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Binom Review 2024 – Is It Best Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketers?

Binom Review 2024: 

In present times, retailing is continuously rising in the online industry. This has given affiliate marketing the key position for driving all the sales and traffic worldwide. These potential customers come in huge numbers. Therefore, online retailers must monitor and track these visitors as efficiently as possible.

With currently standing at a worth of $12 billion as of 2020, Affiliate marketing is paving the way for new businesses. To achieve this kind of success, they have to constantly adopt new techniques and technologies to keep up with the brands in using performance marketing.

For all affiliate marketing professionals, efficiency is the way to success. Because the more time you save, the more money you will be able to make. So, if you are looking for a service that ensures everything is being tracked smoothly. Well, we have the right thing for you.


Binom Tracker

Binom is a self-hosted platform for tracking and is currently at the top position in processing clicks and the speed of report building. So, in a nutshell, it is the best when it comes to saving your time and increasing your efficiency. By assisting you and providing you the right data about the right people at the right time, it helps you in increasing your earnings even more than before.

It is currently one of the most popular self-hosted trackers available for use and can help you manage your paths related to affiliate marketing. These include report building, sales, revenue, costs, CPA Marketing campaigns, and much more. Everything can be handled from one place.

So, to sum it all up with Binom Tracker, affiliate marketing becomes more profitable and easier for you and your business. It provides modern solutions to all of your problems using its outstanding resources and optimization that have made its name between all the competition currently occurring in the self-hosted marketplace.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Binom Tracker?

Binom Tracker provides its users with the following advantages.

1- The Modern Way to Handle Your Traffic:

Handle traffic in a completely new way and earn more using advanced traffic distribution. Binom tracker is aware of how to inform the landing pages about all the clicks and offers that the users have not converted to yet. Increase your frequency caps through the Binom tracker to achieve greater profit. It completes such feats using the following features

  • Rules and pathing system integrated with more than 20 metrics with the addition of IP-range, uniqueness, proxy, and time of the day.
  • Easily change the distribution weights of all of your campaigns using the rotations.
  • Send users to landing pages that they haven’t visited yet and earned more through it.
  • Create the perfect funnel by sending traffic to specific paths of landing pages and send the clicks of one campaign to others.

2- Reporting and Campaign Optimization:

Analyzing all of your campaigns becomes the easiest when using Binom. Instantly find out all of the profitable segments of your campaigns using the search, filters, drill-down function, and marking reports on a multi-level. Binom Tracker takes your optimization to the next stage. Use the quick access and saved filters for reports to manage your campaigns comfortably. With these filters making the best decisions becomes far easier. Binom Tracker provides you the following perks

  • No need to wait for reports as most of the reports generate instantly and save your much needed time.
  • Make the quickest and easiest decisions using the filtering systems and data analysis.
  • Get every bit of information about your traffic by using the advanced data points and 20+ analytical reports.
  • Gain additional insight using the cross- campaign analysis. Check the statistics of individual campaigns or in groups at any time.
  • Be informed about all the paths, rules, and rotations. You will know how your traffic is being distributed by Binom.
  • It becomes easier to work with a team because you can mark websites directly in the reports and then use these labels later on as filters.
  • Get the best traffic from all your sources by utilizing the reports of bots and uniqueness.
  • You only need to save a filter once, and then it is available for usage forever just through two clicks or by API.

3- Get the Complete Insight of Your Traffic:

Keep track of how users are behaving on your exit points, landing pages, HTTP-headers, browser settings, etc., by using the 20+ metrics integrated with the newest device databases and ISP. Binom tracker provides these results to you using the following features.

  • It uses the combined databases to get highly accurate information about users’ information, including connection type, proxy, and city.
  • Get information about all of the users’ browser settings. These include exit points, HTTP-headers, and other metrics of the landing pages.
  • Get rid of all the unnecessary redirects and send users directly to your landing pages using the LP Pixel.
  • After a code is saved in the tracker, all of the landings will open using the campaign URL completely free of redirects.
  • You can use as many domains that you want for your campaign without any restrictions.
  • You get to decide everything, including scrolls, percent of bots, any metric on landers, form focuses, etc.

4- The Top Picks for the Teams:

Enable your team to work simultaneously on one tracker.                

  • You can assign user permissions with the Binom tracker and apply certain restrictions of your choosing on offers, campaigns, rotations, landing pages, networks, and traffic sources. You can create, view, and edit any restriction. However, you want.
  • You can limit the access to your individual or group campaigns, landing pages, or offers for each user individually.
  • You are allowed to create a team with no limit on users. Many people can work on the same campaign with the whole department.
  • You can hide your profit and revenue metrics if you don’t want your employees to get a hold of that information.

5- The Top Picks for the Teams:

Connect all of your main functions and reports with the integration and visualization tools or optimization instruments using the simple API. All of the data is sent and received using the JSON format.

