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Agena3000 Review (2024): The Best Data Management Company

Agena3000 Review 2024:

If you are a manufacturer or a retailer and looking for the best solution to manage your data easily and instantly, then you should give Agena3000 a try.

Agena3000 is a product management company that offers various digital solutions to optimize data exchange and accelerate the performance of your company.

In this article, we will discuss in detail this amazing data management platform and explore its features.

Sound interesting? Let’s begin!

Agena3000 Introduction:

Headquartered in Cholet, Agena3000 is a data management company founded in 1980. Since its launch, Agena3000 has grown to be one of the leading platforms that offer a variety of digital solutions to improve the performance of your company. The company takes pride in more than 3500+ clients, over 150+ employees, 4 office locations, and 3++ Banque de France credit rating. Some of the notable clients of Agena3000 include Kruger, Aigle, Nestle, CocaCola, Cascades, Monoprix, and more. The main goal of the company is to make data management easier for retailers, manufacturers, brands, and all their partners.

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Moreover, Agena3000 offers easy-to-use, effective, and internationally developed solutions to optimize your system and grow your business. They offer PIM (Product Information Management) to manage product information, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for dematerializing your business documents and exchanges, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to optimize global management of your company, and TPM (Trade Promotion Management) to manage your commercial agreements and track your rear-margins.

Furthermore, the company also provides data pool and content management daily to reduce waste and increase your company’s progress. Additionally, Agena3000 offers solutions for a broad range of sectors, including Retail, Food, Fashion, Beauty, Healthcare, Construction, Food Service, Logistics, and many more. Also, the company offers 24/7 customer support to solve all of your issues.

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Let’s discuss the solutions offered by Agena3000!

What are the Solutions Offered by Agena3000?

Agena3000 supports you in the implementation of solutions whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer. It helps to improve the management of your data to increase the performance of your company.

Following are some of the key solutions offered by Agen3000 to optimize your product management:

1- PIM (Product Information Management):

The PIM solutions offered by the company help to manage your product information efficiently. It centralizes all of your product information and catalogs in a single place and shares it among all your channels according to your preferences. A3 is the leading PIM solution provided by Agena3000 for manufacturers, brands, and retailers.

Let’s explore it!

A3 PIM Industry:

As we all know that brands and manufacturers need a high-performance tool to manage their product information, and that’s where the A3 PIM solution comes in. The PIM solution is dedicated to brands and manufacturers to simplify management, enrichment, and sharing of product information. A3 PIM is a powerful solution for publishing and managing your products and electronic product catalogs. It centralizes all the product data, like marketing, logistics, pricing, technical data, translations, pictures, videos, and even EU1169.

Key Functionalities of A3 PIM Industry:

  • Facilitates data import
  • Mass update ability
  • eCommerce connector
  • Creation of product items
  • Duplication of product
  • Data synchronization
  • Product enrichment
  • Multimedia connector
  • Business and sector-specific setup
  • Compatible with Healthcare, Construction, Fashion, Beauty Products, and Food sectors

Benefits of A3 PIM Industry for brands and manufacturers:

  • Harmonize your Product Information: Agena3000 stores all your information in a single place, which means now you don’t have to deal with Excel files and files scattered around your entire organization.
  • Synchronize your Product Information: The platform helps you reach international marketers in just a few clicks. It allows you to send your electronic products to your reseller network, your e-commerce website, your clients of Food retail, or marketplaces like Amazon. Plus, the A3 PIM Industry is GS1 France certified, which means that your exchanges are compatible with GS1 Standards.
  • Provide Best-In-Class Customer Experience: PIM helps you provide your customers a homogenous experience. Plus, it gives you full control over your product information. If your customers enquire about your product in the store, or online, or inside a catalog, the same information will be provided to them.
  • Enrich your Product Data: A3 PIM Industry manages DataToBusiness (D2B) and DataToConsumer (D2C) attributes that you can easily enrich with their Product Data and Product Images services. Moreover, it offers a DAM (Digital Asset Management) functionality to manage your media assets and enrich your product information.
  • Enhance your Sales Turnover: PIM allows you to create rich order information to entice your final customer in order to increase your sales.
  • Reliable Communication: A3 PIM Industry provides you advanced technologies to calculate traces, allergens, additives, and other controversial ingredients to help you make verified product information available to customers.

