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15+ Best Ad Networks For Bloggers 2024

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Are you looking for ad networks where you can quickly monetize your blogs?

You’re in the correct place, I suppose. From this post, you will learn about the greatest, most user-friendly ad networks for novice bloggers.

Due to immense competition in the said niche, new bloggers find it difficult to monetize their blogs. However, joining the top ad networks for bloggers will enable them to outperform the competition and increase their income.

If you’re a blogger and you regularly post unique and high-quality content, you can simply monetize your blog utilizing ad networks. Depending on your blog’s traffic, you must be careful when selecting an advertising platform!

Furthermore, there are various acceptable, and terrible ad networks that exist market. By refusing to pay when bloggers achieve the minimal payout threshold, certain networks may defraud bloggers.

You don’t need to worry, though, since we’ve compiled a list of reliable, genuine, and reputable ad networks for bloggers that will make monetizing your new blog simple.

Keep on reading to find the right ad network for your blog!

What is an Ad Network?

An ad network refers to a platform that connects publishers (bloggers) and advertisers that want to publish their brand or content. The function of this network is to match the advertiser’s demands with advertising slots made by the publishers. So, instead of spending a lot of time and effort on making one-on-one sales pitches to different advertisers, these Networks make it easier for publishers to monetize their websites with ads.

Why are Ad networks important?

Thanks to these platforms, many websites can survive on ad revenue while showcasing their content for free! Both the publishers and advertisers can benefit equally from the features that Ad networks have to offer. Publishers do not have to worry about pitching advertisers when they sign up for ad networks to use their resources. Moreover, the advertisers do not need to look for websites where they can advertise, the network takes care of it all!

How to choose the Best Ad network?

Ad networks provide various benefits to publishers as well as advertisers. However, it can be hard to choose the right option for you due to immense competition with adequate features in the market. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the most important features that an Ad network should offer in any case. These features are listed below:

Ad formats- Look for an Ad network that offers a wide range of formats that you can experiment with and make the most out of your earnings. The same concept applies to advertisers to assist them in exploring different formats regarding various arrangements and see which one obtains the best outcomes.

Quality- Go for ad networks with well-known and legitimate advertisers. You should stay away from advertisers that are known to promote questionable and spammy products. This can discourage users and harm your reputation!

Size- It is wise to select a network with a large number of advertisers. That way, you can guarantee near-perfect placement for your app or website. 

Payment terms- Look for a network that can clear out payments as readily as possible and that offers round-the-clock customer service so you can contact them in case of any payment dispute. 

Our Recommended Ad Networks To Join:

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Best Ad Networks for Bloggers In 2024

Here is the list of 15 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Push. House
  2. MaxValue.Media
  3. Google Adsense
  4. MediAvine
  5. Infolinks
  6. PropellerAds
  7. RevenueHits
  8. PopAds
  9. Monumetric
  10. Media.Net
  11. Ezoic
  12. AdThrive
  13. Amazon Associates
  14. Sovrn
  15. Taboola
  16. BlogHer
  17. BidVertiser

1. Push. House:

Push. house is one of the leaders in the advertising market and is a great Ad Network for Bloggers as well. You can easily earn money by placing advertisements on your website or blog. Push. house makes it simple as they use a push notification method. You can make a lot of money through Push. house as they offer high coverage. Their services span out to about 180 countries all over the world.

Push. House will not only help you in making more money but will also bring high-quality traffic to your website/blog as well. They provide publishers with the highest ROI through unique traffic. In case of any queries, you can contact their customer support which is always ready to answer your questions.

If you want to look at your statistics then it is also available in the form of real-time statistics. You can see everything in real time. This helps you in planning your future moves. So, for publishers, Push. house is one of the best CPC Ad Networks out there.

Join Push.House Now!

Payment Details:

  • Price Models: CPC and CPM
  • Payment Frequency: NET7 (Weekly)
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $50
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payeer, ePayments, WebMoney, QIWI, VISA/Master Card, Advcash, and Bitcoin
  • Referral Commission: 3%

2. MaxValue.MediaThe #1 Ad Network For Publishers:


MaxValue is a new yet one of the most preferred ad networks out there. The company has a keen eye for website publishers who are looking forward to publishing ads on their sites in exchange for money. 

