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Tapfiliate Review (2024): The Best Affiliate Tracking Software

Tapfiliate Review 2023:

There is nothing better to help grow your online business than using Referral Tracking software. They can not only optimize and track your referral or affiliate programs but also create them. With the growing population worldwide and an expanding online marketplace that allows you to reach a global audience, you require an all-in-one solution to help you keep track of your referral programs. There are many software in the market that promise you the results, but in our own experience, only quite a few of them really fulfill your dream. So, for that specific reason, we are going to bring exceptional software that will change your whole affiliate/referral experience and also change your business game.

Yes, the software we are going to talk about here is none other than Tapfiliate and we are going to dig deep into it. Not only that, but we will also tell you about its benefits/drawbacks and guide you on whether you should try Tapfiliate or not?

What is Tapfiliate?

Tapfiliate is a software that is used for tracking referrals and it is cloud-based. Not only does Tapfiliate allow you to track and optimize the referral/affiliate programs, but also allows you to create them. If you want to grow your online business then referrals or affiliate programs are the best way to do so because you get an edge over your competitors by generating exceptional leads from these referrals. Furthermore, you can reach a wider audience and make them your satisfied customers without doing business with scams.

Tapfiliate Home

Being an all-in-one solution to your Referral problems, you get everything with the software. There are more than 30 integrations including the famous WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Stripe, Zapier, Wix, and much more to provide you with versatility in case you are using various software. Including these integrations, you also get support for various currencies and languages that can aid you to expand your business globally.

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Referral Tracking Services:

Tapfiliate has helped thousands of businesses by simply winning loyal customers and motivating the audience that in return promote the brand. The main plan of this software is to make the advertising enjoyable for you and the customers.

With the exceptional use of its Referral creating, tracking, and optimizing services, the Tapfiliate software puts you or the customers in the center giving them satisfaction and fulfilling their dreams.

  • Exceptional Software: On both the affiliate and the advertiser side, the Tapfiliate is much more reliable, instinctive and is continuously improving for better results. This makes Tapfiliate an exceptional software and a great value for money.
  • Comprehensive Guides:

Tapfiliate has a really reliable method of use. This makes everything effortless for you to handle and then grow your business. You will enjoy its business onboarding and the comprehensive manuals along with the documentation that describes everything that can be done with Tapfiliate.

  • Resource for Professional Learning:

Another best thing about this software is that it gives you all the information you need to begin, as well as, grow your affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and referral programs. These pieces of learning were put together by some of the most professional people or you can also call them affiliate marketing experts.

  • Best Support:

Clients who are new to software like these are typically scared of scams or not being much usable for their use. Tapfiliate, on the other hand, gives you exceptional Customer Services. That is why, the customer satisfaction for Tapfiliate software is around 93 percent, which is termed as highest in industry standards.

UX of Site:

As we already mentioned Tapfiliate to be incredibly user-friendly, solving most of the complex problems on its own. The central idea of this software is to provide you with a high-end user experience and makes the affiliate project planning effortless. So, all of this is done through the Site’s focus on its UX or interface.

  • Aesthetics:

There are clear-to-see toolbars placed on the right spot and the options menu appears in an easy to handle manner.

  • Help:

A help button is provided that not only provides you with the capabilities of the site but also gives you a top-notch explanation of each function.

  • Orbit:

An orbit button, which is typically called a tour function that on its own runs when the user enters its realm. First of all, this button takes the user through the main features of the site and then gives a basic description of everything that is to be used. The explanation is on a pop-up window and you can activate or deactivate the option anytime.


Tapfiliate is filled with features and surprisingly, nearly all of the features are made to help increase your business globally. Some of the most appealing features are;

1- Social Reach:

Tapfiliate allows you to grow your social profile at a much faster rate, providing engaging and rich branded content. Gives you personal referral links, coupons, manages the banners, brand material management and creates shareable posts for social media that are affiliated.

