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Ways to Improve your Mobile’s Battery Performance (Android + iPhone)

Are you looking for a complete guide on how to optimize your device for juicing out the battery? Do you want to learn the tips and tricks of saving as much battery life as you can on both Apple and Android? Are you looking forward to seeking information about how and what weakens your device’s battery performance? Or are you looking for the perfect guide to how to save your battery life?

If yes, you’re in the right place. We will be sharing with you everything you need to know about saving your device’s battery life and we will also be giving you information of how to complete each step along the way, so make sure you don’t miss any part and make sure you pay attention to each minute detail if you want to get the whole concept in your grasp.  

Battery life on Android can become a consistent battle once the phone starts to age, and even battery saver mode can’t always fix the problem. Fortunately, with the plethora of options available within the settings and other apps, several changes can be made to stretch your Battery Life!

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How to save your Mobile Phone’s battery life 

1. Battery monitoring applications: 

If you’re experiencing a huge battery drain and believe that the settings aren’t catching everything, you can instead turn to some top notch and free battery monitoring apps. They utilize tactics and give you extra information about your battery usage, like letting you know how long your phone has gone into a deep sleep, seeing the exact rate at which the battery is discharging, which apps are consuming the most juice, and which ones discharge the phone the fastest even if they’re not used the longest. Plus, there’s a lot more information you can dig through. They take it a step further by also showing you the health of your battery so that you can better determine if you need to change it.  

Apple has something similar within its software and most Androids don’t support this and that could be the main reason why your phone is ringing so quickly. Just make sure to charge the phone a few times when you first install the app of your choice because they need to collect battery data before they can show you the actual battery, so that you understand what’s going on. They can show you which apps consume the most battery just while they’re in the background. How many blocks have occurred, Which sensors are using the power network data, and a lot more.  

 2. Toggle these settings: 

We hope those previous tips helped you get to the root of your battery problem, but why not take this step further by toggling a few things within the settings? First off, search for “Adaptive Battery” and make sure this toggle is enabled. It should be by default, but you never know. It’s a feature by Google that learns how you use your phone and then it limits the apps that you don’t use often. It’s a universal toggle, but you can manually control this for certain apps by pressing their icon for a long time, tapping the little “informative” icon, which is mostly an “i” in a circle, and then changing their battery usage restriction.

Now, besides apps, the display is the main culprit for your constant battery drain, especially if you have a big display that gets bright like the S 22 Ultra. So, there are a few things you can do to slow down the drainage. First off, if your phone has the option to lower the resolution to 1080P, do it.

This will be a huge battery saver and you probably won’t even notice the difference. If your display supports a higher refresh rate, that also uses a lot of battery, so switching back to 60 Hertz will help a lot. And reducing the screen timeout duration to something like a minute or two would help, just in case It’s never been more important to secure your site’s data. Show visitors their data is protected. You have a bad tendency to have your phone on whenever you’re not using it make sure you give it a rest. 

3. Enable the Dark Mode:  

Another thing you should do is enable the dark mode all the screen. Simply turn off certain pixels to create that deep black color, saving a lot of juice. And when you start using apps in dark mode, you’re also saving your eyes from getting hurt at night. It’s also recommended to use a dark wallpaper. you’ll find hundreds of amazing black Wallpapers that are completely dark while still carrying a few amazing color designs on free wallpaper providing apps and websites.

Also, there are still many apps that don’t support a dark mode, like Amazon, Google Opinion Rewards, PayPal, et cetera, but you can force them to become dark. There’s a setting within the developer options called Override Force Dark and this will force a dark interface throughout most of those apps that don’t have a dark theme. It doesn’t always work, and it can make the app look weird, but when it does work, it’s a lifesaver.

The only problem is that it’s universal toggle, so you can’t pick and choose which apps have any dark mode and which ones don’t. So instead, you can turn to an app that does the same at the end. You might have to research on it a little bit but there are many apps that let you do this so choose the one you like and It’ll let you select, apps to have forced dark enabled, but to get it to work you’ll need to have your device rooted first so make sure you make the right choice if that’s the case.  

4. Connectivity: 

On another note, most modern smartphones these days can connect to 5G mobile networks. However, most people don’t live in a range of a high speed 5G network so there’s no reason to have your phone constantly scanning for a network that isn’t there so just turn off 5G and set your phone’s preference for 4G/LTE to be safe, another reason for that is your mobile device has to put in more and more performance in order to use 5G, so even if you have that service available for use and you can manage your needs with a 4G/LTE connection then make sure you turn off 5G and make your phone save as much battery as possible. 

Most people don’t live in a range of high speed 5G network, so there’s no reason to have your phone constantly scanning for a network that isn’t there. So just turn off 5G and set your phone’s preference for 4G/LTE to save some battery life.

This option is usually found within the mobile network settings, and even if you’re in an area with 5G, it still might be a good idea to turn it off and then turn it back on when you actually need it, like when you’re wanting to download a huge file or play an online game when you’re out and about. Otherwise, for basic things like streaming music, browsing the web or, looking up emails. 4G/LT can work just fine. 

