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How To Add Your Business To Apple Maps in 2024

Are you making the most of Apple Maps? Ensure that users can discover your company on Apple Maps. In this article, find out how to add, claim, and improve your company listing on Apple Maps. In-built navigation is provided by Apple Maps across an estimated 1.2 billion iPhones worldwide.

Many of those users, who are constantly on the move, depend on the mobile application to find anything from a restaurant to legal assistance to an additional pair of footwear. Here’s how to add your business on Apple Maps or claim your existing listing so you can reach those clients in merely a few clicks.

Do you utilize Apple Maps to make your business easier to find for customers? You ought to. Because a staggering nearly seventy- of smartphone users commonly use navigation applications, utilizing this channel can bring your company in front of buyers at crucial moments in the purchasing process.

Through registering your company to Apple Maps, you could make it simpler for both consumers and potential clients to discover you. It could possibly be listed, depending on the type of company you own or run. If not, Apple provides a simple method that adds any physical place in over 1,600 different commerce categories. 

While Google Maps dominates the navigation app market with approximately a majority of users and a lot of Google Reviews, Apple Maps is a strong competitor, having nearly one billion registered Apple devices worldwide.

To sum up, Apple Maps can be a useful tool for growing your consumer base. Adding your company to Apple Maps now can help you attract more clients and increase your market share relative to regional rivals because Apple Maps plans to make even more enhancements soon.

Utilize Apple Business Connect To Appear On Maps.

By giving crucial contact and location details on apps like the Maps app and Google Maps, you simplify life for your clients and customers. These navigational tools make it simple and quick for interested users to find your website or physical location.

In January 2023, Apple released Apple Business Connect. The service offers companies a single location to maintain their organization’s listing on Apple Maps, imitating the capabilities of Google Business Profile. With Apple Business Connect, new functions have been incorporated, including:

  • Showcases – These let you draw attention to special deals or newly released products.
  • Associate collaborations – Connect scheduling, delivery, and other applications, such as Instacart, in order to motivate additional consumer actions.
  • Integrations having listing management tools for multiple locations – Apple Enterprise Connect profiles may now be integrated with solutions for managing listings such as SoCi, Yext, and others, making life considerably simpler for companies with many locations, such as franchises.

Easy Steps For Adding Your Company To Apple Maps

1. Set Up An Apple ID.

You must create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one. It only takes a few minutes and is free of charge. The Apple ID signup page shows how to add a company to Apple Maps. Use of an Apple product is not required. You can also receive your ID using an Android or PC.

2. Launch Apple Business Connect First.

Visit Apple Business Connect now. Here, you may create as well as verify your company listing so that it appears on all Apple services, including Maps. You can get started by clicking the “Get Started” button and entering your Apple ID.

3. Pick Your Company Category

Select the statement that best defines your business. You have the option of selecting a small business, an enterprise, or an outside partner.

4. Look Up Your Company.

Put your company’s name in the search bar. A menu of potential matches will appear for you. If your location has already been listed, go through procedure five by means of nine to confirm and claim it. Add a business to Apple Maps and upload a snapshot of the website where you may see it.

Click “Add another site with this name” and take stage five by means of nine to finish the setup if your company isn’t already listed.

5. Activate The GPS Pin.

Apple will display an interactive map featuring a pinpoint located at your closest location as you type or change your address. That pin may be moved to the precise location where you want visitors to go. If your store is located in a large complex, this is incredibly fantastic. In order to make it easier for people to find you, you get to place the pin near the entrance.

6. Include Information About Your Company.

Now, provide Apple with some information about your firm, such as your organization category (there is a dropdown menu of pre-set possibilities) and primary language. Observe how the phone’s display changes as you move. You get to view what search results would show your customers.

7. Set Your Hours 

The simplest action of all. You can also take a look to add your business hours to Apple Maps simply.

8. The Company’s Information

Inform Apple of your company’s ownership, headquarters, and other relevant information. Make sure all the information is accurate if your company is already listed. Do not omit this phase. The more accurate information you provide, the more likely it is that your customers will locate you and get in touch with you. In reality, you ought to double-check the veracity of all internet instructions.

9. Be Validated

Finally, confirm that Apple may contact you at the provided business phone. To enter, you will receive a text code. Apple will then send you an email four to five days later confirming that your company is confirmed or asking you further inquiries to make sure you’re who you say you are.

And it’s done! You are now prepared to appear on Apple Maps.

Why It’s Worthwhile To Add Your Organization To Apple Maps

When it initially debuted, Apple Maps didn’t have the best reputation. But because to its upgrades, it’s now a realistic choice for consumers of Apple products looking for companies like yours. There are several strong reasons to claim your organization on Apple Maps if you haven’t already.