  • Get a list of all the existing landing pages and offers. Additionally, add new, delete or edit them depending on your needs.
  • You can add the API-key parameter to any reports’ URL and receive it in JSON format.
  • You can also manage and adjust the cost of your campaigns using the API.
  • Manage every part of your campaigns, including adding or deleting paths and rules, editing weights, etc.

6- The Best Support Team:

Get most of your work done through the support team. From installing the tracker on your server to transferring your data, they will handle everything. They also help you figure out how you can make the most out of the Binom tracker.

  • The support team at Binom responds to you within an average time of 2 minutes. So, you don’t need to wait all day for your tickets.
  • They will take care of everything related to installing Binom on your server, including all technical issues.
  • You can check the FAQs with more than 100 answers available.

Key Features of Binom Tracker:

1- Processing of Clicks:

Binom tracker uses the following features to make the processing of clicks easier:

  • The processing time for each click only takes 5 to 30ms
  • Complete guarantee of no loss
  • The processing speed is completely independent of the volume
  • The speed does not depend on the number of clicks in the database
  • It is separated from report generation

2- Organizing Everything:

Binom Tracker organizes everything using the following features.

  • It saves all the landings and offerings.
  • Gives limited access to all the additional users
  • Preset of traffic sources
  • Adding of landing and offers in batches
  • Keeps notes of landings, campaigns, and offers
  • Keeps directory of all rated affiliate networks
  • Grouping

3- Analytics:

Binom Tracker analysis the data using the following features

  • The top speed in speed generation
  • Filtering system
  • Statistic by rotations, rules, and path.
  • More than 30 metrics
  • Reports of traffic sources and campaigns collectively
  • Export to CSV
  • Report of Uniqueness
  • Last hour Statistics
  • Identification of bots
  • Reporting of bids
  • Connection type and IP-ranges
  • Trends
  • Click log with filters

4- Technological Core:

Binom Tracker utilizes the following modern technologies and features.

  • It is PHP 5+ based
  • It can work under any load
  • Dedicated transaction engine for storing clicks
  • It has shallow memory usage
  • Completely compatible with Percona, MariaDB, and MySQL 5+
  • Availability of server failover system
  • SMS- Notification System and Monitoring

5- Tracking:

Binom Provides the following tracking features to its users.

  • It uses LP Pixel
  • Improved and enhanced Postback
  • Tracking of cities
  • Landings integrations (without redirecting)
  • Sending of information from landing
  • Keeps track of all the exit points from landing
  • No limit on additional domains
  • Status of conversions
  • Conversion of Postback to the sources
  • Update, removal, and manual conversions
  • Ability to click cost import from the sources

6- Distribution of Traffic:

Binom Tracker handles traffic distribution through

  • A/B and MVT testing
  • Paths, offers, and landings
  • Rotation system
  • Proxy-traffic redirection
  • 20+ metrics distribution rules
  • Multi-affiliate landings
  • Distribution by conversion and uniqueness
  • Clickthrough between campaigns
  • Redirect to a particular landing or path

7- API:

The API of Binom tracker gives you all of the following features

  • All necessary information about campaigns
  • Filtering
  • Cost of updates
  • Reports of all campaigns
  • All information regarding offers and landings

8- Support System:

Binom Tracker support system delivers all the following features efficiently

  • One of the best when it comes to responsiveness
  • Documentation details
  • A FAQ with more than 100 questions
  • Answers back to you within an hour
  • Tickets, Email, Skype, Telegram
  • Available from 9 to 23 MSK


  • The cost of the license is independent of the amount of traffic being sent
  • It can handle millions of clicks per day
  • Processing time for each click is 5ms under any server load
  • The fastest speed of report generation in the market
  • Reporting of group campaigns
  • Huge automated updates after every few months
  • The average response time for the support system is 2 minutes
  • Clean, easy, and the fastest UI experience
  • Different access rights to different users using its flexible multi-user system


  • Lack of bot traps
  • Absence of shared reports and separate workspaces.

Binom Tracker Pricing Plan:

The pricing plan for Binom Tracker is as follows:

Type of Subscriptions:

There are two types of subscription plans when it comes to Binom Tracker.

1- Monthly Subscription Plan:

It is the type of subscription where you pay a certain amount each month and gets to enjoy all of its features.

2- Yearly Subscription:

It is the type of subscription where you pay a certain amount each month and gets to enjoy all of its features.

Binom Tracker details:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Roman Ignatiev
  • Company Size: 11-50 employees
  • Founded: 2015
  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Specialty: Affiliate Tracker
  • Monthly starting price: 69$
  • Head Office: Saint Petersburg
  • Type: Privately Held
  • uCompares rating:9/5


After reading the whole review, you should have a better understanding of what Binom Tracker has to offer. Software for tracking all of your stats related to affiliate marketing can help you move more efficiently

This will also help you make more efficient decisions that are good for you and your business. We will suggest you give the free trial a shot and see how happy you are with the results you get. From our experience, we are quite sure that once you see the results, you will most definitely convert to a paid customer.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to decide as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you related to Binom Tracker.

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