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Bitmedia Review (2024)- Is It Best Crypto Ad Network?

Bitmedia Review 2024:

The success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple, etc. is no secret to anyone in the present time with just Bitcoin alone sitting on an insane rate of $26,620.89 at the present date. Due to this huge spike, a lot of people are getting interested in digital currencies. This deep interest in making them want to be a part of this industry but a lot of them are confused about where and how they can acquire these currencies? 

Now if you are an advertiser or a publisher and want to attract these new customers but just want the best platform for crypto ad networks. Well, we are just about to review one Ad network in detail and why we think it is the best Ad network out there.

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Bitmedia Review 2024:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Matvey Diadkov
  • Founded: 2015
  • Specialty: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Advertising
  • Head Office: London
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Industries: Advertising and Marketing
  • Models of Payment: CPC & CPM
  • Mode of Payment: Bitcoin
  • uCompares rating: 4.9/5



Bitmedia is an advertising network for crypto-related projects. It was founded in 2015 with the purpose of supplying the most relevant crypto audience to the blockchain business so that it can become one of the best networks for advertising cryptocurrencies in the market. Bitmedia is reaching new heights in popularity in recent years because they never compromise over quality when it comes to their advertisers and publishers. It has made the purchasing and selling of online advertisements extremely simple and efficient. 

It is one of the fastest-growing ad networks having more than 1 billion monthly Impressions and more than 20 million unique visits. Additionally, it is currently serving more than 20 thousand ad campaigns at the present moment. It is considered to be the best and complete solution for both publishers and advertisers.

How does Bitmedia work?

Serving Ads

Bitmedia utilizes an engine to choose the most relevant material each time a user enters a website where their ads are placed. But this advertisement is only shown to the visitor after the ad engine is done checking multiple parameters while the website is loading on the browser.  Selection of ad for the visitor is done based on a lot of factors like the topic of the ads, publisher’s website, interest and preference of visitors, advertiser’s bid, etc. After the system is done analyzing the data it chooses the most suitable ad for the visitor.

All the choices of which ad has to be shown to which visitors are made through their algorithms which take milliseconds to complete. It also keeps an eye on and filters all the bogus impressions by using the runtime anti fraud system. The details of that system are described below.

Quality Control of Impressions:

Bitmedia aims to provide all of its advertisers with the most transparent way to buy ads so that they only pay for the impressions of the best quality. To achieve this each of the impressions has to pass the following verification criteria.

  • The verification of runtime.
  • Third-party traffic control.
  • Post verification of all traffic.
  • Manual moderation of each of the clicks and impressions.

All these verifications are set in place to filter all the paid traffic frauds, hidden ad impressions, bots, etc. The customers get a refund in case of inappropriate impressions besides that the advertisers will not pay in case of any bad quality of traffic.

Targeting Settings:

Bitmedia allows you to place the ad in the place of your choosing. You are free to choose whoever you want to work with and buy ads from their publisher’s list or you could just rely on their algorithms and let them choose the best place for your ads. This will be based on the visitor’s interest and the websites that they are visiting.

The advertisers can change the targeting settings whenever they want even when the ads are already active. Additionally, they also allow their customers to blacklist all the sources that they do not like by tracking them.

You can choose the following settings for targeting when setting up your campaign:

  • Geo-Targeting: Based on the region and place where the ads will be shown.
  • Device Targeting: Ads can be displayed either on the desktop or mobile devices.
  • Daytime Targeting: Your ads will be displayed during specific hours.
  • Frequency Capping: How many times the ads will be displayed to each visitor.
  • Ad Rerun: Specify when your ad should be shown to the visitor after he clicks on it. 

What Kind of Ad Formats does Bitmedia Provide?

Bitmedia provides ads to its advertisers and publishers in three different ad formats. These formats consist of the following:

Display Ads:

Display Ads are the kind of ads found in text form or in the form of an image to attract the attention of the visitors to the website. They give the visitors an urge to click on them. You can utilize these ads to earn more profit from your customer base. The size of these banner ads is adjustable and can be placed in all sizes.

Rich Media Ads:

Rich media ads utilize audio, video, and some other advanced features to engage the visitors. Bitmedia allows its users to create smart adaptable banner ads to make them more appealing to the people that visit your website.

How does Bitmedia Help Publishers?

Bitmedia Publisher

Bitmedia helps its customers in more than one way. Besides the regular ad network, they also help people that are planning to monetize their blogs or already have monetized blogs running but aren’t receiving a good amount of revenue. It is providing the means to bloggers to get instants payouts and maximum earnings.

You can become a part of the publishing team of Bitmedia by just creating an account on their website and fill in the relevant publisher form. After the form is submitted your website and request will be reviewed by their team. If it complies with all the terms and conditions of Bitmedia then it will be accepted without any delays.

Now you just give a few minutes of your time for placing the ad codes on your respective website using the ad formats provided by Bitmedia. Once you are done with this, just place the ads on your created ad blocks and you are good to go.

Benefits for the Publishers

Bitmedia provides all the large publications to get qualified approved advertisers in a flow so they can concentrate on running their business instead of taking care of the cycle. Moreover, it also cherishes all of its small blog owners and provides them specific ads that are handpicked for a specific audience, so that they can monetize their blogs in such a way that works best for them. Some of the benefits of working with Bitmedia include:

  • A dedicated account manager along with a 24/7 support system
  • Optimum levels of monetization
  • Quality ads in accordance with your audience
  • Ability to switch to your own advertisers
  • Hassle-free operation along with quick onboarding

Bitmedia Affiliate Program?

Bitmedia also allows its customers to earn a handsome amount through the referral program where you can earn just by bringing in new advertisers and publishers to the website. Through Bitmedia, you can earn up to 10% commission from each of the referrals that join the website by using your link.

Additionally, you also receive a lot of other benefits including:

  • Instant Payouts
  • Fastest growing market out there
  • Up to 10% commission share in the revenue
  • High range of Marketing Tools
  • Complete anonymity
  • Advanced Statistics in real-time

So, in a nutshell, if you are planning on joining Bitmedia there is no reason for joining their affiliate program as well because of how much it has to offer and how many benefits it provides to each of the customers.

How does the Payment Program of Bitmedia Work?

The payment plan on Bitmedia relies on Bitcoin and fiat money for all of its default transactions whether you want to withdraw your money as a publisher or you want to deposit your money for advertisement campaigns.  

The minimum bid for CPM Campaign starts from 0.0000185 BTC and for the CPC campaigns it starts from 0.0000164 BTC

For the publishers working with Bitmedia, the minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001BTC. The publishers get paid on the basis of the revenue model that they are using for their websites like CPC or CPM

Here are some more transactions you can take a look at them, once you start working with them then this can be you too. 


  • No Compromise over Quality.
  • Targeted traffic.
  • Smooth and smart ad bidding.
  • Get effective ads at an affordable rate.
  • A lot of ad formats.
  • Launch campaigns quickly.
  • Availability of support 24/7.


  • The ads may take up to 3 hours for approval in some cases.
  • The only supported method for payment is BTC.


After reading the whole review you should have a better understanding of how Bitmedia works, how it helps publishers, what is its affiliate program, and what else it has to offer. An ad network providing all of these benefits along with so many ways to earn is a golden opportunity for anyone wanting to earn a handsome amount. Therefore, we would definitely recommend you to join their network as soon as you can!  

Bitmedia has been the first choice of people thinking to join an ad network because it has been working out for everyone since the company started and if you still have doubts about them just visit their website and check out all the reviews made by their happy customers in the past.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to make a decision. As we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you related to Bitmedia. Thank you for reading our article to the end. Our team wishes you the best.

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