1. It Is Simple And Free Of Cost.

It merely requires a few moments to put up and costs nothing, regardless of whether just a few new clients find you through Apple Maps. It’s still a fairly tremendous return around that zero-dollar commitment if you get even one lucrative customer.

2. Obtain Exposure To Devoted Apple Users.

In 2022, the large Apple delivered 232 million iPhones. There are a lot of folks who can use the Apple’s map service app. People who own Macs, iPads, along with additional connected devices, are not included in this. Waze, Google, and other map apps will certainly be downloaded by many people, but as Apple’s version improves, more people will utilize what is already installed on their device. The method for becoming in front of them is through your Apple listing.

3. Ensure That Your Information Is Correct.

It’s likely that Apple’s Map listings already include your company. What if the data it collects is unreliable? Customers who arrive at the incorrect place or when you’re closed could be irritated. By identifying your Apple Map listing, you may update and verify the information about your business to give your clients the best possible service.

4. How To Make Apple Maps More Optimal

The majority of businesses have spent a lot more effort optimizing their Google Business Page, but Apple Maps should also be taken into consideration. Utilize your listing to its full potential by using these Apple Maps optimization suggestions.

5. Be Consistent With Your listings

Yelp is a major source of business data for Apple Maps, but it also uses other directories to gather metadata. To improve your Apple Maps SEO, keep your company title and information consistent across all web platforms. Your listing can appear inconsistently or not at all if, for instance, you list your company as “Those are Mine Jam – Go through City” on Yelp, Google and “That’s My Jam TC” on Factual.

6. Obtain Yelp Ratings!

Yelp is where Apple Maps gets its reviews from. Positive Yelp reviews might boost your ranking there as well as your location on Google Maps. Spend a moment to respond to customer reviews and provide answers because the majority of customers read them prior to testing an unfamiliar item or brand. The earlier connectivity with Yelp is still present on the Apple company management Connect platform.

7. Adapt To Voice Searching

Do Apple Maps work with Siri? Yes, it does! Apple customers also adore Siri. Consider employing keywords with long tails in your search result materials and webpage landing pages, such as “Where are we?” The iOS AI assistant instantly searches Apple Maps upon receiving a voice command. As a test, think about the 2-3 ways you would ask Siri to discover your company if you were utilizing voice search to do so.


Lastly, Google is the undisputed leader in the field of web searches. With over ninety percent of the market share, they are the end-all and be-all of desktop search. Even though their standing is gradually declining, it will be a while before they lose their top spot.

Apple Maps still serve a sizable portion of the public, namely everybody who utilizes a smartphone such as an iPhone as their only map and navigation device, even while they may not be the powerful tool that Google’s enterprise profiles are or as open to user involvement and reviews as platforms like Yelp. Additionally, Apple and Apple Maps will be used by everyone who utilizes Siri for voice requests.

However, Google faces fierce competition in the field for handheld search and, more significantly, navigation. A strong online presence requires map listings because Google Maps is so useful. Mobile devices, on the other hand, have a much more evenly balanced dichotomy between the two major players: Apple and Android (powered by Google).


Why doesn’t my business show up on Apple Maps?

If your business does not appear in the search results, click on “Add new place.” If you’re creating a new listing or adding a missing place, you have to fill out a form that requires your business place name, phone number, website, business category, and address.

Why doesn’t my business show up on Maps?

For your business to have any shot at appearing in Google Maps searches, it needs to be verified. To verify it, you need to claim your Google My Business profile or create one if it doesn’t already exist. Once you do that, Google will have you verify your ownership of the business, typically by phone or mail.

Does Apple have its own map app?

Google Maps is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Chrome devices, whereas Apple Maps is restricted to Apple platforms only. That makes the Google service much more accessible. The fact that many iPhone users use Google Maps, even though Apple Maps is preloaded on devices, is very telling.

Can I add photos to Apple Maps?

Tap a place on the map or a search result in Maps. For the available categories. Submit photos: Tap Add Your Photos, then follow the onscreen instructions. Before you tap Add to submit your photos, you can credit yourself for the photos you contribute, using either your name or a nickname.

Is Apple business account cheaper?

I just chatted with Apple and set up a Business Account for myself. Anyone can set it up. If you spend $5000 in a rolling year, you get a 6% discount on all Macs beyond that, and 10% on pretty much everything else (accessories, etc.). Even if you only buy a new Mac Pro, you could save a few hundred bucks on it.

What is Apple Map Connect?

With Business Connect, businesses around the world can now directly manage their information in the interactive Apple Maps place card, including adding and updating photos and logos; inviting customers to take actions like ordering food or making a reservation directly from Maps; and presenting customers with special …

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