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20+ Best Video Hosting Sites 2024 -According to Experts

The modern world of today relies heavily on content. Whether that content is in the form of images, or in the form of text, or it could be in the form of videos. These ways of sharing content with a community of billions across the globe have become quite prevalent in the past decades. So with new technological advancements, it has become increasingly important to provide users with better alternative ways to broadcast their content.

One of the best things about the internet is that it provides numerous opportunities to give its users the best services possible. So when someone wishes to advertise their videos online, and market off of the profits made through the video’s contents, the internet provides a platform, or in this case, several platforms to showcase their work.

The user’s requirements for the video hosting platforms are plenty, from increased engagements with audiences, to a clear interface that allows for better interactive utilization of resources. So when all these things are asked for, there are several sources that aim to provide them.

Thus, for your video posting endeavors, video hosting platforms are created. Think YouTube. Which has garnered a following of billions and provides a steady source of income for its content creators. It not only provides a video hosting platform but also provides techniques and opportunities to increase revenue for its users’ content.

So for the purpose of creating video content and wanting to post it online where it can be better showcased and help you learn a thing or two about how you should market those videos. You will require video hosting websites. And we have just the list for you to choose from.

Let’s start.

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How Do Video Hosting Sites Work?

The thing about video hosting websites is that they act as a place for you to store your actual video. The video may be being broadcasted on a separate page, but chances are that it isn’t actually stored on that website’s server. The video is likely embedded on the page and is stored on a separate video hosting website from where it is being accessed.

The reason for it being hosted on a separate platform is because most websites can’t handle storing the large sizes of the videos and therefore enlist the help of other websites that are more equipped to deal with the size issue. Hence why video hosting sites exist.

There is also the fact that storing such heavy-duty videos on their own website can cause performance issues which can, in turn, lead to the website crashing or lagging at intervals.

So to avoid such problems it is important to use hosting sites. And since there are plenty to choose from, many of whom offer extremely effective and versatile features. There shouldn’t be any problem for users who wish to broadcast their content.

Best Video Hosting Sites 2024:

Here is the list of the best video hosting sites that you can use in 2023 and 2024

  1. HubSpot
  2. YouTube
  3. Vimeo
  4. Dailymotion
  5. Wistia
  6. SproutVideo
  7. Hippo Video
  8. Vidyard
  9. Brightcove
  10. Cincopa
  11. Uscreen
  12. video
  13. Muvi
  14. Video Whisperer
  15. Panopto

1. Hubspot – The #1 Video Hosting Platform:


As videos are a great source of relaying information. Information that could otherwise not be explained as greatly as when it is being described through frames of moving images meant to describe a certain topic. For that purpose, there needs to be a platform for posting these videos from where they can be accessed and showcased on other websites. And out of all the video hosting portal services, HubSpot offers an all-in-one service bundle. Where you can upload your videos for posting, get a great deal on marketing strategies, and how to increase your sale revenue.

If that weren’t enough, HubSpot offers a slew of services catering to your personalized requirements. From you want to upload videos from HubSpot to your websites or social media posts, to using HubSpot as a video upload platform that you can use as a portfolio for your other endeavors, where you can directly send your files to the desired parties.

The tools and features provided by HubSpot make it easy to navigate the cutthroat competitive world of digital marketing and social media influencing.

Try HubSpot Video Hosting For Free

2- Youtube:


If for some insane reason you haven’t heard of YouTube, then here’s a starter. YouTube is an online video streaming service that has garnered a total of 2 billion users across the globe. It is considered the second most popular website on the internet, right after Google. YouTube is a video streaming platform that goes above and beyond its original routes and offers its users a lot of extra features which they can use.

And the best thing, it is completely free.

Another great thing about users is the number of sales that can be made through conducting business on it. You can host podcasts, video diaries, infomercials, documentaries, etc. And create a great amount of revenue from them should they succeed in capturing an audience.

Following certain criteria, which can be accomplished through a series of steps, most important of which is audience engagement, which YouTube encourages and helps in gathering. Once that stipulation is taken care of, other steps are followed you can get yourself verified and be on your way to monetizing your content.

So by following YouTube policies, you can market your particular brand.

3- Vimeo:


Vimeo has strong comparisons with YouTube, considering it is also a video streaming website for the same audiences and clients as YouTube. But where YouTube is booming with traffic, Vimeo has fewer followers. But that does not mean that Vimeo doesn’t offer its users high-quality video content and better deals for marketers. The overall speed is faster, and there aren’t any ads to try and delay or ruin your viewing experience.

It has a free and paid version, in which the free version gives you up to 5GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

While the paid version provides increased storage and customization options for your video editing and playback features. The embedding feature of Vimeo is also top-notch.

The thing that makes Vimeo better than YouTube is its dedication to supporting more business-savvy individuals and providing them with better and less clunky opportunities to hone their craft.

4- Dailymotion:


Another video streaming site, which is also well known in many communities and is the one mostly compared to YouTube.

Like YouTube, it is free of cost, in that you can upload as many videos as you want without any bandwidth or storage constraints. You can easily sign up and start your work with Dailymotion.

Dailymotion mostly leans towards news-related content, i.e. what is new in the world whether that be in entertainment, business, music, or sports. If your content is part of these categories, chances are you can easily navigate the world of Dailymotion to set up your video hosting platform.

Dailymotion also offers chances to monetize your content through its partnership program, same as the YPP (YouTube Partner Program), and even though the audience engagements are more varied on YouTube, doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize all that Dailymotion has to offer.

5- Wistia:


Businesses that want a platform that can support their video marketing ventures should definitely check out Wistia, as it aims to please both marketers and hosts hoping to increase their business engagements.

