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20 Best Password Managers in 2024

In this time of modern computing, where privacy is key. As online data invaders have figured out new ways to hack into your personal files, the need for newer safety measures has increased as well. One of those safety measures is password managers.

People create passwords that they can remember easily. But that approach has gone out the window because hacking those kinds of passwords has become increasingly easy and thus the need for complex passwords has arisen. The problem arises when you have to recall what these passwords are. For that simple reason alone, you can use password managers that can help you create and store those complicated passwords.

Since security breaches can happen in the blink of an eye, your private data is always under attack, and weak passwords guarantee that your data is all but lost if you don’t set up excessive security features. But by using these password managers, you can create difficult and unhackable passwords, keep a directory of them stored, and login automatically in those places for which you have created those passwords with you having to go to the pains to recall what they are.

But what sort of password manager should you use, you ask? The answer to that is the list we have compiled for you. Featuring some of the best and most secure, not to mention cost-effective, password managers available on the internet. You won’t have to worry about your data being hijacked when you have one of these password managers as your standby.

So let us have a good look at them.

Let’s start.

What is a Password Manager?

First, let us thoroughly discuss what a password manager actually is. People wanting to create strong and secure passwords to protect their data from any given location should utilize the use of password managers. They not only create your secure passwords for you, but they store them in an even secure location that only you can access or any person you make them privy to.

The extent of security that password managers offer can be as simple as password protection, to biometric support. No one is getting to your data when you use the help of password managers. You can even use them to secure your credit card information as well.

Once you have secured all of your passwords in the password manager, you will be provided with a master password that only you will know. After that you won’t have to do a thing as the passwords will be automatically put in the desired locations to access them, using the autofill feature.

Best Password Managers 2024:

The following list depicts some of the best free password managers of the year 2024:

  1. RoboForm
  2. Dashlane
  3. 1Password
  4. Keeper
  5. LastPass
  6. StickyPassword
  7. Avira Password Manager
  8. Password Boss
  9. Bitwarden
  10. RememBear

1- RoboForm – The #1 Password Manager:


Another great password manager whose auto-sync abilities are some of the best among all others on this list is RoboForm. Their auto-fill feature is very advanced and with a single click, you can fill any online form with near-perfect accuracy.

RoboForm allows users to categorize their passwords according to online use. From social media accounts, business use, credit card, or any other. It will easily fill out any of the online forms that have any of these requirements since there is separate assistance in differentiating which one is which.

The features offered by RoboForm include the 2FA biometric feature, which allows several options. Password sharing. And another thing that RoboForm provides is bookmark storage, allowing access to bookmarks stored on any one device to be synced over to any other place. You can access all of your bookmarks wherever you are.

The free plan offered by RoboForm is very good, allowing extensive features free of cost to its users. But their family packages are where the real deal is at. Something for the whole family to make use of in a cost-effective way.

Try RoboForm For Free

2- Dashlane:

DashlaneConsidered one of the best password managers, Dashlane is high on this list because of the fact that it utilizes the newest and best security features, allowing users their privacy.

Among these security features is the heavily revered 256-bit AES encryption, which is considered one of the greatest security features of the new technological age. Another thing that Dashlane uses is the 2FA feature, which is a biometric feature, meaning the data secured behind that will be accessed only by you.

Dashlane is considered the best because of its easy-to-use interface, not to mention the fact that it does its job with fierce dedication and efficiency. Not to mention extremely accurately. Its performance is praised throughout all the platforms for which it is available, be it as a browser extension or a web-based or mobile app. It has shown extreme reliability in all of them.

Other features of Dashlane include an automatic password changer, that can change your passwords across hundreds of platforms to more strong and secure ones. Another is its password sharing feature which allows you to share your passwords with other individuals if you so wish. Dashlane also comes with its own VPN.

Its free plan comes with limited password storage, but the premium plans offer more functionalities. There is also the fact that Dashlane offers promotional deals as well. Truly even its paid plans are affordable.

3- 1Password:


1Password is another password manager that is known for providing great features, not to mention its easy interface that is perfect for beginners who have no clue where to navigate. But 1Password’s working conditions are straight-up professional, as they guarantee solid password protection, and they deliver on it.

Among its features is the 2FA, a biometric feature, for both face and fingerprint. It also has dark web monitoring, providing you with safety from anything that lurks there. Another neat feature that they have is their travel mode, which can be activated when traveling across borders, allowing your safety from any intruding personnel.

Their auto-sync feature is a joke either, providing excellent automatic logins throughout any website.

1Password has a great family plan for people to invite members of their family or friends under one subscription. You can share your password protection with others that you trust. It also has a free plan that comes with limited features. But since the paid plan is affordable and effective, shifting over to that instead would be even more feasible.

4- Keeper:


Keeper is considered one of the most secure password managers on this list because they don’t go stingy on doling out extensive security features that guarantee safety throughout the web.

It utilizes the 256-bit AES encryption, as well as multiple optioned 2FA feature. It also has the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) features as well. You won’t have any trouble keeping your password-protected data securely through Keeper. It also has a great working interface, perfectly accessible for people from all walks of life.

Another feature of Keeper that is being talked about is their private secure messenger, KeeperChat, which is an encrypted messenger that provides extra security, along with an auto self-destruct mode so your messages won’t leak accidentally or fall into the wrong hands.

