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15+ Best Cpv Networks in 2024

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A product or service’s branding or promotion is greatly aided by advertising. It may be offline or online. Online adverts for your goods or services are available on various platforms, both for advertisers and publishers.

By adding various adverts to their blogs or websites, many web admins and bloggers can support themselves. It can be CPC, CPM, fixed cost, or CPV advertisements.

On websites and blogs, various types of advertisements can be displayed, including banner ads, pop-up ads, in-text ads, pop-under ads, graphical banner ads, and more. To have their advertising put or shown on websites or blogs, networks must be paid by the advertiser.

These networks impose different fees on the advertiser. The advertiser will be charged based on various factors, including the quantity of clicks received on a certain ad, the frequency with which it appears on a page, and the cost per thousand times an ad is displayed.

What is CPV?

The placing of an online advertisement on a website via pop-up, filled advertisements, a desktop browser tab, or a text link is known as Cost-per-view CPV.

These platforms pay out whenever an advertisement is viewed; the advertisement need not be clicked in order for you to receive payment for impressions.

Terminology is the next issue to be resolved.

Both PPV and CPV refer to the same thing; affiliates use CPV while advertisers use PPV.

Aside from that, the advertising is typically displayed as pop-ins, squeeze, or page takeovers.

A very well-liked type of web advertising is cost per view. When a visitor views the website, the advertiser is required to pay. Not based on impressions or repetitions per thousand.

In other words, only when a user visits a blog or website does the advertiser have to pay. Every time an advertiser’s ads are clicked, they must pay according to the cost per click model. The CPV rates are more affordable than the CPC rates.

The Leading CPV Networks for Publishers and Advertisements are included on the list. These CPV platforms are advantageous to both publishers and advertising. Publishers can make good money by running CPV advertising on their websites, and advertisers can use these networks to advertise their goods and services. These networks bill the advertiser based on the number of views.

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Best CPV Networks in 2024:

Here is the list of 15 Best CPV Networks in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Propel Media
  2. MaxValue.Media
  3. 50onRed
  4. MediaTraffic
  5. DirectCPV
  6. AdonNetwork
  7. Lead Impact
  8. Clicksor
  9. CPVMarketplace
  10. RTX Platform
  11. ZeroPark
  12. Google Ads
  13. Adoori
  14. OneADX
  15. AppLovin
  16. Undertone

1. Propel Media:

One of the best CPV networks is Propel Media.  Start the list of PPV advertising networks, then, with Propel Media, a platform that has existed since 2006.

TrafficVance was the previous name of Propel Media. It is considered among the most reputable and reliable PPV networks in the online marketing world.

If the affiliate program you intend to work with has existed for more time than your typical Netflix binge, that’s always a plus.

It provides a platform for showing advertisements combined with relevant text links. This network is well known for offering top-notch traffic in an effort to facilitate improved buying. The Propel Media network provides extensive client support. The dashboard that this network offers is highly user-friendly and aids in the quick optimization of the adverts.


However, there are some drawbacks as well, such as the requirement for a small deposit and the high cost of recommendations.

If you don’t provide a referral, the network won’t accept your application, adding another further expense.

2. MaxValue.MediaThe #1 Ad Network For Publishers:


MaxValue is a new yet one of the most preferred ad networks out there. The company has a keen eye for website publishers who are looking forward to publishing ads on their sites in exchange for money. 

MaxValue does not compromise solely on the quality of ads it provides. Other than the high-quality ads, another point that sets MaxValue apart from others is its Header Bidding Technology. It allows the users to experience real-time bidding using the largest Demand Sites. The result of the bidding is an increased revenue of the highest bidding. MaxValue supports Sticky ads,  Banner ads, Video ads, as well as Native Ads. Moreover, the registration process is super easy and quick. 

Their user-centric dashboard offers features from viewing traffic information by country and checking the website’s traffic quality to ad performance insights. But there are things you need to keep in mind if you want to work with them as a website publisher. They work with websites that have at least 100,000 pageviews per month, have traffic mainly from the US, UK, and Canada, and have content that is free from illegal, unsafe, controversial, violent, aggressive, or banned content. 

Even though they have some requirements to get started, they maintain the quality of their services. The company claims to give a minimum 25% increase in your website’s revenue, and if it does not happen, they claim to pay the gap, which is a big statement to make, especially as a newbie. 

  • Company Details:
  • Company Name: MaxValue
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Minimum Payout: $25 (Net-15)
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Cryptocurrency

Join MediaValue Now!

3. 50onRed:

50onRed is another network that offers coverage aimed at the international market for the pitiful sum of $0.002 per view. The display and in-text traffic on 50onRed actually uses the very same interface as the pay-per-view traffic.

This enables the advertiser to avoid incurring additional costs for such Display and InText ads. Since it is user’s particular favorite and they believe it offers value for the money, they desire to strongly suggest it.

Comparing to several CPV networks platforms, its user experience is one of the most effective and user-friendly interfaces.


