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10+ Best Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers in 2020

Mobile Ad Networks:

Today in the era of this world, everything is changing rapidly. Smartphones have taken the place of laptops and computers. People usually prefer to interact with mobile devices more than personal computers or laptops. Mobile devices have been widely spread all over the world.

You must be familiar with the word Mobile Apps in the era of the digital world which runs on Smartphones, Tablets, and other such devices. Online business is overgrowing, and people nowadays are promoting their business through mobile marketing.

The applications we usually use every day are generating revenue from the audience. You might have seen some ads such as banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads or video ads that came across your screen while using your favourite apps. These are the ads that are the source of income for the owner (Publisher) of the application. The revenue model for their applications is the mobile ad network which helps them generate revenue through ads whenever the user has clicked them.

So to monetize your application, you must have some best mobile ad networks that would help you to monetize your app. But there are tons of mobile ad networks in the online market due to which, it is challenging to choose which one is best for you. Today, in this article, we would be discussing the top mobile ad networks available in the market which are trusted, more reliable and hassle-free.

Best Mobile Ad Networks 2020:

Here is the list of top 10 Best Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers and Advertisers to join in 2019 and 2020.

  1. Ezmob
  2. Google Admob
  4. StartApp
  5. Epom Apps
  6. InMobi
  7. Tapjoy
  8. AdPushup
  9. UnityAds

1- EZmob:

ezmob Home

Ezmob is one of the best Mobile Advertising Network For advertisers and publishers as well. EZmob is a versatile mobile advertisement Network. You can purchase mobile traffic, set up operations utilizing a self-serve interface and influence the genuine intensity of bidding in real-time. Ezmob is a full package mobile advertising company with both driving edge innovation and profound aptitude in strategy making.

Ezmob allows you to make the right decisions and value your time and efforts. They have Primum publishers and traffic from all over the world, and they can help you to get targeted traffic from over 160 countries.

EZmob has been paying publishers based on CPM, CPC, CPV and CPI formats. They pay monthly and always on time, that’s why thousands of publishers and advertisers trust ezmob. This is one of the best ad networks for publishers and advertisers to join

Payment Details: 

    • Minimum Deposit For Advertisers: $100
    • Minimum Payment For Publishers: $100
    • Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum and Wire Transfer, Skrill.
    • Payment Frequency: Net 30.
    • Monetization Options: CPM, CPC

2- Google Admob:

Google Admob

The reason why I placed Google Admob in the 2nd position is that it is the most trusted and convenient mobile ad network platform used by millions of people all over the world. Google Admob is the most popular ad network which supports cross-platform. Around 85% of people use Admob in order to monetize their applications. Almost every single app in the market, usually on play store, which is another Google product is using Admob for monetization purposes. Because Admob is the most popular mobile ad network which offers high CPM and fills rates.

Google AdMob is the prime market leader in the online advertising system with its AdSense advertising platform. Google facilitates their advertisers with various features in the context of mobile advertising. Google Admob supports multiple ad formats such as Banner ads, interstitial ads, native and video ads. Admob has a smooth app integration since its software development kit, usually known as SDK, can be installed quickly and show relevant advertisements to the users.

You can even optimize your AdMob account and can generate high CPM (Cost Per Mile) from its ad mediation system. Another great feature of Google Admob is the insights of the audience, which makes it easier to identify your audience, and you can monitor your audience quickly.

Payment Details:

• Payment is made on the Net 21 basis.
• The minimum threshold is $100.
• Payment is made by wire transfer, western union or PayPal.


Media.Net is one of the best mobile networks after Google Admob because it offers highly targeted advertising regardless of the industry you are in. is the most leading platform in the industry, having a significant portfolio of advertising technology. displays different search ads (usually Contextual Ads) that are purchased by advertisers on the CPC model. Its D2S (Display to Search) ad format is so powerful that it displays relevant ads by identifying user search intent which results in high conversion rates for the advertisers and they do not have to risk purchasing the CPM model (Cost Per Mile) or (Cost Per Thousand) Impressions. It is one of best ad network for small bloggers and publishers. provides many benefits to its users, such as Competitive CPMs, Ads Customization, and Ads responsiveness, etc. Publishers can even monetize every single impression across all devices. These are some of the reasons why stands out from other ad networks in the market.

Payment Details:

• Payment is made on the Net 30 basis.
• The minimum threshold is $100.
• Payment is made by wire transfer or PayPal.

4- StartApp:


Another leading mobile ad network platform is StartApp founded by Gil Dudkiewicz and Ran Avidan. StartApp is the highly innovative ad network platform in the market that enables publishers to implement interactive advertisements such as VR ads (Virtual Reality), Interstitial ads, Native ads, 360 ads, and video ads, etc.

StartApp is one of the mobile ad networks which provides tons of benefits including building ad campaigns, design your creatives, audience control at the same time. You can create stunning animated and interactive ads. Moreover, StartApp highly targets the audience related to your niche and displays relevant ads to them to get high conversion rates with its different advertising models such as CPA, CPM, and CPC, etc.

