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CoinGate Review (2024): The Best Payment Gateway For Blockchain Payments

CoinGate Review 2024:

The blockchain industry is now amongst the fastest growing industries and when you are in Cryptocurrencies, you surely want a payment gateway to let you do trading, buying, and selling of digital currencies. With all the features in mind, the environment should be safe and secure, providing you with real-time updates on prices. Surely, there are quite a lot of payment gateways in the market that promise to provide you with all of this but only a few of them quite provide the results. Today we are going to review a platform that is not only safe, secure, feature-proof, and constantly updating, but it also does the whole payment process with acceptable fees for trading.

Yes, we are talking about CoinGate, which is famous amongst the Cryptocurrencies traders and lovers of digital currencies who are constantly looking out for the best platforms out there. CoinGate gives you the ability to pay with cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin, and other fifty such currencies. You have further features to receive statements of your payments and can also withdraw them for as low as a 1 percent fee. Amazingly, there are also no hidden charges that you are worried about. So, we are going to review this amazing Platform, providing you with its details, its Features, Benefits/Drawbacks, pricing, and then end the article with a few conclusive sentences. Without any further delay let us hop into your CoinGate Review.

What is CoinGate?

CoinGate was founded in 2014 and the company itself is Lithuania Registered. It is actually a digital currency platform that allows individuals and businesses of all sizes to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. There are around 50 other cryptocurrencies including the famous XRP, ETH, and LTC with much more, as a method of payment online and traditional ones. Furthermore, with the payment options, you can also do Bitcoin Trading in the market as an individual or an organization owner.

Coingate home

As a merchant, you can simply get your registration, then market and sell the products with payments of Fiat, Bitcoin, and other supported cryptocurrencies. There are quite a lot of payment options available to choose from that make CoinGate versatile and feature-proof. The problem with the digital currencies or market is that the platforms that deal with them are somewhat not reliable when it comes to the tax or the cutting upfront. CoinGate, on the other hand, provides you with much reliable and user-friendly prices so that the traders of CryptoCurrencies can sell and buy digital currencies with CoinGate without losing much of it.

Another amazing thing that most digital currency traders are worried about is Security and an environment that makes the whole process easy for their use. CoinGate specifically worked on that to provide you with an environment that is not only backed on a safe and secure system but also has a Software Implementation that makes everything easy and in your grasp. Moving a bit further, CoinGate is well rounded up for the future as well with its widgets, plugins, and Bitcoin POS. All of this enables the CoinGate platform to be used for online shopping carts like VirtueMart, Magento, and OpenCart of WooCommerce, etc. Amazingly, there are also apps for iOS and Android for shopping experience on mobile with exceptionally fast payments further proceeding to businesses.

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CoinGate Services:

1- Purchasing:

CoinGate brings to you some of the best services a Digital Trading Platform can. With exception to the SEPA payments, it also provides you with an option called Buy Instantly, allowing you to effortlessly purchase these cryptocurrencies with your own credit and debit card. The funds go directly to your own wallet which is reserved for digital currencies.

2- Processing:

Not only the purchasing but also the payment procession services are provided to you from CoinGate. To achieve a vaster selection of Digital currencies as payment of services or products, it is important to have a proper payment procession. A singular platform by CoinGate is available to track the orders, manage your earnings, and accept payments as crypto. This system is built into the platform for both bricks, online as well as the mortar stores. Steps include; Selling of service or product, Selection of CoinGate as payment from the shopper, CoinGate generates an invoice of this payment and You can earn when selling products or services online.

3- Selling/Buying:

You are given versatile Cryptocurrencies using the SEPA bank transfer payments. You can purchase more than twenty various digital currencies from it and unlike other platforms for exchange, the sales and the purchases are directly linked to the account or wallet. Fascinatingly, there are also no fund holdings from users.

4- Directory:

What is more amazing to know about CoinGate? Well, there is a separate Merchant Directory that is global, listing the businesses that work on these fifty various digital currencies. Then the directory works on them and categorizes them, finally providing you with a ranting out of 5. This saves quite a lot of time for you to find the perfect one and also gives a professional opinion on the merchant through these ratings.

5- Gift Cards:

Gift cards are essential when you want to make a relation with the other party and in terms of numbers, you are given somewhere around 1000 gift cards from famous retailers. These gift cards are provided to you through email and are effortless when it comes to spending digital currency. YOu can get these gift cards from famous places like Amazon, Airbnb, Playstation, Xbox, and more. So, these are the perfect opportunity for gamers to be happy

Fees Structure of CoinGate:

The fee structure is where CoinGate really shines in terms of its competition. On the trading fees, there is a three percent on both the selling and the purchasing of order. The top-up fee is five percent more when you are using the more convenient way of purchase, which is a bank card. Further, when you do the trades through SEPA, there is no additional tax on them, so it means that the five percent top-up fees as an extra are not present in SEPA.

