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Agilean Review (2024): The Best Project Management Software

Agilean Review 2023:

Are you looking for the best project management software for teams? Well, if that is the case then you are at the right place. Sometimes it is hard to manage a lot of teams at once. You can’t focus on developing your business as you are so tired of managing your teams. What if we told you that there is software that will make your life much easier? Let’s take a look at Agilean and see why it is one of the best project management softwares available right now.

We will take a deep dive into the features and services provided by Agilean so that you can have a better idea of whether or not it suits your needs.

What is Agilean (

Agilean is a powerful tool for a team that allows them to track their work and get immediate results. It is remote work software that allows you to connect with your teams so that you can make the most out of your time. It is an easy-to-use platform and can be used from anywhere. Agilean is very flexible so it provides a safe space for your teams to thrive. You can easily assign different tasks, share files and check out what another person is doing. There are visual boards present which makes everything much simpler.

Agilean home

You can keep track of your customers all the time with Agilean. All of the information is visible to the whole team at any given time. You can grow your business in a better way and maintain better customer relationships. Agilean brings everyone together in a place where they can share information and prosper collectively as a team.

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Products & Features:

1- Agilean Kanban:

It is the online task management software that helps in organizing tasks and then presents visual progress. Agilean Kanban is an all-in-one solution for task management.

  • Backlog

You can easily identify all of the backlogs and manage every activity. This can be done from the Kanban board. This board is very configurable so you can exactly make it the way you want.

  • Standup Meeting Automation

All of the meetings can be taken in a single place. You can also track all of the feedback meetings, project meetings, stakeholder meetings, etc. It can also find all of the action points and then convert them into a to-do list automatically.

  • Meeting Minutes Automation

There is also automation present for meeting minutes and thus all of the run time is first converted into audio and then converted again into meeting minutes in a structured format.

  • Task

Another useful feature is that you can link all of the tasks to release with every release. This helps you as it properly identifies the mitigation path of each release.

  • Retrospective Analysis

Agilean performs a retrospective analysis after each release. This helps a lot in identifying the improvement plans for the next sprint. Furthermore, you can also perform SWOT as well as Lean Canvas Analysis.

  • Impediments

An impediment is a thing that keeps the team from working properly. You can easily identify the impediments and take the necessary response plan for removing that impediment. Due to this, teams can work more effectively and deliver work on time.

  • Task & Activity

It is necessary to have a clear understanding of every task. For that reason, you are provided with the start date, time spent, time estimated, creation time, etc. In this way, you have clear instructions for every task and there is no ambiguity.

  • Fast Release Plan

Release planning is done so that an increment is delivered to the product. Thus, you can easily create a release plan for every phase and assign the tasks with the release.

  • Reports

You also get detailed reports which vary depending upon projects, people, versions, etc. The report contains detailed information and is visible from every angle. You get a 360-degree view of the report.

2- Agilean Scrum:

Agilean Scrum is your only solution for all agile teams. It brings a simple way to manage with sprints. It brings you a lot of things like planning, tracking, impediments, standup meeting automation, etc.

  • Creating & Tracking Sprints

Manage everything in a single place whether they are user stories, tasks, priorities, or epics. It is a really smart tool that can help your teams collaborate and prioritize things.

  • Focus on Sprint

You have clear visibility of each sprint’s status. All of the information is present there. The bottlenecks are also showed. Agilean will help you in getting a smoother execution.

  • Scrum Boards

The Scrum boards allow you to check your positioning and the tasks associated with you. You can also select a specific sprint and view it as well.

  • Sprint Release

This is a new way to manage your sprints and that is why you can release the sprints without any worries.

  • Scribbling Meeting Minutes

The standup meetings have been made much easier with the help of Agilean. You get the option of scheduling a high-quality video and at the same time, convert the run time in the form of audio to meeting minutes. It makes everything simpler and easier.


  • Nothing in Particular

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Agilean: $5/month for each user

Final Verdict:

Project management is not that easy but with softwares like Agilean, everything has become much simpler. Agilean brings a lot of useful features that really help in project management. The user interfaces in very intuitive and easy to follow. They have a really affordable starting price of $5. Overall, if you are in the search for the best project management software, Agilean should be your top priority

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