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AppMonet Review (2024): Why This is Best Mobile App Ad Network?

AppMonet (Monetize your Apps today!)

Want to generate maximum revenue through your apps? Want to reach your desired income goals faster? This article is written for you. We are going to talk about an awesome in-app advertising network that can surely help you to earn real money through monetizing your apps in a better and more profitable way.



AppMonet is a powerful advertising solution perfectly designed for mobile in-app ads that work on the CPM model. It was founded in 2016 and since then it has been providing the best container technology for video ads to mobile app developers around the world.

These four years of continuous effort and hard work have enabled AppMonet to become the top priority for thousands of application developers and publishers and has helped them in achieving their desired income goals in terms of maximum possible revenues. It is a trusted partner for 2000+ Apps globally.

AppMonet has become the top choice for more than 500 publishers and over 10k brands who have witnessed a significant rise in their revenues after being partners with AppMonet. It is known for its transparency, maximum fill rates and highest eCPM in the market.

Let’s know more about this cool advertising platform.

AppMonet Detailed Review:

AppMonet Website

Through this article, we will look into this advertising network in detail but it won’t take long. We will quickly discuss all the main things about this advertising network which you should know including its basic information, its working, unique features, and benefits that you get along with its pros and cons and some other details.

Sounds interesting? Let’s begin!

Basic info and Statistics:

  • Company’s name: AppMonet.
  • Location: New York City.
  • Total revenue paid so far: $91,438,528
  • Fill Rates: 60%
  • eCPM: up to 20$
  • Monetization Methods: Brand Advertising.
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Payment Option: Wire, ACH
  • Requirements For Publishers: Larger than 10k DAU
  • Website:

How to Get Started:

The whole process of monetizing your apps through AppMonnet is very easy and hassle-free. For the sign up they just ask you to fill in some basic info that mainly includes your email address, your app’s name, and URL, your location, etc. Placing ad codes is even more easy and simple.

What Makes it Unique?

Following are the unique features which enabled this company to secure its position in the digital market and in the hearts of its customers:

In-App Parallel Bidding:

In-App parallel bidding is the header bidding for mobile apps. It basically offers maximum revenue for the users by putting the advertising partners in competition. Through header bidding, the publisher can directly integrate with multiple SSPs simultaneously. It gives a significant lift to the publisher’s revenue i. e up to 50%

One Unified SDK:

In a very short time, AppMonet has managed to get the opportunity of working with the largest brands and advertisers. This might be because it is located in the center of NYC. With one Unified SDK, AppMonet supports all major video SSPs while improving apps advertising demand sources day by day. This single SDK allows app developers to work with 100 plus brand advertising partners.


AppMonet is one of the most trusted and transparent advertising networks which started with a mission to move real-time bidding auctions from data centers to mobile phones. AppMonet through its deep industry knowledge and application of modern tools tries to ensure that mobile ad monetization should be automated and transparent.

User Experience First:

AppMonet makes sure that the customer’s experience comes first. By fully understanding the efforts and expectations of the developers, their efficient engineering teams work together with the developers and provide solutions that are perfectly tailored for their needs.

Advanced AI Technology:

AppMonet uses AI to automatically fit the content perfect for the screen with the strong call to action button which provides high quality and effective ads. Which gives you an enhanced and smooth user experience.

VAST/VPAID pre-caching:

AppMonet is the industry’s first in-app video player that supports concurrent VPAID pre-caching. Through this, your video fill rate increases significantly. A higher fill rate means higher revenues.

Easy Code Integration:

AppMonet has made code integration super easy and simple through a tiny code library. You can get access to all the header bidding partners through 2 simple API calls.

AppMonet for Multiple Apps:

AppMonet is suitable for almost all types of mobile applications but here we are going to highlight some applications which are excellently and successfully Monetized through this platform.

For News App:

The video ad is no doubt a huge opportunity for news related apps. Appmonet can help the user to figure out the perfect video format and play points for video ads. Appmonet has been serving a successful News app and helped it in uplifting revenue by up to 28%. AppMonet is running on over 60% of the news websites of US

For Gaming App:

AppMonet can be a great choice for gaming apps. It efficiently fits in the ads without spoiling the user experience. Appmonet has successfully served a famous solitaire gaming app and through its diverse ad formats. As a result, the revenue of that gaming app has  increased to 40%

For Messaging App:

AppMonet is perfect for messaging apps. It has helped a messaging app in boosting up its eCPM to 70% by being a sophisticated monetization platform.

For Utility App:

AppMonet is a great monetizing tool for a number of utility apps. One such app which is one of the world’s famous weather apps is being served by Appmonet and since then its revenue significantly increased.

For Podcast App:

AppMonet is also the best solution for Podcast apps. AppMonet has the honor of successfully serving an award-winning global podcast platform having more than 20 million users. This app chose to work with AppMonet and they are extremely satisfied with an increase in revenue as high as 90%

Why “AppMonet” is The Best Choice For A Publisher:

Appmonet features

Here are the benefits which you can get after choosing  AppMonet for monetizing your apps.

Higher Revenues:

using AppMonet you can earn passive income per month with your mobile Apps.

All Ads Formats Support:

The ad format is one of the main concerns of all the developers. AppMonet offers multiple ad formats through in-app header bidding. It supports all size banners( 320×50, 300×250, etc). It also supports outstream videos of all sizes.

Maximum SSPs Support :

AppMonet supports all the major SSPs including Adap Tv, App Nexus, InMobi, Smatoo, AOL, RhythmOne, MobileFuse, Telaria, Rubicon, LoopMe, Mobfox and many more.

Higher Fill Rates and eCPM:

AppMonet offers a high fill rate of 60% which is not less. It ensures that your maximum space is utilized and monetized through ads. High fill rates give you higher revenues.

Customer support and Care:

They offer complete customer support through their dedicated team members. If you face any problem from signing up till later. You can simply ask them. They will fix your problem immediately.

Pixel clear video rendering:

AppMonet gives enhanced video pre-caching and faster play speed through harnessing Android /iOS native features by its efficient SDK.

Reduced data usage:

Low storage is a thing that bothers the users all the time. AppMonet helps the user by cutting down the data usage by efficiently watching over the phone’s memory availability to make sure that the videos play smoothly.


  • High-quality in-app video ads.
  • Easy payouts, no invoices requirement.
  • 60% filling rate.
  • Revenue monitoring is easy.
  • Easy integration.
  • Increases customer’s revenue by 50%.
  • Customer support.
  • All ad formats available and SSPs support.
  • Integration with tiny SDK allows the user to use its dashboard UI to manage all ad Partners.
  • Precise control through a single dashboard.


  • The user interface lacks some features.
  • The facility of live chat and phone call support is not available.

Payment Details For Publishers:

The payment information is as follows:

  • Monetization Methods: Brand Advertising.
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30
  • Payment Option: Wire, ACH
  • Requirements For Publishers: Larger than 10k DAU

Contact Details:

  • Address: 116 Nassau St Floor 6 New York, NY 10038.
  • E-mail:
  • You can also find them on Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter.

Final Words:

So this is all about this awesome advertising network. Apps are a great way to earn real money online. All it requires is a wise choice of advertising platform. If you are a mobile app developer and you want to generate maximum revenue through your applications, AppMonet can be a great choice.

Developing a good application requires much time and effort and also money. Make sure that you get paid in return. Try this awesome in-app advertising network today and see your revenue growing faster than ever before! Good luck

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