You might be wondering about the Phone Payments? Well, it doesn’t depend on CoinGate, but the service provider. There are some extra taxes and fees which are on the Phone Payments, so you need to ask the carrier or the service provider for these payments. They are different for different providers.

On the other hand, when it comes to the processing of digital currency, the merchant fees are exceptionally low, around one percent on any type of payment. It comes with the SEPA bitcoin payout and transfer which are totally free of cost.

Limit for Buying:

When you are using the Debit or your Credit Card, this platform gives you a whopping 20000 USD or Euro of purchasing on a daily basis. On a monthly basis, the same amount goes to 50,000 USD or Euro. International Bank transfer or SEPA has a lower limit of around 5000 Euro on each purchase along with the registration. But these limits can change based on the scenario. Finally, the registered users can sell around five BTC crypto for Euros.


Being quite a large platform, it provides you with some exceptional features. Some of the keys amongst them are;

Buying and Selling:

You have the ability to purchase and sell your crypto without any need for deposits of crypto or fiat. There is a wallet and every purchased digital currency is sent directly to that. In terms of selling, all the proceeds for fiat are related to the bank account.

Instant Purchase:

Instant purchase of crypto is a must to have feature when it comes to digital market value because each moment completely changes the market. Here, you have the ability to instantly buy crypto with your own debit or credit card or you can also do this with your international bank transfer.

Order Tracking:

Here is a unique feature of CoinGate, which is that you can view the transaction from the Mobile Orders, Withdrawal, and Orders pages. A simpler method to view the trading order is through none other than the main dashboard page.

Referral Programs:

The affiliates will receive around a ten percent discount, but it is for the customers who are willing to purchase the products of CoinGate or they are also called the Gift Cards. Another thing is that, when the customer makes a transaction that is successful, there is a ten percent commission fee that the platform will deposit to the wallet. This is not it because, for the larger referrals, CoinGate deploys a scheme for Revenue Sharing and the affiliate B2C.


CoinGate is not like other platforms which are irresponsive and there is also no media presence. It has its own profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media platforms. Adding butter on top, when you want extra help from the developers’ side, you can contact customer support. There is a support page on the site which lets you reach them without any effort.


There are specific perks to every platform out there, but the best amongst them has something special to draw attention. In the case of CoinGate that special thing is its Business Account and Gift Cards. To collect payments in terms of Crypto and trade as a business, CoinGate has a separate Business Account, which you need to create. This means that Businesses are integrated by default into this platform, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Taking a deep dive into their other specialty which is the Gift Cards, you can purchase more than a thousand of them with your Crypto. They are delivered through email and you can get them through eBay, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon, and such top platforms.


Finally, we need to consider the security of CoinGate because when we are dealing with Crypto Currencies, we need the platform to be secure and safe. So, in the features of CoinGate, Security needs to be mentioned. There is 2FA or also called the 2-Factor Authentication which you can enable to add extra later of security to your account. Besides this, if you don’t enable it, the enhanced security of CoinGate is enough to secure your CryptoCurrency.


  • Effortless Withdrawal
  • Simple and secure system
  • Good customer service
  • Credit/Debit card acceptance
  • Various Crypto Currencies
  • Better Tax/fee charge
  • Tracking of Order


  • Ask too much documentation for integration services

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CoinGate works on the Fees that they cut when you are using their services like;

  • There is a one percent commission for all the plugins, APIs, PoS, Buttons, and billings.
  • For SEPA bank transfer the fee is 3 percent, it is for selling ad purchasing both
  • Credit and Debit Card purchase costs around 8 percent
  • The Balance and alternative methods through mobile are dependent on the location and the service you are using.

Final Verdict:

Looking for a reliable, secure, and user-friendly Crypto purchasing and selling platform? Well, CoinGate is the perfect platform for that specific purpose but you can also do much more like delivering globally as crypto payments. CoinGate is best for investors that are looking to trade crypto without making exchange deposits or other things. A separate wallet is provided through which you can hold the digital currency without any fees. With further integrations you can transfer crypto through gift cards and all of this is done in a really user-friendly environment with exceptionally fewer fees. All in one, if you are into Crypto and looking for a perfect platform for your trading, then CoinGate is the best one to consider.

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