5. Turn off unnecessary settings: 

Plus, the same can be said for many of the options found within the quick tiles of your notification bar or even the settings. Things like Bluetooth, the always on display, nearby device, scanning hotspot, NFC, nearby sharing, GPS. These are all things that aren’t necessary to have constantly running, and when you do need them, you can turn that back on for that moment.

You should also know that if you keep them on without any reason, they cause your battery decrease way quicker than if they were turned off, so make sure you keep your notification bar in check and don’t turn on anything that you might end up not using for a long time and it ends up wasting your battery or causing your battery to decrease so much that you have to charge it up again and so on.  

6. Phone system updates: 

Finally, always make sure to stay on top of your phone system updates and app updates because there could be bugs in the software that may be causing battery drain. It’s rare, but it’s happened in the past. It’s still occurring to this day. Plus, it’s just a good idea, especially for your security the updates released monthly include security updates to patch serial links and bugs within the software. So, this may be the solution to your battery issue. 

7. Rooting your device:  

Of course, this should be the last resort though, even after modifying all those settings, installing those extra apps, and making sure your software is up to date, flashing a custom ROM, or even obtaining root could be a viable option. When you root you can flush and get some kernel that prides itself on saving battery. Some of them do things like disabling certain weight locks, configuring the types of cores your processes can use for the refresh rate and more. Or you can instead undercut the kernel.

If you feel that your usage is Power intensive anyway, and you don’t even notice a change in performance unless you start doing something heavy or extreme then you need to put up with your device’s abilities and specs because no matter how much you modify the software, you can’t change the hardware from inside the phone.  

Other than that, you should also know that rooting your device might come at a small performance related cost, like playing heavy 3D rapid games. But like we said, rooting should be your last choice because a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially when messing with the devices kernel. So just make sure you do your research before jumping the gate on this one in the end, whether you’re using an older phone with a smaller 2000 Mah powered battery or a greater one, these tips can help you get the most juice out of your tank.  

How to save your iPhone’s battery life 

Saving your battery and having your device optimized in terms of battery usage is not a difficult task to accomplish, especially when you don’t utilize your device for much more than working and social media, if for some reason you have not paid enough attention to this side of your device, then worry not!

 We are now going to tell you the most important iPhone settings you need to change right now to save a whole lot of your battery life. So, let’s get started.

1. Turn off 5G and optimize your device!  

The first one is to turn off 5G. That’s right, so go ahead and tap on Settings. If you use more than one SIM, you can tap on one of them, the one you use, or both if you use both for cellular data, and then go ahead and tap on voice and data and then you will be presented with more options to choose from. Go ahead and tap on 4G. So don’t use 5G if you want to save battery life because 5G heats up your iPhone 5G uses so much more over battery life and this has to do with the nature of the connection.

By the way, depending on where you live sometimes 5G is not even that much faster than 4G, so this makes complete sense if you decide to turn it off.  

2. Limit your refresh rate!  

Setting number two has to do with your refresh rate. So, let’s open up our settings, scroll down until we see Accessibility and then Motion. And here we will have “Limit frame rate”. This is exclusive to iPhones with the promotion feature. So, the iPhone 13 Pro in 14 Pro series, and when we go ahead and enable this feature, what we’re going to do is set a maximum frame rate to 60 frames per second. So instead of 120 Hertz, which promotion enables, we’re going to cut down to 60 frames per second, which is a standard frame rate for all iPhones.  

3. Background app refresh:  

Please keep in mind that the idea is to save as much battery life as we can adjusting our settings. Of course, you don’t need to go ahead and enable or sometimes something that you are showed here is important to you, no problem, but our role here is to show you everything that you can do and then you can analyze and choose for yourself what you want to enable or disable. Let’s come back to our settings and now Scroll down to general and let’s take Background App Refresh as our new tweak.

So if you want a safe battery, what you want to do here is disable as many apps as you can and those apps that are going to be disabled will not refresh the Content in their downloads and they are in the background, so when they’re not in use, So this is what you do if you want to save a ton of battery life. So go out here and disable as many apps as you can. Of course, some apps you will want to have background app refresh. 

4. iCloud photos: 

go to your settings and keep scrolling down a little bit more until you see cellular data. And this is so important because if you use iCloud photos like are you using most iPhone users use. When you take a photo or record a video, it automatically uploads to iCloud, it syncs you all your devices. And this of course is bad for the battery, because cellular data uses much more battery So what we recommend you do is disable this feature and then iCloud Photos will only be updated for upload and download when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. 

5. Always on display and how to disable it:  

Now let’s talk about the exclusive iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max features, which is “always on display”. So again, right here on our settings we can Scroll down until we see displayed brightness and as you Scroll down, you’ll see here always on display, which is on by default.

If you tap on this option, we have a few possibilities. You can disable Always on Display altogether and then if your iPhone  gonna be normal just like all other iPhone models, completely black and dark. But of course you also have another option which is enabling here the always on display and customizing it. For example not show the wallpaper or not show the notifications and then you will have your always on display as you can see, but it’s going to be darker than your usual always on display, so it’s going to be pretty much all dark, just widgets. And this is a good possibility as well.

