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How To Change Your Location On Android With VPN 2024

Effectively Change Your Location on Android with VPN!

We know many android users for whom changing device location is an uphill struggle. They usually go for GPS Spoofing tools, and as a result, they either face high-security breaches or find themselves banned from certain applications.

We tried and tested VPNs for changing Android device locations, and we were successful. A reputable VPN can effectively, efficiently, and safely change your Android location in the safest way possible. Besides changing device location, a robust VPN offers the following benefits:

  • Unblock Geo-Restricted Locations.
  • Anonymous Online Activity.
  • Android Device Safety.
  • Block ads.
  • Data Encryption.
  • Access to Remote Work.
  • Hide your Real IP Address.

That’s a lot packed into a VPN software. VPN is surely a great cyber-security tool to use for changing your location to almost anywhere in the world. 

Now, let’s discover how to change your GPS location on an android device.

How To Change Location on Android with VPN?

It’s an easy 5-step procedure to hide your physical location using Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  1. Buy a reliable VPN Subscription.
  2. Download a VPN on your device. 
  3. Install the VPN on an Android device.
  4. Launch the application and log in.
  5. Click on “Quick Connect” to connect to the best server in a location of your preference.

Now you must consider why one should use a VPN as a location changer for Android.

Why should you use a VPN for Android?

We would say that using a VPN as a location changer is the only safest way to connect to the securest location over the internet, along with data security and anonymous online activity. Connecting your Android device to VPN will help you bypass geo restrictions and give you access to region-specific content.  

However, it would only help if you chose a reliable VPN that works well with Android. Let’s take a look at the finest VPN providers for Android.

VPNs best fit for Android Devices

Keeping in mind how crucial it is to choose the best VPN provider for your Android device, we only listed the tested and updated VPN providers. 

  1. NordVPN– Best fit for Android.
  2. Surfshark– Feature-packed VPN.
  3. Private Internet Access– All-in-one VPN provider.
  4. Atlas VPN– Great VPN for Android.

An alternative way to change your location on an Android device

A person can know much about you through IP Lookup if they know your public IP. The other way to change your location is the GPS-changing app. However, we recommend downloading a VPN for a private connection as it provides comprehensive security and additional benefits which GPS-changing apps fail to provide.

Why might you want to change your Android Location?

There are plenty of reasons behind changing Android location. Even though keeping your GPS location accurate has a lot of benefits, people still prefer to change it.

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Hiding accurate physical Location: Nowadays, many apps access user location, so for safety purposes, you might want to change the location. Also, you might not have access to some of the features of a particular app due to accurate device location.
  2. Privacy: VPN encrypts your IP address to hide your personal information. That’s how VPN actually works.
  3. Access to Region-Specific Content:  Changing android location can help access region-specific content and bypass geo-block.
  4. Access to Better Deals: Sometimes, websites or apps offer deals to only U.S.-based users. To access those deals, you can change your real location.
  5. Access to Remote Work: While traveling, you might not be able to access your work due to geo-based restrictions. In such cases, you can change your Android GPS location and get into your account by tricking your device.

Procedure to Change IP Address on Android Device

Changing IP Addresses on any Android device is simple and easy. You have to follow the following steps:

  1. Download a robust VPN.
  2. Install the VPN on your device.
  3. Open the application and connect to a server in a location of your choice.

Possible Reasons behind you cannot be able to change your location on an Android device.

There could be several reasons behind not being able to change your Android device location but don’t fret! We have solutions for every problem. Here are the reasons possible why you can’t change your location

  • Real IP Address leakage.
  • The GPS location and IP Address on your device don’t match.
  • Cookies revealing your authentic location.
  • The VPN you choose can’t bypass the restrictions you are trying to overcome.

Now the solutions to these problems are:

  • Switch to a robust VPN provider.
  • Enable the leak protection settings on your VPN.
  • Contact your VPN customer support.
  • Switch to a different browser.

Final Thoughts:

If you want to hide your accurate physical location, are concerned about your privacy, and want access to region-specific content, better deals, or remote work while traveling, you can easily alter your Android’s GPS location in a few simple steps.

The most efficient and effective way to change your Android location is using a trustworthy VPN. Most popular and reliable VPN providers keep user identity anonymous online while changing the IP address. We highly suggest NordVPN as it is never failed to impress its users and is the most dedicated VPN Provider among its competitors in the market.

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