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Make Your App Icon More Compelling: 5 Professional Tips

Do you like to get things that are similar to the ones that another person has bought? No, everyone wants the thing that will stand out from others. Every person wants a unique thing for themselves. It’s not just for the physical things but also other digital things. When you go to the market to buy electronics, you will always buy one that is unique from others and has some special quality in it. Sam happens when you go to buy the clothes. Then why not choose the apps for your mobile phone? It’s human nature that we always go for the attractive thing. The same goes for choosing the instruments for mobile phones. Either it’s the mobile cover or the hands-free. Even in getting the apps for your mobile phone, people always prefer the one with an attractive appearance.

While roaming in the app store or Play Store, users always go for the one that is good in appearance as they don’t know about any app, so they download the app that looks appealing to them. This is a very simple technique that developers can use for the marketing of their apps and to get more downloads on their apps. If you build the app with boring or strange icons or appearance, it will not attract users and will not get more downloads. Those apps will not make the user curious. Curiosity is very important, as when users get curious about the app, they will immediately download the app to check the unique thing in this app that is so appealing.

Do you know how to make your app logo or icon more attractive to get more downloads? If you don’t, then no need to panic, as we will guide you on how you can make your app icon more compelling. After going through this article, you can make your app so compelling that it will start getting more and more downloads.

App Icon:

Developing an app is a big responsibility that is only completed by some people. Some developers develop the app without getting anything unique or appealing in the app. They don’t even know that these are part of the development process.

You can develop the app, but never forget that it will not get as much attention as others. While developing a good app, one of the key elements that should be kept in mind is the design of the app. That is the only thing that will attract more people. No one will run your app if it’s not appealing to them; they will skip it and go to another option.

The icons of the app are not just symbols that you can use; it’s the identity of your app. Some people don’t remember the name of the app, but if the icon of the app is attractive, they will remember that symbol for a lifetime.

App icons act as the first impression of your app, which will either bring more downloads or make them ignore it. Using the well-designed app icon can significantly boost the visibility and conversion rate. If you know about the app store discovery, you must know that this is responsible for about 70% of app downloads. But you will need to position your app front and center in the app or Google Play Store so that it will get more downloads.

Getting the right icon for your app is the only thing that will help you achieve maximum visibility in app stores. On the App Store or Google Play Store, we have huge competition in apps as those platforms have millions of apps on them. This means that for every given keyword a user searches for, there are many apps that offer similar services. When you get hundreds of results in the search term, the first thing that the user gets attracted to is the app icon.

Do you know what are those qualities that will make your app stand out from the whole crowd? This is what we are going to talk about. You can learn how you can easily make and improve your app icon the best and most impressive so that it will get your app more downloads.

Why App Icon Is Important?

Developing the app is not a single step; you have to go through many steps in the right way, and then you can develop the best app that will be good in every possible way. If you want your app to be perfect in all aspects, you have to develop it with good quality and good looks. It should have the right name, description, and the best icon for your app. The app icon should represent the whole app. So before choosing any icon for your app, do the correct research on it and choose the right icon. According to certain research, 92.6% of all the people surveyed agree that they tend to put the most importance on visual factors when making a purchase decision. These statistics can easily make knowing how to make an app icon more compelling is having so much important.

How To Make Your App Icon More Compelling?

As we have told you the importance of right icon for your app, now you must know why it is important to choose the right icon. That little icon that hardly has a few pixels mostly proves harder than developing the entire app. This small image needs to have everything in it. So that it will give a good impression to your app. Getting the right icon for your app requires a careful balance of all the principles that we are going to discuss in this section. You should know that what are the things that your app icon should have and what it should not. You will get the idea of creating the right app icon. Let’s see what are those important considerations that will design your app icon more appealing or compelling.

Tip No 1. Make It Simple:

Don’t make your app look confusing or with lots of clutters. Make it clutter free. Never load your app icon with too much colors, lots of graphics, and details. When decorating your app icon, always choose simple colors and simple things. Design your app icon with 2 to 3 colors; that’s it not more than that. If you select the color palette in the minimum range, it will help your app icon to stand out from the rest of the apps, as they portray a different form and unique design. make it unique and attractive instead of blending multiple colors that will make it look like a fun. The simple, decent app icon will give the clear message that your app is one of a kind, class, and sophisticated.

