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JivoChat Review (2024): Why This is Best Live Chat Software For Websites?

JivoChat Review 2023:

Are you looking for the best live chat software for your company?

We have something for you that will fulfill all of your needs. Recently, over the past few years, live chats have become a norm for every company. Prior to these live chat softwares, email and social media were used as a way of communication.

Then live chatting started to show its benefits over the old way of emailing someone and then waiting for them to reply, which took a lot of time. With the introduction of Live Chats, everything has become much easier.

A lot of research has gone through these live chat softwares, which determined that most people tend to buy from a place that offers live chat support. In the same way, a lot of people share their positive experiences in a live chat with their fellows. So, a live chat can make a huge difference in the success rate of a company. There are a lot of live chat softwares available in the market, but none of them are as versatile and easy to use as JivoChat.

No one wants to have a bad live chat experience. Every company wants to provide the best live chat experience possible. We will take a deep dive into JivoChat and take a look at all of the features and tools that it offers and determine why it is considered as the best live chat software.

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What’s JivoChat?

JivoChat is a messenger platform designed for businesses. It makes a path for a business to communicate with its customers on all of the variety of platforms. JivoChat contains all the things like live chat, phone, social, and email, so there is no way in which you can ever miss out on connecting with your customers. Everything from calls, messages to emails, all of the things are received on the Jivo app.

In this way, companies can focus more on improving their business while maintaining the live chat process much simpler and more effective than ever before.

There are more than 200K websites currently using JivoChat in order to communicate with their customers. The main focus of JivoChat is on small and medium-sized businesses, and they offer a very flexible plan which is free for a year, and then they also offer a more professional plan for the people wanting to have all of the features.

Unique Features Which Other Live Chat Sites Usually Lack:

The only thing that makes a live chat successful is its set of features. If an app is able to help you ease every process without disrupting the communication process between the two individuals, then it will surely sell more.

JivoChat provides an awesome array of features that aren’t available anywhere else on the market, and these features make JivoChat standout from the rest of the live chat softwares.

Callback Feature:

There are some customers who prefer to have a call instead of using a live chat. For them, JivoChat has a callback widget. All the customer has to do is to click on the widget, enter his phone number and JivoChat instantly connects him to one of the managers by initiating 2 calls – 1 to the customer and the other to the manager. They both pick up the phone and start talking. The whole connection process usually takes no more than 27 seconds.


This is another big feature of JivoChat, with the help of which you can easily buy phone numbers for your business and then forward them to your mobile phones. One of the main benefits of the VOIP PBX is the ability to have the recording of the call after it’s over and come back to it later, save this recording in the chat log with the customer. Besides that, team members can easily transfer calls to each other

Integration with Facebook Messenger:

With clever integration with the Facebook Messenger, all of your customers can directly receive all of the messages that you are sending to them on their messenger. So, even if a customer has not opened your website, they will still be able to keep in touch with you using Facebook Messenger.

Mobile SDK:

If you have a mobile app in place and a lot of your customer base regularly browses your store through their mobiles, then you can also add Live Chat support in your mobile app as well. It works on both Android and iOS. In this way, the customers can keep in touch with you even through their mobile phones.


JivoChat is available for all platforms. You can install it on the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web Browsers

Automatic Translator:

If your customer is speaking a foreign language, then it is also not a problem for JivoChat as there is an automatic translator built into the app. It will automatically translate the text from your side as well as the customer side, so a smooth chatting experience can be maintained.

Style Chat Widget:

The live chat widget is also customizable in the sense that you can change the color, labels, and fonts. You can also align the chat icon anywhere you want.


There is also a routing option available with JivoChat, where you can route a customer depending upon his desired team or his geographic location.

Saved Replies:

This is a very useful feature as it allows you to save custom replies and then use them to instantly reply to a customer without having the need to type the whole message again.


JivoChat also gives you the option to block people who spam or either abuse and don’t allow you to maintain everything in a respectable manner.

Hiding Chat Widget:

If there is nobody available to live chat at the moment, then you have the option to just hide the live chat widget. In this way, any visiting customer will be able to know that there is no one to live chat right now, and they should come back at a later time.

Trigger Chats:

You can also put different sets of rules, which will then be considered to trigger a chat with the respective customer.


One of the biggest features of JivoChat is that it shows you daily reports of the chat that were made alongside the working time of each and every staff member. If you choose the professional plan, then you get a lot of additional features like:

  • Quality Rating
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Google Analytics
  • Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel

JivoChat Pricing:

There are only two plans currently available for JivoChat:

  • Free Plan – 
  • Professional – $13 Per Agent/Month. 

The free plan contains a limited number of features, but the good thing is that you can have unlimited chats, and 24/7 customer support is also present. The professional plan is the one that every company should go as there are a lot of features available like:

  • Unlimited Chats
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Smart Trigger Chat
  • Visitor Info
  • Canned Responses
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Chat Transfer

All of these features combine together to make JivoChat, the ultimate live chat software.


JivoChat has a lot of benefits, which makes it totally worthwhile. Some of them are as under:

  • Typing Insights
  • Highlighting Specific Items
  • Translator
  • Quick Phrases
  • Canned Responses


Nothing is perfect, so some drawbacks of the JivoChat are:

  • Single Paid Plan
  • The basic Free plan is lacking features.

Our Verdict – Is JivoChat Worth it?

Try JivoChat For Free

Yes, it is totally worthwhile investing in JivoChat. Ther free plan is for companies that don’t yet have traffic on their website, that are just starting out and don’t invest in advertising and promotion. The PRO plan is for those who want to make more sales from the traffic they already have and convert more visitors into paying customers. It’s also a good pick for bigger companies that need to transfer chats from one agent to the other.

It is affordable and features packed, which makes it one of the best live chatting softwares present in the market. So, if you want to have the best live chatting experience, then we definitely recommend choosing JivoChat as your company’s all-in-one messaging platform.

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