The Best App Ad Networks in 2023: The AdMob Benefits

The career of a mobile app publisher can be anything but easy. Not only will they need to develop a forward-thinking app that stands out from the crowd, but they’ll also need to master user adoption and find a monetization balance.  

If they fail to introduce the right app monetization model, it is likely they will receive little return for their hard work and financial investment. As there are various models to choose from, you might need a little assistance in selecting the right platform. For this reason, you should seriously consider AdMob. To make an informed choice, here are the biggest benefits of the popular network. 

The Biggest Advertising Brands:

There are seemingly a million and one ways to market a business online. For example, many brands often utilize the likes of PPC to rank higher in search engines, drive substantial traffic to their website, and successfully rival their biggest competitors in Google AdSense.    

Another option is for companies to appear on a respected third-party website, which can lead to referral traffic and greater brand recognition. For instance, users following the odds of their team or the favorites of competition can discover various free bet offers from established sites with the help of Oddschecker. The credibility of the brand will, therefore, boost a person’s confidence when signing up for a site.  

There are, however, some brands that are willing to pay good money to appear on in-app advertisements. App publishers can earn a considerable amount of money by introducing a powerful Mobile ad network, such as Google-owned AdMob. The platform currently completes 200 billion ad requests every month from one million advertisers. Plus, it can support various platforms, including iOS, Android, Unity, and Cocos2d-x.

Varied Ad Formats:

Varied ad formats can help app publishers to continually grab their users’ attention and encourage them to watch video ads and click on advertisements, which can grow their revenue exponentially. AdMob is, therefore, an ideal option, as it can seamlessly introduce customized formats into an app, such as native, video, banner, rewarded, and interstitial ads. 

Ad Mediation:

Ad mediation enables app developers to create, manage, and optimize various mobile ad networks. It allows publishers to work with many advertising sources to provide ad competition and quickly grow their monthly revenue. 

The monetization solution features a waterfall setup that prioritizes your advertising sources. Every ad unit will have a list of preferred sources, which will be ranked by their historical revenue data. If an advertising source fails to return an ad, the platform will use the next available ad source to provide publishers with the best possible value for each impression. 

So, if you are looking for a powerful ad network for your mobile application, AdMob should not be overlooked. 

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