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American Standard Circuits Review 2024 – Is It Best Circuit Manufacturer Company?

Electronic circuits are found in everything from mobile phones to rocket engines. Almost everything is running on electronic circuitry. A unique tiny chip that can control nearly everything which is connected to it. Let’s see what a Digital Circuit is.

A digital circuit is a circuit, in which the signal is of discrete levels. Individually, the level is interpreted as one of two different states that can be on/off, 0/1, or true/false. Digital circuits use transistors to establish logic gates to perform Boolean logic which is the foundation of digital electronics and computer processing.

Before developing any machine some questions arise like what parts are required? Where to buy it? Which company or organization is producing the best quality parts required for our work? But if one is developing or manufacturing an electronic machine the first thing will be DIGITAL CIRCUITS. Many more questions will come in mind like.,

  • Which is the best digital circuit?
  • Which Manufacturer of Digital Circuit will suit my device?
  • What would be the price of the quality product?

All these questions have one answer the best of all, The American Standard Circuits India (ASC) Incorporation.

About American Standard Circuit Incorporation:

 American Standard Circuits

American Standard Circuits, Inc is a US-Based company with the ideal printed circuit board manufacturer for the electronics industry. ASC Inc. was founded in 1988 since then, this corporation has gotten a solid status as a dependable source for printed circuit boards. ASC has one of the best process control systems and their certifications include AS9100 Rev D, ISO 9001:2015, and multiple military-grade circuit board certifications as MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-PRF-50884, MIL-PRC-50110). On multiple parts for the auto industry, they have PPAPs. Not only certificates but they also have rigorous SPC controls, automated optical inspection, metallographic cross-section, and electrical test facilities under their supervision.

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Why Choose ASC-Inc?

ASC-Inc is best amongst best they provide a solution with guaranteed satisfaction of their customers and over the top, they have all the necessary certification and clearance of US Government to manufacture and mass produce their products and not just that but they are the amongst the top 10 Embedded Solution Companies in the industry. The top reason to choose ASC-Inc. is it’s ITAR registration (ITAR stands for The International Traffic in Arms Regulations) it is a regulatory regime of a US Government that sets regulations related to defense exports?

Products of ASC-Inc:

ASC-Inc provides many services which are Multi-Layer PCB, Flexible PCB, Rigid-Flex, RF Microwave, RF Metal Blacked, Insulated Metal (IMPCB) Double Layer PCB, Single Layer PCB, etc.

Multilayer PCB:

It is a type of Printed circuit board that is multiply layered even more than two layers. It has at least three layers of conductive materials that are embedded in the center. Each substrate layer in a multilayer board has a conductive metal on both sides. Due to the advancement of the technology of multilayer Printed Circuit Boards, the device is on the more complex end of the spectrum, it requires multilayer boards.

Benefits of Multilayer PCB:

  • Increase in functionality
  • High Quality & Reliability
  • High Capacity & High Speed
  • Higher density of assembly
  • Simplified construction and Reduced weight

Application of Multilayer PCB:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Computer Electronics
  • Telecommunication
  • Industrial Equipments
  • Medical Devices
  • Military &Defense
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

Flex Rigid PCB:

It is produced using polyimide material and FR4. In ASC-I production of Flex Rigid PCBs with surface finishes of Electro-less Nickel immersion gold, Tin Platting, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP, and Hard Gold. It consists of multi-layer Flex.

Flexible PCB:

Like rigid Printed Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuit Boards come in single, double, or multilayer formats. As it is required to be printed on a flexible material.

R-F Microwave:

They are experienced and technically equipped to manufacturing high-tech circuitry in a short time. They are manufacturing high-frequency PCBs with metal heat sinks for the telecommunication and aerospace industries, these are connected thermally and electrically.


  • Single, Double Sided, Multilayer and Hybrid Multilayers
  • Blind & Buried Vias
  • Conductive & Non-Conductive Via Fill
  • Castellations
  • Wire bondable surface finishes
  • Laser-cut vias and routing
  • Pre-bonded and post-bonded metal backed circuit boards.
  • Plated through-hole capability metal carrier to PTFE

RF Metal Backed:

Single-sided, Double-sided, and Multilayer circuit boards with metal casing for enhanced heat management and grounding. Commercially available pre-bonded and post-bonded materials are being used for manufacturing RF Metal Backed Circuit which is being used in aerospace as well.


  • Pre-bonded and post-bonded materials
  • Thermally and electrically conductive \
  • Plated through-hole
  • In-house plating
  • Precision machining for finished assemblies
  • Single, Double-sided & Multilayer
  • Precision pocket machining
  • Heat sink technology
  • Aluminum Composites

Insulated Metal (IMPCB):

Insulated Metal is being used in different applications such as LED, power conversion, solid-state relays, automotive and motor drives are being manufactured in ASC-Inc.

Double Layer PCB:

ASC-Inc manufactures Double Layer Printed Circuit Boards with a standard panel size of 508mm x 640mm. The Circuit is made up of Double-layer or double-sided Printed Circuit Boards with a foundational material, a thin layer of conductive metal, like copper, used on both sides. Holes drilled through the board allow circuits on one side of the board to connect to circuits on the other.

Property of Double-Sided PCB:

  • Thickness of 0.2 to 3.2mm (with finish copper of 3 oz)
  • Line width and spacing of 6 / 6 mils (sample lots 5/5mils)
  • Minimum finished hole size of 0.3mm
  • Surface finish of Solder leveling
  • Lead-free hot air leveling
  • Chemical Tin
  • Chemical Gold

Single Layer PCBs:

  • Thickness of 0.2 to 3.2mm (with finish copper of 2 oz)
  • Line width and spacing of 6 / 6 mils
  • Minimum drilled hole of 0.35mm
  • Minimum punched hole of 0.9mm
  • The finish of UVSM / PISM with lead- and lead-free hot air leveling.
  • Used in Calculators etc


ASC Inc, the average rate is similar to others. To get a quote, please contact them via the website.

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Contact Details:

Our Findings:

A detailed, in-depth analysis of the ASC and reviews from their customers allows us to recommend the services of this valued, well-known, and expert organization in the field. Since 1988, they have been providing standardized material and offering their valued service to the customers developing tech for their customers. Customers’ reviews have shed the light on their priority of customer satisfaction. We highly recommend their services.

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