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Antideo Review (2024): The Best Plugin For WordPress

Antideo Review 2024:

Are you looking for the best plugin or API for WordPress when it comes to eradicating contact form spamming? If yes then you are at the right place. Spammers have become a lot of trouble and that is why email validation is necessary, irrespective of the size of your website. It is really important to maintain the email reputation of a domain. WordPress is one of the largest ecosystems on the internet and is really popular for people starting their online businesses. So, it is necessary to protect websites from email spam.

Antideo has a WordPress plugin that aims to solve this problem. So, today we are going to take a deep dive into the service and find out whether it’s worth using or not.    

What is Antideo?

Antideo has a plugin for WordPress that is on the surface an email validator, but a powerful spam blocker under the hood. Email marketing is a core part of any online business and the biggest threat to it are email bounces and spam emails. In order to have a good email database, it is necessary that only the right email addresses are present. This will allow for a healthy email database. 

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Antideo Email Validator for WordPress performs various validations in order to prevent spam or signups in real-time. It automatically works out of the box so you don’t need to do any prior configuration or need to be a tech-savvy person to use the plugin. Antideo checks for free and disposable emails in order to maintain the best protection possible. The best thing about the Antideo plugin is that you can perform unlimited email validations for free. 

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Apart from the Email Validator plugin, antideo has a power-packed API service and some of the main standout features are:

1- Phone Number Validation:

One great feature of Antideo is that it provides phone number validation so that you always have a clean list of contacts at all times. You can run international and national numbers through the phone number validation API. If there are invalid numbers present then it allows for a lot of bogus users. If you want to look up any number then you can easily do that. 

There is also a very friendly user dashboard present so that you can keep track of your progress. The API is also encrypted and secured as well. The pricing plans are also very easy on the pocket with the base plan free to use. There is also really good customer support present in case of any trouble. 

2- Email Validation:

The best thing about Antideo is its email validation API. It can check for temporary, spam emails, scam emails, invalid domains, free ESPs, etc. If you want to keep your email list clean then using Antideo is the best option. You don’t need to put any extra effort into your own as Antideo’s email address checker automatically checks for every spam email in real-time. 

The email validation is done in real-time so there is no need to worry about anything. If you get a lot of temporary emails then Antideo is the solution that you need. All of the services are provided through APIs so the integration is very flexible. There are a lot of times when you get free emails, this API can also detect those and remove them. Email spamming is a common issue and Antideo makes sure to get rid of all the spam mail. 

3- IP Health Check:

If you want to check the health of your visitor’s IPs then you are in luck as Antideo also provides you with this feature. You can easily track IP health when the visitor is filling up a form, placing an order, etc. Due to this amazing functionality, a lot of fraud has been prevented. If someone is buying from the UK but the geolocation is showing Canada then there is clearly something fishy. So that is why sometimes it becomes necessary to track IP reputation. 

If there is an IP that is being used for unethical activity then Antideo can detect it for you. Public proxies and TOR Ips can also be detected through the Antideo API. You can also gather IP-related info through Antideo API. 

4- WordPress Plugin:

The Antideo email validation services are also available as a plugin for WordPress. It ensures that all of the emails are verified on a real-time basis. If there is a person using a website that is on WordPress then Antideo can seamlessly integrate into it. There are a lot of times when people do fake signups on websites, Antideo can help you as it can detect those fake email addresses. The best thing about this plugin is that it is always working in real-time so you can just switch it on and go about your usual business, while the plugin takes care of spam without any of your intervention..  

If there is any syntax error present in the email addresses then Antideo can also detect it. A lot of times people use disposable emails which you can prevent by using the Antideo plugin. With Antideo, you also ensure that there are MX records for the domain of the email address when they are entered. 

5- Integrations:

Another amazing thing about Antideo is that it works out of the box with most of the major and popular forms vendors like:

  • Wpforms
  • Woo
  • NinjaForms
  • ContactForm7
  • Caldera etc


  • Email Validation
  • Phone Number Validation
  • Intuitive Dashboard 
  • No Spam
  • Fraud Prevention
  • IP Health Checking 
  • Affordable plans 


  • None 

Try Antideo For Free


One of the best things about Antideo is that its plans are very affordable. The first plan is basically free but you have a limit of 10 requests in an hour and you also don’t get any email support. In this way, you can choose the lower-tier plans at first and when you are satisfied with their service, you can proceed to the higher-tier plans. The plans start from

  • $0 – 10 requests/hour 
  • $5 – 50 requests/hour
  • $10 – 100 Requests/hour 
  • $20 – 300 Requests/hour
  • $50 – 1000 Requests/hour 
  • $80 – 2000 Requests/hour 

Another great thing about Antideo is that it provides a test drive as well. You can check IP to Location, Reputation, IPinfo, Email Validation totally free of cost. 

Final Verdict:

So, in the end, if you are using a WordPress-based website or a website based on any other CMS, either way you should definitely use Antideo. It is an amazing API and a plugin that are there to help you deal with email spamming and other types of fraud associated with it. Temporary and disposable emails can be detected using this API and thus preventing any fraud. You can also validate the phone whether they are national or international. The IP reputation can also be checked as well.

All in all, these features combine together to make Antideo, one of the best APIs when it comes to email/phone number validation. Due to their affordable plans, we would recommend you to at least give it a try.

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