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15+ Best Twitter Proxies in 2024

Twitter Proxies:

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is also leading its head and counts among the most widely used social media platform globally, with more than 300 million users and posts millions of posts a day. Therefore it’s the best place for digital marketing of different businesses, brands, agencies, etc.

But with Twitter, you are limited to making a single account for the purpose but for professional companies and other businesses single account would not be enough for multiple tasks; for this reason, you may require more than just a single account. Then how to make multiple accounts on Twitter?

The answer is using the best Twitter Proxies.

What Are Twitter Proxies?

It’s the system that bypasses the limitations and restrictions imposed by Twitter. These are widely utilized for different purposes like unblocking Twitter accounts where its operation is prohibited, running different Twitter accounts through a single IP address, Different accounts handling for professional reasons, boosting account performance, more access to restricted content, and much more.

Therefore Twitter proxies never let Twitter recognize you, let you freely handle your multiple accounts along with followers, and grow your business by running different marketing campaigns.

Uses Of Twitter Proxies In Different Fields:

For Twitter Marketing:

One of the main reasons behind proxies applications is marketing. Twitter is a leading social media platform. Everything is now digitalized, so marketing on social media sites is most popular than physical marketing because you can reach more audiences online.

So, running and managing business marketing accounts let you have more chances to get huge audience traffic, let followers be aware of your business, get your services supported by the audience. All these can be done only by making your account full of the latest technology and applying all the strategies correctly that cannot be done using the best Twitter Proxies.

Make Multiple Accounts:

It isn’t easy to manage every task on a single business Twitter account. The more account you have there are more chances to get more audience engagements towards your company or brand. But you can make multiple accounts on a single IP address; at this point, you need the best Twitter proxies that will help you to make and run multiple accounts without being recognized or banned by Twitter.

Enable using Twitter automation tool:

Automation helps the user handle more than one account easily because it can organize and manage various tasks like Following, retweeting, scheduling tweets, data analytics, audience engagements, comment reply, and much more proxies and utilizing Best Twitter Marketing tools.  With proxies, you can use these tools, and there are more chances that Twitter will ban your Twitter account.

Mini adjustments for Targeted marketing:

Make proxies to access your Twitter accounts; once done, you can now make various micro to macro changes in the accounts management you can’t do without proxies. These allow you to reach the relevant followers better, posting most related posts on account or page, finding out followers’ interest, and telling audiences about your areas of expertise. Don’t over-promote your services. You can do various client services by using the best Twitter Proxies and make different actions with freedom.

Multivariate testing of Twitter accounts:

By Twitter proxies, you can make a different splitting test on your different business accounts, which means that you run the various particular marketing strategies on multiple accounts and find out which perms more accurately. It includes finding out the best keywords, hashtags, optimum time for tweet posting, post content, and all these are core drivers to attract more audience and know what works best in growing your business digitally.

Twitter Scrapping:

If you want to obtain data on social media platforms like Twitter, you have to do it manually, but it would take much time and do scrape Twitter, but you require help from the right proxies. This permits you to use a scraping tool to get the most relevant information about the competitors like their hashtags, keywords, followers info, posts, and much more in different time periods while keeping you completely anonymous.

Scrapping lets you improve your account performance by doing various adjustments and manipulations, making better marketing strategies and content to attract more audiences. Done by using the best Twitter proxies to optimize the Twitter account according to the requirement.

Other Uses Of Twitter Proxies:

Besides using the best Twitter proxies for online business marketing, it has many other obvious core reasons to go for the Twitter proxies to make Twitter smarter upon usage.

Unblocking of Twitter accounts:

Twitter has stringent laws and policies regarding its usability and access. In several countries and states, you cant access Twitter. Because it’s a large-scale platform used globally and has the freedom to express your thoughts on any topic, some countries ban this social site from making peace.

If you belong to any such country, you need to use proxies to unblock Twitter and use it easily as the Twitter server linked with the network server can’t recognize you and not block you.

Bypass Account Restrictions:

As told you before, Twitter has some strict content posting policies; however, your hands are tied to a limited extent. For this, you really need a reliable solution. The solution is Twitter proxies. Yes, you feel free to post whatever to think is better to make more followers engage.

Because consistency is very crucial to be on the top, Proxies easily hide your IP address from the site server and therefore bypass the account restrictions without blocking. So, keep posting interesting tweeters to gain the followers’ attention and interest in your content and account.

Best Twitter Proxies 2023:

Here is the list of the Best Twitter proxies that work very well in 2022 and 2023.