Keeper has a free version that provides limited access, whereas its unlimited paid package provides extensive security features. Not to mention that it offers deals so you can get discount rates at the already simple prices.

5- LastPass:


Another user-friendly password manager that also provides robust features is LastPass. The great thing about LastPass is that it is a free password manager, which is rare considering almost all password managers demand a small fee upfront. Not LastPass though, considering their free plan offers unlimited passwords across all devices, but not at the same time.

Their password changer also comes with the free plan, and it allows users to change their passwords across more than 70 sites. And all of this is done through a single click. Another thing that LastPass provides that others don’t is a stellar recovery feature. Whether it be password recovery, password hint, or any other. You won’t have a problem with remembering with LastPass.

LastPass also provides authentic MFA options across various sites.

6- StickyPassword:


If you’re looking for a password manager that offers all the basic functions, aside from all the glitz and glamour the other password manager showcase, then look no further than StickyPassword. And although it may not offer as extensive features as the other password managers on this, the features that it does offer really do get the job done.

Among those features is their local data storage that allows you to store your password manager data locally on any of your devices. And if that isn’t enough, they offer a portable version of themselves too, so that you can have the data readily available with you at all times.

StickyPassword has the usual multiple 2FA option, as well as the 256-bit AES encryption cloud security feature as well, so users can be at ease with their passwords being protected.

This password manager comes with a free version which offers a lot of great features on it, including the unlimited password option, although that offer is only available for one device at a time. Their premium version comes with a great deal as well.

7- Avira Password Manager:

Avira Password Manager

For beginners that wish to use a password manager that is easy to understand and easy to set up, Avira Password Manager is a great option for you. It comes in multiple forms like the mobile phone app, and as a browser extension. And in both versions, it is extremely easy to come by and use.

The features that Avira offers its users include the usual password storage, the 2FA biometric scheme, security auditing, and automatic logins. All in a generous space setting that can easily be used. It has all the cool features that bigger and more expensive password managers already have, but Avira offers it all at an affordable price. The pricing plan is so efficient to the point of its premium plans coming cheap as well.

It’s no wonder that Avira was dubbed the most affordable password manager of 2022.

8- PasswordBoss:


PasswordBoss has a very good interface that anyone can work on without much hassle. Considering its design and the features it provides to its users, PasswordBoss is a good choice for a password manager.

The features it provides include the usual 2FA authorization, password storage space, and password auditing. Everything is here. It also has emergency access solutions that can come into play when users come across a problem during password management or if there is some issue with password access. Because of that reason PasswordBoss is a great solution, ready to help users in a bind. And while it may not have any other flashy features that most others do, it still provides ample helpful solutions to users who are new to the whole scheme. And considering the help it does provide is efficient, PasswordBoss is a good choice.

Among the plans it provides, there is the free plan that comes with limited features, and a premium as well as a family plan in place too. And all of them come cheap too.

9- BitWarden:


The thing about BitWarden is that it is an open-source platform, that comes with great individual plans, and even greater security features. It also comes in the category of the more affordable password managers on this list. The only reason it is so low on this list of options is due to the fact that BitWarden is hard to work with, as its user experience is nothing to write home about.

As for the security features, BitWarden has the usual 256-bit AES encryption, and the 2FA authorization. It also offers local data storage options, making it easy to access the passwords stored on it whenever and wherever you are.

And when we said poor user experience, that was more due to the effect that BitWarden is hard to understand and beginners who have had little to no experience with password managers will find it difficult to work on. The entire working experience, from setting up to password syncing is laden with technicalities that the local layman won’t really understand.

But the free plan and the premium plan come with extreme benefits.

10- RememBear:


RememBear is the last on this list, if only due to the fact that it isn’t as rich in features as the rest of the password manager. But since it’s a great experience for users that are new to the password manager gig, RememBear will do nicely. Not to mention the fact that the user interface offered by RememBear is very smooth and great to work on.

And when we said that the interface is great to work on, be warned of lots of animated bear images popping up here and there to offer assistance. And it’s because of these fun features that users have a good time while not fully sacrificing the technical prowess that they require from a decent password manager.

As for the features, RememBear doesn’t go easy either. Offering up all the basic features. The ones that it offers work without a hitch and do the job they are asked of. Features like password syncing, autofill, password storage, etc. The security features offered by RememBear are also quite good.

The plans offered include a free plan that has limited options, whereas the premium package comes with extra security and storage features. The only problem arises when seeing how much the premium plan costs, which is quite a lot, so be warned.

Which Password Manager Should You Choose:

When it comes to online security, people want the best of the best. And sometimes it becomes difficult to choose which one is the best bet for them. Password managers come with similar problems, as there are a lot of options out there, which one is the one for you?

The list we have put together aims to help you figure out which ones you should look for. And even better, once you figure out what your technical requirements are, you can tally them against the ones from this list and choose the option that ticks off all the checkboxes for you.

The questions you should ask yourselves are, do I want extra security features? Or do I want an affordable plan that I can update annually? Will a simpler user interface work for me? Or should I look for a more serious and technical look? Will I have enough storage with the password manager I choose? Is there a free plan that I can use that also comes with extra features?

After asking yourselves these crucial questions can you decide which password manager is the one for you.

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