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Camdog Review (2024): The Best Leading Cloud-Based Video Surveillance System

Camdog Review 2024:

If you live in an area with a high risk of vandalism or breaking in, you must require surveillance software that will monitor your desired zone. All the businesses these days also require video monitoring systems as their private data is at stake. For a small to moderate scale business, protection and security do not end at fancy WIFI cam or installation of a video doorbell; instead, it is more about using a system that will make them tension-free. Such a system will provide them with confidence and calmness in the future.

Most likely majority of the owners must have gone through the chilling experience of vandalism, theft, or breaking. However, in the absence of efficient surveillance software monitoring the objects and providing evidence in the hour of need might get difficult for them. Many of these owners are also aware of how the matters with police and insurance companies go in the absence of adequate evidence. To prevent the intrusions, lessen the losses, and store complete evidence for later use, we will present to you a system that possesses our seal of approval.

Through this article, we will present to you the basics of our approved surveillance service, called the Camdog system, and then brief you about its specifications, core features, pricing information, perks, and other essential information about this surveillance system. So without wasting any further time, let us dive right into the details about Camdog;

Introduction to Camdog:

It is known for the fact that technology protects people, and Camdog proves this statement right! This safeguarding system offers video surveillance in the form of service. Camdog is a cloud-oriented on-demand video security service. By using Camdog, you can efficiently protect yourself and your business from the repeated losses of theft or vandalism, illegal breaking into your property, and save up enough proof in its record to present to the police or insurance companies on such occasions. Camdog is undoubtedly your personal protection agency that will provide security to you or your business. You can use software for your home or your enterprise. The best part is that you can try out this system for free right here.

Camdog Home

Founded in 2019, led by DmytroUsenko, and headquartered in New York, this service is developed to help clients with their security and video surveillance. This system will allow you to monitor the objects online. The most striking part is that you can gain access to the cameras from any type of device. We consider it significant to mention to our readers that Camdog is a member of the NVIDIA Inception Program. The storage partner for Camdog is Google Cloud, and it is powered by NVIDIA Tesla.

This system offers lifetime-based event storage, which indicates that the data on this system will be stored for the whole life, enabling you to track back really old events, and if necessary, use that evidence for insurance. This software also offers an advanced scheduler for system management.

Try Camdog For Free

Core features of Camdog:

This software system possesses tons of remarkable core features that will help you monitor your property or business. Allow us to brief you about some of the striking features of this tool;

1- AI-oriented intelligent security:

This service system is completely AI-based, which indicates that you wouldn’t have to worry about being duped by one of your camera operators! An AI-based computer monitors your entire business, and only you will be the one to have access to the protected dashboard and view all the security alerts. Camdog can detect objects at a considerable distance from the site where your camera is operating compared to cameras working with an inbuilt hardware motion detector which works only at a distance of up to 10 meters. The most remarkable quality of Camdog is that it has a low reliance on the camera’s focus, as the AI can predict the objects even after blurring a few areas. We would, however, like to mention to our readers that natural phenomena’ effects are not displayed, like lightning change, clouds, or the shadows, and neither the background objects are detected like branches or leaves of trees.

2- Round the clock Surveillance:

We would like to mention to our readers that now they can sit back, relax, and let Camdog do its job because Camdog never sleeps and provides 24/7 surveillance of your desired zone. It conducts round-the-clock monitoring of the area that you have chosen for monitoring. Camdog is surveillance goals, as it never lags, never gets late, or stops operating. Camdog also has constant control over the network connection of your cameras and will report back to you in case of any signal loss.

3- Security Mode:

Camdog offers you the most upgraded security mode that you can ever get for your property. This is a remarkable feature as their AI-oriented algorithm surveils every object that appears within the cameras, and all you have to do is select the object on the screen and arm it. The system will work as soon as the object starts to leave the safety zone, whether it is a mobile phone in a display case or a car in the driveway.

4- Preventative alerts:

Camdog will assist you in monitoring the safety of your business or property and send you preventative alerts if it detects any suspicious activity. This feature will come highly in handy for businesses or properties at high risk of theft or vandalism. You will receive notifications from the Camdog system in the form of mobile, computer, and email notifications. You will also be notified if your camera has been damaged or your connection has been compromised. But it sounds perfect! I know!

