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Accelevents Review 2024: Is It Best Event Management Platform?

Accelevents Review:

Event management is getting more difficult than ever before, not only because of the uncountable number of events happening now but also because of the online community. To handle events, organize them, or even expand the audience requires an event management solution.

Without any doubt, there are also uncountable amounts of software that provide you with event management, but truly only a few of them actually give the user what he/she dreams of. For this specific reason, we are going to highlight the software that gives you an all-in-one event management platform; not only making the whole process effortless but also helps you expand or engage the audience and create a community.

Yes, we are talking about none other than Accelevents, which is an event platform that gives value to the organizers and market professionals of events and allows them to create connections and gain organic growth. Below is a complete review of Accelevents where we will talk about it in detail, along with its features, its benefits/drawbacks, it’s pricing, and then give you our final word in a few sentences. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our Accelevents Review.

What is Accelevents?

Accelevents is a very versatile, intuitive, and end-to-end event management platform offering both a Hybrid and a Virtual functionality for organizers and marketers to connect with their audience and increase growth. It doesn’t matter which type of crowd you have at your disposal; the user-friendliness of this platform allows you to keep in touch with it. Besides this, the main purpose of this platform is to redefine the way brands are connecting with their fans or audiences. Accelevents also offers very versatile and customizable features, which will give you an edge over competitors.

Accelevents Home

On this amazing platform, you will be presented with professional conferences to festivals, online fundraisers to ticketing, and crowd management. You will be provided with a very unique experience that starts from registration and goes through the engagement of event day. You will also be presented with full-fledged data exports, graphs, and analytics for exhibitors, as well as organizers.

As everything is nowadays online, it makes the platform even more unique, because you have the ability to do anything online, including the virtual festival planning, corporate events, fundraising, and any other type of event you can think of. The capabilities of this platform are not bounded by the size of the audience and the startup is only 15 minutes.

Finally, the best thing about this platform is that it even has a separate tool for raising funds, meaning when you are collecting donations you can also set up silent auctions, bids received, and even a campaign that can earn you money by selling tickets to events. Furthermore, you can gain that amazing insight into that sale you just made and get complete analytics of website traffic.

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Growth Acceleration Framework:

The concept that Accelevents highlights is making a real impact on the audience and reaching your growth goals. Events nowadays are a real mechanism for exchange, and that is not an ordinary mechanism, rather it is a powerful one. You are encouraged to exchange your ideas, experiences, communities, and even content.

Events can build a relationship with others or a whole community and you can even gain buyers or sellers through these events. But the problem is that events cost much more when they are made physically or the planning takes your time and your money to be made real on a certain day.

This is where Accelevents comes into consideration because it is a virtual platform that makes the whole process effortless at your screen. You don’t even require any investment before getting resources and you have every bit of information in a singular platform. Truly, it is an all-in-one solution to your marketing problems. 

This is the Growth Acceleration Framework provided by Accelevents which helps organizations use event ecosystems to accelerate their growth goals.

Plan: This is step one and it is a combination of themes, topics, and goals. First of all, you start with your goals for the planning of the event. Then you aim for the challenge while striking for solutions your customers will search for.

Promote: This is step two and, in this step, you will have the combination of Moderator, Speaker, and Exhibitor. If the theme of the plan is right in your head, you can provide a unique value to your customer by securing sponsors, speakers, and specific topics. You can simply promote the event after all this.

Profile: In this step, you have the combination of Personalization, Register, and Segments. You can let the customers sign up for the plan you have been making or a specific event. There are various ticket types and you need to make the profile of people according to them. In this way, there are various segments you have to make pre-planned.

Delight: An event where the speaker has a direct link to the ears of listeners. When you are using the personal segments, you can grow the amount of audience having the same business needs for having the same interests.

Grow: Grow is the last step which is step number five. Using Accelevents, you can now collect in-depth insights to everything that has happened in the event. You have access to statistics such as the number of sales, audience members, and analytics regarding sponsors and exhibitors.. You can add new individuals to future campaigns and in this way, you have a specific team that will attend whenever you plan your next event.

Accelevents’ Core Beliefs:

  • The mission of Accelevents is to create an outstanding user experience through meaningful interactions.
  • Providing a real, safe, and responsive way where the partners of Accelevents create engaging events.
  • Accelevents is committed to promoting environmentally friendly events that focus on minimizing pollution and waste.
  • A workspace that promotes inclusion, ingenuity, courage, impact, integrity, community, and empathy.