MaxValue does not compromise solely on the quality of ads it provides. Other than the high-quality ads, another point that sets MaxValue apart from others is its Header Bidding Technology. It allows the users to experience real-time bidding using the largest Demand Sites. The result of the bidding is an increased revenue of the highest bidding. MaxValue supports Sticky ads,  Banner ads, Video ads, as well as Native Ads. Moreover, the registration process is super easy and quick. 

Their user-centric dashboard offers features from viewing traffic information by country and checking the website’s traffic quality to ad performance insights. But there are things you need to keep in mind if you want to work with them as a website publisher. They work with websites that have at least 100,000 pageviews per month, have traffic mainly from the US, UK, and Canada, and have content that is free from illegal, unsafe, controversial, violent, aggressive, or banned content. 

Even though they have some requirements to get started, they maintain the quality of their services. The company claims to give a minimum 25% increase in your website’s revenue, and if it does not happen, they claim to pay the gap, which is a big statement to make, especially as a newbie. 

  • Company Details:
  • Company Name: MaxValue
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Minimum Payout: $25 (Net-15)
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency

Join MediaValue Now!

3. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense

Of all the online advertising networks, Google Adsense is without a doubt, the most well-known. It is a major pioneering ad network and possibly the most reliable network for simple blog monetization. They claim that over 3 million bloggers, as well as publishers, earn money with Google Adsense.

The fact that it gives its advertisers complete access to users is a key factor in its reliability. The network also provides a wide variety of ad formats, plus you may choose the adverts you want and manage them as you see fit.

This network’s Auto Ads can help you save time and will take care of managing your blog’s ad placement for you. Additionally, Google Adsense has a minimum payment limit of $100, so if your blog or website has little traffic, you will need to wait until it does before receiving payments. Verify your traffic ratio before using this platform.


  • The most well-known and reliable advertising platform.
  • Starting up is simple.
  • Different ad formats.
  • Ad customization is easy.
  • Advanced performance monitoring tools
  • Timely payments


  • Insufficient customer support

Minimum Payout:

  • $100 is the minimum payment.

4. MediAvine:


You need to think about MediAvine if you intend to make the most money possible. Because smaller bloggers and publishers run the site, this is one of the main factors contributing to its success. They provide premium advertisements that load quickly, don’t slow down your website, and don’t interfere with your audience’s user experience.

Increased page reviews and better ad revenue result from faster page loading. Additionally, the network increases your income in several categories, including travel, food, lifestyle, fashion, and education. Additionally, MediAvine is in charge of ad placement optimization.

Furthermore, it maintains only 25% of the bloggers’ and publishers’ ad revenue, giving them an astounding 75% share. Although MediAvine is a great platform, you must first fulfill a few prerequisites to sign up for the network.

They accept incredibly interesting content that can bring in close to 50,000 visits per month. For beginners, it could be challenging, and getting to this point might take a few months to a year. Another prerequisite is that after enrolling with MediAvine, you cannot join any other networks.


  • Increased possibility for revenue
  • High-quality ads that load quickly
  • Numerous niches
  • 75% of revenues come from advertising.
  • Improved customer service


  • Minimum monthly sessions of 50,000 for traffic

Minimum Payout:

  • $25- $200

5. InfoLinks:

Infolinks Network

One of the best sites for international advertising for both new and established bloggers is InfoLinks. This network offers the top opportunities for bloggers and publishers to increase their income through partnerships with leading advertising partners, including Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and Microsoft. It offers numerous ad-unit options, such as InText, InFrame, InFold, and In-Tag.

You just need to input your email address and the URL of your blog or website to register, which is a very quick and straightforward process with no particular requirements. You may begin customizing your ad units as soon as you receive the go-ahead.

They also offer several placement and conversion choices to help you improve your revenue, and they have a minimum payment of $50. Furthermore, the dashboard is incredibly user-friendly and allows you to track and record your earnings. Since Infolinks and AdSense advertisements can be used on the same page without causing any problems, you can also use them on your AdSense income.


  • Different ad units
  • Dependable advertising platform
  • Possibility of accepting payment via wire transfer
  • User-friendly dashboard


  • Problems with dashboard
  • Low earning potential
  • Ads can get messy, affecting your user experience.

