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How to Delete Twitter Likes in 2024

How to Delete Twitter Likes:

Twitter is the leading way to keep in touch with people, to express one’s feelings, to be informed of everything, to become a Twitter star, to set one’s tweets as a highlight, or to become a trending topic.

It is one of the world’s greatest forums for discussions and providing your arguments. Twitter displays a like button below each tweet by replacing its favorite star-shaped button by a heart shape in order to put its microblogging platform in line with Instagram.

Just as we like and dislike certain people in our real lives, like in twitter stands for positive feedback for a tweet we are liking. By liking a certain tweet, we are supporting the person and his views.

We also know that Twitter is used by millions of people and with so many people, there must be controversial topics, discussions, scandals, and outrages. Everyone on Twitter either puts his own tweets or follow/support the tweets of other people.

The world is changing and so are the people. People’s views changes with the passage of time. Sometimes, freedom of speech doesn’t justify online bullying because words have power. When one does not know how to use this power, liking something one day and disliking it after some days is totally normal for everyone.

One morning you wake up and find that the great comedian you once like on Twitter is now a huge sex criminal, you would want to unfollow that man and unlike his tweets. It is easy to do, no doubt but what if you have to delete old favorites like to take a new fresh?

I must say it would become a hectic job. If you don’t want to keep association with a particular person, idea, or account and there is a bulk of the liked tweets that you want to delete, you must use the best tweet deleter beneficial for deleting the Twitter likes. In such a case, we should not forget one of the best tools, Circleboom.

Circleboom is a multifunctional tool: unlike tweets, delete retweets, delete the Twitter archive, auto-tweet, schedule tweets, and finally, helps you to strengthen your social circle. Circleboom helps you to search for specific tweets you liked and delete them. Hence, it is always at our service.

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How Do I, Delete All My Tweets?

The article is about how Circleboom helps quickly delete/unlike all old Twitter likes from your Twitter account or specific likes. If you are using a ‘free plan’ you can only unlike limited tweets. The most suitable is to have a paid plan feature so you can unlike as many tweets as you want.

Circleboom Pricing: 

circleboom Pricing

Circleboom is also providing a free plan that you can use to test their services before buying a Circleboom premium plan. The pro plan of Circleboom starts from $21.99/month. If you are a business or agency with multiple Twitter accounts then their business plan starts from $172/month.

If you want to get 65% discounts on Circleboom plans then pay per year and save up to 65% with Annual plans.

Try Circleboom For Free

How does it work?

Circleboom helps to delete old Twitter likes by following some simple steps. The steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Visit Circleboom website.

Step 2:

signup to Circleboom and authenticate your Twitter to use its features.

Step 3: 

Purchase Circleboom pro plans or select a Free plan to get started.

Step 3:

Go to the menu on the left of the Circleboom website and click on “My tweets > “Unlike”. By doing this, Circleboom will list all your recent tweets and for deleting all likes, click on “Unlike All”.

Step 4:

Select the tweets and click on “Delete selected” if you want to delete the selected Twitter likes. If you want to delete likes of some specific tweets, search the tweets by entering keywords, hashtags, location, or date, the Grid power search helps you to approach those tweets and you can then easily unlike/remove them.

Circleboom’s Feature Guide to Unlike/Delete Tweets:


We can see how Circleboom puts us in ease as we can unlike tweets one by one or delete all Tweets as a bulk. It saves time and makes us rest preventing this hectic work. It has tremendous features regarding unlike tweets.

Filter and sort likes:

It can download up to 3200 recent likes and let you filter them by using a Grid power search.

Individually unlike:

If you want to unlike a tweet individually without deleting a bulk, Circleboom has an “unlike” button. Click it and your tweet will be unliked.

Unlike selected tweets:

As it has as an option to unlike a single tweet, you can also unlike bulk tweets. Just search within your Twitter likes, select the ones you want to unlike, and then unlike with a single button of “Delete selected”.

Unlike all Twitter likes:

Sometimes you just want to, unlike all the liked tweets despite selected tweets. Circleboom has an “Unlike all” button which helps you to, unlike all the tweets you have liked so far.

Recovery of deleted likes:

Before deleting your Twitter likes, you must know that there is no recovery of the deleted likes either by the Twitter of Circleboom. The solution to this is, you should reconsider the likes you selected before deleting.

Final Words:

In a nutshell, Everyone has a right to use a good product so, Circleboom proves to be best as it can list, filter, and sort Twitter likes, and unlike any of them. If a person is on social media and he is not learning, it is of no use.

Social media accounts are handled in a better way if it is provided with the right tools. By creating tools that can solve the problems of its users is a key goal of Circleboom. Hence, what Circleboom does, it does well.

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