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AMZScout Review (2024) – Best Amazon Product Research Tool?

AMZScout Review 2024: 

Are you looking for the best optimization tool for your FBA sales?

We have an app that will help you to make the whole process of getting your product listed much simpler than before. As digital marketing has risen in popularity, and Amazon is already full of a wide variety of different types of products, it has become really hard to choose the best product to sell. It takes a lot of time to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon, and then it is even more difficult to get that product listed.

Recently, Amazon started sharing data with developers, which a lot of companies used to automate a lot of tasks. With this automation, the whole e-commerce market saw a significant change. One of the biggest names in the automation scene is AMZScout, which also designed its own automation system.

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Today, we will take a look at all of the features and automation provided by AMZScout and see why it is one of the best tools to increase your FBA sales.

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What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is not only a web app but a set of tools built by people who used to work as Amazon Sellers. Since they have a lot of experience selling products online, when Amazon started sharing data with developers, AMZScout was one of the early adopters of the automation system.

AMZScout provides its users with features that are not available anywhere else. They provide you with all kinds of customizable tools. They also have various free resources and blogs that are designed to help you to learn various tricks on Amazon. AMZScout presents its services in several different ways. The main ones are:

  • AMZScout Pro – Chrome Extension
  • AMZScout Web App

1- AMZScout Pro Extension:



If you use Google Chrome, then you easily add this extension to your browser. The extension can then be used while you are browsing on Amazon with Chrome. While you go through the website, click on the extension, and it will start showing you the calculated profit on each product by accessing data from Amazon. This extension can be used by anyone and is very easy and simple to use.

The AMZScout Pro Extension is very useful for new sellers who might get confused with the web app. It acts as a great starting point for new sellers. This extension also provides the scoring of products on the basis of the product’s potential. It also provides sellers with all kinds of product ideas. This extension is available on Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. 

You can use the AMZScout PRO Extension in 11 Amazon marketplaces: the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Australia, and Spain.
Note: Amazon operates in many countries and sellers can sell their products in these countries directly or ship products from other Amazon marketplaces. You should know that Amazon doesn’t support disbursements and shipments to the following locations: North Korea, Sudan, Russia, Syria, Cuba, Iran.

2- AMZScout Web App:

You can also use AMZScout tools and features through their Web App, which can be accessed from their official website. It shares all of the same features present in the Chrome extension but provides more detailed information. The App can be easily accessed from any browser you choose to use.


There are a lot of web applications online that help in tracking amazon products, but none of them are as versatile and lightweight as AMZScout. With the help of AMZScout, you can access Amazon’s entire product database, which is super-useful for sellers.

After you have signed into the web application, the navigation process is really simple, as all of the features are available in an easy to navigate dashboard. With this dashboard, new sellers avoid any confusion and are able to access all of the information that they need in a very organized manner.

AMZScout Web App Features:

The main features of the AMZScout Web app make it a good FBA tool. These main features are:

  • Product Database
  • Amazon Keyword Search & Reverse ASIN Lookup
  • Product Tracker

Product Database:

AMZScout provides you access to a product database which helps you in checking whether a product will be profitable for you to sell or not. Sellers can use the dashboard to enter a keyword or ASIN in order to search the database for similar types of products.

After you have searched for the product, all products related to it will be shown to you alongside its image and details. With this, you can easily see whether that product has been profitable or not and what is the cost of selling that product on Amazon. You can also use various types of filters to rule out products that are not very profitable, have high competition, or have a really high selling cost.

You also have the option to search without using any keywords. Through this, you will be presented with a mix of categories where different types of products are present. You also have a category filter at your disposal and another filter that can be used to select products based on their trend data.

With the help of trend data, you can easily check the stability of a product. The products appearing in a downward trend should be rejected as they aren’t suitable for sellers. All of the data visible to sellers is highly accurate, and if searched correctly, the product database can be very beneficial in increasing your product sales.

Amazon Keyword Search & Reverse ASIN Lookup:

AMZScout also provides you with the handy feature of a keyword explorer. This can be done in two different ways. The first method is finding relevant keywords for your listings. If you are already selling a product on Amazon, you can easily use the keyword search to search for high-density keywords.

Those keywords are the ones that the users use the most to find your product or another similar one. Once you’ve added the keyword in your description, your product will have a better chance of getting ranked when someone searches a product with that particular keyword.

The second way is to only search keywords for high-demand products. The explorer will provide you with keywords that have a high volume. In this way, you can use that keyword in order to boost your sales. So, whenever a person searches for that product, it is most likely that your product will appear at the top spot due to the strategic use of keywords. You also have the option to export the keyword listing into Excel if you want to do a detailed analysis.

