15+ Best Attendance Tracking Software in 2023

Are you looking for a way to track the attendance and working hours of your employees? Well what if we told you there’s a way you could do it!

That’s right there are software that allow managers to accurately mark their employees attendance by recording their sign in and sign offs. Want to know more about these programs? Stay on this page to learn more!

No matter how big your business is, as long as you have software for tracking attendance, it doesn’t matter. It aids in keeping track of staff attendance. It streamlines the process and makes it simple to record and report jobs. Using software for attendance tracking makes it simple to share data between departments.

For a daily thorough documentation of your employee’s dedication to task and their working hours, attendance monitoring software is required. The advantages of attendance monitoring software include managing work hours, shifts, scheduling individuals with working hours, and keeping time track using web apps. Software for managing attendance is useful for both large and small businesses. Companies must keep regular records in order to understand staff performance.

All businesses need employee attendance software since it boosts the group’s productivity as a whole. Without wasting anymore of your time let’s check in with the list for top Attendance tracking software.  Choose the best option based on your individual requirements.

Below is the list of best Attendance Tracking Software you might be looking for.

What is Attendance Tracking Software?

A digital tool known as attendance tracking software enables business owners and managers to accurately record employee attendance by recording their work hours and time off. GPS services can also be included in the tool, allowing you to make sure that your employees are in the right place when they clock in. Employee time tracking, recorded timesheets, and payroll processes are free of human error thanks to automated attendance tracking software.

How to choose the right Attendance tracking software for your business?

Manual employee attendance tracking can be stressful and time consuming. Moreover, there is room for costly payroll errors and employees to record extra time when they need to that’s why Attendance tracking software come in extremely handy! However, choosing the right one for you can be a fuss. Don’t worry! we have combed through the extensive list of programs and came up the criteria on which you can narrow down your choice:

1. User Interface: It is essential to select a system that provides users of all types with a positive and engaging user experience (UX). To evaluate a program’s usability, break down its interface, including how its menus are coordinated, and that it is so natural to explore between highlights or undertaking.

2. Automated tracking: Errors and delays can occur when data is entered manually. With an automated tool, you can get more precise attendance information, including continuous data about employee activity.

3. Performance Insights: The process only begins with the collection of attendance data. With performance insights, you can detect and determine issues with worker movement and prize top-performing colleagues.

4. Software Integrations: Another standalone application is the last thing you need for your business. Find a tool that integrates with your existing payroll and project management applications to simplify attendance management.

5. Accessibility: Employees are not necessarily office based. Instead, they might be employed in mobile service-oriented positions, remotely, in a factory, or out in the field. As a result, it’s critical to think about attendance tracking software with mobile apps or at least features that are mobile-friendly.

6. Customizability: Every business need is different so you need to find a program that is customizable so it becomes suitable according to your requirements.

7. Price: Lastly, this goes without saying you need to find a tool that fits right into your budget and it provides maximum features in the range.

Attendance Tracking Software:

Here is the list of 15+ Best Attendance Tracking Software in 2022 and 2023:

  1. Rippling
  2. Connecteam
  3. UKG Dimensions
  4. Replicon
  5. Time Doctor
  6. CakeHR
  7. Isolved
  8. Calamari
  9. Ximble
  10. Jibble
  11. TrackSmart Attendance
  12. ClockIt
  13. DeskTime
  14. Clockspot
  15. Truein

1. Rippling:


With Rippling, you can monitor your staff’ hours of work immediately, doing away with risky manual data entry and delayed permissions. With this system, you can easily establish your own administrative principles and standards for tracking time of the employees. Rippling handles everything for you, including requests for breaks. Additionally, it provides easy integrations and templates for workflows that may be tweaked and automated.


  • Clear workforce visibility reduces costs. You may quickly adjust personnel levels by keeping track of your employees’ working hours. Create effective, personalized reports that highlight trends. This help with the strategic workforce planning, group labor expenditures by position, geography, or any other criterion.
  • With built-in compliance, Rippling automatically complies with all federal requirements, state, and local labor laws depending on each employee’s work location. This helps you avoid paying expensive fines. Thanks to Rippling’s vigilant eye, you can rest easy knowing that your business is always in compliance.