  1. IPRoyal 
  2. Smartproxy
  3. GeoSurf
  4. Luminati
  5. StormProxies
  6. Myprivateproxy
  7. Microleaves
  8. NetNut
  9. Proxy-cheap
  10. Highproxies
  11. SquidProxies
  12. Instantproxies
  13. Buyproxies
  14. PacketStream

1- IPRoyal:


IPRoyal comes with real IP addresses from real users so that you never have to face getting blocked or restricted! There is absolutely no sharing so the proxy belongs to you only. It lets you choose between sticky and rotating proxies for you to pick whatsoever you think works the best for you. The uptime is 99.99% which adds to the pleasure of choosing IPRoyal. What makes it more customer-friendly is the fact that you can join and leave anytime you want without having to worry about anything else. Its data center solutions come with unlimited bandwidth and there are literally no extra or additional charges. It has an excellent speed and is extremely easy to use.

With IPRoyal, you get to have your own IP for you to enjoy many things like SERP data gathering, web scraping, and unrestricted content all over the world. IPRoyal gives you 100% security and keeps your data as secure as possible. Which is why no other service can beat IPRoyal when it comes to the protection of your data. IPRoyal also brings sneaker proxies to the table that are there to help you with any limited-edition items. Its proxies are compatible with most of the popular sneaker bots that actually is a big plus! The Ips provided by IPRoyal happen to be the closest to the relative’s location which solves many problems. For any further protection and security, 4G proxies are reserved for you as well.

All you have to do is pick your target location and enjoy unlimited traffic. IPRoyal makes it possible for you to manage your social media presence anonymously.

Try IPRoyal Now

2- Smartproxy:



  • More than 40 million IP pool size
  • Supports 195 locations globally
  • Unlimited Concurrency available
  • The package starts from $75 per month for 5GB
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 3-day money-back guaranty
  • Payment methods:  Credit cards, PayPal, and BTC

Starting our guide with the best Twitter Proxy available in the market named Smartproxy. This is considered the top-notch residential proxies with over 40 million unique IP addresses, offers services to 195 different locations across the globe. With this proxy, you will not share any subnet, and you can connect multiple connections, each with different IPs.

Smartproxy allows you to scrape Twitter, run sneaker bots, geo-targeting to overcome restrictions, make multiple Twiter accounts, and verify different companies without being banned by Twitter. Moreover, this great piece of innovation is not limited to any device or browser.

Still, it supports desktop devices like Windows 10, macOS X, Linux, iPhone and Androids devices, and popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Ghost Insomniac, FoxyProxy extensions, and others.


  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Diverse Geo-targeting
  • Fast response time
  • Great client service support.
  • Support wide range of browsers


  • It cant be operated in some countries of the world.
  • Expensive subscription plans

3- GeoSurf:



  • More than 2.5 million IP pool size
  • Supports over 130 locations globally
  • Unlimited Concurrency available
  • The package starts from $450 per month for 38GB
  • 24/7 technical support

The next best twitter proxies are GeoSurf, another residential proxy; it was first designed to scrape and web crawl. It has many other applications in various operations like Social media automation, supports 2.5 million-plus IP addresses, and works efficiently in more than 130 plus countries worldwide.

It takes only 5 minutes for integration and linking, and therefore it’s ready to use. It counts among the most reliable proxies with a minimum detection chance. Besides its reliability and other performances, they show frequent customer services support, which means that you can connect them through phone calls, emails, and skype. But with GeoSurf, you have to spend more money to get the plan and chance become the expensive provider.


  • Diverse Geo-targeting
  • Quick response time
  • Great client service support.
  • Support wide range of countries
  • Based on the P2P network


  • Expensive provider

4- Bright Data (formerly Luminati) :



  • More than 35 million IP pool size
  • 2 million mobile proxies
  • Supports all countries on the Globe
  • Unlimited Concurrency available
  • The package starts from $500 per month for 40GB
  • 7-days free trial

In the proxies market, Luminati counts as a market leader because it supports all the countries present in this world with more than 35 million residential IP addresses, 2 million mobile, and many data center proxies hence the largest proxies service provider.

Some unique feature of this best tweeter proxy includes Geo-targeting as mentioned above available for the whole world. Furthermore, with Luminati, you can easily sneak websites that put limitations on Twitter usage. Scrapping and crawling different websites are unique specs for residential proxies, so the case is with Luminati; it makes you tension-free from data stolen from competitor marketers.

You explore the quickest proxy connectivity with 76 min/sec average ping.