Product Tracker:

With the product tracker, you can easily save those products that you want to sell in the future. You can create a database for these potential products which will provide you with all sorts of information about them. You can also continue to add different products into the database with the save button. With the help of the access button, you are shown all of the trend and sales data of the potential product. In this way, you can easily determine whether those products will be beneficial for future selling or not.

Amazon FBA Calculator:

The most important tool of AMZScout is most definitely its FBA Calculator. When using the FBA services, there are a lot of fees that are added, and a seller cannot just markup and start selling a product. There are a lot of fees for things like:

  • Pay per Unit
  • Pickup
  • Packing
  • Handling and Delivery

These are all very time-consuming tasks and the FBA charges can really add up for sellers, especially for big sellers who have a lot of products in stock. The charge for every product varies according to the size and dimensions of that product. The charge is also varied on the basis of how long you wish to store a product in the warehouse. If an issue arises with the inventory and you no longer want to keep the product in stock due to low sales, then you can use the FBA Calculator.

As you are browsing a product on Amazon, the FBA Calculator will show you the final price of the product, including all of the individual fees. There are a lot of factors involved in FBA costs, which can cause the prices to shoot up quickly.

First, you need to check if you are making enough from the sales of that product and confirm if the price is justifiable or not. Customers will only pay so much for a product, so you have to be careful in the products you choose to sell.

Below are some of the factors that the FBA Calculator takes into consideration in the process of calculating fees:

  • Product Details
  • Product Costs
  • Shipping Costs
  • Monthly Stock
  • Packaging
  • Referrals

Product Details:

FBA Calculator takes into account all of the details of a product such as its size, dimensions, etc. The tool automatically does all of the work for you as it has access to all of the product data. You also have the option of manually adjusting the dimensions if the product is somewhat different from the one being shown on Amazon in order to receive the correct cost estimation.

Product Costs:

The cost of a product depends on the supplier, quantity, and your negotiation capability. When you buy a product in bulk, you pay less because it is a cheaper option. The buying price of a product makes a huge difference in the FBA Calculator’s assessments. If you have an estimate of a product’s price, then you can enter that price into the calculator and get accurate results of how much it is going to cost you.

Shipping Cost:

Shipping cost is a major decision in the final cost of a product. It doesn’t matter where the supplier is supplying the products from since all of them have to ship to Amazon’s warehouses. The packages will be delivered to the warehouses by flight and sea, so those costs are also included. At the end, the FBA Calculator will show you the shipping costs based on the product’s size and dimensions.

Monthly Stock:

Every seller essentially uses Amazon’s warehouses for their products. There is a space reserved for your products in the storage facility. Amazon is also not allowed to give that space to someone else. To avoid misuse, they charge you for storing your products in their warehouses.


All of the packaging materials are provided by Amazon such as boxes, adhesives, stickers, etc. The cost of packaging also changes to the products you are selling. The FBA Calculator also takes the packaging price into account while estimating the fees.


Amazon deducts a referral fee from the sale of a product. This deduction is because you are using their website as a medium to sell your products. The referral fee can sometimes be as high as 15%, and it depends upon the profitability of the said product. However, if you are choosing the right products to sell, then this referral fee won’t hurt your profit in any way. In the end, the FBA Calculator shows you the total selling price of a product after it has estimated all of the fees involved.

AMZScout Pricing:

AMZScout is available in three different packages. They also provide a 10-day money-back guarantee on all of their packages. You can choose to cancel your subscription before the end of the free period if you wish. 


PRO Extension Prices:

  • Pay Monthly –  $45.99 per month.
  • Pay Yearly – $197.99 per year billed annually  ($16.49 /month).
  • Pay For a Lifetime – $499 for a lifetime.

Amazon Seller’s Bundle Pricing Plans:

  • Pay Monthly – $49.99 Per Month.
  • Pay Yearly – $ 349.99 per year ($29 /month).
  • Pay For a Lifetime – $1,499 for a lifetime.

Is it Worth it?

Yes, using AMZScout is worth it. One of the most attractive things about AMZScout is the flexibility that they have provided to their users. You can use either the Chrome Extension or the Web App. The option of a free trial is also something unique that provides helpful flexibility. You should use the free trial to decide whether the app helps you in increasing your sales or not.

Try AMZScout For Free


We only invest in things that we completely understand. AMZScout provides services that they are very confident about. Even their free trial is enough for a seller to get hooked on using their services! Their pricing is also very fair and affordable for new sellers.

Thousands of AMZScout users are using these services to increase their sales in the fastest and most effective way possible. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a new or an experienced seller; AMZScout has features and tools that provide an unmatched experience.  

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