20+ Best Free cPanel Hosting Providers in 2024

Looking for a free cPanel hosting plan? But you don’t quite know which is the one for you? Then look no further than the extensive list we have made for you right here.

In a world of hosting platforms that seek to provide the best of the best of what web hosting has to offer. The problem is that most of their services come at a steep cost, and that isn’t what most people want. What they want is a hosting plan that is free of cost, but still comes with a plethora of good features that aim to get the job done, despite not asking for payment.

For that purpose, there are plenty of cPanel hosting services out there that are either completely free of cost or are extremely budget-friendly. Not only that, but their interfaces and overall server management and customization options are also easy and efficient.

For those of you that don’t know, cPanel hosting is an easier version of web hosting, as in, that it provides a separate interface for users so that they can perform complex functions through just a click on the provided control panel dashboard.

With that kind of efficiency and ease, one would immediately flock towards the cPanel hosting services. This kind of hosting service is usually aimed towards beginners or people that are creating a startup and want the basics of functions, considering they themselves don’t have extensive knowledge of web development. So they go towards platforms that know what they’re doing and are willing to lend a helping hand along the way.

cPanel hosting is, therefore, in a word, easy and convenient.

So for those people who wish to make use of such a platform, with the stipulation that they come at a low budget. Do we have a list for you to choose from?

Let’s start.

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What is cPanel Hosting?

To start off, let’s discuss in-depth just how the cPanel hosting works.

It is a Linux-based GUI, which acts as a control panel software aimed to aid in server management and website customization. A cPanel allows users to create their websites. Providing them with domain management, server management, email management, as well as customization features. And all of that is just a click away, considering the cPanel’s dashboard that has all of these features available with just one click.

cPanel isn’t just limited to being a separate hosting service, as various hosting platforms utilize them in their own program as part of the package they offer.

A cPanel has two interfaces, one of which is the user interface, and the other is a Web Host Management (WHM), the one that actually deals with the management of the server. Combined, both of them make for a solid website management package.

Best Free cPanel Hosting 2024:

The following list depicts some of the best free cPanel hosting services of the years 2024 and 2025.

  1. Kamatera
  2. x10Hosting
  3. Free hosting
  4. GigaRocket
  5. InfinityFree
  6. GoogieHost
  7. Ajenti
  8. Froxler
  9. Webmin
  10. YunoHost

1- Kamatera:


Based in Israel, Kamatera is known for the large number of web services that it provides. It is also something to be noted that Kamatera is also in coalition with Windows, which can attest to its fortitude. Originally a cloud-based web service platform, Kamatera has dived into a lot of other places, aiming to provide the best web services to its users.

Among its cPanel hosting service, Kamatera comes with an SSD storage, as well as powerful processors at the back to support the VPS hosting environment. It seeks to provide users with cutting-edge features that will surely increase the overall scale of the website environment. Using their cPanel, one can build the exact type of website that their business or brand requires, with a minimal amount of money spent.

The cPanel offers domain management, email hosting, advanced security features. All of which comes with a 30-day trial period, for people that wish to check out the full scope of their features and figure out for themselves whether Kamatera is the best fit for them or not.

2- x10Hosting:


x10Hosting is another cloud hosting platform, backed by SingleHop, an IT service management company. x10Hosting aims to provide excellent hosting services, and it has kept that oath for more than a decade since its inception.

It offers its users unlimited storage and bandwidth, which can come in handy. Along with several other features, such as the use of programming languages like MySQL, Apache, and PHP. And considering its cPanel comes in either manual customization format or from one of the latest iterations of cPanel, it’s safe to say that x10Hosting is well equipped to deal with web hosting.

As for providing domain management, x10Hosting offers up to 2 domains and a single subdomain. Users are offered a total of 3 email account registrations as well.

3- Freehosting:


As is obvious from its name, Freehosting is an excellent hosting platform. Offering both free and paid services. It is also an anomaly in the web hosting world as it not only provides users with free hosting services but also registers free domains for their users as well.

Its data centers are situated in Germany and France. And along with its paid services, Freehosting also provides its users with a one-time upgrade feature, in which users can pay for the services they require from the paid plan just once, and if they think that those services aren’t up to par with their requirements, they can renege on any future involvements.

Among its many features is the 10GB of storage space, and unlimited bandwidth. Users are provided with subdomains as well. And it offers programming languages like MySQL and PHP 7, among its feature set as well.

4- GigaRocket:


Remember when we said that cPanel hosting is geared towards small business enterprises or individuals that are just starting out? Well, GigaRocket is the perfect candidate for those people.

Aimed towards startups and web design students, GigaRocket offers a free hosting plan that is excellent, based on its blending of modern and quality high-tech feature sets. It is backed with Intel Xeon processors and a CDN. The email format is POP3 and IMAP. And the amount of storage offered is 5GB, with 50GB in bandwidth space.