  • Largest IP proxy server
  • Great geo-targeting
  • Completely secure and legal IP proxy
  • Quick respond time
  • Amazing scrapping functionality


  • Expensive proxy provider
  • Professional grade dashboard
  • Slow customer support

5- StormProxies:



  • Only for the US
  • The package starts from $10 per month for 5 proxies
  • 2-day return policy
  • 30-days for IP replacement
  • Unlimited bandwidth

If you are looking for a Twitter proxy with an affordable plan for general browsing use, we recommend StormProxies. This proxy server shows great versatility and functions in many ways, such as SEO purposes to curate heavy websites, traffic bots, scrapping websites, and social media handling of different sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Apart from all the above, StormProxies also ensures proper security and privacy of Twitter accounts via automation tools. Besides its affordable subscription cost, StormProxies also has a user-friendly dashboard, as it has no browser extension that lets the customer go effortlessly and quickly.


  • Affordable proxy provider
  • Ideal for general browser use
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast response time


  • No free trials
  • Only for the US

6- Myprivateproxy:



  • More than 150,000 IP pool size
  • Supports over 27 locations globally
  • 8 countries in the US and Europe
  • The package starts from $2.49 per month
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 1000 threads are allowed as concurrency

MyPrivateProxy is undoubtedly the best private Twitter proxies residing in the proxy industry. If you want to manage your tweeter via an automation tool, then MyPrivateProxy is best for you; it’s not only cheap but the quickest proxy provider. This private proxy is growing day by day, and now it has over 150,000 IP addresses and works in over 27 locations worldwide and about 08 countries in the US and Europe.

Moreover, it has double authentication modes that support IP and user-password authorization, along with an exclusive control interface to easily handle proxies. After payment, you will find it the most high-speed connecting proxy server and enjoy any available package or customize according to the choice that best fits your needs.


  • Affordable packages
  • 3-days return policy
  • Ensures fast services for Twitter marketing
  • Ideal for automation of Twitter accounts


  • No free trial is available
  • Limited to several countries

7- Microleaves:



  • More than 26 million IP pool size
  • Supports over 130 locations globally
  • Package starts from $125 per month for 10 ports
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited  concurrency is allowed
  • Alter IP address after 5 minutes

Next on the list is Microleaves, with the largest IP pool sizes with more than 26 million IPs in the proxies industry. Microleaves offers a different range of proxies, including back connect proxies, dedicated proxies, and shared proxies, therefore giving you a choice to get the required proxy among them.

Apart from this, this proxy provider can be used in over 130 countries globally, and supports both HTTP and Socks bots, tweeter scaling, alters its IP addresses every 5 minutes, so there is no chance to get detected and banned. Give it a try and explore and manage different social media sites easily with the Miceoleaves proxies server.


  • Largest IP Pool size
  • Great geo-targeting
  • Compatible with both HTTP and Socks Bot format
  • Fast IP alteration cycle


  • Not an affordable choice
  • No free trials
  • Limited to functionality

8- NetNut:



  • The package starts from $300 per month
  • Premium Static IPs
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited  concurrency is allowed

NetNut is the fastest residential proxy server that easily unlocks several websites, including Twitter accounts, where there is a restriction to use it. Apart from unlocking websites, it is used for SEO, tracking keywords, companies ad verification, brand safety; therefore, it can hand;e all those tasks that make you feel more secure and protected upon using the Twitter account for marketing purposes.

It is a static residential proxy that allows the user to set static IP addresses with a novel identifier, and therefore there is a unique IP for each browser. An easy-to-use dashboard that displays all the proxy data history allows the user total usage, usage concerning each location, and sub-user details.


  • 7-days free trials
  • All-time available IPs
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • It offers a wide array of functionalities
  • Unblock Twitter account


  • Limited to basic operations

9- Proxy-cheap:



  • More than 6 million IP pool size
  • Supports over 120 locations globally
  • Package starts from $3 to 5 per month for GB
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited  concurrency is allowed

Proxy-cheap is a premium proxy server that contains residential proxies, datacenter proxies, mobile proxies. It’s straightforward to create different proxies from this platform; because of its user-friendly dashboard, you will feel very comfortable handling all of your chosen proxies and switching IPs; therefore, it makes your set tasks an organized manner with privacy.

Proxy-cheap has over 6 million IP Pool sizes and works in more than 120 countries globally with the cheapest subscription rates optimum for Twitter automation, market browsing, SEO usage, and brand privacy.


