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Art Text Review (2024): The Best Graphic Design Software

Art Text Review Article 2024:

Are you looking for a tool to help you create text graphics? You can use the Art Text by BeLight Software, a popular graphic design tool for almost every type of typography design, instead of the old and boring text designs from other software.

Art Text has more typography and text effect tools and features than you would find in Canvas, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other widely used software, or perhaps I’m biased since I believe Art Text has more refined tools and features than the other software and apps if you want to create text-based graphics.

Why use Art Text for design needs?

Art Text allows novice users to browse hundreds of ready-made templates, replace the text, and get fancy results right away.

Art Text 2

On the other hand, professional designers can use Art Text and its full set of text effect tools, which include everything from 2D text effects to 3D typography, to delve deep into the creative process and produce stunning results.

The software includes user-friendly vector drawing tools and shape content, ideal for badge and logo design.

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What’s New in Art Text 4?

Art Text now is in version 4, so it has significantly evolved for all the years it was on the market. Version 4 update introduces many new features including Spray Fill, multi-purpose text distortions, realistic 3D materials, and Design Gallery with over 180 text design templates, and over 200 templates available via in-app purchase.

New vector drawing tools, increased shapes collection, and a selection of badge and logo templates are great for any logo design project.

Art Text Features:

1- Hundreds of Text Designs:

Hundreds of Text Designs Letters provides a wide range of text design templates that may be customized to suit your needs. Long hours of professional design effort went into producing texture materials and photo objects and meticulously selecting proprietary typefaces for each text style.

Type in your text, and you’re done! As a flattened image or a series of files with a background, a text object, and other effects separated into numerous images, you obtain beautiful visuals.

2- Paint Effects:

The one-of-a-kind graphic filters distort sharp edges to create a paint or watercolor impression. Some text design templates use special objects like stains, droplets, and bubbles to create remarkably realistic effects.

3- Photo-Realistic Textures:

Photo-realistic 3D textures, along with bump effects and bespoke fonts, ensure a natural look for your style and give your text a fantastic texture view.

4- Stunning 3D:

Art Text gives you the most attractive feature, the stunning 3D texture that controls the 3D appearance of the text by adjusting the thickness, depth, and light direction properties and rotating it in all directions.

5- Environment Lighting:

The use of environment textures and reflection maps ensures that the effects are as accurate as possible. Controlling the light direction and the level of texture detail allows users to play around with the graphical appearance.

6- Universal Textures:

All textures are adjustable and seamless, ensuring that words are perfectly coated regardless of text size. Experiment with template colors while keeping the color balance of the style.

7- Retro Styles:

The Retro style is also an attractive style for text designing. With mask settings, control the scale, shear, and direction of your font style’s roughness and aged effects.

8- Styles and Materials:

Art Text includes a large number of text styles, surface materials, and effects. Your imagination will soar with easily customizable textures, surface bump maps, environment textures, light spots and shadows, and other variables to create new materials unrestricted by presets.

9- Spray Fill:

Use the provided collection or import your fill pictures to create beautiful word layouts with coffee beans, color balls, foliage, Lego pieces, and even clouds. Experiment with lettering layouts and fill sizes, ranging from highly random to highly structured.

10- Mask Effects:

Text finishing may be tweaked with several masks to create an aged or scratched look. With only one click, you can also apply a stamped look.

11- Distortion Effects:

Experiment with font shapes that aren’t available in common typefaces. With Side Distortion, you can easily wear out text sides, make random holes in the body with Erosion, partially darken text with Blur distortion and more.

12- Shading Materials:

Special 2D materials open the door to an array of visual effects, such as bumping or embossing. You may also apply a glass, plastic, or gold finish, make the surface glossy, matte, bright, or faded, or give your graphic a fascinating watercolor, oil paint, or pencil drawing look.

13- Real 3D Text:

Real 3D Text Art Text incorporates a 3D modeling engine that allows any text, symbol, or pictogram to be converted to 3D. Their graphic design software includes a 3D renderer and a large number of customizable 3D materials to achieve consistently realistic results.

14- Paint Lettering:

Paint Lettering Art is a type of art that is created by applying paint to letters. The text comes with a wide range of fills, distortion effects, and object content to create incredibly realistic hand-painted, pen-written, and watercolor lettering art.

15- Advanced 2D Shading:

By applying a bump map texture to shading materials, you can dramatically improve the appearance of the surface.

16- Bend and Warp Text:

You may give the text a wavy, slanted, and inflated look, or any other shape you can dream of, by using geometry transformations.

17- Design a Logo:

Create a logo by sketching freeform curves with the Pen, Move, Convert Anchor Point, and Reverse Path Direction tools or editing the 1200+ included vector icons, symbols, and smart forms.

Try Art Text For Free

Art Text or Letters:

If you are tight on the budget, try Letters software by BeLight. It’s Free and offers text design templates with limited editing capabilities, but still amazing text effects. With Letters, you can change the template text and adjust the text effect appearance slightly. While with Art Text, which costs $29.99, you have full control over the templates and are able to design your own text effects and typography graphics from scratch. 


  • Pros Art Text is a Mac graphic design software that takes text effects, typography, and logo design to new heights.
  • You can make spectacular headlines for all your desktop publishing projects with its straightforward design toolkit, visual presets, and font templates.
  • You can create logos, websites, 3D text and titles in seconds, and even catchy captions for social media postings.
  • The material editor will come in handy for developing unique Shading Materials for the most demanding users.
  • Create distinctive logo designs by applying effects to shapes and combining them with text.

Final Verdict:

Art Text is a simple to use graphic design app for text design. It’s perfect for novices and has a variety of presets, you can use an endless amount of templates and textures, but it’s also capable enough for pros, thanks to its clean and easy UI. It may be used to create graphics, logos, icons, brand branding, invitation cards, UI designs, and typography art. You are welcome to send the developer your suggestions and critiques via email.

For personal or business use, choose from hundreds of text design templates and change them to your liking. There are over 400 free and paid text templates.

When you look at all of the features, it’s clear that Art Text is the best software for producing and designing text-based graphics. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the best moment to get this software and start using it. Create something unique with the innovative Art Text software.

A free trial is also available.

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