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20+ Best Torrent WebSites 2024-According to Experts

Best Torrent Websites:

You’ve come to the right place if you frequently download torrents and are looking for the finest sites to download music, movies, anime, software, and games.

The entire torrenting sector has seen considerable difficulties during the last few years. It’s getting harder and harder to locate a reliable torrent site on Google.

The government shut down several well-known torrent trackers during this time because of copyright issues. In addition, less content from torrent sites is now displayed in search results, even on search engines.

The torrents segment was negatively impacted by the Pirate Bay Raid. Due to legal pressure, several torrent websites, including Kickass Torrents, ExtraTorrents, or EZTV, were forced to close.

However, some torrent websites are still operational. They allow for free torrent downloads.

For those wishing to download TV series, video games, music, movies, and e-books with high-speed torrent download, we have put together a list of the top free BitTorrent Websites in 2022 in this post.

Every website in this post’s list is trustworthy and suitable for torrent downloads.

The Torrent website is blocked, right?

You might not be able to access several torrent sites from your area or country, or they might be blocked at the ISP level.

Users are advised to utilize a VPN in these circumstances (Virtual Private Network). Users may also use a proxy or a mirror site that is linked to the relevant torrent domain.

Using proxy servers frequently results in corrupted torrent files. In such cases, rely on magnet links for downloading.

Is torrenting legal?

Torrenting is legitimate in theory. However, it is entirely unlawful to use it to access pirated material or to share any content that you do not own the rights to.

For this reason, numerous renowned torrent websites have been closed down by the law. and others are continually under pressure to shut down their businesses.

To confirm the status of the regional legislation, check your area’s current laws on the matter.

List of Best Torrent Sites 2023:

Here is the list of Best Torrent WebSites in 2023 and 2024:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. 1337x
  3. TorrentDownloads
  4. LimeTorrents
  5. GloTorrents
  6. Torrentz2
  7. YES
  8. EAST
  9. TorrentGalaxy
  10. Torrent9
  11. Torlock
  12. MyAnonaMouse
  13. AnimeTosho
  14. AniDex
  15. top

1- The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay (commonly abbreviated as TPB) is regarded as the “lord of torrents” and was among the first publicly accessible P2P-based torrent sites to be accessible worldwide.

The popular torrent website right now is TPB, which receives more than 60 million visitors a month. They host a huge collection of digital content, primarily entertainment media, in an online index.

Magnet links and torrent files, which promote peer-to-peer file sharing between users of the BitTorrent protocol, are available for visitors to search, download, and contribute.

The Pirate Bay decided to add a VIP or Trusted label next to various listings in light of the prevalence of torrents that are infected with malware and viruses.


A torrent listing with a red sign next to it indicates that the uploader is a verified uploader.

Similar to this, green icons are displayed for torrents which uploaders have a history of providing the community with quality content.

They are granted special privileges like access to the site without adverts and captcha verification. The ability to provide a link to virtual money in the description is also permitted.


  • Support for magnet links
  • Peer-to-peer files sharing
  • An easy-to-use interface

2- 1337x:

1337x, one of the top torrent sites was launched in 2007 and is quite well-liked in South Asian nations, particularly India. The foundation of this torrenting website is essentially a community where users exchange the best torrents for a no-cost download.

Large databases from numerous torrent sites, including torrents, torrent de, etc., have been indexed by it. Over 50 million people visit movie and TV show torrent websites each month.

You might think of torrents as the most trustworthy option for The Pirate Bay given their high quality.

1337x filled the void left by Torrentz’s closure in 2016 for torrent downloads. It started to rank among the top torrent websites in 2019 and is still widely used in 2022.


Historically, 1337x has been a community-driven torrent site, but there were some problems last year when a few of the admins or moderators objected over security reasons. On its about us page, they maintain a list of genuinely functional mirrors.

However, as the site’s traffic increased and a new design was recently implemented, significant improvements and enhancements have been accomplished.