5- Exceptional Video Analytics:

This software will help you to access different video analytics for any period of your surveillance camera. This feature is by far our most favorite one! As Camdog is willing to offer you the analytics for the most oft-requested client queries, including events’ snapshots, summary report for the period, events’ number by the day, week, year or month, motion activity in the chosen zone analytics, list of license plates for the period, objects’ number detected throughout the duration.

Why should I choose Camdog?

You must be pondering to yourself, “well, alright, the features seem impressive, but why should I choose this software?” Your timing couldn’t have been more precise! We were just going to brief you with the reasons for which you should choose this software;

1- Cloud-based on-demand service:

The top reason for which you should consider switching to Camdog is that it offers cloud-based software system operations and uploads the video footage in the cloud for usage over a long time. They use Google Cloud as their most trusted storage provider and guarantee highly reliable and resilient services. All the video evidence once stored can only be deleted by you, which indicates an absolute absence of risks from the physical corruption of the record. Oh, and the best part is that you can gain access to and control Camdog from any corner of the world, provided you have an internet connection. The inbuilt scheduler enables you to switch your cameras on and off on demand.

2- Adaptability:

The second edge that you’ll get after choosing Camdog is inexplicable versatility. They will provide you with the ultimate independence to select your hardware and will connect any IP camera to their service within a few seconds. The best part is that if your business operates in various offices, Camdog will offer you complete authority over all the cameras of those offices from a single place- your dashboard! Now, what if you have a video of suspected activity on a USB or removable disk and want to transfer it to the cloud? No problem at all! As Camdog will help you in the transferring process and better recognition of the events.

3- Lifelong storage data with video analytics:

The third and the most winning reason for choosing Camdog is the validity of the surveillance video, which is for the lifetime. Yes, you read that right! This software will let you save your surveillance data forever! Moreover, you can perform deep video analytics on the footage to assess the surveillance system and the working of your business.

Perks of using Camdog:

Having presented you with the introduction, all the core features, reasons to choose Camdog, we highly doubt that there will be a need for us to provide you with the perks of using Camdog. Nonetheless, we’ll provide you the advantages of using this system,

1- Military level Detection:

Whenever you leave your home or office, you need to know that Camdog has got your back. It will convert any IP camera system into a military-level threat detector.

2- Versatility:

This software offers ultimate versatility and connects to any IP camera.

3- Compliance:

This system offers good compliance with all the browsers and devices. You can easily visualize all the videos and events from any web browser.

4- Multiple safeguarding Modes:

The best perk about this software is that it provides the users with various modes, including the suspicious activity tracking mode, Camdog mode, license plate recognition mode, people detection mode, and object detection mode.

5- An advantage over on-premises video surveillance systems:

Cloud-oriented AI surveillance has considerable advantages compared to on-premises NVR/DVD or other analog video surveillance systems. It can never be stolen or broken, and a third party could never alter your data.

Try Camdog For Free

Flexible Pricing:

The one feature that we always recommend our subscribers closely look for is payment flexibility. And you’d be excited to know that Camdog is providing prepaid packages that will help you keep track of your surveillance spending. You can now streamline your home’s or business’s security with the leading standard technology used by affluent businesses for an economical price. The best part about this software is that you will only be required to pay for the active hours, i.e., for the time during which the system was on. For the homes, they offer a corporate-grade video surveillance system just for the price of various coffee cups per month. You can have a look at their pricing and packages in detail right here;


Having read all about this revolutionary tool, you must be itching to try this out for your home or business. Through this article, we tried to present you the basics of Camdog, our favorite cloud-based video surveillance system, which will help you to minimize financial losses, prevent break-ins, and store the crime evidence for further use. This tool possesses outstanding features, among which deep video analytics is our favorite one.

The AI-based intelligent security will help you monitor your business from a single dashboard without the interference of any camera operator! The round-the-clock monitoring, guard mode, and deep video analytics are some of the remarkable core features of this software. So if you are running a small to medium-scale business or require home security, you should go for Camdog as it is the perfect video surveillance system.

We also presented you with the reasons for choosing Camdog: their cloud-oriented service, adaptability, and lifelong storage. This software has a package-based pricing system and doesn’t charge you or require credit card information for the free trial! We will highly recommend using this software to everyone as it is definitely worth a shot, and you can try out the free version to check the features for yourself!

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