Here Is Why Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing in 2024

Here Is Why Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Video is floating high at present, but will it be the trend of the future?

Yes! Mark Zuckerberg, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Facebook himself said, “the future of social media platforms lies in the video”. Many reasons contribute to his statement. 

Let’s talk about a few of them which have profound power:

Audience love watching and sharing the videos:

Viewers are more interested in watching video content as compared to reading written content. It simply indicates that they are more likely to share videos than images or text. Recent research also reveals the fact that consumers share videos of 1200% more than any other type of content. This is a staggering number that proves the power of video content and why every businessman should use this influential tool. 

Indeed, videos have more potential to attract attention and go viral. Who will not want their offerings to be viewed in the millions? In short, video is an incredible content marketing technique for all brands or businesses that wish to connect with wider viewers.  

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Videos perform better on all devices:

Responsive design is the talk of the time. If your brand promotion techniques are not responsive, you will stay nowhere in today’s digital age. With videos, you need not worry about being responsive. Videos run seamlessly on all devices, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, computers, and so on, which make it easier for your consumers to access your content. Therefore, you can significantly spread the word for you, just by adding a video in your marketing campaign

Videos are vital for SEO:

Videos play a vital role in improving SEO performances. It is another impressive reason why you should believe in a video marketing strategy for your brand promotion. People love watching, connecting, and sharing videos – which boosts a website’s click-through rate. Since people are more inclined to video content, search engines also favour them in their ranking tactics. Therefore, if your website has a video, search engines will place your website higher on its pages and direct more visitors to it. 

It is evaluated that a website with video content is 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google than the one without a video. Hence, it comes as no surprise that creating videos is the way forward if you want to rank higher on the search engine result pages. 

Videos reinforce brand recognition:

Visual content tends to be more engaging than text content. Since people enjoy watching a video, they remember its content much better and for a longer time than the written content. People remember 90% of a video and only 10% of a text. So, when viewers watch a video, they will eventually remember your brand.

Therefore, video plays an influential role in boosting your brand recognition, but to make your videos memorable, you need to make them meaningful. They should be aligned with your brand and narrate a story of your business so that the viewers may easily engage in your content and recognize your brand. 

Videos can help you shine:

In today’s net-savvy scenario, videos are helpful not only for celebrities and business tycoons but also for any common person who makes the right use of them. By creating engaging videos and sharing them on the right channels, anyone can shine. As we have also witnessed that in the rise of social media, many common people have emerged as famous public figures. For instance, a myriad of LinkedIn videos is the monologue of inspiration from the businesses or persons delivering the message. 

The reasons listed above are enough for brands to start using the awesome video-making tool now if you hadn’t started yet.  

How to create videos?

You don’t need hi-tech devices or a pool of professionals to craft a catchy video. You have Best Video Editing Software at your disposal; you know your story, and you are well aware of which types of videos may work wonders in today’s marketplace. In short, you have everything you need to create catchy videos. Just pick a place, create your characters, weave a story, and play them on the pitch.

However, if you don’t feel confident in creating videos on your own, professional video makers like InVideo are always there to help you out. Browse through the web for top video makers and visit their official websites to know more about them. 

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The future of brand promotion is embedded in videos because the marketplace of visual content is completely limitless. Whether it is a few seconds or a few minutes long, based on reality or scripted, live or recorded, 2D or 3D, focused on fashion or IT or anything in between, the impact of videos has steeply increased. At present, video marketing is at its peak, and its dominance does not seem to go down in the near future. 

So, the fact is obvious, that using video content is the trick which you should not miss in 2022and the years ahead!

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