Simple clock-in that cannot be tricked:

  • Buddy punching is prevented and employees are present physically at your workplace while clocking in with the help of attendance enforcement technologies like geolocation limitations, QR codes, and selfies clock-ins.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Vacation/Leave Tracking, FMLA Monitoring, Overtime Tracking, Employee Scheduling, Calendar Management, Employee Time Clock, Self Service Portal, Absence Management


  • $8 per user each month

2. Connecteam:

connect system

Connecteam is a comprehensive digital solution made specifically for mobile workers that enables managers to efficiently manage their company’s operations from any location at any time. The major online duration and attendance functions of this program enable managers to more effectively track employees’ attendance, keep complete track of workers’ positions and routes while they are logged in, and avoid payroll issues like theft and fraud and mate punching.


  • Managing a business is challenging and even daunting. To make it simple for firms to interact with, manage, and instruct their careless workers wherever they are, they launched Connecteam.
  • The goal is to free companies from the hassles and difficulties of organizing staff so they can focus on expanding and running their businesses.

Its services include:

  • Accurate timekeeping with cutting-edge GPS capabilities
  • Optimal shift management, from distribution to planning
  • Continually keep an eye on tasks and staff development
  • Direct reporting from the scene in real-time
  • Feed for customized notifications with real-time reaction monitoring.
  • A private chat program with chat groups and individual permissions
  • A constantly updated corporate phone book
  • Professional resources that are constantly accessible and backed up

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Checklists & Forms, Employee Communication, Staff Training, Employee Scheduling, and Absence Management Tracking of FMLA, overtime, self-service portal, timesheets, and vacations/Leave Tracking


  • Cost is $39.00 per month.

3. UKG Dimensions:


The cloud-based software UKG Dimensions is in charge of streamlining and enhancing the employee working environments. It assists in handling a wide range of tasks, including payroll, human resources, project management, and countless other crucial tasks. Additionally, it is in charge of real-time data synchronization, cloud security, and insight delivery. It is also in charge of effectively handling the demands of attendance.


Find a way to join the life-work journey:

  • Give your employees and supervisors leadership tools that take a holistic view of each worker at every stage of their career in order to offer individualized support, promote belonging, and promote high performance.

Change and amend:

  • Automation and collaboration can help you cut down on administrative costs while allowing you to maintain your strategic focus, make the most of your time, and facilitate ongoing process improvement.

Automate attendance and time:

  • Increase productivity by automating repetitive processes including timekeeping, timesheet approval and execution, handling time-off requests, and resolving exceptions.

Make success your own:

  • To place your people at the center of business growth, make them feel heard, and personalize their paths to success, identify important desires, goals, and development opportunities.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Employee Scheduling, Worker Time Clock, Excess Tracking, Customer Service Portal, Vacation / Leave Tracking, and Calendar Management

4. Replicon:


The Time Intelligence business Replicon, which has almost 20 years of market leadership, is developing a brand-new method of time management. In order to increase operating productivity, performance, and profitability, time is elevated as a competitive asset inside an organization through time intelligence. The Time Intelligence Platform from Replicon provides solutions for international time and gross paid compliance, company management software for expert services, corporate time management for ERP, and an SDK for future development.


ZeroTime eliminates the need for manual time tracking by using AI and machine learning to generate timesheets that are ready for inspection.

Automatically Record Time among 100+ Work Apps:

  • Gather precise and relevant time information from the many collaboration and work apps that your staff members use to complete tasks.

Flexible Timesheet Capture:

  • Using Replicon’s mobile, tablet, and computer-optimized user interfaces, you can quickly and easily log the hours spent on any task, project, or activity.

Totally accurate timekeeping:

  • Replicon timesheet solution enables you to verify, cleanse, analyse, evaluate, and apply the appropriate workflows to your time data in order to guarantee that it is free of errors and prepared for processing.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Employee schedule, FMLA tracking, premium monitoring, enterprise time tracking, leave management, calendar management, timesheets, and leave tracking are all aspects of managing a workforce.


  • $5.00 per month

5. Time Doctor:


In the year 2012, Martin and Rawson developed the software Time Doctor. It assists with employee time tracking, enabling your business and the team to work effectively every day. The system is compared to a combination of time tracking, staff monitoring, and project management programmes. You can track all the actions and continue to be productive thanks to this app.



