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ABP Commercial Review (2024): The Best Full-Fledged Web Development Solution

ABP Commercial Review 2024:

Nowadays the professional Web and Software Developers require a platform through which they can effortlessly build enterprise-grade web applications. ABP Framework is open-source and doesn’t cost anything to work on, while it also follows the latest technologies and best practices to create amazing API and Web Applications. All of this is only because of the fact that they are based on the ASP.NET core. That is why the developers require a platform that works on the ABP Framework but things get messy when you are in the market to search for the best solution out there.

Many of the platforms or service providers promise you the results but in our own experience, only a quite few of them really make up for their promises. That is why we have here the ABP Commercial, which is based on the ASP.NET Core and works on ABP Framework to provide you with a professional environment to work on your projects. Here is our review of ABP Commercial in detail along with its usability, features, benefits/drawbacks, pricing and finally ending the review with a few conclusive sentences. So, without any further ado, let’s hop into our ABP Commercial Review.

What is ABP Commercial?

ABP Commercial is a platform that is based on the ABP Framework and provides a full-fledged web development solution. Rather than being the one that makes things hard, ABP Commercial is an exceptional starting point for the modern ASP.NET Core web applications. This ABP Framework provides a truly user-friendly platform to write, extend, maintain and test the code. Because of its further ability to integrate the popular tools in the market, you can well go beyond the typical web developer platforms and can create things with greater reach.

ABP Commercial Home

ABP Commercial comes with exceptional infrastructure and has the correct accelerator for the enterprise-grade web application and SaaS. There are even professional applications that have pre-built modules, UI Themes, and some of the most productive tools for your development. All of this is present in one place, but that is not all because you can even customize the source code and a whole community for open-source frameworks is present to help you out on your product.

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ABP Commercial provides you with;

  • Pre-built and feature-proof modules like SaaS and language management, Identity server management, and so on.
  • Professional UI Themes
  • Exception support for customers
  • The rapid development of the application through tools that support the productivity of your development to the full extent. This is also called the ABP Suite.

The Technical Highlights of ABP Commercial are;

  • Focused on Micro-Service
  • Modular, allowing you to make Module Marketplace
  • Doesn’t depend on the database because it supports MongoDB, EF Core, and Dapper.
  • Has Microsoft’s Web Stack integration which is ASP.NET Core
  • Has various UI for you to choose from like Blazor, MVC, Angular.

Why use ABP Commercial?

As a web developer, it is hard, time-consuming, and very complex to make these Enterprise-Grade Web apps. For this specific reason, the ABP Commercial provides the base infrastructure that is required for all the latest enterprise-grade ASP.NET core solutions. Ranging from its starting point to the ending point, its deployment, and its design, everything is based on ABP’s modules and features.


There are two tools of ABP Commercial, which are ABP CLI (command line interface) and the ABP Suite.

It is a Command-Line tool that is used to perform some of the most common operations. You need to install this using your command line window and you can also update an existing one if you like. Each of the commands you use has several options but there are some global ones that you can use while you are using the command. So, basically, you can do anything in this Command-line through their Help or support. The best thing about this is that it is completely free of cost and you can use it anytime you want to.

Without having you use the commands, the ABP Suite allows you to create Web Pages in minutes. It is referred to as the NET Core Global Tool that can also be installed from the command line. Through this Suite, you can make the CRUD pages and then let every other thing be rested in the hands of the Suite itself like security, properties, and such. This suite can use various other interfaces like Blazor, Angular, and MVC. Furthermore, it is versatile, meaning you can use it on any operating system like Mac, Windows, and even Linux.

About Volosoft:

ABP commercial is created by Volosoft which is a Software Development company that aims to create various software development tools like Framework, Tooling, Documentation. Library and such. The core mission of this company is to make the life of such developers effortless, leading to an open-source web application framework. The name of their initial framework was ASP.NET Boilerplate and was based on the greatest .NET Microsoft Technology. Yet, there is also the latest JavaScript framework that packs thousands of developers and joins them together in a singular platform. As a successor to their web application framework which is ASP.NET Zero, Volosoft made ABP.IO which is considered the most modern framework and has architecture support on the micro-service level.

All this combined in a singular platform, the Volosoft company made ABP Commercial which is based on the latest and greatest ABP Framework. So, you might ask how successful is this company? Well, the company has support for around 120 plus countries and has more than 2500 customers worldwide. As a parameter of success and professionalism, the company provides KPMG, Air, Comcast, Fujifilm, Deloitte, Atlas, AXA, Comcast, NASA, and even AT&T with much more trusted industries.


