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Helium 10 Review 2024 – Best Tool For Amazon Sellers

Helium 10 Review 2024: 

Do you want to start your business on Amazon and need the tools which can help you in boosting your launch sales?

Then we have something in store for you. There are a lot of people who start their first business on Amazon but don’t have any knowledge about how they can use various tools which can help them in boosting their sales.

There are also reliability issues and people think that these tools might rip off their business instead of making it more beneficial. We have found a fix to all of your problems in the form of Helium 10.

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Amazon seller tools can help a business in getting instant success because they will provide them with solutions in order to get their business up and running in the most effective way possible. In this review, we will take a deep dive into Helium 10 and take a look at the things that make it the best set of Amazon seller tools in the market.

Are Amazon seller tools Necessary?

Yes, using Amazon seller tools is really necessary because, with the help of these tools, you can increase your sales rapidly. All of these tools work in conjunction with each other and provide the best environment for the person who is shopping online. Using these tools can help you in finding the best Amazon products.

Helium 10:


Helium 10 is a collection of tools for Amazon, like SEO, keyword research, product research, refunding, management, and fraud protection. Helium 10 contains each and every kind of tool that you might need if you are running a business on Amazon. All of the features present in Helium 10 are very thought out and are really helpful for a budding company.

Helium 10’s Features:

Here is the list of features that are available on Helium 10. 

Finding the Most Profitable Product:

There are a lot of tools on the internet which can help you in finding the products that make the most amount of money. So, the question arises, why bother using Helium 10? The main appeal of Helium 10 lies in its powerful filters which offer you more options than any other tool and the data provided to you is also very accurate.

Helium 10 Black Box:

Black Box is one of the tools present in Helium10 which makes it possible for anyone to easily search any type of product. There are a lot of filter options when searching for products. Some of the filter options are:

  • Maximum/Minimum Turnover
  • Maximum/Minimum Sales

In this way, you are able to search for those products that meet your specific needs. Black Box from Helium 10 is one of the most powerful Amazon seller tools out there and the feature set of this tool is still unmatched.

Advanced Product Research using Helium 10:

Ranking on the top of Amazon is what every seller wants. Helium 10 Cerebro is a tool that is designed to provide you with the best keywords that can rapidly increase your Amazon rankings. You as a seller can also get amazing product ideas by using this research tool. Using Cerebro, you can look up any product that you are interested in on Amazon. Then, after typing its ASIN, the research tool will provide you with all of the keywords associated with that product and also show detailed characteristics of each of the keywords. Helium 10 associates an IQ Score with each of the keywords that show you if using that keyword is beneficial or not.

You are also shown the number of searches each keyword receives and it helps you in using the correct keywords that will help you in selling more products. Basically, you want to use those keywords which have the most searches with also having the least amount of competition.

Product Launch:

One biggest advantage of using Helium 10 is that it can provide you with the best ever product launches. You can get the best product launch with the help of a method called CPR developed by Helium 10. You need a total of two things if you want the best launch for your product:

  • Helium 10 Magnet
  • Helium 10 Cerebro

Helium 10 Cerebro:

While Cerebro provides you with a detailed list of all the keywords associated with a product, Cerebro on the other hand is used for searching for particular keywords. You can use it to search for all the keywords that are related to your main keyword. With the help of Cerebro, you can get all of the information about your keyword like:

  • Search Volume
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Search Terms

All of the keywords visible to you will be the ones that are often used by customers to search for products. In this way, Cerebro provides you with information that can help you in choosing keywords that will make your product more accessible to others.

With the help of both of these services, you can find those products which rank in the top and have a very high engagement rate. You just can’t start selling anything on Amazon, you have to learn about what people are buying right now or what is the trend at the moment.

By selling those types of products and using Helium 10 in the ranking of your products so that they appear on the top and thus will provide you with the best sales. In this way, you can get the best launch using Helium 10.

