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3Dsellers Review 2024:The Best All-in-One eBay Selling Manager

3Dsellers Review 2024:

If you are a seller on eBay and looking for the best marketing solutions to quickly automate, manage, and grow your business, then you should try out eBay selling services. The eBay selling services provide various tools to help you manage your product listing, accounting, CRM, inventory management, consumer feedback, and much more.

With so many available eBay selling services in the market, choosing the right one isn’t easy. That’s why today we will discuss one such eBay selling service (3Ddellers), and we hope you will find it helpful.

Without waiting any further, let’s begin!

3Dsellers Introduction:

3Dsellers is an all-in-one solution that offers a broad range of eBay selling tools to effectively automate, manage, and grow your eBay business. The eBay selling manager was launched in 2010, and since then, it has been helping eBay sellers design, manage, and monitor their business quickly and instantly. It offers solutions for every eBay business, including Multiple eBay accounts, Enterprise, and Dropshipping.

3DSeller Home

More than 200,000+ eBay sellers trust the platform. According to the platform, it helps increase the seller score by upto 50% via feedback reminder, 25% boost in repeat buyers with auto messages, and a 15% increase in sales with the best offers manager. 3Dsellers helps you seamlessly manage your eBay operations and automate all the processes to build your eBay brand and enhance your online presence. It also allows you to maintain security with teammates and safe multi-account management.

3Dsellers offers a wide range of features you need to save time, maximize growth, drive sales, and stay ahead of the competition. Some of the main features offered by 3Dsellers include Offers Manager, Auto Messages, Feedback Reminder, Shipping Tracker, Listing Software, Inventory Management, Listing Designer, Web Store, Facebook store, Report Center, PDF Catalog, and much more.

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Let’s discuss 3Dsellers features in detail!

What are the Unique Features of 3Dsellers:

3Dsellers provides various advanced features to manage and grow your eBay business. Following are some of the unique features offered by 3Dsellers:

1- Automation Tools:

3Dsellers provides many tools to automate eBay selling processes to save you time and scale your eBay business. Some of the 3Dsellers automation tools are given below:

Auto Messages:

This tool helps you automate follow-up communication with buyers, send digital products, and improve repeat sales with cross-promotion. 3Dsellers comes with an Email Marketing Software that allows you to automatically send personalized emails to eBay buyers for shipping & tracking information when they buy a product or leave you feedback.

Moreover, the intelligent cross-promotion settings enable you to quickly bring customers back to your store and enhance your repeat buyers by displaying items similar to their purchases. Interestingly, it also allows you to create a message and then translate it into any language. When customers from another country buy an item, they will receive your translated news.

Furthermore, you can automatically insert buyer information & transaction in any message or create rules to send your statement when the item matches specific criteria, such as item ID, item title, SKU category, and more. Besides, it provides various professional marketing HTML email designs with custom header images, color schemes, and more. The readymade HTML templates help you efficiently and quickly send pictures, links, and styled text to your buyers.

Some additional benefits of Email Marketing Software include:

  • Control: Gives you full control to send messages and allows you set different event triggers to send your messages
  • Reply-To: Add Reply-To address in all of your messages so that you’ll directly get the response when buyers reply to your emails.
  • Digital Goods: Send digital goods codes and downloads to your customers
  • Sell Similar: Cross-sell similar products in your emails with just a single click
  • Dashboard: An intuitive dashboard that helps you see all of your messages and email activity on a convenient chart
  • Links & URLs: Send links to your website, promotions, installation instructions and warranties
  • Blacklist: Automatically stop sending messages to fuss causing buyers

All these features let you easily send messages to your buyers, foster their trust, increase brand loyalty, and boost sales.

Offers Manager:

3Dsellers Offers Manager Tool helps you bring new customers by automatically sending offers, responding to requests, countering, and accepting submissions. It gives a complete overview of your eBay feedback automation performance and tracks recent reminders. The tool also saves you several hours of manual work by automatically leaving feedback for your buyers to help you turn watchers into customers.

Steps involved in converting watchers into customers are given below:

  • Step 1: Buyer adds your item to his watchlist
  • Step 2: Watcher gets an automated discount from 3Dsellers system based on your rules
  • Step 3: Sale is completed after approval

Besides improving communications and ensuring high success, 3Dsellers offers various customization options like dynamic fields, country-targeted messages, sending times, and trigger events. Besides, it enables you to send offers for multiple eBay listings at the same time.