The estimated amount of money you would need for an investment is $500. 50onRed’s pricing is comparable. When compared to certain sites, this is a tad pricey and can charge users more than $1 each view.

However, if you include fewer keywords that are still relevant, it will only cost you $0.005 per view, which is in no way bad. The traffic you receive from 50onRed is first-rate. The greatest numbers of conversations result from this.

4. Media Traffic:

A CPV marketing network for affiliates is called Media Traffic. Due to its numerous benefits, including its ability to reach millions of people and display highly targeted advertising in a large window for better visibility, many affiliates use it.

A very user-friendly tool with a straightforward UI, Media Traffic allows you to get up and running in just 3 easy steps and offers excellent customer service. Each user also receives a dedicated account manager.

Most affiliates benefit from this network’s sufficient ad space, good ROI, and excellent target market because it gives clients much better clarity. A user-friendly system with an intuitive user interface is media traffic.


This program’s approval process is a drawback. The advertiser must give copies of the fundamental formalities with their signature and numerous other facts, and if everything is in order, they will receive approval.

It only takes three easy steps and a few minutes to reach the Media Traffic dashboard. The company provides great customer service, and each account is assigned a specific account executive.

5. DirectCPV:

DirectCPV is another well-known and successful CPV network among marketers. It gives its partners value for every dollar they spend. You have the option to focus the market using this network’s locations, URLs, and keywords.

This increases the likelihood that the advertisements will attract more prospects. Every time you visit a specific web page, DirectCPV shows a full-screen ad on that page. Since the window for this sort of advertising fills the entire screen, no landing page is required.


One of the well-known and reasonably priced CPV networks of affiliates is DirectCPV. You may target relevant keywords, URLs, and regions with DirectCPV to make the best use of your advertising budget, which aids in boosting conversion rates.

As you access the page in their browser, these network display interstitial ads—full-screen ads—are displayed on your window. By using DirectCPV to promote, you can save time because the system will automatically construct a full-screen advertisement without you having to do any work.

 6. AdonNetwork:

Another well-liked network among affiliates is the AdOn programme. This network places advertisements on websites that have content that is appropriate for them. Therefore, visitors who visit the page could also be interested in the goods or services that are advertised. So, this visitor can end up being the advertiser’s potential customer.

The AdOn program is adaptable enough to meet a variety of advertiser needs, including full-screen banner ads, background ads, pop-up ads, and text ads.

A well-known network where affiliates can promote their goods or services is called AdOn Network. The likelihood of conversions rises by showing visitors adverts that are pertinent to the blog topics they are interested in.


AdOn Network allows you to promote using banners, in-text, pop-up, background, full-screen, and other formats as desired by the advertiser.

You can easily generate traffic by paying less; you don’t need to spend a lot of money to do so. AdOn Network controls viruses and malicious attacks, making it incredibly secure from a security standpoint.

7. Lead Impact:

Lead Impact is another well-known brand in the sector when it comes to choices for economic network platforms. This is excellent for advertisers on a tight budget because it avoids sacrificing the high demand for traffic.

The ad window has excellent visibility. Including the display channel, it also draws visitors through a variety of enticing traffic sources including search and emailing.

Additionally, this program helps prospects using particular URLs and keywords. The target market can also be offered via the Lead Impact network platform in any particular nation or region. Additionally, the advertiser’s preferred language can be chosen. It gives the advertiser the choice of focusing on a specific area, nation, or language.


It works best for affiliates who want to generate a lot of traffic without spending a lot of money. It launches a window that clearly displays your advertisement to the user.

Lead Impact also offers us access to additional traffic sources, including email, display, or search. You can target a certain keyword and URLs with Lead Impact as well.

 8. Clicksor:

Clicksor is a highly intriguing network platform for advertisers. This network supports a number of advertising formats, such as CPI, CPC, CPM, and CPV. Relevant graphic banner, pop-under advertisements, search boxes, interstitial ads, in-text ads, and contextual banners are all available with Clicksor.

Top Alexa-ranking websites with more page views are used by Clicksor to display advertisements. It provides the publisher with 85% of the revenue from the adverts. The presence of malware in the adverts on the Clicksor network is its lone drawback.


All CPVxa, CPC, CPI, and CPM advertisements are supported by the well-known online advertising network Clicksora. It shows relevant contextual banners in text advertisements, pop-under ads, graphic banners, search boxes, and interstitial ads.

This network’s downside is that forced redirections or viruses are put inside its advertisements.

9. CPVMarketplace:

Any marketing campaign’s productivity is greatly increased by CPV, or cost per view. It provides prospects or leads for your company who are genuinely interested in the goods or services you offer. By bringing in customers that are eager to do business with you, CpvMarketplace helps you crush the competition.

The CpvMarketplace is an effective web marketing tool that sends qualified visitors to advertisers. The traffic that CpvMarketplace produces is first-rate and economical.


CPV Marketplace generates the highest caliber targeted traffic, giving you access to the ideal target market. CPV Marketplace offers the best in effective Cost-per-view online marketing. To achieve your advertising objectives, you can employ wide or exact targeted matching with cpvMarketplace’s powerful behavior technologies.

