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Convertful Review (2024): Is it Worthwhile? Our Verdict

Convertful Review 2024:

Do you want to convert every visitor into a lead?

There are a lot of times when people get a lot of visitors to their websites but the sales don’t increase.

This is because the visitors aren’t turning into leads. This type of problem is very common and a lot of times people pay a lot of money so that they can get better leads.

Growing a business is really difficult for beginners and having a strong website with a lot of visitors can immensely help growth.

So, today we are going to look at a solution to this problem which can immensely help newcomers in growing their business. Convertful is the solution that we are talking about which claims to convert every visitor into a lead. We will take a deep dive into why this platform is really good and should you really invest in it or not.

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What’s Convertful?

Convertful Home

Convertful is an All-In-One tool that can convert each visitor on a website into a lead. If you don’t want to do a lot of work in growing your business then Convertful can help you in the growth process. This is really great for bloggers and organizations. You can instantly grow your business without any hard work. Convertful is designed in a way that it does all of the hard work for you.

There are about 50 different templates present on Convertful that are really great for presentation. All of the tools provided here are designed to get clients more engaged. Another great thing about Convertful is that it is mostly working with platforms like Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Shopify, etc. This kind of collaboration is really helpful for business growth.

How Does Convertful Work?

The way Convertful works is really simple and easy. Convertful uses a drag and drops frame interface which is really helpful for most people as it doesn’t involve any kind of coding whatsoever. You are completely free from that sort of thing. You can easily drag and drop frames to make your desired layout. You can adjust everything according to your requirements. One of the most impressive things about Convertful is that it gives you total freedom and control.

You have a lot of customization at your hand. You can change everything like shapes, styles, hues, etc. If you can think of a frame in your mind then you can easily make it in Convertful. Before the introduction of Convertful, people used to use a lot of structures on various different channels but now with a platform like Convertful, you can easily target your audience. It has now become really simple to focus on just the people that you need to contact.

Most of the other platforms before Convertful weren’t able to work with various different API blunders in an effective manner. The blunders are in the form of server downtime, repudiated keys, etc, all of which can tremendously affect your lead generation. You wouldn’t even know and in a matter of time, your leads would have significantly decreased. If this sort of issue happens now, Convertful will immediately inform you so the issue can be resolved.

Convertful Unique Features:

Convertful has a lot of really great features that make it great. Some of the more prominent ones are mentioned below:

1- Lead Magnet:

Convertful offers you an amazing lead magnet in return of their membership which will help you in converting all of your leads into sales. 

2- Webinars:

Another great feature of Convertful is that it allows you to advance your webinars. If you have online courses then you can easily inform them about your guests. You can easily create a slide-in widget with an optin form.

3- Developing Followers:

There are a lot of platforms out there that claim to attract more followers but none of them works as Convertful does. There are various coupons offered there which give people more incentive to visit your website. As the people are getting something in return, it will make them come back for more. You will also receive different coupons and lead magnets in return for providing likes and takes after. This sort of functionality is really great as it helps in developing the followers.

4- Content Upgrades:

One of the most unique things about Convertful is that it really helps you in getting your target audience. You can target the pursuers using URLs, present tags, or the ones who had taken an important offer. These kinds of content upgrades are really helpful.

5- Notifications:

Having a really good notification system can make one hell of a difference. This is what really excels about Convertful. There is always a floating bar present on the home screen. What this bar does is show all of the notifications to the visitors so that they can remain informed about the ongoing deals. In this way, more people can know whether a deal is in-progress or yet to come.

Your audience remains more engaged in this way. You can quickly take a quick glance at the notifications to see if something’s changed or not. If you make any important changes then you can also notify all visitors about them. This notification system is really impressive and keeps the customers more engaged.

6- Discounts:

Another thing that Convertful offers you is welcome discounts. As there are usually a lot of guest visitors just chilling on the site without any real intention of buying anything. One thing that you can do is to provide them with some sort of welcome discount which will give them the incentive to stay there.

7- Deadlines:

You sometimes have to give people the motivation to do something. This sort of technique can really work and that is why Convertful allows you to show sales deadlines. By showing the visitors the deadlines, you essentially motivate them to take action. In this way, they are more obligated to buy something or use your services.

8- WordPress:

A great thing about Convertful is that it has direct integration with various other platforms. One of those platforms is WordPress. If you are using Convertful then you have an integration with WordPress as well. It is done with a plugin that is really easy to use and provides a straight connection line.

9- Form Types:

Most of the platforms don’t offer a lot of features in their free subscription but this isn’t the case with Convertful. You get all of the form types even in the standard free version of Convertful. You have access to form types like Pop-up, Scroll Box, Inline, etc.

10- Drag & Drop:

In Convertful, you have all of the customization possibilities that you would want from any software. It offers you all the different kinds of tools that can be helpful to you. The editing process is really simple. Everything is drag and drop. If you want to add something then simply select the item and drop it.

11- Signing Up Socially:

If you are a visitor then you can easily subscribe by only using your social profile. This provides you a really quick way to subscribe. This method is really effective for generating more leads as it is a really simple process and people don’t mind logging in using their social accounts. This will also help you in verifying the email addresses of the people by using their social ones. In the end, it will help you by tremendously increasing the conversion rate.

12- Monitoring:

Convertful provides you with a really good monitoring tool that really comes in handy. You can easily monitor a guest visitor and all of these activities. Getting every type of information about that visitor is also really simple. You can check the referrer of the visitor and the pages that they saw. This kind of data will help you in making the kinds of offers that will make the visitors stay more committed to your website and thus you will generate more leads.

Why Should You Use Convertful?

Convertful is a really great tool that will help you in the following things:

  • Getting More Supporters
  • Targeting the Right Audience
  • Responsive Structures

Most of the people in the online world generally lose supporters along the way and the biggest problem is that they aren’t aware of this problem. By using Convertful, you make sure that you don’t run into this sort of problem. It always checks for whether the supporter is achieving the said rundown or not. It will inform on the issue if it is not being achieved.

There is a big problem in the offer section with most of the structures. More often than not, you see the same offer being presented in most of the pop-up boxes. This kind of spam where a single offer is being shown over and over again isn’t pleasant for the visitors and they might end up leaving. Convertful makes sure that the same offer is not being shown on the same page as it is constantly targeting the frames in the context of the URL.

Benefits of using Convertful:

  • Amazing at Getting More Leads
  • More than 50 Templates
  • Engagement Tools
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Trial Option


  • A Relatively Recent Tool

Convertful Pricing Plans:

Convertful Pricing

Convertful offers really good price plans that are suited for all types of people. The offered price plans are given below:

Try Convertful For Free


  • Website – 1
  • Guests – 5000/month
  • Widget Elements – 4
  • Leads – 500


$19/month or $9/month for yearly

  • Website – 1
  • Guests – 40,000/month
  • More Advanced Targeting
  • Widget Elements – 8
  • Leads – Unlimited


$39/month or $29/month for yearly

  • Destinations – 3
  • Guests – 120,000/month
  • More Advanced Targeting
  • Widget Elements – 11
  • Leads – Unlimited


$99/month or $79 for yearly

  • Destinations – 10
  • Guests – 400,000/month
  • More Advanced Targeting
  • Widget Elements – 11
  • Leads – Unlimited

Our Verdict:

In our opinion, Convertful is a really great tool that will help you a lot in growing your business. It is really easy to use and has a lot of features that you can use. The drag and drop system is amazing and the customization options are unmatched. All of the features work together to provide you with more leads. So, if you are in the market looking to turn your visitors into more leads, Convertful is the best thing out there.

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