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Chanty Review 2022: Why This is Best Team Collaboration Tool

Chanty Review 2023:

Are you searching for a new perspective on teamwork?

Chanty is the latest addition to the rivalrous marketplace. This application is tackling against very giant competitors like Microsoft teams and Slack. It’s a kind of team chat that provides unlimited messages history and different tools designed to result in productive team business.

The way you connect in the company has grown more difficult by the day. During the freeze, not only are people trapped at home but we have more energy to dig at applications to check out, and more and more friends to talk about. You may receive several text messages, hundreds of emails, direct social networking posts and calls, and pings from a shared communication system within a single day.

Chanty provides you with additional features through which you can deal with your everyday tasks. This interactive task manager tool will allow you to make audio and video calls through which you can easily connect with your team.

The email has taken control over the world for business communication purposes but for proper communication between teams, this application is outdated because it has its own limitations. Thanks to this advanced team chat application through which people can communicate within teams more efficiently and quickly.

Let’s look at the advanced features provided by Chanty through which people can communicate easily. It stands out because of its advanced features and it is also a preferred communication tool for most people around the world.


An easy-to-use tool for collaboration:

Chanty Home

This application does not require an IT degree to use it but it’s a very simple application to use. To run this application, you only need an email id and a team name. This application is user friendly which is why it has been used by most of the companies to interact, share information and content including GIFs and videos with each other. The team book of this application will save all your conversations, pinned messages, and other content in the same easy way as in other applications.

Some of the other features include:

  1. Highlight the @mentioned members
  2. You can pin messages to track the important information
  3. Share code snippets
  4. Create and execute projects to help teams working under deadlines
  5. Full use of third-party software and integrations
  6. Create and manage tasks
  7. Notifications and immediate warnings
  8. Set and control roles or privileges

It also provides you with a history of your messages and content so that you can find it again whenever you need it. It will also allow you to search for and access your history easily. You can have the option to leave a message with a single click.

Chanty Audio Calls And Voice Messages:

It is not just about sending instant messages but you can also communicate through voice calls. Besides that, Chanty grows the user can easily join a voice call with a single person or set up a call with a group of people. It will allow you to send voice messages with people and with that, you can get quick instant replies while using this application.

A framework for accessible collaboration:

Wherever you’re or what you intend to do, Chanty has filled you with resources for end-to-end contact and cooperation. There’s also a Chanty mobile and web application that syncs all of your messages instantly so that your data doesn’t get lost.

If you switch from another communication platform provider to Chanty, there’s a handy function to import to get you started too. In a few taps, you will move all of your contact history and other data from your squad.

From Slack to Flock and also Atlassian HipChat or Stride the software fits with all.

Plans and Pricing:

When it comes to plans, Chanty offers two types of plans:

  • Free.
  • Business.

The free plan provides users with all the basic features of Chanty with only some limitations. There is no group audio or video calling in the free version nor you can screen share or use their support line.

If you want to use all of the premium features then you have to invest your money into the Business plan. If you are going for the Annually Business plan then you will have to pay only $3 while going for the monthly costs you $4. Both plans offered by Chanty are really great in their own rights. But if you are a company, then you should really prefer going to the Business plan and the price is also less than its competitors which makes it really appealing.

Free Demo:

Chanty also provides a free demo in which they help you in learning all of the things about Chanty. They talk you through how you can make your business more profitable by using Chanty. The demo also shows you the best method to communicate with your team. The length of a demo is normally 30 minutes but the length can also be increased if they feel the need.

Pricing Comparison:

  • Slack – Starts at $6.67/month per user; 
  • Discord – Starts at $4.16/month per user; 
  • Microsoft teams – Starts at $5/month per user;
  • Chanty – Starts at $3/month per user.

Features of Chanty:

For this squad chat, the main lesson here is that the application falls into two different groups. You may note that the 10-user capacity, lack of video and voice communication capabilities (even with one-on-one video chats), and limited file storage space (only 20 GB for the whole team) are a big problem for those who depend on the free edition.

When you switch to the accessible business plan (which actually costs $3 per team member), though, the obstacles would vanish and you will utilize 20 GB of data per member to take advantage of the voice messages available for free teams and video messaging functionality.

Application and Functionality:

There is something odd regarding Chanty and it’s not that the term is a variant of the word “Chantey” (e.g., a song that sailors used to sing when they were working). Chanty shocks you by placing the emphasis on tasks rather than the shared conversation. The entire aim is to delegate tasks to the leaders of the team and then to collaborate on certain tasks.

