You Cannot Cancel All The Android Permissions: It’s Impossible Thing To Do

We always consider it easy to auto-agree with all the options for the apps on our mobile phone, in some cases that’s very convenient but at some point, this easiness comes with some price, and there is a high risk of increased attack vectors and privacy risks.

There is a chance that those apps could expose your all sensitive data collection and communication.

If you are an Android user, you must know that in Android you can easily cut back your all applications at some limit. With this ease, the apps in Android ask their users for uncertain permissions like access to the camera or your current location. These are the permissions that apps will ask but there are also some permissions that some apps do not ask and they acquire those permissions without consent.

With this dangerous act, the user will not be able to revoke the apps but they can only delete or uninstall the app completely from their mobile phones. so that they can protect their secured data. let’s suppose, there are some apps or games that may have permission to run at the start-up, permissions include full network access, background services wifi connection etc. These apps will not have any additional user input after installation.

If you think that when you do not accept any requested permission of any app, you are protecting your mobile phone or data, that is wrong. Even if rejecting all the requested permissions, malicious factors may still be able to track down certain information from the device. And it may also get all the protected data from your mobile phone.

When you reject certain permissions from the apps, you might put the malicious factors in limits but still, there are many ways with which those factors will get certain saved information from your device not all of them but most of them.

So to protect your data from any kind of hacking or leaking of data, you can just do one thing: download the apps from trust worthy sources and also be careful about reviewing the permission requested by each app before granting them.

If you can easily use your mobile security system, you can do that which will protect and detect against potential threats.

Google Play Store is the most secure download source, you can have it. But if a nay malicious app manages to sneak into the Google Play Store, users will not be able to check what permissions the app will acquire.

A Google spokesperson commented, “Developers alone are responsible for making complete and accurate data safety section disclosures for their apps”.

If you do get permission to check the permission of the app before downloading it, you can check it after downloading the app. Open up the settings of your mobile phone, tap on the apps section, and choose the app whose permissions you want to check. Select the permissions, tap three dots in the top right corner, and finally select All permissions.

Android users are given the facility that they can choose whether they want to give access to their location or camera to the app or not. This is the way in which they can easily secure the data available on their mobile phone. But still, when they download the app from any third party there is a huge chance of leaking data from the device as those apps from third parties are not secured enough to give protection to your mobile phone’s data.

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