CPA Club Connect on March 12th in Dubai!

On 12th March, 2023, we all will be experiencing a gathering of more than 1000 successful people from the affiliate marketing industry. They will all get together to help you learn new and latest news on the related topics. Jordan Belfort, a prominent personality and a favorite to many, will be there to teach you an efficient marketing formula.

CPA Club is going to arrange a meetup which is backed by SIGMA and is known as CPA Club Connect in a run-up of SIGMA, Dubai. The major goal of the meetup is to collect all experts of the fields at one place so that they can meet one another as well as find partners for themselves and enhance their marketing skills by learning from each other.

CPA Club Connect is a must for:

All of us, generally, as we all are related to marketing one way or another. The educational background does not matter, the only thing that matters is that you are experienced in the field and you know the work. Some of the examples that can be mentioned are:

  • You are into selling traffic when you understand better conditions on offers.
  • You can advertise partner programs and offers on launching a company.
  • You can promote personal brands as well when it is a part of the deal.
  • You can speak about yourself and your skills whenever you are asked.

Anyone who owns the mentioned skills can be a part of this meetup to upgrade his or her game. The speech by our respected and renowned speaker can assist you in further parts of your career too. If you are looking for an upgrade in your ways, do not hesitate to be a part of it.

About the Speaker:

Jordan Belfort speaker at CPA Club ConnectThe official and the most intriguing part of this meetup is the guest speaker Jordan Belfort himself. Also known as Wolf of the Wall Street, the guy is an achiever. He is an American public speaker, author of two memoirs, and a former financial broker. He was the talk of the most influential financial crisis in the 90s in New York City. Jordan founded a company named Stratton Oakmont that used to sell heap stocks over the phone. Those financial operations had a turnover of more than a billion dollars. In the speech, Jordan will be talking about efficient and effective sale strategies and some tips and tricks on increasing business earnings. Attendees will be allowed to ask him questions at the Question and Answer session that will happen at the end of his speech.

There will be an after party for you too. It will be held in one of the top-class nightclubs found in Dubai, Sky2.0. You can enjoy a fascinating dance performance and a night program by a world-class DJ. Other than this, you will get a chance to meet Jordan Belfort yourself. You can ask the guy some questions and get answers that might change the way you and your business operate. It can influence the growth of your business at huge levels.

You can be a part of this gripping event by purchasing your ticket today! All you have to do is choose the type of ticket you want and then purchase it on this website here. Also make sure that you sign up to this Telegram channel CPA Club. On this channel, you will find a ton of comprehensive information about this meetup and other related events too.

You can follow CPA Club’s Social media accounts to get the updates you want.

We hope to see you on March 12th in Dubai!

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