  • This gives the time tracking and productivity solutions for all companies and teams.


  • This tool heightened awareness and practical workplace insights for distant workers.


  • It has real-time effectiveness analytics to boost performance no regardless of where you work.


  • Workday analytics outsourcing helps enhance the productivity of BPOs and businesses employing overseas workforce.

This serves both managers and Employees

You’ll be prepared to be more active on each project, providing support and moving in when necessary, by tracking and analyzing how your staff spends its time.

You’ll be astounded at how productive, responsible, and self-directed your employees become once they understand that tracking their time provides them with useful information about their weaknesses and strengths, when they are overworked and when they’re undervalued.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Employee Productivity, Attendance Absence Monitoring, Employee Management, Employee Time Clock, Payroll, Timesheets, Time Management, Screen Monitoring,


  • $10.99 per user each month

6. CakeHR:


The program CakeHR is unquestionably the one to choose if you’re seeking for a comprehensive human resources solution for your company. It aids in streamlining staff attendance while also managing performance. It is the ideal choice for both small and medium-sized organizations. It assists with employee scheduling and keeps track of leaves and vacations.

Sage HR, formerly known as CakeHR, has improved its offerings as a result of client feedback and the diligent efforts of our development and design team. They currently offer their services to clients in more than 40 other nations. Their package is ideal for businesses of any size due to its smooth connection into the Sage product family in Accounting and Payroll.


Using Sage HR, create fantastic work experiences for your employees.

Easily increase your productivity in a few short steps.

  1. Get your employees on board:

Simply click a few buttons to submit your employee records to your new staff directory online.

  1. Automate your human resource process: Forget about trying to keep track of sporadic requests for time off and shift changes.
  2. Get informative insights: Create personalised reports and data-rich company graphs using filters.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Employee Management, Worker Timer, Overtime Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Vacation / Leave Tracking, Leave Management, Calendar Management


  • $3.40 per user each month

7. Isolved:


A well-known supplier of SaaS-based human resource management technology solutions is isolved. A complete HR, payroll, employee time and attendance, and benefits participation solution is isolved. The revolutionary HCM trend for companies of all sizes is being led by isolved, which currently has more over 3 million members using the platform. Software that manages all of your workforce management activities, including payroll, Human resource, time, and benefits, and improves work life and improves your business.


Talent Acquisition:

  • Employers has to be flexible in accepting the necessary tools to efficiently attract, hire, and integrate the really highly skilled as the nature of work changes over time. With the help of isolved Talent Acquisition services, you can onboard new workers quickly and efficiently while delivering a great employee experience and communicating your company’s culture and values.

HR & Payroll:

  • With less duplication, fewer errors, reduced risk, and deeper analytics, isolved Human resource & Payroll enables you to deliver more value.

Workforce management:

  • Accurately track and manage time, participation, and expenses for your whole workforce using isolved Workforce Management. Through collaborative scheduling, expenditure submissions, and payroll integration, employees are involved in their success.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Vacation or Leave Tracking, FMLA Monitoring, Overtime Tracking, Employee Scheduling, Calendar Management, Employee Time Clock, Self Service Portal


  • $49.00 for one time only

8. Calamari:


Calamari is significant human resource software that has been created for every profile of a certain firm. It has many important features that aid in managing absences, tracking FMLA, vacations, overtime, managing calendars, scheduling employees, and more. It also has a self-service interface. Your clients will only pay for the services they actually need with the aid of this program.



  •  Distributed teams in multinational organizations can utilize the program in their native tongues. English, German, Polish, French, and Spanish are the language options for the Calamari interface.

Cloud-based HR:

  • A cloud-based system doesn’t require a company’s own server infrastructure or IT personnel to be implemented. Depending on the size of your firm, it is easily scalable. You may get help at any moment by contacting us. Simply sign up to streamline your HR.

Available and Safe:

  • All employee information, including as leave requests, HR documents, and timesheets, should be kept in a safe location. They utilize Amazon Web Services, a premier source of hosting. Your information is backed up, all contacts are encrypted, and the IT professionals keep an eye on your systems around-the-clock.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Vacation/Leave Tracking, FMLA Monitoring, Overtime Tracking, Employee Scheduling, Calendar Management, Employee Time Clock, Self Service Portal


  • Cost: $1 per month per user

9. Ximble:


Easy staff scheduling combined with quick, error-free timekeeping. Companies can automate and manage their workforce operations using Ximble’s simple, web-based staff scheduling as well as time & attendance solution, which also improves communication and flexibility. Companies can plan, track, and manage their operations more effectively with the help of Ximble’s robust and user-friendly array of schedule making and time keeping tools.


