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Brandkit Review (2024): The Best DAM-Powered Brand Portal Service

Brandkit Review 2024:

Do you know the best way to represent your brand? In this day and age, it is vital to stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you have a brand, then you should be different enough so that you don’t seem like a copycat of another brand. It isn’t easy to stand out as there are a lot of newer brands out there. You always need to connect with your target audience if you want your brand to succeed. So, you must tell your story in a way that connects with your core audience.

The best thing that we’ve come across is Brandkit. So, today we are going to take a deep dive into Brandkit and look at all of the features that it provides. We will also check out whether it works and you should invest in it or not.

What is Brandkit?

Brandkit is a DAM-powered Brand Portal service that aims to connect the world with your content,  so that a myriad of storytellers such as your staff, partners, customers, or the media, can tell your story The right story with your official and carefully curated brand content.

Brandkit Home

Every piece of marketing content that your brand has to offer can be stored in Brandkit, like logos, images, videos, infographics, PDFs, Presentations, etc. All of these things are presented in a beautifully designed bespoke Brand Portal.

They are experts in the field and provide one of the best Brand Portal services in the world. They have 24/7 software support and also provide you with any other queries and are present with you at every step of the way.

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How does It work?

The first thing you need to do on Brandkit is to upload all of your digital content assets. For the uploading of assets, you can either simply upload one or many files at a time or connect with online storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and others. Brandkit supports all of the ty[ical marketing content file formats, so there are no compatibility issues.

The second thing that you’ll need to do is to tag, classify and approve your Assets. Brandkit makes that process easy as it automatically adds some tags and metadata. You can then add additional tags and metadata with batch tagging/editing. 

After you’ve tagged and classified your Assets, you can approve them for release and, they’ll be published to the Brand Porta where your users can find and either request or download them (depending on User Role).

You get a powerful Browse and Search tool in Brandkit. All of the things that you’ve uploaded can easily be found using these tools. You can search using tags or even just by text. There are also filtering options present as well. Furthermore, you can manage and track the usage as well.

So, Brandkit works in a really simple way that is easy to understand and follow.


Some of the main features provided by Brandkit are:

1- Self Service Brand Portal:

The key to Brandkit is the self-service Brand Portal you can set up for your users. Self-service means that trusted users can self-serve their content needs, saving your marketing team countless hours dealing with content requests for your logo, the latest campaign image, etc.

Brandkit’s attention to detail particularly their brand-safe approach to access and distribution means that rights information and usage details are always presented to users, in addition to strong terms acceptance, automatic attachment of Brand Guidelines, and tracking of user activity across the system.

Unique to Brandkit in the DAM market, bespoke design services and custom domain names for Pro and Enterprise plans means that each customer can present the perfect on-brand Brand Portal or website experience for end-users, bolstering the customers brand impression and strength. Customized navigation, on-page elements, and content experiences make Brandkit a stand-out proposition for Brands that care about their online presence, especially for B2B users.

Brand Portal features include:

  • Bespoke on-brand design, branding, navigation
  • Desktop, Tablet and Phone interfaces
  • Multiple brands, Multiple Portals
  • Support for Unlimited Users with Password Protection
  • Self-Service Signup or Gated Invitation Only access
  • Private accounts meant for a limited selection of invited users
  • Public accounts meant for wide discovery and self sign up
  • Show hide different navigation, pages, and content to different users based on Role
  • Sign in with Google/Facebook/Microsoft services

2- Digital Asset Management:

Brandkit incorporates Digital Asset Management (aka DAM) functionality that allows you to easily organize and share everything in a really simple manner with all your files or content in one central place in the cloud. A single source of truth for your content. Unlimited cloud storage means no matter how big your Asset collection is, it can be accommodated, and naturally being cloud it can be accessed by users at any time of the day no matter where they are with a modern browser and an internet connection. Perfect for today’s work from home or remote work culture.

3- Fast Ingestion:

You can very quickly load all types of files into Brandkit, so all of your assets are always organized, tagged, and thus everyone can easily access them. Thumbnails are automatically generated and search provides type-ahead suggestions as you type, with visual search results presented in a single grid.

4- Automated Tagging:

There is also AI and Machine Learning driven object and scene detection that automatically add tags to your uploaded images. Once uploaded at auto-tagged you can then add your own tags to individual assets one by one or in batches with batch editing and batch tagging. Making classification, editing, and tagging fast and easy, even for large collections.