Honestly, ABP Commercial comes with a ton load of features, many of them might be useful for you while others might not be. Here, we are going to discuss only the main features of the platform that you are going to love.

1- Modular:

ABP is a full-fledged platform that can be used to make your own application modules having database integration, UI Components, Entities, Services, and so on. There are even pre-built-in themes that you can use and these themes are open-source, meaning you can use them at your will. There are distributions such as the NPM and NuGet packages that are exceptionally easy to upgrade and install. Yet, the best thing is that all the modules are replaceable and extensible, meaning you can customize them at your will.

2- Focused on Developers:

The main aim of ABP is to focus on the developers more than anyone. Ranging from the simplicity of the platform to the limitless performance, you have everything in front of you in an easy-to-catch form. You are getting a really good coding mechanism called the CLI or Command Line Interface, which allows you to automate the project and add further modules. Various templates are provided by MVC, Blazor, and Angular that don’t require further tweaking to make things easy for developers. Finally, the Database options are there in the framework that works with the data source.

3- Community:

The best thing about an open-source framework is that there is a whole community behind it to back you up. The same is the case with ABP and as a professional, easy to use and open-source platform, you get a really friendly environment. In this community, you have articles, tutorials, and support to push you further into developing the perfect application.

4- Exceptional Infrastructure:

Being a full-stack application infrastructure, you get everything inside it ranging from the Theming, Multi-Tenancy, pre-Bundling, and minification, Virtual Filing, Cross-Cutting to Bootstrap tag helpers and Dynamic forums. This platform is complete and you get to play with everything as a developer.

5- Architecture that is Complete:

To maintain the software solution there is more modern architecture. ABP platform helps to implement the DDD or Domain Driven Design layered architecture. This in return helps you to write a codebase that can be further maintained. Furthermore, you are provided with abstractions, services, base classes, startup templates, and guides to help you develop your application working on DDD principles.

Further, the whole architecture is compatible with microservice, the core of this framework, and the pre-built modules are made with microservice architecture. This provides you with more integrations, documentation that aims to make it easy for you to implement microservice solutions.

6- No Repetition:

The best thing about this platform or framework is that there are no repetitions. All of this is done through the Cross-Cutting Concerns that keep the codebase minute that further allows you to focus on that specific part of code. Finally, ABP has default common application conventions with minimal configurations.

7- Multi-Tenancy:

Another developer-focused feature of the ABP Framework is that they support the development of multi-Tenant applications. Along with this, your code is not aware of this tenancy because of automation. ABP can automatically locate the tenant that is currently focused, then further isolates the data of various ones from others. It also supports databases that are singular and hybrid approaches. Finally, the focus is mainly on the business code that you developed and lets the whole ABP Framework automatically work on the multi-Tenancy without you coding for that.

8- Virtual File System:

It is impossible to handle files that are not physically existing on a disk. So, ABP works on the Virtual File System that makes this possible. The purpose of this system is to embed CShtml, JS, image, and CSS or alike files to assemble. Then these assemblies are used like those physical files that exist on the runtime.



  • A few bugs but they can be corrected effortlessly

Try ABP Commercial For Free


As a full-fledged developer’s platform, the pricing of ABP Commercial is really reliable. There are a total of three price plans ranging from team to enterprise, with the mid one being business. But, the most amazing part of pricing plans is that there is even a Custom plan to help you filter out your needs and pay for only those features.

  • Team; this plan comes with starting fees of around 1999 dollars. There are additional developer license fees for around 299 dollars and there are 3 developer licenses included.
  • Business; this plan starts at around 4999 dollars and the included license cost is around 499 dollars for additional ones. The included number of licenses is 5.
  • Enterprise; this plan is the best one, starting at around 6000 dollars and the number of developer licenses is 5. You can get the extra one for around 699 dollars.
  • Custom plan; finally, here is the custom plan which is based on the features you choose. This plan is best for the people who need a custom license or some extra services that are not included in their other plan. This plan comes with a volume license, live support, and training, porting existing work or project, onboarding, custom development of the project, and much more.

Final Verdict:

This platform is based on ASP.NET Core and has an ABP framework to handle everything ranging from the backend coding to the management of Command lines. Being Filled with exceptional features like pre-built app modules, development tooling, service, and UI Themes on top of their framework, you are well off with everything. So, when you are in need of a platform to do your web development projects, ABP Commercial is the best one to think of.

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