Payment Details:

• Payment is made on a Net 30 basis.
• The minimum threshold is $50.
• Payment is made by wire transfer, PayPal, ACH, and cryptocurrency.

5- Epom Apps:

Epom Apps

Epom Apps is one of the mobile ad serving company which is founded by Anton Ruin in 2010. It is famous for its excellent ad mediation platform which takes care of the whole monetization process through its smart optimisation algorithm.

They have expert team members who handle the whole process, and with the help of its smart algorithm, publishers can earn massive revenue from this platform as they display ads relevant to the content.
Epom Apps comes with several high performing ad formats such as Smart banner ads, Native ads, Interstitial ads, and rewarded videos, etc.

It has been found that People who use Epom Apps would likely to get 30% more revenue compared to the average rates of the other ad networks in the industry. One of the key features of this ad network is that as a developer, you don’t need to do anything. Epom Apps would cover everything for you. Just you need to integrate the SDK (Software Development Kit).

Payment Details:

• Payment is made on a Net45 basis.
• The minimum threshold is $100.
• Payment is made by wire transfer and PayPal.

6- InMobi:


InMobi is the global mobile advertising network and a discovery platform that enables consumers to discover new products and services. Inmobi is a great platform that targets users with its smart algorithm by displaying relevant ads to maximize revenue and conversion rates.

You can expect a decent revenue as you utilize this mobile ad network. They have introduced a new feature known as topographic targeting, which escalations the chance of connecting users to the type of media apps they most likely to consume.

InMobi is an excellent marketplace for advertisers and publishers. They generate revenue on a Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) basis. Their revenue sharing percentage with the publisher is unknown. However, you can increase your earnings by figuring out which ad placement works the best for you.

Payment Details:

• Payment is made on the Net 60 basis.
• The minimum threshold is $50 for India and $300 for other countries.
• Payment is made by wire transfer and PayPal.

7- Tapjoy:


Tapjoy is the premium mobile ad network that comes with an innovative way of helping their publishers for monetization. It was founded in 2007, and since then it has been seen as an increase in digital advertising. Mobile app developers are always looking for new networks to monetize their blogs.

Tapjoy is one such network that provides apps to be monetized with the use of virtual currency. It was founded by Lee Linden, Ben Lewis, and Mitch Liu in 2007. Users are given virtual money in exchange for watching video ads, subscribing to some services or downloading promoted apps.

They can use this virtual money to unlock in-app content from publishers. This is found to be the best way to attract users to this platform who are frightened of giving their credit card details etc.

Tapjoy offers different ad formats such as banners ads, interstitial ads, content lock, video ads, and rewarded ads, etc. The best thing about this platform is that it supports both operating system environments such as Android, Ios, etc. Tapjoy uses several models such as CPM (Cost Per Mile), CPA (Cost Per Action), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPV (Cost Per View) with high fill rates.

Payment Details:

• Payment is made on a Net 15 basis.
• The minimum threshold is $250.
• Payment is made by wire transfer, PayPal and cheque.

8- AdPushup:

AdPushup Ad Network

AdPushup is a most promising mobile ad network that helps publishers and bloggers to generate more money from their existing web traffic with ad optimization. If you’re not getting enough revenue from other ad networks and you’re looking for the best mobile ad network which can generate massive revenue, then AdPushup is here for you. Their optimization features will optimize your ads for layout optimization, automated split testing, etc. to enhance your income.

This fantastic platform is partnered with the top famous ad networks such as Google, Rubicon, AppNexus, and Criteo, etc. According to the recent reports, it has been analyzed that publishers would likely to have an increase in their ad revenue with an average of 33% by their excellent optimization tool. It is quite easy to get started with Adpushup as publishers only need to install its WordPress plugin and connect with the network to begin optimising ad revenue. Read here AdPushup Case study to understand how it is helping publishers to earn more income.

9- UnityAds:

Unity Ads

Unity ads is another popular mobile ad network that is created explicitly for game developers to monetize their games using this amazing platform. Unity Technologies launched Unity Ads in 2014. Unity Ads has been very popular for its higher eCPM for rewarded video ads.

They don’t require any SDK to be integrated and targets their audience by displaying relevant high paying ads to the users who are interested in playing a specific game.

Unity ads are the best platform for integrating ads in our app. It pays a considerable amount of money for each ad. Integrating ads is very easy and requires only little effort for beginners to get hands onto it. Ads are primarily new and watchable. User mostly prefers to see these kinds of attractive advertisement.

Payment Details:

  • Payment is done on Net30 basis.
  • The minimum threshold is $100.
  • Payment is made by wire transfer.
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Final Words:

Above are some of the best mobile ad networks you should implement in your application in order to get high engagement rates with the audience. So if you’re searching for the mobile ad networks then choose one of the above ad networks mentioned according to your needs, but I would recommend you go for Admob as it is one of the most trusted and reliable mobile ad networks.

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The Publishers and Advertisers That Are Already Using Above Mobile Ad Networks Can Share Thier Experiences Below. 

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