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15 Best Pop-Under Ad Networks For Publishers 2023


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Pop-Under Ad Networks:

If you are a publisher and you want to generate higher revenues to reach your income goals faster, pop-under ads might be a great option for you.

In this article, we will walk you through all the best pop-under ad networks and will provide you all the necessary information that you should know about pop-under ads and the top pop-under ad networks in the market.

Pop-Under Ads:

Before moving further let’s just understand in simple terms that what pop-under ads actually are :

As the name suggests, unlike the pop-up ads that suddenly appear in front of the viewer on the same window he is working on, the pop-under ads open a new browser window under the active one. These pop-under ads remain unnoticed for a while and are showcased only when the user closes the actual window. So the pop-under ads enable you to drive revenues without disturbing your visitor’s experience.

Benefits For the Publishers:

Pop-under ads while being more user-friendly are also highly rewarding and a huge revenue-generating source. Being a publisher you can get mainly the following benefits:

Higher Revenues:

Monetization is the main factor behind the concept of ads. So this is actually the main concern of every publisher. Pop-under ads are perfect in terms of generating higher revenues as compared to other format ads due to multiple reasons. These ads open in a new window, the ad networks charge higher rates from the advertisers. So the publishers also get huge profits.

Higher visibility:

Pop-under ads are usually less likely to be ignored and leave a lasting effect on the mind of users being the last window they see after ending their online browsing session and they usually check the content of those ads intentionally or unintentionally before closing the window.

More Targeting and Higher yield:

Pop-under ads are highly targeted if placed correctly so easily reach the right users at the right time. Targeted ads increase sales therefore they are mostly chosen by the advertisers. So being a publisher when you showcase these ads through your website, you get high revenue in return.

Max space utilization and easy integration:

You can put multiple pop-under ads on your website /blog because they do not make your website look overcrowded and heavy. Moreover, they are easy to integrate. You just have to copy and paste the ad codes.

Our Recommended Ad Networks:

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Best Pop-under Ad Networks 2023:

Here is our list of the best pop-under advertising networks that you can join in 2023 and 2024

  1. Ezmob
  2. ActiveRevenue.
  3. Adlane.
  4. Adsterra.
  5. AdMaven.
  6. PopCash.
  7. PropellerAds.
  8. RevenueHits.
  9. PopAds.
  10. HilltopAds.
  11. PopMyAds.

Let’s talk in detail about each advertising platform. All of these ad networks are awesome in different aspects and are highly paying in terms of revenues. You can try any of these which seems more suitable for your needs. We will discuss in a little detail their features, benefits, limitations, etc. So let’s start!

1- Ezmob – Best Pop-Under Ad Network:

ezmob Home

Ezmob is Israel based best mobile advertising network founded in 2013. They claim that they are serving more than 5 Billion Impressions each day. Ezmob is the leading mobile ad network that can help its advertisers to get a targeted audience by using its amazing monetization options.

As a digital advertiser, if you are interested in promoting your products or services online, you have an innovative and advanced mobile monetizing platform which is ezmob. Because it is one of the best Pop-Under ad network. It has quite easier integration, simply sign up, choose your campaign, then select your target audience and start driving more traffic and more sales. They have four types of advertising options available on ezmob right now. But they keep developing new advanced monetization options to help their advertisers to grow fast online.

They are also offering CPC, CPM, and CPC monetization options to their publishers. If you have a website or blog which is getting high-quality targeted traffic. Then you must take the initiative of joining Ezmob to increase your revenue. Their publishers are already delivering 5 billion impressions per day. They offer CPC, CPM, and CPV monetization options to monetize your mobile and desktop traffic to help you to earn money online.

Payment Details:

  • They pay publishers on a Net30 basis.
  • The minimum threshold is $100.
  • Payment is made only through PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum and Wire Transfer, Skrill, Ali play.

2. ActiveRevenue – Best Pop-Under Ads:


ActiveRevenue is a top self-served demand-side platform (DSP) for marketing professionals and agencies. It is a highly rewarding platform that is a perfect option for advertisers because it helps them in getting access to the high-performing ad units and provides them with multiple targeting options and optimizing capabilities.

ActiveRevenue is known for helping many advertisers in running smooth and highly profitable campaigns. It is also a great platform for publishers that helps them in earning high revenue for their ad spaces.

It is one of the few networks that work as an independently served demand-side platform (DSP). These DSPs connect the buyers to the right publishers through programmatic bidding. This way the advertisers get the accurately targeted traffic and the publishers get higher value for their inventory. So it is highly beneficial for both.