GigaRocket offers one subdomain. It also has extremely advanced and multiple security features, like the encrypted SSL certification, Cloudfare CDN, and DDoS protection.

Programming languages offered are the likes of PHP 7 and MySQL.

5- InfinityFree:


With a dedicated following, InfinityFree is another free hosting service provider. The main perk about InfinityFree is that it asks for users to register a subdomain on their platform but are given the opportunity to redirect traffic to another personal setup domain that can be registered in some other place.

It provides users with the ability to increase their scalability, with a guaranteed 99.99% increase in uptime. Which is an amazing feat considering not a lot of free web hosting services can provide that.

InfinityFree also offers its users a paid package, as well as the chance to upgrade to premium features. Its storage and bandwidth space are unlimited, and they offer one subdomain to its users.

It also has the required safety features like the SSL certificate and the Cloudfare CDN. Programming languages offered are PHP and MySQL.

6- GoogieHost:


Originated more than a decade ago, GoogieHost has a lot of experience under its belt. It has an adequate following, but those that utilize its services are dedicated users. Especially since it offers budget-friendly hosting. It also offers free-of-cost services, along with the usually paid services.

Its servers are located mostly in the UK and US. And it offers users a guaranteed 99.95% uptime increase. It also provides users with a customized control panel for those that wish to participate more heavily in their server management and website customization process.

As for storage and bandwidth, the storage may be low at 1GB, but GoogieHost offers unlimited bandwidth. It offers unlimited subdomains on a single website, as well as free business emails. Programming languages offered are PHP and MySQL.

7- Ajenti:


A new age control panel, made by and for web developers that require modern solutions for their modern problems. It’s also free of charge and extremely efficient in its hosting management capabilities.

It offers a simple-to-use user interface that offers all the necessary features one needs to better manage their server and control every aspect of it. Ajenti’s main focus is providing simple and easy web hosting so users can work through the kinks in their websites and if they ever have any queries or are facing some problems, they can easily contact the ever-present tech support team.

The major thing to note about Ajenti is that it’s a Linux-based hosting service. But it still delivers its accessible users with their desired requirements. Such as a robust dashboard and advanced security features. It supports Python and JavaScript.

8- Froxler:


Since most cPanel hosting services have the problem of offering only the basic necessities, in their aim to be simple yet cost-effective. In comparison with them, there is Froxler. A hosting platform that takes things up a notch and makes things lightweight and easy, while providing amenable services, but where it defers is focuses on providing users with a free cPanel. Since Froxler is open-source, it is made available for every user out there.

Its features and interface are made to bring ease to their users rather than hinder their work progress. It is also extremely fast in its processing approach. Programming languages supported by Froxler are PHP and MySQL.

It offers the modern security feature of encrypting SSL certifications and offers WHM, for users wishing to manage their server.

9- WebMin:

WebMin is considered a cPanel alternative, with the added benefit of hosting a plateau of features that aim to reach higher peaks than cPanel ever could. It is free of cost.

Users of WebMin will know that it offers a lot of leeway and overall control to its users for their server management and website customization requirements. It also offers complete transparency in their working and lets you monitor additional information, such as bandwidth usage, etc. You are also allowed to access your files in a more freeing environment and to manage your user business email account.

All of these features, which are usually offered at a price by other cPanel services, with WebMin you can access them for free.

It offers users a web host manager (WHM), for detailed management of the server. It also offers a good interface that the users can set their basis from while they work.

10- YunoHost:


Another free hosting service, YunoHost prides itself on giving total autonomy to its users so they can set their own standards of hosting and work with a freedom that is seldom given by other platforms. It is available for all users, free of cost.

Another modern hosting service that aims to provide high-tech facilities to its users, YunoHost has an extremely easy-to-use interface. It is also a cPanel alternative and offers users the ability to self-host their websites by utilizing the feature sets provided by them.

YunoHost offers a control panel that has a toolset that is one click away. It offers users advanced email stacks and extra security features. All of this is done through their controlled environment.

Which Free cPanel Hosting Provider Should You Choose:

When it comes to hosting providers, there are many for to you choose from. Each one is more advanced than the last. But all of them have one vital thing in common. They come at a heavy price and most users, particularly ones that are just starting out on web development, they will find choosing the right fit for them difficult to do. And even more, they will find that most website hosting platforms are out of their budget.

In those situations, one would look to see if free solutions are available for them online. And for them, cPanel hosting, particularly free hosting, or cPanel alternatives that are also free, is the way to go.

Even then users will need to decide what kind of features they require. And since these services are rendered free, they are also lightweight. Offering only the basic amenities.

So the user will have to question what kind of feature set do they require? One with advanced security features? Or one that offers full unobstructed control over the server management. Once all of that is decided can the user move forward and tally their requirements with the hosting service that fulfills all of them.

That is the best choice for their online branding. And the list we have provided just might help them in finding out what is the best fit for them.

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