You can easily upload your videos on Wistia rather than posting them directly on your webpage. The videos uploaded on Wistia would be private and made available for your use. You can share and embed them on your website through Wistia and it will provide you with an efficient video player without any ads to bother you.

Wistia also offers detailed video analytics from which you can track your viewer’s progress.

Wistia provides its users with premium services that can be a bit pricey, but by utilizing that offer, you can upload more videos and get better customization options than the free plan offers.

6- SproutVideo:


Another business savvy video hosting platform that aims to help marketers better increase their engagements and gain customers.SproutVideo offers a lot of tools to its users so that they can better manage their online content sharing.

It provides ad-free embedded videos and comes with a customizable video player. It also offers a video sharing option for videos posted on the user’s webpage or blog post. Making it easy to create playlists of your content.

You are provided with detailed video analysis options that can help you better understand your target audience. It also has a paid premium offer which is more on par with Wistia’s premium plan.

7- Hippo Video:

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is quite similar to SproutVideo and Wistia in the sense that it caters to business marketers, but the difference arises with Hippo Video providing separate services for varied types of digital marketing. Making it so that viewers can use the specified option most suited to them without much hassle.

The rest of the features are similar to what is being offered by other big video hosting platforms, with the added features of recording your video content for your own viewing purposes.

And with the additional services for different marketing plans, Hippo Video can help its users to better understand their audience and make changes to their product according to their user’s needs.

Another thing about Hippo Video is its excellent customer services that can help you navigate through its interface and understand how you can create better business opportunities for yourself.

8- Vidyard:


Vidyard is considered a reining champion for enterprises that want a powerful tool to scale up their business ventures and increase sale revenue at a growing rate.

It provides its clients with a free plan and cheap paid plans so that you can get the best of both worlds at a normalized price.

You can customize your video player, you can make your videos privately accessible, and you get a detailed analytics board to view your audience’s progress.

The best thing about Vidyard would most definitely be the unlimited space and bandwidth it offers, something that not many video hosting platforms do.

9- Brightcove:


Brightcove might have slipped under your radar when facing big platforms like YouTube or Dailymotion but stand assured that Brightcove is fascinating enough in the fact alone that offers services to some big brands like McDonald’s, Adobe, and Johnson & Johnson. And with it providing expert services to such big enterprises, is it any wonder that Brightcove might be one of the better marketing video hosting platforms?

It has all the makings of a great video hosting site, as it provides users with high-quality video streams, detailed video analytics, customizable players, and live stream abilities.

And since it supports major brands, it probably won’t be good for up-and-coming businesses or startups.

10- Cincopa:


Cincopa acts as a SaaS platform, (Software as a Service), and manages to provide its users with excellent video hosting services. It is perfect for any business, be it big or small or just starting up.

Not only does it provide video hosting services it also provides both image and audio services as well. You can better market your particular product to other websites and engage with your audience and understand their progress and what their likes and dislikes are.

And since its offers aren’t limited to just video, it is considered a multimedia hosting platform that provides multiple chances to its users to really put out their brand name to the masses.

11- Uscreen:


Uscreen is another video hosting site catered to your need to broadcast your video content to your users in a timely way so as to attract a decent following.

Uscreen provides you with the opportunity to upload a lot of content without any restrictions. It has unlimited bandwidth and customizable video player features that you can utilize to change your player according to your specific needs.

You can also get good marketing tools that can help you increase your sales. Another good thing about Uscreen is its excellent customer support services which are available 24/7.

12- is also a well-known hosting site that is great for hosting videos for your website, blog, or other social media handles. You can better broadcast your videos through its platform on any place of your liking through excellent embedding features provided by Wave. video.

It offers a customizable video player and a great free plan in which you can share the video content on any platform you like. also offers its users a free stock library of content for your video editing purposes.

13- Muvi:


Muvi is another one of the video streaming platforms like YouTube, where you can host your videos as is usually done on Television. You can broadcast it through TV channels, news, or other related events, which can make things simple for audiences’ viewing purposes.

You can easily monitor your audience’s progress and just how well you yourself are progressing as well with excellently detailed video analytics.

Muvi provides you with a free platform that you can embed live videos from as well as broadcast your video under your own banner or logo.

14- Videowhisper:


While it doesn’t have the best of interfaces, Videowhispers makes up for its difficulty to use and understand working, with almost 100TB per month storage capacities.

You can use this platform for marketing purposes as well as individual purposes, while at the same time providing a good platform for video playlisting where you can create video diaries etc.

15- Panopto:


Using Panopto, you can create a cohesive working environment where you can easily manage and share your videos easily. You can broadcast your content as well as live stream it with the features provided by Panopto. And those are just one of the reasons it is considered one of the best video hosting platforms on the web.

It offers a search engine, much like YouTube, where you can search any video you want through keywords.

It is also free, and it has an easy-to-use interface, making it easy to work on your content without any hassle.

Panopto also provides unlimited bandwidth so that you can upload as much as you want.

Which Video Hosting Site Should You Choose:

When it comes to making a livelihood through content creation, you must realize that the competitive environment we all live in, makes gaining followers a slippery slope. You could be posting great and informative content and yet get fewer engagements than someone else that put half the effort you did.

In circumstances such as this, it is important to use a platform that can better engage you with your audience. That can inform you about marketing strategies as well as provide a way to upload your content. When all this is taken into consideration, you need to move towards the big questions. What is the content I want to make? And what kinds of management does it require?

When you realize the answers to those questions, you can easily choose what platform would be better suited to your needs.

Do you require extra space? Better players? A strong and fast connectivity network that does not lag?

Keeping in mind these stipulations, you can work towards finding the right fit for yourself and your business. And this list just might make you see a clearer picture of what you want.

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