5- Automated GEO Tagging:

Another great feature of Brandkit is that it provides GEO tagging as well. If an uploaded image has GPS data, then the location tags for that image will be automatically generated using the Google Map API. These assets can then be found visually overlaid on a Google Map view – perfect when you’re not sure of the name of a place.

6- Predictive Searching:

Brandkit not only allows you to search the assets but is designed to help you actually find the assets you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter how many assets you have. You can easily find an asset in just milliseconds. You need to enter some of the few starting characters, and Brandkit will automatically give you a list of the matching keywords with type-ahead suggestions. There are also filters and related tags as well, which allow you to intelligently refine your search query and accurately search for Assets..

7- Tracking & Reporting:

All of the interactions that take place are recorded by Brandkit, so you can easily track them, and insights into the use of those assets are provided. You also get reports on the most downloaded assets, searches, customs fields, and much more. Another great thing is that you also get Google Analytics support which is just amazing.

8- Automation:

One of the biggest features provided by Brandkit is Automation. The following things are included:

  • RSS Feeds
  • Account to account Asset syndication
  • Public API
  • Integration with Storage Services
  • Integration with Instagram (coming soon)
  • Other Ad Hoc integrations
  • Lots of Endpoints

When you want to post things onto your social media accounts, it is a lot easier when everything is present in a single place. Brandkit provides you with a central space where everything is kept. You can also publish things much easier due to the automation. If you want to upload anything to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram, you can easily do that with Brandkit’s automation. You can also import all of your Instagram libraries using Brandkit and then reupload everything onto your Twitter account.

9- Brand Identity:

Brandkit supports for native design files like Adobe Illustrator (.ai) , InDesign (.idx, .indd and .zip), Photoshop (.psd), PDF (.pdf), and EPS (.eps) files. Brandkit is a home for all of your brand assets including Brand Guidelines. Brand identity assets are very important, and you can distribute or allow self-service access in a brand-safe way, with automatically attached Brand Guidelines. 

10- Image Library:

No matter if you upload high or low-resolution images, Brandkit will automatically create thumbnails, and add your watermark to them. Metadata, GPS coordinates, and tags are auto-extracted and added as well. At download time Brandkit will even automatically convert images to different sizes and crops based on conversion presets (e.g. an Instagram-ready square crop at 1080px), and Brandkit customer Admins can decide which conversion presets they want to offer users.

11- Video Library:

If you upload a video, then Brandkit will automatically generate a smaller web-ready size which users will be able to view and scrub through prior to download. The videos you upload are independent, and you don’t need to rely on YouTube/Vimeo. Video distribution is as easy on Brandkit as sharing images.

12- Compatibility:

Brandkit is built using HTML5 and the Bootstrap responsive front-end framework meaning that Brandkit will work on modern browsers on every sized device, from desktop to mobile phone,  so there are no compatibility issues. 

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Some of the major benefits of using Brandkit are:

  • Tons of Features
  • Really Great Automation
  • Use of AI
  • Amazing Compatibility
  • Central Storage Space
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • User-Friendly Platform


The pricing plans of Brandkit are designed so that you get more with the increasing plans starting from US$100/mth.

Base: $100/month

The starting Base plan is US$100 and includes 100GB of usage per month, unlimited users and unlimited assets, with a standard Brand Portal design

Pro:  Price on Application 

The Pro plan increases base usage to 500GB/mth and adds several pro features like vanity URL, bespoke Brand Portal design, Public Upload page, CMS with Posts (e.g. so you can publish Press Releases, Blog Posts in the Brand Portal), Custom Conversion Presets, Automation and more. 

Enterprise: Price on Application 

The Enterprise plan increases base usage to 1TB per month and adds Enterprise features like Enterprise SSO, Multilingual capability, Super Account capability (receive multiple syndications feeds), Nominated AWS Storage Region (default is the US), and Priority Support.

Final Verdict:

After analyzing all of the features offered by Brandkit, it is pretty clear that it is one of the best platforms out there. If you need to connect your brand to the whole world, there are no better options present than Brandkit. 

They provide a ton of features, and everything is designed in a way so that it is user-friendly. All of the assets are present in a single place. There is automation present which saves a lot of time. The pricing plans are also quite good and scale with the user’s needs.

So, if you are in the market and need a DAM-powered Brand Portal service, then Brandkit is definitely the one you should choose. You won’t be disappointed.

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