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Beans Route Review (2024): The Best End-to-End Business and Delivery Management Software

What is Beans Route:

Beans Route is a complete end-to-end business and delivery management solution designed for e-commerce, last-mile, same-day, on-demand, distribution, scheduled, next-day, routed, and warehousing business models.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Beans Route automates essential parts of your logistics business and reduces the amount of manpower you need to manage your fleet.

Beans Route integrates with best-in-breed solutions to provide a comprehensive business management system. These seamless integrations prevent you from having to switch back and forth between multiple dashboards and give you convenient access to industry-leading products and services, including ELD and safety training.

Beans Route helps you with compliance and business and delivery management by providing industry-leading solutions and features, including:

Beans Route

  • Fully integrated, best-in-breed solutions that alert you of labor law and DOT compliance-related issues
  • AI-powered timesheets and scheduling that monitor your employee’s hours, lunch breaks, schedules, and other data necessary for audits and potential lawsuits
  • Analytics and customizable reports to keep you aware of every aspect of your business and maintain maximum fleet efficiency
  • Visual telematics, including vehicle location, delivery status, and driver behavior, to help you, your managers, and your BCs manage your company’s resources and monitor your drivers’ safety
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning to power and automate all route planning, optimization, and driver time schedules
  • 911-grade location data that navigates drivers further than any other available routing software
  • Proof-of-delivery feature to maintain organized records of completed deliveries

These distinctions, along with the rest of Beans Route’s features and services, help carrier clients win bids for new businesses, acquire contracts, manage safety, increase profitability, and maximize efficiency.

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How it works:

Run and operate Beans Route on any device through high-quality mobile apps or its comprehensive web dashboard. Beans Route’s interface is as seamless and intuitive as software created by big tech as the company employs seasoned engineers with work experience at leading companies, such as Google and Uber.

To gain firsthand knowledge of what it takes to plan and execute the movement and storage of products, materials, and services, Beans Route acquired a large-scale logistics company around the time of the company’s launch. This acquisition has allowed Beans Route to develop solutions and features that solve some of the most common pain points and frustrations found within the industry.

How it works for owners, dispatchers, and managers:

As an end-to-end business and delivery management solution, Beans Route allows you to stay within a single dashboard for all your logistical management needs. Approve time-off requests, check drivers’ safety training statuses, review ELD compliance alerts, adjust routes, and access real-time analytics and metrics all within Beans Route. You can also access real-time driver location and route progress throughout the day to have full visibility of your fleet’s progress and any potential issues.

How it works for drivers:

Drivers who use the Beans Route app can request time off, view their schedules, access their optimized routes, and receive navigation all the way to within 10ft. of a delivery’s location—even at apartments, condominiums, hospitals, and other complex locations. Drivers also have the power to add and move pins, make in-app notes, and draw lassos to alter their route in order to boost their stops per hour.

What makes Beans Route the best delivery and business management solution:

Innovative features, robust integrations, and 911-grade location data has propelled Beans Route to quickly become an industry leader for routing, dispatch, and business management. Here are 5 key factors that set them apart from competitors:

AI-Powered Route Planning and Dispatch

The AI-powered route planning and dispatch feature quickly learns how to optimize your dispatch and routing and seamlessly coordinates the movements of goods, services, and people. Beans Route’s AI system helps you run your business effectively by providing intelligent, autonomous dispatch and routing that continues to improve with each use

Precise Geocodes

With over 8 million apartment units and complex locations mapped, Beans Route geocodes and hosts the largest database of precise multi-tenant locations in the United States. In simple terms, this means that your drivers receive navigation to within 10ft. of a delivery—even at apartments, hospitals, and other complex destinations. Drivers with this high-level data complete up to 20% more stops per hour on apartment-heavy routes. No other company in the US has this data, including the Federal Government.

Timesheets and Scheduling

Beans Route is the only business management and routing software that currently offers comprehensive timesheets and scheduling built-in to its dashboard. The timesheets feature helps you comply with labor laws and allows you to stay in one dashboard to view drivers’ schedules and time off requests. Use the scheduling feature to successfully meet DOT requirements and become alerted whenever a compliance issue arises.