They provide multiple ad formats. Their high-quality pop-under ads are catchy and are perfectly created for both desktop or mobile devices and they run super smooth and deliver great results especially for advertisers who want highly targeted visitors at low prices.

Their ads are relevant and user friendly and you get a fully-fledged interface that is highly convenient to use and they offer complete detailed statistics about the impressions and earnings. Their dedicated team of professionals provides outstanding 24/7 customer support. It is on the whole a great advertising network.

3. Adlane – Best Pop-Under Ad Network: 

adlane Home

Adlane is a self-service advertising network that offers comprehensive and industry-leading website monetization capabilities. It is also the best Pop-Under ad network with different popunder ad formats and high engaging ads. Adlane differentiates itself from other networks because of its advanced features that assure the success of any marketing campaign. Adlane focuses mainly on producing the best results for the advertisers and as well as their publishers. 

Adlane acts like a helping hand for publishers, marketers, and bloggers by improving their business and increasing their income stream. So, through this platform, you can easily display several ad formats on your websites like native ads, banner ads, push notification ads, video ads, and pop-under ads.

The registration process is very simple and user-friendly, consisting of a few steps. You have to sign up and create your account first. You will be asked to fill in your personal information. The stats report system allows tracking of your ads like impressions, clicks, earnings, dates, and many more so you can keep an eye on your website regularly with the help of the Adlane network. 

Join Adlane Now

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Web money, Capitalist, QIWI, Skrill, Yandex Money
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly basis
  • Monetization Options: CPM and CPC
  • website:

4. Adsterra –  Top Pop-Under Ad Network in 2021:

Adsterra is a Global Ad Network that was founded back in 2013 and has more than 30K+ partners. They specialize in helping the advertisers meet the desired KPIs and grow their ROI. Publishers on the other hand can use the advanced traffic solutions provided by them to make the most revenue. They provide multiple ad formats and one of the highlights is their pop-under advertisements.

They have a really advanced detection system in place which provides the safest possible experience. If you want to work without a manager then Adsterra is going to be the best bet for you as it provides automation as well. There are also quite a lot of payment methods as well which you can use according to your ease. There is also an anti-block feature present as well which adds more revenue as well leads to higher CTRs.

So, if you are in the market looking for the best Pop Under Ad Network, then Adsterra is one of the best ones out there that is safe and reliable.

Join Adsterra Now!

5. AdMavenPop-under Advertising Network:


AdMaven is a Popular advertising platform founded in 2013. Pop-under ads are their specialty. The great thing about this network is the Global coverage it provides through high-quality direct traffic for any country you want to get the targeted audience from.  It is an adaptive platform built for campaign Optimisation which brings high revenues for Publishers.

They offer easy integration in terms of Ad placement. Ad implementation is just a matter of a few minutes. A good thing about this platform is that they provide an admin panel to manage ads and revenues and you also get a dedicated account manager to help you whenever you want any assistance.

The best thing about Admaven is their flexible payment plans which are easily affordable. This network is also safe and their ads are free from any Malware and do not affect your visitor’s experience. This ad network is best for large-sized Publishers but not much suitable for small or medium-sized publishers. You won’t face any difficulty regarding technical support. They offer 24/7/365 dedicated support.

Join AdMaven

6. PopCash – Best Pop-Under Ad Network For Publishers:


This is a leading Pop-under Ad Network and was founded in 2012. PopCash is known for its quick setup and earning potential. It shows instant results so if you want to get rewarded without waiting for a longer time, this ad network will help you. It is also 100%compatible with Google Adsense and you get the freedom of adding three pop-under ads along with Google Adsense ads to monetize your traffic even better.

You can also use it along with other pop-under ads from other networks as well. Moreover, their ads are user-friendly and do not affect your visitor’s experience. There are many great things about this ad network. First of all the quick approval. Your website will be approved within one hour after a quick sign-up.

The second thing we like about this network is its fast payments. They process payments within hours and provide payment on a daily basis. They also provide up to 80% revenue share through direct campaigns. This network is also great in terms of safety and support.

Their ads are safe and clean and continuously moderated. Their unique integration involves simple implementation through ad code. You can also make extra earnings through their referral program which offers a 10% profit per successive referral.

