use the analytics tool to get statistical reports on your performance.

6- Izea:


Founded in 2006, Izea is a great network that offers opportunities in a large number of niches. They connect the brands with influencers from various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more. The platform is in partnership with some of the best brands like Mercedes Benz, NBC, Marriott, Alaska Airlines, Target, etc.

They give you an opportunity to work with top brands looking for sponsored posts, depending on your content type. Izea takes pride in more than 43.9 million followers and over 1.2 Billion likes. Moreover, if you are a beginner, they will provide you with a self-guided tour of the network.

Links features by Izea is a link customization service that helps in boosting social media presence. They provide an elegant Dashboard that can be used to check your financial reports. Izea will pay for 45 days after you have published the content.

7- Influence Central:

Influence Central

With more than 14 years of experience, Influence Central is a sponsored content network that delivers thousands of successful campaigns in a variety of niches, including Food, Beverages, Travel, Home Improvement, Snacks, Fashion, and more.

They provide a platform to brands that help achieve high brand loyalty, increase purchase frequency, and elevate consumer awareness. Moreover, a dedicated team of support managers will help you choose the right campaign and solve various campaign issues.

The platform’s dashboard provides real-time insights into all aspects of your campaigns.

8- FlyOut:


Flyout is another platform to earn money for writing sponsored posts. The sign-up process is straightforward, and you can generate revenue by sharing sponsored content on your blog or website. Over 2500 bloggers are monetizing their blogs by using FlyOut. The billing process is handled by the platform, and you can see your income on the dashboard.

You can share your blog on FlyOut and start monetizing in just 3 steps; sign-up (provide details like name, email, blog URL, etc.), search for sponsored posts, share the content and earn money. Moreover, with the help of a real-time analytics tool, you can get data on impressions, the number of articles getting published, the number of drafts, and even optimize your listing.

Further, you have full control over sponsored posts, which means you can customize the type of content you want to publish. But for joining the platform, your blog should generate more than 10,000 audience traffic monthly. They pay you 30 days after the completion of the campaign.

9- Markerly:


Markerly is one of the best-sponsored content networks that make it easy for influencers to connect with brands like Fortune 500 and other incredible services. After joining the network, they will help you select campaigns that fit your style and interests. They analyze your content history and audience to automatically match you with the brands you already love.

The platform focuses on providing the latest tools to grow your influence. So, join the network, search for opportunities, and start earning money. Moreover, they require high-quality and engaging content from you.

They offer full-service campaign management for brands and agencies to outsource their marketing efforts. Additionally, Markerly offers tracking and analytics tools to effectively monitor the campaigns and check your earnings. They have highly rate 24/7/365 customer care support services.

10- The Blogger Program (TBP):

The Blogger Program (TBP)

The Blogger Program (TBP) is one of the fastest-growing networks that connect influencers with brands. More than 2,086 brands from 180+ countries of the world trust TBP and take benefit from the platform. They have more than 46K influencers covering niches such as Fashion, Beauty, Kids, Travel, Health, Lifestyle, Technology, Sports, and more.

Brands can find bloggers that meet their requirements from the blog genre and social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). With the help of the geo-targeting tool offered by TBP, brands can locate their audience of interest.

The sign-up is free of cost and has no minimum blog traffic requirements. Plus, they will send you regular updates on flabbergasted opportunities you are eligible for. Moreover, support managers are ready to help you 24/7 for solving your campaign issues.

11- ValuedVoice:


If you have built a nice blog audience, join ValuedVoice to earn some money. The joining process is super easy; you need to create a free account, search for opportunities, add your blog, and start generating revenue. ValuedVoice works with hundreds of brands and businesses covering almost every niche, including Health, Fitness, Food, Fashion, Home, Technology, and Business.

You can choose to get paid after 72 hours of completing the campaign, and money is transferred through PayPal. Additionally, if you upgrade to the premium account, your blog or channel will be promoted in more proposals to clients.

With the aid of an advanced analytic tool, you can check the number of impressions and your earnings.

12- AspireIQ:


AspireIQ is another sponsored content network that connects content writers and influencers with brands. They are partnered with some of the best platforms like Facebook, Shopify, Pinterest, and Instagram. The platform helps the brands to increase brand awareness, improve sales, and huge rate of interest.

According to AspireIQ, they have made more than 500,000 creator-to-brand connections. As a content writer, you can get paid for creating content, plus on your terms, and joins you with brands that can promote your blog and help to generate more audience.

Sign-up the network, then search for brands looking for bloggers or influencers, promote their offers, and get money. AspirIQ is a free-to-use network, and you will get payments soon after you complete your content. They transfer money through PayPal.


This is the list of best-sponsored post networks that you can join to connect with top brands across the world. These networks give you the opportunity to write sponsored posts for brands and get money in return. You can choose any of the networks from the list, sign-up, write sponsored posts, and generate revenue.

All the sponsored content networks mentioned above are reliable and trustworthy. They offer a variety of tools and features to monitor your performance and track your earnings. If you can write creative and quality content and want to get money through sponsored posts, you might consider trying any of the above-mentioned sponsored content networks.

But keep in mind before joining any network, check their requirements and policies. Some networks require a high-traffic blog, while others demand a sign-up fee. So it’s better to go through their terms and conditions.

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