Minimum Payout:

  • Minimum payment of $50

6. PropellerAds:


One of the greatest advertising networks for newcomers is PropellerAds. It is well-known for its quick approval and payout times. Every Thursday after that is your payment day; the payment term is only $5. They pay you on a CPM basis.

The platform boasts thousands of successful advertisements daily and over 1 billion impressions monthly. Additionally, they provide a variety of ad forms, such as pop-unders, banner ads, and push notifications.

Furthermore, internal bypass technology aids in getting past any ad blockers, and AI is also used to integrate the advertising into your blog to achieve high conversion rates. Also, a group of knowledgeable managers will help you strengthen your monetization plans. The auto-ad optimization feature will automatically place the adverts in the ideal spot.

PropellerAds, however, doesn’t place many limitations on bloggers. You might not always see high-quality advertisements as a result. But for a small blogger, it’s still a suitable network.


  • Worldwide Traffic
  • $5 is the minimum payout requirement.
  • Many ad formats for mobile and desktop.
  • Weekly payments
  • Pays $5 for every 1000 impressions


  • Limited methods of payment transfer

Minimum Payout:

  • $5 is the minimum payout.

7. RevenueHits:


The CPA method, which engages with Cost-Per-Action and only pays you when customers subscribe or make a purchase, is how RevenueHits sets itself apart from other networks. For each action, you can earn between $10 and $50, which is a respectable sum for newcomers. On this platform, seasoned bloggers can make up to $100 daily.

Moreover, many ad forms, such as text advertising, pop-ups, pop-unders, and banner ads, are offered. There are no minimum traffic requirements, and the value of your material and the target audience for your blog will determine how much money you make.

RevenueHits lets you monetize websites, taskbars, mobile sites, widgets, add-ons, and much more. The platform’s customer support service is well-regarded. So, if your readers or audience is active, it might be worthwhile to attempt this network.


  • CPA at the highest levels
  • In comparison to other networks, the minimum payout level is good.
  • Fast approval and simple signup
  • There is no demand for a minimum volume.


  • No CPC or CPM models are employed.

Minimum Payout:

  • A minimum payout of $20 to $500

8. PopAds:


The top CPM-based advertising platform that specializes in pop-under ads is called PopAds. Considering that it was founded in 2010, this platform has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. The network has no minimum traffic criteria, and signing up is simple and approved immediately.

With the help of this network, you may connect with a variety of international audiences and have access to advertisers in 50 different nations. They have a quick and prompt payment schedule and a $5 minimum payment requirement. So, if you want to make more money but your website doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you can think about trying PopAds.

A professional pop ad network is PopAds. Small publications will benefit from this ad network because there are no minimum traffic restrictions.

They were founded in 2010, and they guarantee 100% fill rates. They accept all forms of blogging, even illicit ones, pornographic websites, and other content deemed “adult.” Set up the auto withdrawal option as soon as you sign up. You will automatically get payment as soon as you reach the minimum payout level in this approach.


  • Maximum CPM rates
  • Rapid approval
  • $5 is the minimum payout requirement.
  • Automated payments


  • Accept ads for adult and illegal content.

Minimum Payout:

  • The minimum payout is $5.

9. Monumetric:


A reputable ad network that enables you to boost blog earnings is Monumetric, previously known as “The Blogger Network.” The platform strongly emphasizes improving your website’s productivity and vitality. The payment depends on the CPM method so you can make money on every impression. More crucially, though, the revenue is frequently higher than that of other leading ad networks, like Adsense.

Although you’ll need to create 10,000 ad views per month to gain significant cash, the greatest CPM rates make it the ideal option for beginner bloggers to improve their income. The fact that Monumetric offers sign-up assistance and step-by-step training is their most alluring feature. They will assist you in creating various revenue-boosting techniques.

Depending on how the user navigates the web, they will deliver banners, videos, in-text advertisements, and any other forms of adverts. Some networks only offer one session ad, as you may have noticed. However, with Monumetric, they will continue to serve various relevant advertising, which will increase CTRs.


  • Support with developing strategies
  • Excessive CPM rates
  • Instant acceptance


  • A minimum of 10,000 views is required for traffic
  • 99 USD setup fees for pages with fewer than 80,000 monthly visitors

Minimum Payout:

  • $10 is the minimum payout.

