Ways Cloud Computing Can Increase Productivity

Ways Cloud Computing Can Increase Productivity

In this modern and digital era, technology has played an important role and shifted human work life style from manual to completely automated that humans started relying on machines to complete their task. Every business owners wants to use the most effective strategies to keep their business efficient and increase its productivity.

In the past business owners used to run their applications in local machines that was a time-consuming process in which you have to put a lot of efforts as well. So after the launch of the internet and technology advanced machines are designed and internet power is supplied to the business organizations to speed up their process.

For industries technology has proven to be a big dream or a game changer that gives a positive effect on the production as well as attract potential customers to boost up the growth of the business. By advance machines and technologies, it becomes easy for employees to do their routine work by investing less effort in work as compared to past.

In this world of competition, companies are just struggling towards their single main objective that is to earn the profit by any means. Storing all the confidential and raw data of your business was a big task in past and at the time of need it was quite difficult to access the data because the files and documents were piled up and it becomes a big hurdle to access the required file.

Computer hardware’s were not that much updated and advanced that they can store piles of data easily and when the complete space on hard ware gets occupied then speed of processing of system get slow down which effect the production of company because it starts consuming a lot of time in searching the documents.

1- Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing is a big network, that contains all the remote computers that can easily process all the data and mean while store data as well as manage all the remote applications running in the business. When you start using cloud computing then you Allow the company to out-source their IT department to any third party and then they will transfer all the in-organization burden on the cloud service providers.

Cloud computing is the IT resource that is delivered to the companies when they start demanding for advance technology to store their documents. Organizations and industries of all sizes either primary scale or large scale businesses use cloud computing for processing of all the data like backup, emails, software development, virtual desktop, data analysis, web application designing to negotiate customers etc. there are multiple types of cloud computing like.

  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

The cloud type that you are going to use depends on where the infrastructure is located and who is going to access it and from which device you are going to access these cloud computing services. Utilizing cloud computing services gives a lot of positive point to the company by reducing the huge maintenance cost that company used to provide to IT department.

Cloud computing becomes a proven method that will boost up the production of company. According to the experts and recent data analysis, it shown that almost 79% of the public are using cloud computing services in their business to save decent money, boost up the growth of their company, and got secured way of securing their confidential data by implementing cloud computing in their companies.

There are different services provided by the cloud service providers including the security of system by introducing a lot of security protocols and routine maintenance of all their applications on very cost effective fee, and the fee can be divided on per user or per bandwidth. Cloud computing increase the company’s profitability.

2- Benefits Of Cloud Computing:

Use of cloud computing is beneficial for all size of businesses and organizations. Following are some of the ways through which cloud computing can increase the production and growth of a company.

3- Team Collaboration:

If you have cloud computing service in your organization, then you can allow multiple employees to work simultaneously on their project which increase the collaboration of team work and let the team to complete their project earlier then the assigned time and they can even collaborate while out of their physical work place. Microsoft Office 365 is one of the biggest and best example of team collaboration using cloud computing service.

By using cloud computing service, you can easily share all the raw and confidential information between your colleagues. This helps to maintain the stability and the uniformity among the employee’s as they use to do team work on their projects, doesn’t matter that from where they are working and what are their time zone differences. Team collaboration working is very important at any step of life for working remotely.

4- Safety And Security:

There are many employees related hesitations in start while the companies are moving towards cloud system, there was a misconception that if they keep IT operations in their hand and operate their IT system tightly then it will be a good option rather then moving on a cloud computing.

However, if you are planning to shift your data on cloud that means you are giving it in technological control and any of the third party firm will look after your data in more safe and secure way then ever you could.

There are different cloud service providing companies like Oracle gives a robust security protocols and enlist all their strategies and methodologies to make sure that the real owner gets relaxed and confident that his data is in safe hand and managed by wise authorities.

5- Economics:

The top-end goal of any business is to make a lot of profit as much as they can and reduction in the overall cost of operations make it possible to achieve their goals more wisely. The biggest benefit of moving towards the cloud is to get companies financial growth that will effect the economic state of country as well. There are different models coupled with the cloud and they all are quite economical.