You have many options on the Google Play Store or App Store, from where you can get an idea about the icon that will be good for your app. Choose any leading app like Snapchat, Facebook and any other. From these giants, you will see that they have used distinct colors having less than 3 colors. These are the features that made them stand out from others.

Tip No 2. Distinctive Shape:

If you have chosen the decent, unique color palette but have yet to focus on the shape of the icon, then the distinctive colors will be of no use. In leading apps, you will notice that the app icon ties in closely with the company logo , and if the company already has the unique logo, then your half job is already done. And if the logo of the company is somehow complex, then try to make it simpler. Good app always contains a clear, unique icon shape in a simple circle or square shape. The unique shape is the way that will give the impression of strong identity of the app. It will give the impression that this app knows what it’s doing, and has been built by the people who are sure of their product as well as keen sense of modern design.

For choosing the shape, always perfect the shape that will show what your app does. This will not just help the users to understand about your app but also give your app icon more credibility and sense of purpose. for example, let’s take the example of the Spotify app icon; its black curves immediately give the sense of raising the volume that making the user think that this app is all about the music. Another example is Facebook and Snapchat; although these app icons do not resemble the purpose of the app, their bold shapes or icon make them stands out from others in the crowd. So always make sure that if you can’t find an icon that will resemble the purpose of the app, then it should be bold or unique enough that will make it different from others.

Tip No 3. Avoid Writing Words:

While generating the app icon, always avoid using words in the icon. If you want to add the word, then add ONE alphabet that’s it not more than 1 word. The name of the name is already written in the section of name. You don’t have to put the name in the app icon, as it will just add it to visual clutter, and they will become impossible to discern. As that icon size is too small, if you add any words, it will make it hard for users to read those words. As a result, your user will likely feel exhausted trying to read the unreadable small text.

So if you are searching for the ways to make your app icon be an anchoring point for your app experience, always focus on giving your app a compelling name and strictly keep that name in the app name section not in the app icon. Google Play Store or App Store have already ample assorted spaces that will not just tell your app name but will also include the keywords in the app description or tagline. So try to avoid using any words in the app icon.

Tip No 4. Consider The Ideal Size:

We have so many devices that we use, like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. The size of all the screens are different, so this thing might need to be clarified for the app developer in the size of the app icon. But in that situation, the platform, both Google Play Store and Apple Store, will provide you with exact guidelines about this matter that will help you in clarifying all your ideas and will give all your users the same extraordinary experience.

Like for Android developers you can check the “ANDROID API G”IDE FOR LAUNCHER ICONS” and for iOS “programmers, you will have” IOS HUMAN INT” RFACE GUIDELINES FOR APP ICON”. These options will provide exact guidelines about the app icon size that will be ideal for all devices. Follow all their good practices and advice, and you will know what exactly you have to do to get the right size of your app icon for different screen sizes.

Tip No 5. Stay Away From Clutters:

Using too many words or photos in the app icon, any animated depiction of a detailed app, or any other kind of icon that will involve too many elements in the app icon will only be put off for your user. Make your app icon concise, clear and signature design. Any confusion or clutter will only make your app look old-fashioned and boring and will only make your customers go away. So when you are developing the app icon and want to make your app icon look sophisticated and modern, then always remember to keep everything simple, concise, and clutter-free so that it will make more downloads of your app.


Being attracted to attractive or decent things is a very normal thing for the human eye. We being the human , will only feel attracted to those things that are unique in every possible way. Same is the case with apps on google play store or app store. When you go to find any gaming app you will always go for the one that’s icon will be interesting and will make you feel curious that what’s in this article we have shared some of the possible ways through which you can easily create your app icon so much appealing that it will get more downloads. We have shared some points that app developer should consider while developing the app icon so that he will get more attention in whole market.


1. What Are The Most Popular App Icons?

The following are the most popular app icons:

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2. How Can I Choose The Right Color For My App Icon?

You must choose the right color for your app icon to attract more users.

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