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BrandPush Review (2024): The Best Marketing Platform

BrandPush Review:

Do you want to advertise your brand and reach millions of people? If that is the case, then today, we have something that will take your brand to the next level. Advertising is really critical nowadays as there is a lot of tough competition and you have to have something unique in order to get above your competition. That is why many marketing agencies present that claim to push your brand to millions of people in no time. This is really good for a brand as you get instant coverage from all over the globe in a matter of minutes.

Today, we are going to review BrandPush and take a deep dive into what makes BrandPush worthwhile. In the end, we will determine whether BrandPush is actually worth your precious money or not?

What is BrandPush?

BrandPush is a marketing platform that you can use to advertise your brand and get published on their network that gets up to 100 million views each month. This is really amazing for small brands as they can immediately reach a large audience just by getting published on BrandPush’s vast network. One of the best ways to grow in this digital era is through online coverage. This is where BrandPush shines, as you can get featured on more than 200 news sites, including FOX, USA Today, Market Watch, Benzinga, Digital Journal, and many more.

Brandpush Home

There are a lot of marketing agencies in the market that offer a similar thing, but only some are able to get their claimed results. You can easily boost your brand’s online presence through BrandPush and its huge network.

Promote Your Brand With BrandPush


There are a lot of great features that BrandPush offers to its users. Some of the best are below:

1- Diverse network:

The thing that makes BrandPush unique is its vast network of news sites. If you want to gain popularity and brand coverage, there is no better place than a news site. There are over 200 news sites on BrandPush’s network. So, you can significantly boost the number of visitors to your site just through BrandPush. This can totally change your brand due to the immense amount of exposure.

2- Useful Marketing:

Another great thing about BrandPush is that their marketing actually gets the desired results. Having a powerful online presence is necessary for every type of brand. For that reason, you have to have a higher search ranking, SEO, etc. BrandPush can do everything for you and get your brand the exposure that it needs. With the best marketing strategies, it will push more buyers to your website.

3- Get Featured:

If you want your brand to get featured on news sites, BrandPush can do that for you. There is a team of experienced writers at BrandPush that will draft a news story so that interest is generated in your brand. That story is then published on 200 news sites that will bring you a massive amount of exposure and eventually more sales. The amazing thing is that all of this is done in under a week.

4- Qualified Buyers:

The quality of the visitors matters a lot, and that is why BrandPush only pushes qualified buyers to your website. You get featured on news sites, so more qualified buyers are directed toward your website. Each of the publications at BrandPush is there to advertise your brand and the offer so that the buyer builds interest in your brand and visits your site already warmed up to your offer and brand.

5- Higher Google Ranking:

It is important for a website to have a high google ranking because that is how it will get more visitors. The news stories by BrandPush often rank on the first page of Google, thus sending more traffic to your website. Search engines highly consider the backlinks from Brand Push’s authoritative news sites, which automatically pushes your website to a higher level on Google.

6- Social Verification:

Social Verification is also necessary nowadays as it symbolizes security and safety for everyone. When people see a verified brand on Facebook, Twitter, they know in their minds that they can trust this brand. The articles that BrandPush writes for you make you a public figure of interest. In this way, you can easily get verification on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more.

7- Increased Sales:

You can also get an “as seen on” Trust Badge from BrandPush. Through this badge, you can increase conversion rates up to 48%. This badge shows people that your brand is trustworthy and legitimate. Thus, you can easily increase your total sales just by including Brand Push’s Trust Badge.

How Does it Work?

BrandPush increases your brand’s exposure by writing a news story about your brand and publishing it on 200 news sites. The skilled writing team present at BrandPush can write about anything with ease. There are two basic steps:

  • Writing

The experienced writing team at BrandPush drafts a news story specific to your brand to promote your brand.

  • Publishing

In the second step, that news story is then published onto their network that contains more than 200 news sites.

After the article has been published, BrandPush sends you the full report alongside live links to all the publications. So, in a matter of days, your brand reaches up to millions of visitors and thus exponentially higher sales.


  • Vast News Network
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Massive Exposure Boost
  • High-Quality Traffic
  • Higher Google Rankings
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Social Media Verification
  • Increased Sales & Revenue
  • Great Pricing


  • None

Promote Your Brand With BrandPush


BrandPush only has a one-time payment system. The packages on offer are:

  • Starter – $195
  • Plus – $229
  • Pro – $259

Brandpush pricing

In the Starter package, you write your own article, and BrandPush will publish it for you. But with the Plus and Pro packages, the article is written and published by BrandPush. Moreover, there is no revision in the starter package, whereas you get 2 revisions in the plus package and unlimited revisions in the Pro package. If you can write an interesting article on your brand, then the Starter package is best for you; otherwise, go for the Plus or the Pro package. All of the packages contain the same features and are priced really well when you consider the reach provided by BrandPush.

Final Verdict:

So, if you are struggling to grow your brand and reach the masses, then Brand Push is all you need. With the vast news network that it has, your brand can reach the world in no time. They also can write a news story about your brand to help generate sales and promote your brand. All of the traffic you will get from the news sites is already qualified and really high quality; it will drive your sales much higher than ever before.

You can also get verified on social media as well with the help of BrandPush. All in all, if you are looking for a way to grow your brand online, then BrandPush will definitely help you reach your desired audience in a matter of days.

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