10. Media.Net:

Another top ad platform for both experienced users and beginners is Media.Net. The network, which is powered by the Yahoo! Bing Network, specializes in contextual advertising and provides bloggers with access to a sizable network of advertisers. Interestingly, Media.Net has partnerships with several industry heavyweights, like Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Elle.

For individuals who like relevant adverts, is an appropriate ad network. Contextual advertisements are ads related to the information on your website, as opposed to other networks that deliver services depending on what the public likes.

For example, laptop-related adverts will be displayed if you write a blog about computers. This increases click-through rates by giving the adverts a more organic appearance.

In addition to contextual ads, the network provides several units, such as desktop interstitial, in-context native, and mobile-docked ads. You’ll be shocked to learn they will give you an additional 10% incentive on the revenues during the first three months. You will receive $110 for every $100 you earn.


  • Joining is simple.
  • There are plenty of advertisers.
  • 10% commission for the first three months.


  • $100 is the minimum payout threshold.

Minimum Payout:

  • $100

11. Ezoic:


One of the top ad networks you may join is Ezoic. Using placeholders, users can decide where they want the ads to appear. The optimal ways to advertise to your audience are then determined using AI.

You can still make money with Ezoic using Mediation, even if you already work with other ad networks like Google AdSense or Major ad networks like Mediavine and Adthrive, which require at least 50,000 visitors, are better alternatives than Ezoic. To join Ezoic at first, you had to receive at least 10,000 visitors each month.

However, they have loosened the requirements. Today, you only need high-quality content to start making money with little traffic. Their EPMVs are extremely nice, so you can continue making money as your website expands.

However, only US-based traffic has high EPMVs. Therefore, if you receive blog traffic from other countries, you’ll need a lot of traffic to profit from Ezoic.


  • Joining and using it are simple.
  • You can join their ad network and receive 3% of what your referrals make.


  • To generate a steady income, you require US-based traffic.
  • There are instances where integrating Ezoic affects the essential web metrics of the website

Minimum Payout:

  • $20

12. AdThrive:


Another reliable ad network with many exceptional features is AdThrive.

If you considered Mediavine’s traffic criteria difficult to meet, wait till you join AdThrive because this network requires a minimum of 100,000 visits for membership! But after you pass that threshold and your website satisfies their requirements, you can unwind and watch the money seep into your account.

Websites in other areas are acceptable, but those in the travel, cuisine, parenting, and DIY and DIYries typically perform well with AdThrive. Additionally, you can only receive significant payments if the mamostur traffic comes from the US.

The fact that AdThrive is publisher-focused is one of its best qualities. Even in cases where advertisers fail to pay them, you will still be compensated.

Once your application has been accepted, their helpful staff will walk you through the sign-up process. You can even choose to purchase several of their courses to learn how to make the most of this network.


  • Considerable potential for financial gain
  • Excellent support staff
  • Quality advertisements that adhere to Google’s publication guidelines


  • The traffic requirement is significantly greater

Minimum Payout:

  • $25 to $100

13. Amazon Associates:

amazon associates

One of the most well-known affiliate networks is Amazon Associates, which pays you a commission when readers use the links in your articles to make purchases. But you can join their ad network to improve your earning possibilities.

With Amazon Associates, the customer must purchase a product, unlike AdSense or Ezoic, where you get compensated based on impressions or clicks.

As long as they click on your link, you will still receive a fee even if they choose to purchase a different product instead of the one recommended in the ad.

It’s a great method to realize the full potential of your affiliate website, even though you might not always make as much money with it as you would with other ad networks.


  • It is simple to join. Simply sign up, then generate at least 3 sales throughout the following 180 days.
  • They have a minimum payment requirement ($10).
  • Depending on the item the customer purchases, you receive a commission.


  • You only get paid after the customer completes the transaction.
  • Just be mindful that the Amazon Associates regulations and guidelines may be more strict than those of some other ad networks.

Minimum Payout:

  • a $10 minimum payout

14. Sovrn:


A service known as VigLink has been rebranded as Sovrn or Commerce. Sovrn will automatically integrate contextual marketing links into your available content, much like Infolinks does.

Additionally, it features a useful function that enables you to add affiliate links to all of your current material automatically. You may, therefore,e simply backfill that affiliate program into your existing content if you sign up for an affiliate offer at the moment.