Being related to communication and functions, the developers of Accelevents thought of everything. There are quite a lot of features of this platform, having a mix of both simple ones like automated emails, to the more complex ones like software integrations. So, some of the best features you might be interested in are:

1- The flexibility of Platform:

Mostly, the online platform for task management is suited to only a singular task. But the problem is that with the increasing market, you have to take care of everything at once. You can also refer to it as multi-tasking and that is where this platform excels.

You can have virtual conferences, fundraising, festival management, and a lot inside a single platform while including a fun factor. At the start of the setup, you will be asked to answer a question, like which type of elements you require in a specific event. Artificial intelligence considers your answer and creates an event site having the most suitable template. Furthermore, you can add everything and set it up later.

As an example, if you are producing an event, you simply create it and a checklist appears which has all the action items you need to complete. At the start, there won’t be any registrations, but if you want to add them, you can simply include these actions in the checklist. Amazingly, the integrations of Accelevents will handle the rest. Some of the most famous integrations are Square and Stripe which are included in this platform.

2- Fundraising Capabilities:

The most challenging part for an event management platform is to handle fundraising and you might have guessed it right, Accelevents has a large focus on this feature. The platform can effortlessly help you manage hybrid events such as fundraising events.

There are mobile capabilities and integrations through which you can add tickets that are purchased by attendees or can receive donations. All in one, it is referred to as digital fundraising. Furthermore, the options are; Checkpoint Donations, Text to Give, Raffle Participation, and Bids for Silent auctions.

3- Engagements that are Carefully Curated:

As we mentioned before, Accelevents has Artificial Intelligence tools. You can pair the audience or the attendees through the platform’s 1:1 speed networking feature. This attendee engagement feature is very fun and is a great way to network.

The gamification feature allows you to set up various challenges for the sake of increasing attendee engagement. As an example; the organizer of the event has the ability to create 10-point challenges and the audience who wants to join must be a part of the challenge and finish these 10 actions. All of the activities are automatically tracked and can check data afterward through analytics. This leads us to the next feature.

4- Real-Time Analytics:

The best part is that you can view the entire event data through real-time analytics. Further, the data offers insight into the interactions like event page interaction, the value of exhibitors, and the sponsors if they are getting a response through their meetings or visits. As a competition breaker, Accelevents offers you a tool that provides analytics in the backend while giving you real-time updated data.

The following aspects included in Analytics are: attendance and registrations, data of the sponsor and the clicks in each booth, duration and the attendance of the sessions, gamification data, total sales, generated leads, scheduled meetings, and the data for exhibitors.

All of the information is available in the event organizer dashboard and you can further export this data to your team or people of your choice.

5- Live Streams:

Accelevents has its own Live Stream tool called the Accelevents Studio that is meant to give the ability to present live over the network. There are automated links for the session you create and other settings are also self-configured by the software. Here, you have other options as well, where you can use software like Facebook Live, Zoom, and other applications meant for live streaming.

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  • Effortless setup
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Multiple event hosting
  • Several options for attendee engagement
  • Quality Live Streaming
  • Fundraising and Ticketing integrations
  • Real-time Analytics


The price scaling is exceptional and it is divided into two types: Per Event, and Multiple Events.

  • Per Event:

Starter; it starts at around 500 dollars providing you with 20 sessions, 1- or 2-days events, unlimited attendees, no event day attendee credits.

Professional; it starts at around 5000 dollars per event providing you with Unlimited sessions, Unlimited event days, 500 event day attendee credits, and unlimited attendees.

  • Multiple Event:

Scale; it starts at around 125 dollars per month and can provide you with 20 sessions per event, 1- or 2-day events, unlimited attendees, 250 event day attendee credits.

Enterprise; it starts at around 1250 dollars per month and can provide you with benefits like unlimited sessions, unlimited attendees, unlimited event days, and 1500 event day attendee credits.

Final Verdict:

Event management has become much more effortless with the Accelevents platform. In the past, people actually went through a lot to organize an event but now you can do everything on your mobile screen. From fundraising, ticketing, registration, audience management to live streams and real-time analytics, you can basically do everything in this all-in-one event management platform. Not only that, you can simply engage the audience, expand your event’s reach, and make a whole new community while reaching your growth goals. 

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