  • cheap Twitter proxy
  • Great Geo-targeting
  • Instant customer services via chatbox
  • Ideal for account automation for various purposes
  • Fast response time


  • No professional-grade functionality
  • No free trials

10- Highproxies:



  • Supports the only US
  • The package starts from $3.2 per month
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Unlimited bandwidth allowed
  • Maximum 100 concurrencies are allowed
  • 3-days money-back guarantee

Highproxy provider contains a diverse pool of proxies such as private proxies, shared proxies, Instagram proxies, Ticketing proxies, private VPN, and shared VPN all are the safest and most reliable proxies. From here, you can find the best data center proxy for your Twitter account. If you’re living in the US or Europe, you can access this proxy server very easily; if not, then we are sorry you can’t access this great platform.

Moreover, this proxy server has very cheap plan rates starting from just $3.2 per month, and you can also customize the plan according to the need. If you are not satisfied with this proxy server, you have an option of a 3-day money-back guarantee.


  • Contains different types of proxies
  • Affordable rates
  • Active customer service


  • Only for the US and Europe
  • No wide-spread applications
  • Requires new IP address every month

11- SquidProxies:



  • Around 2000 IP pool size
  • Supports over 10 locations globally
  • The package starts from $24 per month
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited  concurrency is allowed
  • Changes IP every month

SquidProxies server provides two types of proxies are Private proxies and Shared proxies. If you want any of them, then it would be an affordable choice for you. As it offers HTTP/HTTPS format, this lets you approach any website like Twitter with all major browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and others.

Besides this, SquidProxies has about 2000 residential IP addresses in 10 different world countries; check their packages according to your location and proxies limit. The lowest subscription plan starts from $24 and is affordable for many users to ensure proper security to their Twitter account with this best Twitter proxy server.


  • Provides multiple subnets
  • Quick functionality
  • Highly active customer service
  • Refresh IPs every month


  • No free trial
  • Limited location accessibility

12- Instantproxies:

Instant Proxies


  • Supports countries all over the world
  • The package starts from $1 per month
  • Offer IP authentication
  • Active customer support services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 7-days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited  concurrency is allowed

Another cheap proxy server is Instantproxies which gives dedicated proxies and supports different websites, including Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Google, Pinterest, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. This is the most widely used proxies means it supports all the locations that exist on our planet. It is efficiently utilized by different Twitter users to automize personal or business accounts with unlimited bandwidth, offers IP authentication.

And the most impressive thing about this proxy provider is its cheapest rate i.,e, $1 per month for each plan. If you want to refresh your IP address facility is available with Instantproxies.


  • Cheapest plan cost
  • Works with different websites
  • Works all over the work
  • Active customer services


  • No free trials
  • No user-password authentication is available.

13- Buyproxies:



  • Supports countries of the US and Europe
  • The package starts from $2.00 per month
  • Method: HTTP/HTTPS
  • Active customer support services
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Next is BuyProxies which offers both private and shared proxies. Its dedicated proxies are best for social media platforms, including Twitter. Moreover, its SEO proxies are best for Google, Instagram, Amazon, and other similar website.

Their unlimited bandwidth lets you free from any further payment. This best twitter proxies provider is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linus, iPhone, or Android with HTTP or SOCKS protocol. After payment, if you don’t like the proxies, you can avail money-back guarantee within 24 hours.


  • Economic plan rates
  • Optimum for social media websites
  • Get the latest Proxies every month.
  • Support different range of devices


  • Basic operation
  • No free trial is available

14- PacketStream:



  • More than 7 million IP pool size
  • The package starts from $0.10 per GB
  • Active customer support services

Wrapping up our guide for the best Twitter proxies with PacketStream. Its multi-proxy pool lets the professionals run their business fast by using fewer resources. PacketStream enables you to use automation tools for your business.

This proxy server lets you reach more information and unlock the geographical restriction to various websites in several parts of the world or within the country. Moreover, it’s an ideal choice for Publishers and advertisers companies because it ensures the account’s proper privacy.


  • Ideal for marketers on  Twitter
  • Cheap packages
  • Use automation tools
  • Fast and reliable proxy provider
  • Ensures proper companies safety


  • No free trials
  • No unlimited bandwidth is available


If you belong to any brand or company, you better know the worth of Twitter for business marketing. But you may find many hassles in utilizing this platform efficiently. But now do what you like on Twitter, but if you use the best Twitter Proxies.

This article has tried to cover all the major and popular proxy servers that can help make Twitter’s performance better and more reliable for both short and long-term approaches. So, we have tried to gather all possible information in this article. Hopefully, it makes some fruitful results for seekers. Do share if we missed any proxy that you loved the most. We always welcome your worthy thoughts. Good Luck.

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