Yet in a positive way, it is special. You have to adapt to the design of applications like Flock and Glip and gradually you start losing out on how Slack or Microsoft teams behave and function. With Chanty, you adjust over time to the functionality and begin to appreciate the novelty. The application looks like it is designed for teams developing software.

Chanty references the Kanban platform used in applications such as Asana and Trello on their website which is a process management program. All this means Chanty is a more severe project management and chant device, even though it has a light-hearted style with a bot named Rufus that lets you discover functionality and simple and functional design with brightly colored keys. The theme is that you should have fun and enjoy work when developing code or collaborating on a team project.

This is it for you? Really depends on that. You can imagine a sales and marketing team being annoyed by the task-management approach that needs to constantly discuss strategy and trends. Slack is suitable for the sort of teams who actually need to collaborate and exchange information. For a more task-oriented organization, create applications or websites.

Chanty Alternatives:

Chanty’s competition with other companies:

Chanty isn’t the only messaging app out there but it has a lot of competition in the likes of:

  • Discord.
  • Microsoft Teams.
  • Skype.
  • Slack.


Discord is one of the biggest competitors to Chanty. Discord is a communication app that has become really popular in recent years. It’s a design language that is very similar to Chanty. Discord uses voice and text-messages as means of communication with other people. It is mainly oriented for gaming purposes. All of the features that it provides are really helpful if you are into gaming.

One feature of discord is that it provides a way to communicate with developers. They can take feedback from the community and make their games in a way that is more accessible and fun to play. But discord is more expensive then Chanty and provides fewer features and is mainly oriented towards gamers while Chanty is an all-purpose app that is more useful.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams on the other hand is entirely focused on creating a virtual office type environment. As it is from Microsoft, you can use MS Office to share all types of files with the meeting. PowerPoint can be used to share presentations in a meeting.

As with any other software, MS Teams also has different tiers of pricing. The first one is the basic one which provides you with only a limited number of features and there is no subscription required for this tier. There are other two higher tiers that present its users with a lot of options in terms of features. You get a lot of exclusive features in the higher tiers which are more suited for companies as the higher tier subscriptions provide you with tools that can be used to analyze all of the meetings and access to more servers.

Microsoft Teams is a solid competitor to Chanty but it lacks in the design language and app performance. Teams are not that fast when it comes to response time while Chanty due to its clean interface is really fast. The packages provided by Chanty are also way better than teams and more affordable which makes using Chanty more viable than Microsoft Teams.


Skype is one of the most popular and well-regarded videos conferencing software all around the globe. It is really popular if you want to quickly set up a meeting with lots of people. There is a free version of skype which allows you access to all of the basic features like texting and calling.

But all of these features are only available if both persons are on Skype. It means that the person on the other hand needs to have Skype if he wants to talk with you. Skype also provides you with the ability to call on cell phones internationally. The conferencing limit on Skype is 25 members.

Skype might be one of the best in the business but it is really old. Chanty has a new interface that is more modern and appealing than Skype. The feature set of Chanty is much bigger than Skype and there is also no competition when it comes to the Business Plan of Chanty as it is the most affordable and has a bigger feature set than Skype.


Slack is definitely the biggest competitor to Chanty. Overall, if you are looking at the features sets of both software, then it is pretty similar. But Chanty has a very easy to use interface which is really easy to use for newer people. Slack provides you its most features in the premium package while Chanty offers mostly the same features in its free version. The premium version is also cheap and affordable while Slack comes at a higher price. Chanty easy handedly beats Slack in the design, performance, and price section.

Why Use Chanty?

As there are a lot of competitors in the market, it raises the question, why should we use Chanty over all of them?

What is good about Chanty that makes it special? One of the best things about Chanty is that it is very intuitive and easy to use. The main focus of Chanty is simplicity. As a user, no one wants to get lost in the menus but everyone wants a seamless experience where they can easily operate the app.

Chanty consists of a hub called Teambook which is really useful as it contains all of the information about the messages that you have pinned and every other content. This hub provides very easy access to all of the information.

The main things that make Chanty viable are:

  • Simplistic Design.
  • Task-Based.
  • Team book Hub.
  • Unlimited Message History.

Chanty Contact Details:

If you have any questions or wanna talk to Chanty Team then you can contact the Chanty team anytime. They are available 24/7.

Do We Recommend Chanty?

Yeah, we do recommend Chanty because Chanty’s task-based messaging is an exclusive feature that is very intuitive. The true potential of this software comes into play only after you have assigned tasks to your team.

There are a lot of really good competitors to Chanty but the Task-Based approach makes it a real solid offering for the people who are keen on just completing their work. Watch Video to learn more about Chanty.

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