2- Effortless Emailing:

With the affiliate pages that will perfectly match your domain and also the brand, you can write personalized emails effortlessly in your own way. To help you out with it, Tapfiliate gives you a branded dashboard, brand-on links, six affiliate languages support, payout methods, and signup fields that are custom.

3- Plug and Play:

Gives you some of the best copy and paste integrations. The total number of integrations is around 36 and Zapier is included along with other famous ones. You can also add Tapfiliate to your site custom by simply using a few code lines.

4- Lifetime Commissions:

There are specific benefits to SaaS clients through the Recurring Commissions. This not only attracts some of the top influencers but also links these customers to your affiliate through lifetime commissions. There is the one-time commission’s award, monthly award, a fixed percentage, per product, or category commissions.

5- Performance Bonus:

You can also create some truly tempting bonuses that can boost your sales. Here, you have the ability to set the targets that are based on the conversion numbers to help motivate affiliates. You can create affiliate tiers, performance bonuses setups, commissions for teams, and commissions that are lifetime.

6- Automation:

Tapfiliate is an automated platform, meaning that you can effortlessly set up the emails trigger, webhooks, and various automation using only the Zapier application. There are other integrations to Tapfiliate as well. Here, you can automate the workflow, manual and automatic commission approval.

7- Fully accessible API:

You have absolute control over your affiliate world and that is done through the REST API. This, combined with the automatic workflow to free the time over other things and focus mainly on the business affiliate growth. There are always new improvements to the API which enhances the user experience further.

8- Effortless Configuration:

When you are building an Affiliate Program, things take quite a lot of time, but that is not the case with Tapfiliate because it is simple. You can do all the setup for your Affiliate program in less than five minutes. Furthermore, you can always add various advertising resources to your program and make a welcome page for your customers. It is always a warm welcome to the new solid members of your business.

9- White Labeling and Branding:

You can mark your own affiliate program. In this way, you can always keep an eye out for the business brand when utilizing the product. There are subdomains, custom domains, signup, and sign-in pages for the program. This is not all, you can also swap Tapfiliate logo in combination with your own branding. This component of software gives a bit of a boost to your SSL support to keep it more secure.

10- Commission Structure:

There are various Commission occasions implemented in the Tapfiliate. For example, you can compensate the affiliates for driving pre-buy, sign-ups or you can also offer the customers a constant commission for items that are membership-based. So, this platform gives you full access to plan and work with these commissions and can give the affiliates better support to make them loyal customers.

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Other Features;

  • ROI tracking
  • Banner Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Management
  • For Employee and Customer Referrals
  • Fraud Detection
  • Lead Engagement
  • MLM or Multi-Level Marketing
  • Referral Templates


  • Effortless tracking of messages, sales, and traffic
  • User friendly
  • Customizable interface
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • API accessibility
  • Six Language support
  • Award Commissions
  • Conversion Metadata
  • Gorgeous tracking links


  • Not the best pricing options in the market


There are 14 days to try any plan offer that can be canceled anytime. Two Pricing plans are provided by Tapfiliate, which are;

  • Essential; This plan is 89 dollars/month and in this plan, you get 0 transaction fees, real-time reporting, commissions rate per affiliate group, category or item-based commissions, and automation like Zapier, E-mails, and Webhooks.
  • Pro; This plan is around 149 dollars/month and everything here is Essential plus, meaning you are getting 0 translation fees, Custom Domain, Five team members, Incentives as Bonus, and Custom Affiliate field for Onboarding.

Final Verdict:

Creating and Managing Affiliate Links are sometimes a burden on the shoulders, especially when your business expands. Here, the Tapfiliate comes into consideration because it enables you to create, monitor, and also optimize your affiliate marketing and referral networks. Not only that, it allows you to enable the automation to handle the bulk affiliate marketing tasks like monitoring of commission administration, MLM, and affiliates. All of this is done in a really user-friendly platform that gives you the overall control to choose how your affiliates or referrals respond while guiding you along the way to becoming a successful businessman.

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