Feedback Reminder:

The Feedback Reminder Tool helps you increase your eBay feedback, improve eBay feedback score, foster buyers’ trust, rank higher in eBay search, and boost sales. The advanced auto-feedback tool can increase your eBay feedback score by 50%. This tool lets you identify how much feedback reminders have helped to improve your feedback score.

Plus, you can quickly and automatically express credible communication & skip email spam folders. Moreover, the tool helps you automatically send thousands of personalized feedback requests at the optimal time. Furthermore, it notifies you through email if you get any negative or neutral feedback to protect your score.

Shipping Tracker:

3Dsellers offer a 100% automated eBay Shipping Tracking that supports more than 100+ popular shipping carriers worldwide. It provides you a clear overview of all of your eBay shipments and their status. Following are some of the significant benefits of Shipping Tracker tool:

  • Automatically send shipping updates with eBay messages to engage with your customers
  • Offers both pre-designed and customizable message templates
  • Get yourself notified when a delivery status changes

Besides, it allows you to easily blacklist the buyers who don’t want to receive your messages and status updates; use their eBay ID to add them to the blacklist.

2- Management Tools:

3Dsellers comes with multiple management tools to smoothly manage your eBay operations and keeps things organized. Here are some of the significant management tools offered by 3Dsellers:

Customer Service:

3Dsellers offers Customer Service Software that provides multichannel customer services made for eCommerce. It grants you complete control over eBay customer messages and team management. The software is designed to increase your workflow productivity & save time with the aid of a professional CRM workstation, rules for team assignment & folders, auto-responses, and message templates.

Some of the significant essential benefits of Customer Service Software are given below:

  • Multi-Account Support: Seamlessly manage all customer services via multiple accounts
  • Team Work: The tool helps form ticket types to teammates and keep your support organized
  • Message Templates: Create templates for messages based on various events
  • Rules: Set up rules to auto-reply your customers and decrease response time
  • Auto Responder: Automatically reply to new conversions

Apart from this, the software allows you to manage eBay cases, returns, and refunds in a specified working area. Besides, 3Dsellers lets you filter messages from any or all of your eBay accounts with just a single click.

Orders Manager:

The tool helps you manage all your eCommerce orders, multiple marketplaces, and channels in one place. It lets you use powerful and advanced filters to organize your orders. Plus, give your consumers detailed and constant updates to keep them satisfied. Moreover, it also helps you to:

  • Send bulk messages to purchasers for key order details
  • Mark orders as shipped
  • Add custom tags to organize your orders
  • Bulk add or change tracking numbers
  • Update tracking info with a CSV
  • Downloads all your orders as a CSV file
Listing Software & Inventory Management:

3Dsellers allows you to quickly and instantly publish, manage, &organize your eBay item lists. One of the most remarkable features of Listing Software is Bulk Upload that helps you upload all your eBay listing with a CSV file. Moreover, you can easily list from one account to another and save several hours.

Furthermore, you can update all your listing’s prices, categories, quantity, and more with just one click. Interestingly, the tool lets you add meta keywords, alt tags, and descriptions to optimize your listings and improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and eBay. Additional features of Listing Software include hide your entire inventory, improve listing visibility, inventory alters, etc.

Report Center:

3Dsellers offers an Export CSV tool to save all of your previously exported CSV data and gives you access to past exports by date whenever you need it. Plus, you can easily download, print, and analyze your eBay listings productivity. Moreover, it lets you export only relevant information based on item title, item ID, description, picture URL, current price, SKU, quality, and quantity sold.

3- Branding Tools:

Let’s discuss the critical branding tool offered by 3Dsellers:

Listing Designer:

3Dsellers provides a powerful eBay Templates Listing Designer tool that helps you automatically design your listings and lets you choose from professionally made eBay templates. The tool is easy-to-use & intuitive and helps you instantly apply your design to all your listings. 3Dsellers eBay templates are fully customizable and help you to capture the attention of buyers.


The platform offers an eBay Webstore with a wide range of website themes to promote your products and capture the attention of your visitors. You can increase your web presence with an easy-to-navigate, 100% mobile-friendly, and categorized shopping experience. Plus, add your Webstore link in promotional emails, business cards, social media, and more.

Moreover, it also allows you to add your logo and a header to customize the look of your store. Besides, set your store looks according to your preference and choose how you want your products displayed. Interestingly, easily customize the URL of the website by adding your store name or brand in the link.  The tool makes sure that your eBay inventory is synced with your storefront automatically.