Best-of-Breed Integrations

Beans Route makes it easy for you to stay within one dashboard by offering a complete ecosystem for transportation and logistics management. Unlike other companies that stretch themselves thin to provide an entire management solution on their own, Beans Route focuses sharpening its route optimization and planning, artificial intelligence, 911-grade location data, and dispatch. For solutions outside its specitialy, Beans Route has formed strategic partnerships with leading companies to provide you with complete, best-in-breed integrations. This means that you will never suffer from poor design or inferior service.

Notes and Customization

Beans Route makes it easy to deliver to every kind of structure with its in-app edit feature that allows drivers to add pins to mark specific locations, draw private roads, move existing pins, and add notes. Being able to add and edit data gives drivers complete control over their routes and equips them with the tools necessary to be most effective with their time. The edit feature is easy to use and is extremely useful for routes that include stops found at docks, warehouses, shipyards, malls, airports, and rural areas.

Beans Route’s other leading features include:

Real-time scanner data 

  • Observe your drivers’ delivery status based on their package scans and codes
  • Quickly spot drivers failing behind schedule
  • See how many packages still need to be delivered
  • Understand where your drivers are headed to next

Real-time driver location

  • Monitor your drivers’ location anytime, anywhere
  • Easily review previous records of your drivers’ movements
  • Learn how to better optimize future routes

Route optimization

  • Automatic route optimization
  • Pins snap to homes, not streets, for clear navigation
  • AI-powered software constantly improves routes based on previous data

Ability to drop pins and draw maps

  • Mark entrances, locker locations, parking, private roads, etc.
  • Pins are saved and made available to other drivers running that route
  • Make notes about dogs, uneven roads, particular drop-off requests or save gate codes in the app

Apartment, airport, hospital location data

  • Sequential waypoints take drivers to within 10ft. of a delivery’s location
  • Locations of parking lots, entrances, unit numbers, package lockers, and other important POIs are highlighted

No contracts

  • Beans Route is a flexible, month-to-month service
  • Pay per route/seats payment model
  • Avoid getting locked into a contract
  • Stay for the quality of service, not because of a binding contract
  • Assign multiple drivers or helpers to a route

24/7 US-based support

  • Receive quick answers to all of your questions
  • Speak directly with a US team member whenever you need help
  • Benefit from an easy, personal line of communication with a direct point of contact

Dynamic Route Optimization

  • Dynamic Route Optimization features and functions fully integrated into the dispatch dashboard and mobile app.
  • Increases dispatcher productivity, reduces vehicle operation cost, and improves customer service by reducing delivery windows

7-day auto-scheduling

  • AI seamlessly creates 7-day schedules for you
  • Schedules generated monthly and incorporates time-off requests
  • AI quickly learns to perfect schedules based on past performance

Clock in/clock out

  • Stay compliant with labor laws by tracking employees’ timesheets
  • Drivers clock in and out directly on the Beans Route app

Device agnostic

  • Run and operate Beans Route on any tablet, computer, or smartphone device
  • App can be downloaded from both the Google Play and Apple Store
  • Launch Dispatch Manager on any computer with an internet connection

3-minute driver training

  • Onboarding new drivers takes only 3 minutes
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive design makes the app easy to use
  • Drivers with Beans Route can quickly navigate routes as well as your vetran drivers

Package scanning

  • Use a mobile device to scan packages
  • Beans Route adds and optimizes scanned packages with a driver’s current route
  • Easily create rescue routes
  • Quickly add unscanned packages onto a manifest

Route progress in dispatcher

  • See an overview of each driver’s progress through clear visual bars
  • Blue indicates how many deliveries and pick-ups have been made
  • Grey indicates the amount of stops left
  • View the exact number of stops completed and in progress


  • Works with any IOS or Android device
  • Attractive pricing
  • No contracts
  • Quick onboarding time
  • User-friendly interface
  • Innovative features continuously added
  • Pins snap to homes, not streets
  • Complete end-to-end business management solution
  • Fully integrated with Lytx for VEDR
  • Fully integrated with Fleet Response for safety training


  • Does not currently operate on Windows’ or Amazon’s Fire phones.
  • Some cities are still being geocoded for precise location data.

Contact info:

Try Beans Route For Free

Corporate Headquarters

  • Address: 248 Homer Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301
  • Phone: (650) 353-5014

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