A3 PIM Retail:

Retailers also need a powerful tool to help them collect information from all of their suppliers, centralize product information and the pricing information submitted by the suppliers.  They also need to receive up-to-date data as well as meet the expectations of their consumers in terms of richness and depth. The PIM solution offered by the Agena3000 helps the retailers to manage all of their suppliers’ product catalogs and the downstream dissemination and synchronization of product information.

Key Functionalities of A3 PIM Retail:

  • Integration process validation
  • Data Synchronization
  • Quality controls for data
  • Data changes traceability
  • Electronic bids and tenders management capability
  • Data enrichment
  • Pre-configured set up specific to business and sector
  • Management of product listing process
  • Data collection formats like Excel, P2P, and GDSN
  • B2C data integration
  • Compatible with Foodservice, Healthcare, Fashion, DIY, Beauty Products, and Travel Retail

Benefits of PIM for Retailers:

  • Save Time & Money: The PIM platform collects all the information submitted by your suppliers and stores them in a centralized place. It will save you from searching for a large amount of unorganized and Scattered data.
  • Improve Data Quality: The product information directly provided by your suppliers will enable you to significantly reduce the risk of error and your liability exposure and helps you meet your end consumer requirements.
  • Synchronize & Disseminate Product Information: The company offers an Omni-channel to disseminate your product information. Moreover, the A3 PIM Retail solution that is certified by GS1 France automatically manages its synchronization with your website, your partners, your systems (ERP…), internal tools, and Click & Collect.
  • Reduce your Time-to-Market: You can reduce the time to market to customers by accelerating the process of referencing your suppliers’ products.
  • Drive Sales: The HD photoshoot and product enrichment services offered by the company increase the impact of your product data content and enhance sales.

2- EDI (Electronic Data Interchange):

EDI is the best solution that enables you to easily optimize, secure, and develop exchanges with your business partners. Agena3000 offers a wide range of trade automation solutions to help you connect with your ecosystem of partners.

Following are the major EDI solutions:


It is the best solution that offers an online B2B collaborative platform for real-time exchanges with your business partners.

Key Functionalities of B2B Platform:

  • Integrates with EDI/B2B, APIs, Web services, Blockchain, and more
  • Supports a wide range of formats, including EDI X12, GENCOD, EDIFACT, VDA, TXT, XML, JSON, CSV, PDF, etc.
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Applications: PIM, ERP, PLM, TMS, CMS, and WMS
  • Networks: ASx, VAN, Https, S-FTP, Email, and FTP/FTPs
  • Traceability
  • Various administration tools
  • Signature & archiving
  • Alters
  • Offers services in all business sectors

Benefits of B2B Exchange Platform:

  • Connect with your Business Partners: The B2B platform helps you interact with your trading partners digitally and gives you access to a large community of companies to grow your brand/ business.
  • Secure Exchanges: With the dematerialization of documents combined with their processing automation, the platform ensures continuity of service in all circumstances. The involvement of automated tools guarantees you a 100% reliable system.
  • Simple Way to Exchange Information: The platform offers complete transparency to automate and integrate exchanges according to the specifications of your partners.
  • Make E-Commerce Easier: The platform is connected to various marketplaces (Amazon), e-commerce applications, websites, logistic service providers, and more to help you take advantage of the opportunities and develop your business in excellent conditions.

A3 Electronic Invoicing (E-Invoicing):

Agena3000 offers GS1 certified solution that allows you to move electronic invoices inbound and outbound as well. It provides you a digital platform that centralizes all of your invoices from suppliers and clients and manages their transfer.