  • Designated sections for various types of material
  • Simple and tidy user interface
  • Over 2,400,000 torrents

3- TorrentDownloads:

More than fifteen years have passed since the founding of TorrentDownloads. Among a certain demographic, it has grown to be a very renowned torrent site. It is frequently blocked by ISPs throughout a large number of nations, like numerous other torrenting websites.

One of the widely used torrents in the UK used to be this website. However, several ISPs there have blocked it recently.

All of the website’s physical buttons will launch executable adware files. Through the magnet link, downloading torrents is made simple in this location.

Additionally, avoid the quick search results that link you to landing pages and contain advertising. It has a massive torrent library with more torrents than there are people in Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles, drawing more than 5 million visits each month.


A thorough torrent file listing including information on the files’ sizes, trackers, and more is available on TorrentDownloads. Before putting it out for download, it aids users in making an informed choice.

The website has a straightforward index and provides torrents to millions of people each month, placing it among the top torrenting sites.


  • Only verified torrents are listed on TorrentDownloads
  • Unassuming website, informative

4- LimeTorrents:

After the departure of the top executives of torrenting websites including Extratorrents, Kickass Torrents, and LimeTorrents Torrentz, has gained prominence and amassed a sizable fan base

Ads are displayed when you first click the torrent search box, which might occasionally be inconvenient.

Listed as one of the Best BitTorrent Sites Of 2022, they feature a significant collection of online content, including verified torrent downloads of games, movies, anime, music, TV series, and software that are all available for free.

All mirrors and proxies offer LimeTorrents confirmed downloads.

The owner of the website also developed iTorrents, a torrent cache that is used by numerous other torrent search engines, a few months ago.


The upgrade tracker button can be used to update tracker data for a certain torrent.

Komi-san wa, Snakehead, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are mentioned in the charts for the Top 100 torrents area. The top 100 torrent downloads from the previous seven days are also included in this section.


  • One-click torrent downloads
  • A display of each torrent’s size and upload time on LimeTorrents
  • More than 9,800,000 torrents

5- GloTorrents:

The list of the top torrent sites now includes GloTorrents. Even when Zooqle is offline, you should still be able to download the most recent torrents.

Here, 19 different categories ranging from lessons to Android, games, and movies. You can include defunct torrents and categorize your search results. The + symbol is used to add particular words to searches, and the – sign is used to delete certain words from search results.

Users can directly download torrents from the search results, just like 1337x and other popular torrent websites. You may download magnet links as well as torrent files.


Additionally, you may use the filter to look for movies in any of the 14 various languages. This includes tongues including Tamil, Bengali, and Chinese.

The honesty of the torrent contributor is indicated here by the reputation points they accumulate over time. You always can check to see if there are any missing comments or reviews for a specific torrent.

On the website, you can register and keep a record of your preferred torrents. A Facebook-based login currently isn’t functional.


  • There are almost 1.5 million torrents on GloTorrents.

6- Torrentz2:

A replacement for the classic Torrentz. EU website is Torrentz2. A torrent meta search engine positions itself as a fresh and improved version while being upfront about the reality that it’s not affiliated with the “genuine” Torrentz.

It has a substantial number of torrent file search results from looking through over 60 additional torrent sites.

The simplicity and comfort of Torrenz2 are two things we particularly enjoyed. Use the magnet icon from the search results to download TV shows, video games, or movies. No need to visit the relevant torrent listing page to get more information.

Check which torrent was updated most recently, who the seeders and leechers are, and then click the appropriate magnet link.


Due to its simplicity, it is an excellent torrent website for cell phones. It wouldn’t be excessive to consider it a TorrDroid substitute.

Even though it operates as a torrent web browser, it continues to be one of the most popular torrent sites. Try out their beta version, which includes a user interface that is noticeably more refined.


  • With 61 million+ torrents, Torrentz2

7- YTS:

Though slightly distinct from TPB & RarBG and not at all associated with the actual YTS or YIFY group, is the greatest torrent site for downloading movies.

