Archive Your Apps -Save Your Phone Storage in 2023

Archive Your Apps -Save Your Phone Storage

Bad news, “your device is out of storage.”

We have yet to get any smartphone or device whose storage will last forever. At some point, all the storage of smartphones will be fully occupied. At that time, we have to remove some files from the device so that it will return to its normal position, as having full storage might also affect the performance of your smartphone.

If we look around, we have top-level models of smartphones, but they need help to get the storage that will last forever. But now, after many years of having this issue, google has come across some solutions and launched the new feature of app achieving option. This is the auto option that will be turned on automatically.

Your mobile will have many apps that you use less, even haven’t opened them for like 2 or 3 weeks; for those apps, this feature will automatically reduce the storage usage of those apps. We had this option in the past, but no one knew about it as it takes many settings to do, and then it will be on. But now Google has launched a simple toggle for this option in the Google Play Store.

This option was only available in the past when your device was already having storage issues, like running low on storage. In the past, this feature was only available when you got the notification of having low storage, but now this option is available in the General settings of the Google Play Store, and you can turn it on even if you haven’t found the low storage space.

Doing this will automatically lessen the storage usage from the apps that are not in that much of your use. Now, this option has become very easy to avail.

The apps being archived will utilize the Android app bundle format, which will only allow the developer to push the important files that are necessary for the mobile phone. This will help the mobile phone to save the bandwidth and also the storage.

According to Google, with this feature, you can save up to almost 60% of storage without lacking any data from the apps or without even worrying about uninstalling the apps. But do remember, when you reopen the archived file, it will download some extra files from the internet. If you forget which apps you have archived, you will see it by looking at the apps’ icon as the archive apps will show on the home screen but with the small cloud icon on them that will tell you that these apps are archived.

This option only gets some over the Play Store, and everyone has it. This option was first seen on the Google Play Store versions 37.4 and 37.5. Google has also updated a feature in the store for all the apps you haven’t used for the 3 months. After that time, all the permissions will be removed from the settings, preventing them from sending you any notification on your mobile phone. This will affect not just your battery level but also your privacy.

Google has always come up with new features or updates, and this new option of active app has relieved many users who are suffering from the low storage space in their smartphones. This feature will be available in the settings of the Google Play Store, and you can turn it on or off according to your desire.


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