Optimization of Listings:

The optimization of Amazon listings is really important. There are a lot of ways in which this can be done. The process is simple as you want to include those keywords in your listings which are most searched by people. Helium 10 already provides you with two of the most powerful keywords tools in the market in the form of Magnet and Cerebro.

Keywords searching tools are present all over the internet but the thing that makes using Helium 10 for keyword searching so valuable is the amount of data it provides to its users. There are three tools that Helium 10 provides that make a big difference in Amazon listings. Those three tools are:

  • Index Checker
  • Scribbles
  • Misspellinator

Index Checker:

By using the Index Checker, you can easily check for various types of keywords that are indexed for Amazon. One major benefit of using Index Checker is that you can easily check the keywords that your competitor has indexed. With the help of all this data, you can easily improve your Amazon listings by taking notes to form your competitor’s listing keywords.

Another big advantage of using Index Checker is that it also shows you the process of indexing if you are not already indexed. Index Checker is one of the most useful tools that Helium 10 provides and is really helpful in the optimization of your Amazon listings.


If you are a new seller, then it will be very hard to find visitors as your ranking will be low so the number of visitors will also be very low. In order to improve your sales, you first have to make sure that your listing appears in front of everyone who is searching for products on Amazon. Scribbles is a tool that helps you in making better Amazon listings than all of your competitors so that you can increase your ranking on Amazon, thus increasing the sales as a result.

This tool helps you in filling the best info about your listings so that they can rank higher in Amazon. You can also use emojis which also make it the look of your listings more appealing. You can also use various types of keywords and Scribble also tells you whether you have used those particular keywords before or not. For getting indexed, you need to have a particular keyword, so you should always have your own keyword that is indexed.


There are often mistyped terms present on Amazon and this is because there is no big competition to them and provide a very easy way in which you can increase your sales. Using Misspellinator, you can search for various keywords and it will provide you with all of the misspellings.

You can use those misspellings in the backend of your Amazon listings. In this way, your listing will rank higher without putting in any effort.

Misspellinator is a great tool for beginners as they can easily rank their listing higher in order to get better sales. You also don’t need to do anything except putting in the keywords and in this simple and easy way, you will start increasing your sales without doing any hard work.


Maintenance is an area where Helium 10 also shines due to its excellent tools. The maintenance tools provided by Helium10 are:

  • Alerts: With Alerts you can easily monitor the ASINs and you also get notified if a competitor is trying harm your brand authority by selling a counterfeit product
  • Inventory Protector: With the help of an inventory protector, you can easily protect all of your promotions from your competitors.
  • Profits: Helium 10 provides all of your financial data and sales in a single place which is really useful to have.

Pricing Plans:

Helium 10 Pricing

There are four types of pricing plans present for Helium 10:

  • Free
  • Platinum – $97/month
  • Diamond – $197/month
  • Elite – $397/month

The free version is good for beginners and you can use it for 30 days. The feature set is very limited but you get to experience what Helium 10 offers its users.

Having a free option is great for people wanting to test out Helium 10. All of the other options provide you with more and more features and you should choose the one that is suited according to your need and budget.


  • Keyword Researching
  • Product Researching
  • Ease of Use
  • Reliable and Safe to Use
  • Free Starter Plan


  • The free plan is limited.

Should You Get Helium 10?

Yes, you should definitely give it a try. The features provided by Helium 10 are quite a lot and aren’t available anywhere else in the market. All of the features are intended to make your Amazon business grow in a short amount of time and the pricing plans are also well laid out so you shouldn’t have any trouble in using their services.

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If you are in the market for the best Amazon tool which provides you with all of the insights, Helium 10 is probably the best out there. Helium 10 provides you with in-depth data regarding your Amazon business and the useful features make it a suitable choice for new brands.

The free plan is great to have and all of the premium plans provide users with tons of features. If you want the ultimate Amazon tool, then Helium 10 is the one you should choose.

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