When you try to access the well-known Yes. to, their Motion Pictures website comes up. Their previous domain, Yes. ag likewise points to the.  my location.

YTS is regularly alluded to as the finest uTorrent digital movie site because it offers HD movies. Recently, they began offering subtitles for the list of hot and well-liked movie torrents.

In addition to having a distinctive and easy-to-use interface, YTS offers a wide selection of HD movies in 720p, 1080p, or even 3D.


Your device will download the torrent file when you choose the quality. No time should be wasted examining the seeds or leeches for just a torrent.

YTS, also known as yify movie torrent, is the greatest torrent site to use if you’re trying to download a movie in HD quality.


  • Movies in high definition in 720p, 1080p, or even 3D are accessible.

8- EZTV:

Established in May 2005 and disbanded in April 2015 as a result of “EZCLOUD LIMITED” acquiring their domains and brand, EZTV had been a TV torrent distribution group. In essence, it is a torrent service that only offers TV series.

This well-known torrent service is still in operation and now has its torrents available. Numerous torrent sites have prohibited these ‘fresh’ releases because of their contentious past.

There is a sizable selection of TV shows which have previously been broadcast, as well as a few notable ones that are now airing. This torrent may not be suitable for you if what you’re looking for is every single trending, on-air, and popular show.


For example, they were able to locate excellent television programs like Silicon Valley, Fringe, and Orange seem to be the New Black. The website offers access to Sex Education that is shown on television.

Many nations have prohibited EZTV, and it even offers fewer TV shows than just its rivals. Its continued presence on the list of the finest torrent sites is unaffected by this, though.


  • Ads and pop-ups are absent

 9- TorrentGalaxy:

An underestimated torrent website with certified torrent files is TorrentGalaxy. They are vetted by many well-known teams on the website. A dark design that may be turned on using the top bar was only just introduced.

All reputable torrenting websites provide magnet links and torrent files for downloading files. In which the file is available on a file-sharing service, TorrentGalaxy has gone a step further by offering a direct download link.

Here, the search feature differs a little. Before choosing a movie to watch, they frequently look up the IMDb rating and reviews. It’s not required, but an excellent alternative, to use this site’s IMDb ID search to find a torrent of a particular movie.


You may watch TV shows and movies instead of downloading torrents of them. See what’s popular by going to the presently streaming area.

Certain regions of Malaysia, America, Asia, and Europe are prohibited.


  • Advanced options for filtering
  • Tor proxy address

10- Torrent9:

A great substitute for torrentz2 movies, Torrent 9 is one of the few trustworthy torrent sites that offer verified torrents.

Additionally, they have a strong collection of console games available via torrent, including those for the Wii, PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360, among others.

Well, if you enjoy watching movies, Torrent9 will astonish you. The website’s user interface (UI) is visually appealing, and the content is divided into many categories such as movies, games, TV series, software, music, etc.

The top torrents of the week for movies, PC games, console games, eBooks, music, and software are also shown on Torrent9.

The Premise, Life on Mars, also Heredis Pro 2022 editions are currently the most popular searches on the website.


The torrent site is in French, but there are enough English-language buttons to get by. To understand everything, you may always use the browser’s built-in translation.

India, Malaysia, Australia, and the USA are restricted countries.

Availability: blocked in several nations, including Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Portugal, India, Denmark, and the United Kingdom.


  • UI that is clear and well-designed

11- Torlock:

Due to its innovative features, Torlock, a relatively young torrent site, has become extremely popular in recent years. Every torrent listing page has a sizable torrent download button.

Torlock, in contrast to other torrent websites, exclusively displays verified torrents. Here, you won’t encounter any fraudulent torrents. It is simpler to look for and explore material because of the UI’s simplicity and ease of use.

Torlock includes specific sections for television programs, anime, software, and many other things. There is a section called Images that is uncommon on BitTorrent websites. Download beautiful landscape photos, high-resolution wallpapers, and more.