This offers a lovely substitute for or addition to display adverts. Additionally, Sovrn’s $10 minimum payout makes it simple to start.

One of the biggest ad networks, Sovrn was established in 2014 and provided bloggers with various options to monetize their websites. It frequently appears in compilations of the top ad networks for bloggers.

These consist of:

  • With header bidding and waterfall advertising, publishers are guaranteed some of the greatest CPMS.
  • Data monetization allows bloggers to profit from their email marketing efforts.


  • a variety of ad formats are available.
  • Depending on your audience, you can alter your advertisements.
  • A client manager is provided.


  • Low opportunity for profit from non-US traffic
  • Their approval procedure is rigid.

Minimum Payout:

  • $50 is the minimum payout.

15. Taboola:


With content recommendations that show after your site’s content, Taboola lets you monetize your website. You’ve encountered this kind of monetization with many major publishers and online publications.

Specifically, these are referred to as Native Ads and Sponsored Links. Taboola employs a similar method, serving advertisements through suggested articles and videos.

Additionally, since the advertising is integrated into the site’s design, the content appears to have been published there, boosting CTRs. Although some of the suggested content could seem spammy, Taboola lets you filter the content types you wish to display to your audience.

You can be confident that your viewers will have a wide choice of content with partners like TMZ, The Hollywood Reporters,, and BBC.

To join Taboola, you must achieve a minimum of 500,000 page views per month, a feat that not many writers have attained. Fortunately, there are some options mentioned on this list with fewer traffic demands.


  • Very great earning potential
  • The setup is simple.
  • A huge selection of ads from renowned websites and companies
  • Split testing and analytics that can aid in improving and boosting profits


  • Only substantial sites are accepted.

Minimum Payout:

  • None

16. BlogHer:


Without including BlogHer, a CPM ad network created for websites owned by women or targeted toward women, the list of the best ad networks for bloggers will not be complete.

With the potential to change the ratio in the publisher’s favor, they receive more than 1 million page clicks each month, and they operate a 50/50 revenue-sharing structure.

No traffic is necessary to join this network, though. You can apply and receive approval if your website is at least 90 days old.

Additionally, they demand that you place the advertising in the header, post regularly (at minimum once or twice per week), and avoid posting the ads on paid posts. Even better, in addition to ad placements, you may get money by writing product reviews, being featured in blog pieces, or taking part in contests.

And even if your application is rejected, you may still earn money by signing up for their content syndication program.


  • There is no minimum amount of traffic.
  • Women-specific advertising that guarantees CTR.
  • You have access to tools and resources for learning.


  • Only the page’s top can be used to display adverts.

Minimum Payout:

  • $25 is the minimum payout.

17. BidVertiser:


A distinctive advertising network called BidVertiser offers many marketing methods like CPC, CPI, CPM, CPA, and CPV. Each time a visitor takes action, you will be paid; for example, if they click an ad, you will be paid; if they join or purchase something your profit will be higher.

With the sophisticated point-and-click interface, you can effectively optimize your adverts. There are no minimal traffic restrictions; therefore, you may simply monetize your blog by utilizing this platform, even if you’re a new blogger. A current dashboard will also give you statistics reports and enable you to monitor your performance and earnings.

They offer sources of pre-screened traffic intended to increase bloggers’ conversions. They have lived and breathed associates, offers, and conversion improvement for more than ten years.

BidVeriser knows it is crucial to evaluate your website traffic and classify it to increase conversions. Everything is separated, nothing is hidden.

You may target as precisely as necessary with our completely segmented traffic, which includes geolocation, user agent, devices, browser, ISP, provider, subid, bid, and day parting. You have the power.


  • There is no minimum amount of traffic.
  • Various marketing methods
  • Tracker to keep tabs on your output
  • Different ad formats


  • Limited payment options


These are the most reliable and well-known ad networks for bloggers, making monetizing your blog simple with little or no minimum traffic requirement. If you’re a new blogger and you produce high-quality content, you might want to think about signing up with an ad network.

The kind of network you select and how much interesting content you can provide will affect your blog’s revenue.

Make sure an ad network supports your objectives and upholds the quality of your blog or site before signing up with it. We hope you can find some helpful advice for a quick monetization network of ads to join!

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