Features That Managers and Staff Will Adore:

Shift Swapping:

  • Employees may take over open shifts and make actual shift swap proposals with team members, eliminating information grimaces and requiring just management approval.

Staff Availability:

  • To avoid scheduling conflicts, executives can specify and view employee availability.

Shift publishing and notification:

  • Teams can receive automatic SMS, email, and push notifications to promptly tell them of upcoming shifts and to remind them on a regular basis.

Mobile App:

  • Their smartphone apps enable quick and simple management while on the go, allowing employees to access schedules and submit requests from any location.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, FMLA Tracking, Overtime Monitoring, Vacation/Leave Tracking, Self Service Portal, Employee Scheduling, Calendar Management, Employee Time Clock, Workforce management, talent development, employee satisfaction, compensation management, services + support, and HR + payroll system.


  • $1.00 per month for each user

10. Jibble:


You can try utilizing Jibble if you’re having trouble keeping track of the employees’ attendance and timekeeping. The employees may more effectively manage the workforce with the aid of this application. Controlling the employees is not an easy task. Whatever type of business you run, this software may aid with the payroll, billing, and team productivity in a suitable and professional manner.


Timesheet application: 

  • With advanced schedules, breaks, and overtime settings, avoid manual calculations.
  • Use the time clock app to track staff attendance and payroll on any device.
  • Employee projects, attendance, and activities can be recorded in real-time on a desktop or mobile device using an attendance tracker.
  • Provide choices for your employees to track their time remotely, on-site, or even when travelling.

Web-based timekeeping:

  • Change tasks, activities, projects, or clients as you come in and go.

Analytical Reporting & Detail:

  • To assist you in managing payroll, productivity of employees, or budget costs, detailed information and analytics are available.

Utilize Jibble’s dashboard to maintain control:

  • The dashboard for Jibble gives you command. Discover who is in or out in real time by viewing hours recorded by organization, group, schedule, or location.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Employee Timesheet, Self Service Portal, and Absence Management


  • Price: $2.00 per month per user

11. TrackSmart Attendance:

track smart

With the help of this internet attendance and timekeeping program named Track Smart, timekeeping has never been simpler or more accessible. It is ideal for both small and large companies, and it is quite economical. It is cloud-based, the ideal answer for business owners, HR specialists, and managers, and it aids in tracking overtime.


Easily interact and coordinate with your hourly workers:

  • Lessen your attention on employee scheduling so that you can concentrate on the broader picture. You may quickly save repeating schedules and even have them automatically generated based on staff skill levels and availability.

Streamline timecard administration without costly equipment:

  • Tracking employee hours is simple, effective, and affordable. Your workers can clock out and in using any web-enabled computer or mobile device with TrackSmart Time Clock. No expensive apparatus. There are no elaborate ID cards.

Start Here for Customer Success:

  • They are devoted to giving you a high degree of customized service as soon as you sign up as a TrackSmart customer. Whether it’s giving you pointers on where to start, collaborating with you to find a solution, or enhancing what you’re doing.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Self Service Portal, FMLA Monitoring, Overtime Tracking, Vacation / Leave Tracking, Leave Management, Calendar Management


  • Cost: $21.95 per month

12. ClockIt:

clock it

As one of the top workforce automation systems, ClockIt has assisted many businesses with tracking time and attendance, managing leaves, timesheets, and processing payroll. With the aid of this software, maximum efficiency is what you can anticipate. It assists with managing the calendar, handling absences, handling time sheets, keeping track of overtime, and more. You may select the best method, and it works well with Rfid chips, fingerprint and facial recognition.


  • Data from time clocks is synced among devices and apps using ClockIt. This implies you’ll be able to clock in and out using any device and the data will be synchronized in real time.

GPS location capture combined with clock in/clock out:

  • You can find out when the workers clock in and out work with the assistance of the GPS monitoring time clock software ClockIt. To know where every other worker is at any given time, the ClockIt app provides real-time location information to the cloud.