Back on the homepage, popular searches include Candyman, Squid Game torrent, or Jungle Cruise.

On its webpage, Torlock lists a number of the most famous torrents. As for drawbacks, many users may find Torlock’s adverts annoying.

Israel, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India are prohibited countries


  • Only verified torrents are listed by Torlock

12- MyAnonaMouse:

The second site on the list, called MyAnonaMouse, is great for obtaining free eBooks. MyAnonaMouse will astonish you if you’re looking for a sizable selection of instructional eBooks and audiobook torrents.

The user interface of MyAnonaMouse is simple, and the ebooks are expertly divided into a variety of categories, including Health, Medical, Business, Entertainment, Novel, Graphic & Design, Technology, and many others.

Overall, MyAnonaMouse is among the top sites for reading private torrents of instructional ebooks.

It is challenging to access MyAnonaMouse since you need the invitation to sign up. You could download books through Library Genesis if you don’t have one. Check out the top torrent sites for both E-books and audiobooks.


You can even check out the top legal torrenting sites for downloading legal torrents in addition to the publicly available torrent sites listed in this post.

China is a blocked location.


  • UI that is neat and well-designed

13- AnimeTosho:

It’s time to have a look at AnimeTosho, a specialized anime torrent site where you can download anime programs and movies.

The user interface of Animetosho is simple and provides the easiest access to a torrent. Surprisingly, given its robust design, it does not disappoint on portable devices either, since the site functions normally.

On the left side of the screen, there is a search bar. The very first search will only return results with the filters Hide Remakes & Show Trusted/A+ only.

The capability of Sphinx searching expressions in search results that can access the Anime library for torrents will become available after the second search. The about page provides normal search syntax.


Apart from magnet links and torrent files, each torrent on this site offers a variety of download choices. You can access links from sites like SolidFiles, ZippyShare, and Anon Files without using a torrent client.

Subtitles for anime can be downloaded in a zipped folder in a separate section that is located below the torrent listing.

In conclusion, Animetosho is the finest torrent site for downloading anime torrents.


  • Redesigns the search hide filter
  • Lightweight user interface for all devices’ browsers

14- AniDex:

If you’re looking for an anime torrent site that has a more contemporary user interface than Animetosho, Anidex is the solution. In all the places you tried utilizing a VPN and proxy, it is not blocked.

The Quick Search box, which performs the claimed function, is the first element you cannot miss as you browse the website.

In addition to Anime, Manga torrents with files in. cbz format can be found here.  Light novels are additionally offered in Japanese and English.

You may download anime games because there is a separate tab for them.


The subs listing when looking for a specific anime was something users liked. The anime subtitles are available in various languages, including English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Visit the Anidex forum after you have finished downloading your anime torrents. You can engage with some other Japanimation fans and make requests for specific anime here.

Check out the lossless anime soundtracks that are available on the site before continuing.


  • Multiple language anime
  • Subtitle information can be found in search results

15- top:

Due to lawsuits, iDope went offline for a period; however, it has now returned online and is included on this list of the greatest torrent sites.

Here, as opposed to other P2P torrent sites, the focus is to make the searches as user-friendly as possible. The website has a large search box that makes it appear to be a search engine when you visit it.

Search for just the magnet links is the only means of downloading torrents from this site. Some users may miss the torrent files.

The MyDope area is one of this website’s distinctive features. It includes a selection of user-curated links to torrents in various genres. The list is accessible for upcoming updates.

Install the iDope app if you want to get torrents on your smartphone. a torrent, as well as the results, will appear in multiple tabs organized by category. The All tab contains their combined results. There aren’t many search filters available to experiment with.


The magnet links are the only means of downloading torrents from this site. Some users may miss the torrent files.

Install the iDope app if you want to get torrents on your smartphone.


  • UI resembling a search engine
  • Browse the search results and download torrents 


These are the best torrent sites that are still operational, have fast download speeds, and have a wide range of content.

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