Facebook Store:

This feature allows you to:

  • Showcase your eBay items on Facebook
  • Get more views, improve your customer base, and drive more sales
  • Instantly design your Facebook store with various colors and templates
  • Automatically update Facebook store as you add or remove items on eBay
PDF Catalog:

PDF Catalog is a convenient promotional tool that helps you create an excellent catalog in just one click. Some of the prominent features of PDF Catalog Tool are given below:

  • Make professional catalog
  • User-friendly setup
  • Print and share
  • Automatically sync with eBay inventory
  • Add social links and contact information

4- Various Solutions:

3Dsellers offers a wide range of solutions for every type of eBay business, including:

  • Multiple eBay Accounts: 3Dsellers enable you to efficiently manage your eBay accounts and eliminate the need for login and logout between accounts. You can add all your eBay accounts to the 3Dsellers platform and smoothly manage all your work from one place. Moreover, it lets you set personalized permissions for every teammate by limiting access to specific accounts, features, and tools. You can even restrict access by IP address.
  • Enterprise: The platform allows you to utilize the power of teammates and large-scale management tasks to scale your eBay enterprise. It offers advanced CRM to maximize customer relationships and get complete control over your workflow.
  • Dropshipping: Various management & marketing tools offered by 3Dsellers help your dropshipping eBay business.  

5- Free Tools:

In addition to tools mentioned above, 3Dsellers offers other free tools like:

  • eBay Fee Calculator: This eBay profit calculator gives you a clear overview of eBay insertion fees, upgrade fees, final value fees, and PayPal fees. It lets you quickly calculate the perfect price for your eBay items to get any margin that you want. Moreover, it helps you precisely calculate your eBay fees by entering your item’s price, profit, and eBay information.
  • PayPal Fee Calculator: 3Dsellers offers an international PayPal Fee Calculator that helps you quickly calculate PayPal’s merchant/sending fees for free.
  • eBay Title Builder: The tool automatically generates your eBay titles based on specific keywords. The eBay Title Builder identifies the strong keywords to make the title help you out-perform your competition, increase your sales, show off your price, and be a marketplace leader.
  • Multiple Integrations: 3Dsellers offers a wide range of integrations for a successful eCommerce business. It integrates with Sellbrite, InkFrog, Crazylister, Neto, ChannelAdvisor, Vendo, Volo, dShopt, and more.

6- 24/7 Customer Support:

3Dsellers offers complete customer support to solve your problem. Numerous interactive video & document tutorials and guides are also available to learn how everything works in 3Dsellers. If you want to ask anything related to 3Dsellers, you can contact them via Live Chat.

How to boost eBay Sales with 3Dsellers?

Following are some of the tips to increase your sales on eBay by using 3Dsellers:

  • Cross-promote items via Email Marketing and Listing Designer
  • Utilize external website marketing in your emails
  • Enhance your listings in searching results
  • Capture the attention of purchasers with listing designs that match your items/products
  • Share your eBay store/Webstore/PDF/Items on various social media platforms

Pros & Cons of 3Dsellers:


  • Easily manage and grow your eBay business
  • Used by more than 200,000+ eBay sellers
  • A wide range of tools
  • Large number of readymade templates
  • Automatically send messages, offers, reminders
  • Easy-to-use
  • Affordable
  • Excellent customer support
  • Numerous interactive tutorials


  • No integration for Shopify

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3Dsellers Details:

  • Website:
  • Headquarter: Herzliya, Israel
  • Supported Devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Android
  • Deployment: Cloud, SaaS, Wen-Based
  • Language Support: English
  • Support Email:

3Dsellers Pricing:

3Dsellers offers three affordable pricing plans:

  • Starter: $17.59 per month; $10.56 per month (billed annually)
  • Professional: $23.99 per month; $14.40 per month (billed anulayy)
  • Agency: $27.99 per month; $16.80 per month (billied annually)

Do We Recommend 3Dsellers?

Yes, we recommend 3Dselleres because it offers easy-to-use, intuitive, and affordable tools to automate effectively, manage and grow your eBay business.

It lets you easily control multiple eBay accounts from a single place and automatically send messages, offers, and reminders to capture your customers’ attention, foster their trust, increase brand loyalty, and drive sales.

So if you are for a smooth, instant, and user-friendly solution to managing your eBay business, 3Dsellers is the best choice for you. Through this article, we tried to give you details about this fantastic e-signature software, and we hope you’ll find it helpful.

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