Shift planning:

  • A scheduling algorithm for employees called shift planning enables you to efficiently distribute your workforce so that everyone is ready for work or relaxation when you need them.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Vacation/Leave Tracking, FMLA Monitoring, Overtime Monitoring, Employee Scheduling, Calendar Management, Employee Time Clock, Self Service Portal


  • Cost: $15.00 per month

13. DeskTime:


One of the greatest real-time and automatic program is DeskTime, which not only helps with time monitoring but also with productivity analysis by classifying all the apps that the workers are using. It is the ideal program for both businesses and independent contractors. You may manage various tasks and projects in addition to tracking billable hours, attendance, and productivity.


A streamlined process and a positive work-life balance for each employee:

Adaptable timetable:

  • Desk Time’s time tracker allows you to set your schedule autonomously while your manager can easily watch your performance no matter where you are or when you choose to work. Time tracking is proof of work, and Desk Time’s time trackers gives you just that.

Reminders for regular breaks:

  • Its time tracker makes use of the Pomodoro timer, which will keep a close check on your work and prompt you to take frequent break so you don’t lose concentration while upholding healthy routines and your mental health.
  • Desk Time’s Private time function allows you to turn off the site and time tracker when you need to do non-work-related chores during business hours.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets, Vacations or Leave Tracking, Overtime Tracking, Employee Time Clock, and Absence Management


  • $4.20 per user each month

14. Clockspot:


Undoubtedly, managing time is a challenging work. Internet time clocks are frequently needed, and Clockspot is among the greatest web-based timesheet tools for employees. It is beneficial to monitor both the employees’ time and attendance. Business owners, payroll specialists, and bookkeepers can all use it. With the aid of internet interfaces, it enables employees to track their time.


Any device or internet browser you authorize is used by employees to clock in:

  • You decide where and how employees can clock in, whether it be on a mobile phone, landline, or website. They keep track of details like IP addresses and GPS coordinates so you can see exactly where they are clocking in from.

Timesheets are reviewed and approved online. Find out who is working right presently:

  • Everyone is kept honest by Clockspot.  See a true feed of the projects your staff is working on using a straightforward, clutter-free interface. Employees can view their actual hours, so they are aware of the accurate calculation of their time.

Track clients, jobs, tasks, and projects:

  • With the help of their job codes tool, you can keep tabs on the specific tasks that your staff are performing on and create a report that details job, project, and client costs.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • Timesheets and an employee time clock


  • $5 per user each month

15. Truein:


Truein is a mobile/tablet-based solution for timesheets and attendance that uses face recognition. It is a unified, unbreakable system for managing attendance that was created specifically for distributed, contract workers. Truein fully automates the attendance monitoring process to boost employee productivity and stop money-losing leaks.


  • Plug Revenue Leakages: Steer clear of erroneous clock-ins, buddy punching, incorrect overtime calculations, reconciliation problems, and other occurrences.
  • Automated shift planning, weekly off rotation, job mappings, and analytics can all be used to maximize workforce use. Make wise selections in business.
  • Reduce unplanned absences and tardiness to work to increase workforce productivity. Over 70 customizable policies to increase staff productivity are available.

Face Recognition Moment & Attendance:

  • Accurate and reliable face-based timers for your staff

Attendance through mobile device:

  • Free first investment.
  • Any smartphone or tablet can use Truein.

Attendance of Contract Workers:

  • Are employee changes too frequent? Facilitate adherence to Truein.

Distributed Staff Attendance:

  • Users can geo-fence their attendance and take attendance photos using their phones.

Attendance Tracking Features:

  • A variety of dashboards and reports and policies, integrating payroll with HRMS multi-site centralized controls, accurately identifying faces, handle your time off, Offline mode, GPS position capture, and shift scheduling.


  • Standard: $1.2 per staff per month


The key to streamlining monitoring operations, increasing staff productivity, and automating timesheet and payroll processes is to find the correct attendance software for your firm. This is especially true for small enterprises. When you are required to select the best one among the available options, it can be overwhelming. By looking at their many capabilities, you may select the finest attendance monitoring software based on whatever significant issue is affecting your business’ efficiency.

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