Key Functionalities of A3 E-Invoicing:

  • Collect invoice and dispatch in multi-format options
  • Archived invoices search capability
  • Inbound invoice validation process
  • Viewing portal for invoicing
  • Interfaced to ERP
  • Track & track capability
  • Provides solutions for Healthcare, Construction, Fashion, Beauty Products, Food, Food Services, Retail, and Logistics

Benefits of A3 E-Invoicing Solution:

  • Respond to your Partners’ Requests: A3 E-Invoicing Solution helps in the dematerialization of invoices and helps you respond to your partners’ requests.
  • Save Time & Space: A3 E-Invoicing Solution with the aid of automated flows decreases processing times of your inbound and outbound invoices. It offers a track & trace facility throughout the invoicing process to help you speed up the invoice collection. The invoices from clients and suppliers are stored in a unique secure digital platform.
  • Rationalize your Costs: The dematerialization of all of your documents provided by A3 E-Invoicing helps you reduce your processing cost by 80% because you don’t need to buy any papers or stamps for this process.
  • Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: A3 E-Invoicing complies with regulatory requirements that allow you to implement e-invoicing without hesitation.

A3 E-Procurement:

The A3 E-Procurement Solution offers you an excellent platform to digitalize your purchasing and exchanges with suppliers. E-Procurement is the best solution for those who prefer a paperless purchasing process.

Key Functionalities of A3 E-Procurement:

  • Listing management (Tenders, Contracts)
  • Financial management (Suppliers invoices integration)
  • Administrative and supply chain management (Orders, Acknowledgements, Labels editing, Shipping & Delivery notifications)
  • Quality management (Quality information exchanges)
  • Provides solutions for Construction, Fashion, Healthcare, Beauty products, Foodservice, and Food

Benefits of A3 E-Procurement:

  • Improve your Exchange Reliability with Suppliers: A3 E-Procurement Solution offers you a single collaboration space to improve the exchanges of information like contracts, logistics, tenders, or quality with your suppliers.
  • Speed up Purchasing Process: A3 E-Procurement significantly increases your purchasing process by limiting the supplier-side processing time. It immediately notifies your suppliers about the order and updates the status directly in the portal.
  • Monitor your Purchases: E-Procurement centralizes all orders placed with your suppliers to help you improve the management of your purchases. The platform informs you at each step of the order that allows you to organize the receipt & purchasing process as well as enables you to plan your schedule.
  • Reduce Disputes: The platform significantly reduces disputes via automated flows, standardized data exchanges, and delete of re-entries.

3- TPM (Trade Promotion Management):

Agena3000 offers a platform that makes the management and monitoring of your commercial agreements with your retailers more reliable and easy.

Let’s discuss the solution offered by Agena3000 for TPM in detail!


A3 TPM is the perfect solution to easily monitor your commercial agreements with your retailers and control back margins. The solution also helps you measure your return on investment (ROI).

Key Functionalities of A3 TPM:

  • Management of your negotiated commitments with your consumers
  • Retroactive calculation at client level as well as the product level
  • Cooperation and advertising invoices management
  • PL operating account monitoring
  • Provision calculations by product and customer
  • Audit trail track of all modifications
  • Marketing campaign integration
  • Automatic recalculation of modification impacts
  • Settlements proposals generation
  • Settlements orders generation
  • Provides solutions for all sectors

Benefits of A3 TPM for Manufacturers:

  • Control your Rear Margins: A3 TPM offers a comprehensive 360 view to help you take full control and master all aspects of your agreement to manage your rear margins.
  • Monitor your Agreements: Agena3000 provides you an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard that enables you to measure the financial impacts of your back conditions immediately in real-time.
  • Reduce your Indirect Costs: Along with monitoring your expenditures, you can also reduce your indirect costs by automating your commercial agreements.
  • Monitor your Sales: A3 TPM lets you monitor your team and the products that deliver the higher margins and the products that bring the least. This analysis will help you develop various strategies for your business and improve sales.

4- ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning):

The ERP solution offered by Agena3000 is completely adapted to the customer product sector. The solution optimizes the overall management of your business in a constantly changing environment.


Agena3000 offers a business-centric ERP for better management of your organization. The ERP solution is dedicated to the suppliers of consumer products.

Key Functionalities of A3 ERP:

  • Administration & management
  • Quality & traceability
  • Purchasing
  • International
  • Stocks
  • Pricing and conditional bracket pricing
  • Multi-companies & sites
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Functional dashboards
  • Offers solutions for Fresh Produce, Bakery, Grocery, Drinks, Meat Industry, and Wholesale

Benefits of A3 ERP:

  • Manage your Purchasing: A3 ERP digitalizes your purchasing process, including purchasing conditions, receptions, orders, reconciliations, supplier portal, etc. It lets you improve your margins and reducing procurement & storage costs.
  • Manage your Stocks & Traceability: A3 ERP automatically integrates your consumer exchanges, partners, and suppliers’ flows in collaborative content. Physical stocks available to date, expiry dates management, need calculations, traceability, and other processes are handled in an automated way. It allows you to optimize the traceability of your products and inventory under the best conditions.
  • Manage Sales: A3 ERP integrates your simple & complex tariff charts, dematerialized bids & tenders, quantitative discounts, quotas, and promotions and enables you to track your net operating account. Agena3000’s ERP makes your sales forecasts more reliable and fosters your consumer’s relationship quality via monitoring your ability to meet your commitments in real-time.
  • Manage Logistics: A3 ERP helps you pilot your entire logistics activities, such as document exchanges in EDI, delivery according to your categories, automation of order management to your service providers, GS1 labeling, and much more. It also automatically calculates & controls logistics and transport costs.
  • Manage Production: A3 ERP helps you meet your challenges of reducing production times, streamlining costs, improving traceability, and strengthening quality.

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Agena3000 Pros and Cons:


  • More than 30 years of experience in data management
  • Trusted by more than 3,500 clients
  • Makes data management easier for manufacturers, brands, and retailers
  • Offers a wide range of solutions like PIM, EDI, TMP, & ERI
  • Solutions for various sectors like Food, Healthcare, Construction, Beauty, Logistics, and more
  • Centralized platform for all the information
  • GDSN-certified data pool
  • User-friendly and intuitive dashboards
  • Monitor products, suppliers, and sales
  • A wide range of administration tools
  • Compliance with GS1 France standards
  • Electronic bids & tenders management capability
  • Product enrichement & HD photoshot services
  • Automated workflow, Competitive Analysis, and Price optimization
  • Analytics and ROI tracking
  • Extremely secure
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Might be complicated for beginners
  • Agena3000 Pricing: Agena3000 offers a freemium plan with limited features. It also offers various pricing plans (Express, Standard, and Enterprise), and you need to contact for a quote.
  • Agena3000 Contact Details:
  • Office: (France) 88 rue du Paradis CS70508 49350 Cholet Cedex / (Canada) 500 rue Saint-Jacques, Suite 410 Montreal QC H2Y 1S1
  • Phone: (France) +33 2 41 46 33 00 / (Canada) +1 (514) 312-6893
  • Email:
  • Website:

Do we Recommend Agena3000?

Yes, we do recommend Agena3000 because it is one of the best data management companies that offer a wide range of digital solutions in various sectors. It makes it easier for manufacturers, brands, retailers, and all their retailer partners to handle their data management easily.

It offers a GDSN-certified data pool to share real-time product content with all trading partners simultaneously and decrease management time and costs. The company saves you time & money by centralizing your entire information in a single place and provides transparency. It ensures that everything is operational 24/7.

So, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, and powerful solution to optimize the management of your products and grow your business, you should Agena3000 a try. Through this article, we tried our best to deliver the details about Agena3000, and we hope you will find it helpful!

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