There is no cost that you have to pay at the time of purchase, you just have to pay monthly fees according to the number of users or may be the monthly fee depend on the amount of bandwidth used. There is very easy expandability in any direction.

When you are shifting directly from the legacy server to the cloud server it directly reduces or cut the need of server refreshing, eliminate the demand of IT support staff and secure the energy use. All this will give a lot of benefit and save your money that you can put in the profit wallet of your business.

6- Sustainability:

Cloud computing is considered as continuous and feasible option for many companies. Cloud computing save the extra use of paper in your documenting and storing and also play important role in energy efficiency as well. In past the hardware systems always demand for the uninterrupted power supplies and cooling systems, which utilize a lot of electric power and put a big mark on the economical condition of the company.

While using cloud computing you are securing your climate by eliminating the carbon emission in your enviourment that was traditionally done by the use of hardware systems.

In advanced technology cloud providers utilize a very minimum amount of carbon-intense power mixer which is more energy efficient.

7- Disaster Refusal:

There are many past incidents when many big organizations and large scale companies lost their important data and files because of any disaster in their business that will lead to damage the company’s reputation and lose all their backup files that are very sensitive and confidential.

But then technology advances and there is an increased availability of cloud computing services, and now the employer of the company and organization start uploading their documents on cloud as a backup which is more conventional and disaster free then ever.

Oracle, the best cloud service provider focuses more on new innovations and security measures and their service is disaster-resistant. There is a cloned version of your data that is every time available at your data center is at the risk of natural disasters but they have the backup file of this cloned data as well.

8- Flexibility And Efficiency:

The business landscape is changing quite speedily as compared to other and always there are quite interesting changes that many companies adopt in their systems. While some of the changes and operations are quite difficult to adopt, the company needs to stay active in new trends and settings. Cloud computing gives flexibility to adapt new market changes, and it will automatically check whether these changes are physically available on-site or not.

Apart from the external changes, virtual solutions also give quick responses to all the internal demands of the system. If the workload or the user demand increases, then cloud services also get increased to meet the user’s demand. This will reduce the bulk or overload problems of IT. Similarly, cloud computing adjusts the efficiency as the company’s circumstances change.

Easy Access To Advanced And Updated Tools:

With the help of cloud computing services, many primary scale businesses can access to the some of the latest and advanced tools and equipment’s that are only designed for large organizations. Now with the help of tools smaller or primary scale businesses can act fast and efficient and can also give a very tough competition by working hard to the big bugs of the industry.

1- Scheduled Updates:

Companies no longer have to be worried about the regular updates of their software. These cloud computing services are off-premise so you are not entitled to regularly take care of the updates of your software. Cloud service providers will do all the updates by themselves rather then depending on others. By this means companies can save a lot of time that they have to spend in the maintenance of the server.

2- Cost Of Cloud Computing:

The overall cost of cloud computing service depends upon the type of provider that you have selected and the services that you want to get from the cloud. You will have to do survey to check which type of cloud has services that suits best according to your business.

How much data you want to save on your cloud and what are the reasons of adopting cloud computing services in your company will tell you the total cost of the service. However, generally, the roughly estimated budget of cloud computing service is $5 to $25 per user on a monthly basis.

There are online calculators provided by the vendors of cloud computing services through which you can figure out that what will be the total cost of adopting cloud computing service.


Cloud computing service is one of the most demanded need of large scale companies now a day. So that they can secure their files and data by placing all their sensitive and confidential documents in the backup. The cloud computing service gives a lot of benefits to the companies be securing their time, money and efforts. So many of the companies tend to adopt cloud computing so that they can give their data in more secure hands then their own.

Cloud computing service effect the production of companies and help them to give a lot of benefits to the enviourment as well because in past companies used to take part in climate changes by making carbon emission but because of cloud services carbon emission reduces and will not effect the climate.


How cloud computing can increase the production of company?

Cloud computing delivers multiple advantages to companies by increasing the company’s performance including higher flexibility, high level of security, sustainability, team collaboration, etc.

Why cloud services are important for business growth?

By adopting new technology in company can boost their productivity and streamline all their high scale operations by reducing the cost and increasing the speed of adaptation and flexibility to the new and updated changes in industry.

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