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AdPushup Review for Publishers

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AdPushup Review:

Most publishers join an ad Network but struggle to improve their ad revenue. Founded in 2014, AdPushup was created to help publishers improve their existing ad performance and revenue by using a combination of layout and demand optimization technologies. We recently reviewed the revenue optimization platform to find out how it can help publishers. AdPushup is one of the best Ad Network for Small Publishers that you can join and increase your website revenue. In this article, we will share with you Complete AdPushup Review and everything you need to know before you join AdPushup. We Also Listed Adpushup as a Best CPC Ad Networks list because they are best in the market. 

Introduction to AdPushup:

AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform with optimization features such as advanced A/B testing for ads, header bidding, innovative ad formats, Adblock recovery, ad mediation, and automatic AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) conversion.

AdPushup is known to drive an average revenue uplift of 30-40% by applying these tools and technologies. The platform helps publishers and bloggers in creating high-performance Ad layouts with improved RPM and CTR numbers. In addition, their partnerships with top-tier networks and exchanges like Google AdX, AppNexus, Rubicon, and Criteo also help publishers get access to premium demand for their ad inventory.

AdPushup currently serves over 4 billion ad impressions per month for over 300 publishers using their technology. AdPushup is a Microsoft-funded Adtech startup, a Google NPM Partner and IAB member, and has won multiple industry recognitions including the NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Award and Agency Con’s Ad Network of the Year 2019.

Must-know facts for Publishers:

  • Minimum traffic requirements: None
  • Offer types: CPM, CPC
  • Advertising type: Display, Native, Text Ads
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $50
  • Frequency: Net-45
  • Payment Options: Wire, Paypal
  • Support: Dedicated Account Manager

AdPushup Homepage

Features and Benefits:

Ad Layout Optimization: AdPushup uses A/B testing and machine learning to optimize ad layouts. During setup, multiple ad layout variants are created, then the layout optimization engine splits traffic between all the variants while measuring their performance. Eventually, more and more traffic is directed towards the best-performing ad layout.

Visual Ad Manager: This tool helps publishers easily design and edit their own ad layouts using a point-and-click editor. It is ideal for publishers who want to experiment with new and layouts but lack technical knowledge or resources to implement them. No more fumbling around with code. Want to change your ad layout? Just go ahead and do it yourself.

Header Bidding: Header bidding allows multiple demand partners to bid on publisher inventory simultaneously. This increases bid pressure and helps maximize the revenue from every single impression. Header bidding is known to boost revenue by 70%. AdPushup’s header bidding engine includes several smart features such as auto demand partner selection, smart timeout management, multi-ad size support, and more.

Adblock Recovery: For publishers losing revenue to ad blockers, AdPushup offers a solution that uses dynamic ad-reinsertion technology to serve ads that meet the ‘Acceptable Ads’ standard to Adblock users. This way, publishers can recover their revenue.

AMP Monetization: In addition to revenue optimization technologies, AdPushup also helps publishers convert their standard HTML pages into AMP-enabled webpages while preserving the design and branding of the website. For publishers already using AMP, AdPushup offers advanced monetization solutions.

Ad Mediation: Mediation helps publishers optimize the revenue between closed networks and non-RTB environments (where real-time auctions don’t work). Their bid comparison engine uses 15+ parameters to decide which network should be awarded each impression.

Performance Benchmarking: Publishers can convert their existing ad layout to a ‘Control Ad Setup’. They can then use it to compare the performance of their old ad layout with the new ad layout across key revenue and UX metrics. This way, you will always know with exact precision just how much more you’re earning by working with AdPushup.

Innovative Ad Formats:

To help improve ad viewability and reduce the negative effects of banner blindness, AdPushup provides publishers with innovative ad formats which are proven to increase engagement and CTR. Here are some popular formats they use:

Adpushup Ad Formats

  • Sticky Ads: These ads have a fixed position on the web page (placed at the top or bottom) and remain in view whether the user scrolls up the page or down. These ads provide a great CTR due to high chances of getting viewed by users.
  • Docked Ads: These ads are similar to the sticky ad format. However, docked ads not fixed to a specific position. These ads get fired and become sticky as the users scrolls beyond their placement. Just like sticky ads, docked ads also have better CTR.
  • In-view Ads: These ads lie between the media and the main content of the page and expand to reveal themselves when users scrolling down through the content.
  • Native Ads: These ads blend in with the content on the publisher’s website. As such, native ads are known to deliver higher ad viewability and CTR rates than traditional display ads. They also help expand the inventory by taking up free space.

Advanced Revenue Reporting for Publishers:

The reporting section of AdPushup empowers publishers by giving them the data they need to make the right optimization decisions. Once the onboarding is done and there are substantial data collected, it starts displaying metrics like impressions and revenue in the reporting dashboard. Publishers get access to all sorts of data一ad performance measurement metrics, ad networks wise data, an overview of the site performance.

AdPushup Reporting

Pros of AdPushup:

  • Quick setup and easy 2-step onboarding
  • Automated A/B testing
  • Better ad layouts and user experience
  • Improved ad visibility
  • Access to premium demand
  • New and effective ad formats
  • Higher CTR and eCPM rates
  • 24/7 dedicated support

Cons of AdPushup:

  • Invite-only network
  • Minimum $1000/month in monthly ad revenue


AdPushup focuses on increasing ad revenue by optimizing ad operations. It’s a managed platform, meaning that the ad ops team at AdPushup takes care of all the legwork for the publishers so that they are free to focus on their core business of publishing great content. And in case you need help, the support team is available 24/7 via call or email. 

In a short span of time, AdPushup has distinguished itself as one of the best ad revenue optimization vendors in the market. It’s easy to use, backed by premium demand partners, and is completely transparent with publishers with their reporting data. 

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If you have used AdPushup in the past or currently using it, do share your reviews in comments.

AdPushup Review

24/7 dedicated support
Higher CTR
Automated A/B testing


Here is the Complete AdPushup Ad Network Reviews and Ratings.

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  1. Adpushup is Great Ad Network, However, it is for only big publishers and companies not for small publishers like me.

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