7. PropellerAds – Top Pop-Under Network in 2020:

Propeller Ads

PropellerAds is known to be a performance-driven advertising platform for publishers and affiliates with over 350 million real users. They provide multiple opportunities to earn real money through providing the most advanced solutions. They are known for their high-quality one-click pop-under ads with higher CPM rates. PropellerAds is listed as one of the Best CPM Ad Networks in 2020 by

This Network has become the choice of over 150 thousand Publishers because of the 8 years of market expertise and a solid portfolio of big brand advertisers. They offer multiple unique features and benefits to the Publishers. Having a massive variety of advertisers in every country and every niche, they enable you to Monetize up to 100% of your traffic.

Their ads are clean and free from any viruses or Malware. The best thing about this platform is the Adblock bypass which is an Ad blocking software. So you might not face any revenue cut through ad blockers. Moreover, their ads are fully optimized and transparent so you get access to detailed reporting. Another unique thing about this platform is its multilingual approach in 9 different languages. They also offer a good referral program and give easy payouts.

8. RevenueHits – Best Pop-Under Network For Advertisers:

RevenueHits is another leading ad platform known for generating maximum profits and is chosen by over 20,000 publishers. They provide easy onboarding through an intuitive platform. You just have to follow some simple steps like copying and pasting code into your site. They also show you a preview to check it before implementation. You can also get a variety of statistics and real tracking of your impressions and revenues in a much better way.

There are multiple benefits that you can get from this platform. This company works with over 5000 advertisers so it offers competitive rates. The best thing about them is the guaranteed on-time payments, so you won’t face any delays. Moreover, they offer a guaranteed 100% fill rate so you can utilize your space more effectively.

They ensure maximum compliance. Another great thing is their advanced technology tool for ad block monetization so you can get the maximum benefit from your traffic without losing it through ad blockers. Their customer support and overall service are excellent and they offer 24/7 monitoring and provide the quickest response.

You can also make extra earnings through their referral program. They offer up to 10%revenues. If you are looking for a good revenue source with maximum support and overall safety. Revenuehits can be a good choice.

9. PopAds – High Paying Pop Under Ad Network:

Popads Network

You can get another good solution in the form of Pop Ads which is one of the best-paying ad networks in the market having advertisers from more than 50 countries across the world.  It is one of the few ad networks that process payment requests daily for the Publishers and is super fast in terms of payments.PopAds provides high security using SSL technology which is usually used by the banks. They also provide you with real-time statistics through reports and charts.

Pop ads actually put you in control.  You have complete freedom for choosing your desired rates by choosing the bids you accept. You can also limit the number of ads shown to your visitors and you can also refuse unwanted ads. They have also provided an opt out-option for unwanted campaigns.

But an issue with this network is that their rates significantly drop during weekends because advertisers are usually closed at that time. But this network is excellent in terms of security and safe deposit. Their referral program is highly rewarding and gives you 10%share from the revenues of your referred customers. If you are looking for a network with maximum security and high revenues pop ads can be a great choice for you.

10. HilltopAds:


HilltopAds is another high yielding network that comes with an anti-ad-blocking solution that ensures the delivery of your ads to all your viewers even if they are using ad blockers. It is a great option for pop-up ads. Although it is not that much famous, yet it is one of the great and high profit generating platforms. You can add more than one website from the dashboard monetized.

The account approval might take a few days. The good thing about this network is that it is highly beneficial even for small and medium-sized publishers and it is one of the publisher friendly networks.

Moreover, it does not require any minimum traffic threshold or any specific language requirements. You can also use it along with other ad networks and it works smoothly even in the presence of your existing ads.

They also offer a 5% profit through their referral program.  So if you are a small or medium-sized publisher and want to earn good revenues through your traffic. If you failed to get approval from Google AdSense then this ad network is perfect for you.

11. PopMyAds – Best Popunder Network:


PopMyAds is another great option for small or medium-sized Publishers which offers good revenues and amazing support. They give daily payments without any fees. They offer good rates and great International traffic coverage and ensure that you get paid for all your visitors.

Their ads are clean and they test the campaigns multiple Times. They accept almost every type of website. They also provide powerful tools to analyze your earnings. You get the quickest domain approval on this platform. Their staff provides technical support 24/7.

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Pop-under ads are a great way to turn your everyday traffic into high revenue-generating impressions. Digital advertising is the highest profit market these days but all it requires is a wise choice of the appropriate ad network. We have provided our honest reviews about these networks in a simple way through this article. I hope it will help you in getting the perfect ad network to monetize your content.

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