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OnlyOffice Review 2024: The #1 Online Office for business

OnlyOffice Review 2024 – A Perfect Solution For Running Your Private Office:

Modern technology has made our lives much easier. Nowadays managing tons of information has become just a matter of a few clicks from your mobile devices. Millions of businesses and organizations are switching to online offices every day.

If you are looking for any of such solutions, this article is for you. Through this article, we are going to introduce a perfect web office solution that enables you to carry the entire office in a cloud.

Using that you can manage and access countless documents anytime anywhere and through any device. It will enable you to work remotely and to have full access to your business with improved productivity. Sounds interesting? Let’s begin!

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OnlyOffice Home

ONLYOFFICE is an award-winning web office suite designed with the purpose “to bring the most innovative web office apps to everyone”. It provides multiple useful document management, corporate communication, and other project management tools and is used by more than 7 Mio. people all over the world.

It is basically a project developed by a team of highly experienced experts from Ascensio System SIA, an IT company with offices in Riga, London, and Dallas. Initially, OnlyOffice was created solely for internal team collaboration. But later on, after getting introduced to the internet audience. It gained popularity and positive feedback so they decided to expand it with improved functionality and advanced features.

In the last few years, its multiple products and solutions have been widely used by millions of users across the world since then. It has become a great alternative to mega cloud corporations like Google and Microsoft. It has helped many users from multiple fields in managing small and large businesses and organizations more efficiently and professionally through a safe and user-friendly environment.

It basically provides two unique features in the form of :

1- ONLYOFFICE Workspace:

It contains a  bundle of web apps designed for efficient team management and collaboration. The apps include ONLYOFFICE Groups (designed to manage all business processes), ONLYOFFICE Docs (to manage and create text docs, presentations, and spreadsheets), ONLYOFFICE Mail (to create corporate mailboxes), and ONLYOFFICE Talk (helps to exchange messages instantly).


Powerful online editors for creating and editing text documents,  professional spreadsheets, and stunning presentations. It can be used with other popular cloud services and is 100% compatible with MS Word. It comes in multiple editions (discussed below in detail), so you can select from those according to your needs.

Solutions Built For Everyone:

OnlyOffice Solutions

ONLYOFFICE provides valuable multipurpose tools and solutions available in different sizes that can be used by almost everyone. Millions of people from different industries and professions utilize these useful services to enhance the overall performance of their work whether they belong to a small team, any educational groups or huge companies. It is appropriate even for home usage is an excellent replacement for MS office and can be used for creative projects and assignments.

For SMBs:

ONLYOFFICE works well for both small and medium-sized businesses by providing multiple office apps and productivity tools like online editors to enjoy working on documents and spreadsheets, file sharing, built-in chat options, translation, etc and a collaboration platform that helps you organize sales, have better communication with the team, schedule meetings and much more.

For Developers:

ONLYOFFICE is a great choice for developers providing them quality document processing and editing options for their users using their designed web apps under their brand name. So they can easily customize the platform’s appearance to provide an on-brand experience to their customers.

For Hosting providers:

ONLYOFFICE is also designed for hosting providers giving them countless productivity tools considering their customer’s needs. It provides an All-in-one free productivity workplace that has multiple tools for managing documents, projects, emails, CRM, share calendars, and much more.

For Governments:

Yes! ONLYOFFICE is capable enough to be also used by governments as well for large-scale document management and collaboration. ONLYOFFICE provides suitable tools and reliable infrastructure to large organizations. It is helpful for them in terms of storing and managing a large number of documents, creating projects, scheduling meetings and organizing emails, and improved team communication.

For Healthcare:

ONLYOFFICE provides secure document editing and collaboration for healthcare offices and hospitals keeping useful data and patients’ information secure against modern-day threats. Regular backups are also made available to restore the data. Improved contact management is also provided along with many other useful tools and features.

For Educational purposes:

ONLYOFFICE is an ideal platform for students and educational professionals to create, share, and collaborate on knowledge through an effective e-learning platform. It enables them to perform many useful routine tasks like creating essays, filling out forms, editing excel grids, preparing group presentations, and working together during lessons through a secure platform.

Likewise, ONLYOFFICE is used in many other fields including research-based and non-profit institutions.

Products and Features:

ONLYOFFICE provides many useful unique features and products that are compatible with any device and can be utilized by anyone.