Considering that your typical always on display is like this so then it shows pretty much everything, notifications going to show your wallpaper or background and all that. So, then you have those possibilities you can choose and customize if you want to completely disable the always on display or maybe use it halfway. 

6. Change your wallpaper into something Darker:  

Go to settings and if we Scroll down until we go to wallpaper itself, we will see the Wallpapers you’re currently using, and of course you can add a new wallpaper and if you tap on it. What we recommend you is to completely avoid and not use animated Wallpapers. So, we have some animated Dynamic Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers. Where sometimes you pick this option, it’s going to cycle through photos and videos. We have weather and astronomy.

And of course, it’s going to continue. Constantly update to get your current location to get where you are in the world. And, if it’s night or daytime, it’s going to be constantly animated and moving. And this is bad for your battery. So, we don’t recommend that you use animated 3D live Wallpapers. Stick with still Wallpapers, it’s much better for your battery.  

7. Enable your Dark mode!  

still if we Scroll down until we see display in brightness, let’s talk about appearance and let’s talk about dark mode. This is so, so important. Dark mode, as you know will make your eye fall the whole theme over iPhone dark. The light mode but I do recommend that you always enable dark mode, and this makes a huge difference but only if you have an all that display iPhone. So, if your iPhone is the iPhone 10 or newer apart from the iPhone 10R and the iPhone 11.

Apart from those models all iPhone models from the iPhone 10 and newer have a newer display. And if you have one of those iPhones using the dark mode is so good because this enables all those black areas here all your display to be complete So all of the pixels and everything like that when we have complete darkness, they save so much better. Just so you have an idea, if you use the dark mode and if you use a screen brightness of 100%, just by using the dark mode you can save up to 39% of battery.

This is more result oriented, the amount of battery you can save just on this little display feature. Of course, nobody uses their brightness 100% all the time, so if you use your normal display brightness like that for example, you’re going to save like 10, maybe 15% on this feature alone. So dark mode is a real thing. But again, only if you have an OLED iPhone. 

8. Location services and their affect: 

Let’s talk about one of the oldest tips, that is, of course, Scroll down in the settings app until we get to Location Services. That’s right, Location Services is a jamming field. It’s one of the most important things that you must keep in mind if you want to save battery. Of course, we don’t recommend going ahead and disabling Location Services and turning it off completely because for some apps this is important.

But go ahead here and look one by one and see which apps are using your current location. And see which apps are using your current location right now, tap on the apps one by one and always use while using the app or never depending on if you need it, you have your location on or not. Sometimes there are apps here that are using your location. It just makes no sense to let them see where you are.  

9. Disabling Siri Helps  

Let’s open up our settings, scroll down until we see Siri and Search. So, disable that option you’re seeing there. So as you can see right here, the Listen for Hey Siri is a pretty much useless feature that makes your iPhone keep listening and keep your mics on and listening to you. Waiting for that command to trigger Siri. So, this is completely useless in my opinion. If you want to use Siri, just press and hold right here. And of course, listen to his series. Really bad for battery. It’s constantly listening, constantly analyzing speech, constantly processing. It just makes no sense to leave this feature on.  

10. Low power mode  

And finally, we must talk about going back to our settings of course and scrolling down until we see battery. We must talk about the low power mode and, this is an old feature by now in 2023. We do recommend that you enable this setting, Power mode, as many times as you want, every day if you want to, do as you wish. What is in great feature is the best feature to save battery on your iPhone. Of course, it has drawbacks, you’re going to be disabling quite a lot of stuff from your iPhone, but we do recommend that you use it. It’s powerful because it’s extremely effective. The screen just dims because of low power mode, so it’s extremely effective and it does no harm to your iPhone.  


Saving your battery is not an easy task, especially when you have an older model based on an older software, it has not been designed with the small details that set the newer models apart in terms of saving as much battery life as possible. We discussed the settings of both, Android and Apple and how to tweak them to make your device most battery optimized as possible, we hope that you understood everything you came for and we wish you the best of luck in optimizing your device as much as possible. We wish you the best of luck in saving your battery and we hope our information helped you out in one way or another. 


why is my battery dying fast?

some devices start giving out lower battery times once they reach a certain time of use, however if your device is draining the battery faster than usual then it means you’re using lot of energy, or your phone is not using energy efficiently enough. What this means is that you’re overworking your device and that you’re not giving much attention to its wellbeing. There could always be a chance that your battery is physically worn out or damaged which you can fix by replacing it.

Does dark mode save battery?

it has been found that the dark mode enables your device to save up a huge number in peak brightness, however these gains were only noted on devices with OLED displays, which means that devices with standard screens will save up a good percentage of the battery but it won’t save as much as the devices that have OLED displays.

When should you change your phone?

Apple and Samsung advise their users to put their devices on charge once they hit 35%. You should never let your phone die and never overcharge your device as the heat can also damage your battery and shorten its health by a solid margin.


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