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By1Ad Review 2024- Why This is Best Native Advertising Network?

By1Ad Review 2024:

You are in the right place if you want to generate maximum revenue from your regular website traffic. Websites are a great way to earn real money and to make passive income possible. But for this, you have to place ads on your website because they bring you money, and you need to select an appropriate advertising platform.

The choice of ad networks is usually tricky, so this article will greatly help you. This article will introduce you to a new and high-profit-making ad network.

We are talking about By1ad Network. If you own a website that gets high-quality targeted traffic, then By1ad is perfectly tailored.

By1Ad Network:

By1ad is a new advertising platform that offers maximum revenue for publishers across the globe. It works on a PPC model which means that publishers are paid per clicks. Every time a user clicks on the ad, the publishers get paid. With By1ad your revenue increases 20-30% on average, which is huge. This is one of the best ad networks for small publishers.

By1ad is a French company located in Paris. By1ad easily advertises global and Indian traffic. It doesn’t stand among the famous companies yet, but it is a partner with a popular content marketing platform and native ad networks such as TABOOLA, AD+, and Outbrain. It is also compatible with Google Adsense.

This ad network is making progress day by day. The speed with which it is reaching new milestones daily is a clear sign that it will stand among the giant ad networks shortly.

By1Ad Complete Review:

We have tried to collect all the information from different sources and explained it here in this article.

This article is a step-by-step guide. We will walk you through all the company’s basic info,  main features, pros, and cons along with the payment details. So Let’s begin!

Company info:

  • Company Name: By1Ad Network
  • Commission Type: CPC
  • Monetization Methods: Native Advertising
  • Minimum Payout: $100.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 45.
  • Payment Option: Payoneer and PayPal.
  • Requirements For Publishers: 500k Pageviews Per Month.
  • Support Email:
  • Website:

Features and Benefits for Publishers:

Some of the features are discussed here which make are unique and helpful for the publishers

Header Bidding:

They offer header bidding to the publishers. Header bidding is a technique that allows the publisher to offer ad impressions to several ad exchanges simultaneously, so they select the best one. It provides the publishers with more control over sales and increases revenue.

Advanced Technology:

Through advanced technology, they bring you enhanced content with actionable data insights. They also give you advanced features like A/B Testing and Alerts, which enhance the publisher’s experience and keep them up-to-date.

By1Ad Feed:

It provides the scrolling news feed experience, which clearly helps you generate revenue and gather more audience.

Monetize Multiple Things:

It allows you to drive revenue through all types of platforms, websites, applications, or Newsletters. You can hardly get this opportunity elsewhere.

Control panel:

The control panel is bleak but easy to navigate. It lacks multiple things like no tech support in the control panel. There are no editing options available to change account info. There is only a section of reporting available where you can block the content.

Incremental Revenue:

It gives additional revenues to publishers and gives them proper insights regarding their future sales. It clearly shows how much revenue they are making through sales.

Compliance with existing ad Partners :

By1 ad network works well in the presence of existing ad partners. It does not cause any hindrance to the working of your existing ad networks.

Requirements for publishers:

The following are their requirements that allow publishers to join the By1ad network.

  • The minimum Traffic requirement is 500k page views per month.
  • No language requirements.
  • This is a plus for publishers all across the world.
  • No prohibited content requirements.
  • Publishers are free to upload their content. No restrictions are there.


  • Payments are in a time
  • Easy signup.
  • Easy to integrate. No complicated settings
  • 100% viewable, catchy ads with high quality
  • No content restrictions and specific requirements
  • Best for the beginners


  • The interface lacks many features
  • Support through phone calls is not available.
  • The minimum traffic requirement of 500k views might be a big hurdle for some publishers.

Payment Details:

Here  are the complete payment details:

  1. Payments are based on traffic quality and locations.
  2. Payment methods available are direct deposit via Payoneer and PayPal.
  3. CPM rate is more than 2$.
  4. They pay you on a NET 45-day basis.
  5. The minimum payment threshold is $100.

Contact Details:

  • Here is their official website:
  • You can send your message through their website if you have any questions and can ask about all the details
  • You can also send them an email at
  • Their dedicated team is always ready to help.

Final Words: (Do we recommend By1ad Network?)

Yes! We recommend this advertising platform to all publishers who want to earn real money through their regular traffic. If you own a  website with 500k page views per month, then the By1ad can be a great choice. Although this advertising platform is not a famous one, but its performance, collaboration with famous companies, and the pace at which this company is making progress day by day clearly show that its future is bright.

Be a part of this awesome advertising platform and start earning today! It is worth trying

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