1- OnlyOffice for Desktop:

ONLYOFFICE provides an efficient free desktop office suite built for document editing and collaboration Having the highest compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, it enables you to create any type of text documents and spreadsheets in multiple formats. You can effectively deal with multiple files written in the same window through the tab-based user interface.

2- OnlyOffice for iOS and Android:

ONLYOFFICE office provides a solid mobile office suite for iPhones and iPad and Android smartphones. You can easily download the app through Google Play and the App Store. The app contains three editors with multiple features providing you with the collaborative presentation editor, PDF viewer and media player, complete spreadsheet editor, and full-featured text processor.

3- Docs Management:

ONLYOFFICE was declared one of the best document management software of 2019 and 2020. This document management tool enables you to store and access files from anywhere through any mobile device or computer. You can work on documents already stored on the clouds by simply connecting them to ONLYOFFICE. You can effectively work with different file formats including text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF, and multimedia. You will also enjoy various sharing options and collaboration features.

4- E-mail management tool:

The effective email management tool from ONLYOFFICE provides you with multiple useful options like an mail server that helps you to create corporate mailboxes for your team members and a mail aggregator that helps you collect, process, and store all information in one place. It also provides effective email management and easy email formatting.

5- CRM system:

ONLYOFFICE provides a simple CRM for sales management and productivity improvement. It helps you to build better customer relations and provides other useful features like easy customization, rapid entry of potential customers, a proper invoicing system, a customer call management system, and sales reporting. 

6- Enhanced security:

While working online, security is usually the main concern of each of us. Before handing over our precious information we want to make sure that it’s going in safe hands. ONLYOFFICE is the most reliable network to work with in terms of enhanced security. It makes sure that the data of every user remains fully protected against all the security threats and third parties involved. The enhanced security options include authentication and access control, data protection, data encryption, private rooms, GDPR compliance, and HIPAA compliance.

7- Excellent support:

ONLYOFFICE provides 24/7/365 support to users through efficient and highly qualified staff members. Whenever you have any questions or problems you can get real quick help through their multiple forums, online demos, or by filling in your quarries through support contact forms. You can try their premium support to get fast and professional assistance on any tech-related issues.

How to Get OnlyOffice:

Try OnlyOffice

1- Free Trial:

They provide a free trial of 180 days to enjoy the cloud office free of cost. So try out their free services today and make payments only when you feel satisfied with their services.

2- Get Open Source Packages:

Click here to download the free and open-source versions of ONLYOFFICE which contain ONLYOFFICE Docs, ONLYOFFICE Groups,  Bundles, and Connectors.

3- Get Commercial Packages:

Click here to download commercial packages of ONLYOFFICE products which contain ONLYOFFICE Docs (online editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with pro features) and ONLYOFFICE Workspace which comes with an intuitive control panel for easy configuration and customization options.

4- Get Desktop and Mobile Apps:

You can download and install free ONLYOFFICE document editing apps on your mobile devices like desktop and mobile. So you can easily work with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your mobile devices.


  • Easy installation and customization
  • Enhanced data security and control
  • Scalable for teams of any sizes
  • Multiple editions available to suit your needs
  • Highly rewarding reseller and affiliate programs
  • Wide range of solutions in multiple sizes and for multiple purposes
  • 180 days of free trial available
  • Smart user-friendly interface
  • Supports 12 different languages
  • Highest compatibility with Ms office
  • Manual and automatic backups
  • Access restriction and data protection options


  • Dashboard lacks some features.

Become an Affiliate:

ONLYOFFICE provides an affiliate program that allows you to earn up to 50% commission per sale. Their affiliate program is highly rewarding and worth trying. Their products are easy to sell due to their high worldwide demand. Choosing this program gives you a chance to earn a stable income through lifetime recurring secure payouts.

Become a Reseller:

Reselling ONLYOFFICE products is another great option to earn profits. You can make a good sum of money through this method. You can purchase ONLYOFFICE Workspace or Docs at discounted prices through this program and can resell them making good profits i.e up to 30% reseller discount. The whole process is easy, quick, and does not require any entry fee or minimum sales to start with.

Contact Details:

You can find ONLYOFFICE on almost all the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Partner Inquiries:
  • Press Inquiries:

Final Words:

ONLYOFFICE is definitely a great solution for all those who want to establish their private online office no matter what field they belong to. If you have to frequently deal with documents, presentations, or to manage your work data, ONLYOFFICE is a perfect solution for you.

Using this web suite enjoy access to your valuable documents and files as and when required. Your free online cloud office is ready and just a few clicks away. Try it today!

Try OnlyOffice

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