You may significantly boost the effectiveness of your campaign by attracting customers who are the most eager in your good or service with cpvMarketplace. Its knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and assisting you in achieving the maximum ROI.

10. RTX Platform:

RTX Network (50onRed) is currently the top source of PPV traffic. At an extremely low cost per view—as little as $0.002—RTX Platform delivers global targeting. In addition to PPV traffic, RTX Platform also provides InText and Display traffic, both of which may be promoted from the same advertising interface without requiring a separate budget.

The RTX Platform advertising dashboard is among the simplest and most effective PPV networks they have used. The RTX Platform requires a $500 budget to get started. The only issue I had with 50onRed was that while many less competitive keywords can deliver traffic for just $0.005 per view, more competitive phrases can cost up to $1+ per view. The traffic on 50onRed is of exceptionally high quality.


  • RTX Platform has been working with affiliates, demonstrating their expertise.
  • They can accomplish this by employing any of the below methods to help you commercialize your blog posts:
  • Push advertisements, but not the typical, intrusive kind.
  • For maximum impact, use full-screen
  • Easily integrating native advertisements into your website
  • Custom search – text adverts will be included in your “site search” capabilities.

11. ZeroPark:

A well-known brand in the affiliate field of marketing is ZeroPark. In fact, both advertisers as well as publishers consider ZeroPark to be a top CPV/PPV network. Robert Gryn started ZeroPark in 2011, and it is a member of Codewise.

The platform’s user interface is extremely simple to use, intuitive, and well-explained. Therefore, ZeroPark is ideal for individuals who are just starting their media buying experience.

The Targets daily budget is one of its standout features.

You can set a maximum spending limit for each target. So you never waste money on a select few pricey prospects. You can also test additional targets.


You have a choice of three filters. For instance, if you want the campaign to obtain visitors from these two channels, you can select Desktop & Mobile.

Full-page ad types are provided by ZeroPark on a CPM base. Ad formats like Pop Ads, Native, Domain Redirect, Interstitial, and many more are included. Additionally, it provides a variety of unique features and outstanding account manager support. Both adult and non-adult verticals are catered to by ZeroPark.

  • $200 minimum down payment
  • the $50 minimum payment
  • PayPal is a payment method.

12. Google Ads:

Google is a source of PPV traffic even though it isn’t an usual PPV network. Intriguingly, it’s also how a lot of YouTubers make their annual millions. With the same advertising, you may monetize your films.

If you’re working at scale, you could also use those adverts to direct PPV traffic toward your affiliate products.

You get the tried-and-true Google Ads network and advertising interface since it’s Google.

This has recently undergone a complete revamp, making it slightly slicker than before.

Even real-time bidding is included.  Most significantly, they get the financial means to support their platform during both high and low economic times, which cannot really be stated for the majority of other PPV networks.


According to reports, Google rewards publishers 68% of whatever advertisers spend. The issue is that affiliates rarely generate enough money from showing Google Ads in any format to reflect this.

Additionally, Google will never provide a pop-under advertising solution because doing so would violate their terms of service.

Most Appropriate For Beginners who don’t have high expectations

13. Adoori:

Adoori is a forum for posting content as well as advertising goods and services globally. This platform is well-known for its pop-under advertisements, which are shown on the other side of the window.

It differs from other platforms in that there are no advertisements ahead of the window, which can occasionally irritate customers. While Adoori’s decision to target users based on location rather than keywords and URLs might occasionally backfire, the site’s high traffic volume helps to mitigate this issue.


eAdoori is a network for posting content as well as advertising goods and services internationally. This site is well-known for its pop-under advertisements, which are visible through the window.

While Adoori’s decision to target users based on location rather than keywords and URLs might occasionally backfire, the site’s high volume of traffic aids in preventing this issue.

14. OneADX:

OneADX is a top provider of cutting-edge software, website development, outsourcing, and advertising solutions that are optimized for multi-platform use.

The solutions they are offering:

  1. Affiliate Program they give advertisers the finest way to increase client acquisition.
  2. Website Development they believe in creating custom, high-end websites that are brand-centric, fully functional, SEO-compliant, and results-driven.
  3. Desktop Program they have a wealth of experience creating streamlined software applications for both Windows and Mac OS X. They provide complete desktop development services, from initial concepts to finished products tailored to your company’s requirements.
  4. App for mobile devices Many of our mobile applications have topped the App Market charts.
  5. Mobile Game they create and publish more than 50 mobile games on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.


According to gaming forums and newspaper awards, a few of them are among the best casual games of the month. Account managers that are fully qualified and have a lot of expertise constantly come up with creative ideas for you.

They take security incredibly seriously, that’s why they carefully choose and thoroughly check out every partner of OneADX; each client must pass the compliance team’s entire verification process.

15. PopAds:

A pop-under advertising network called PopAds promotes itself as the fastest and highest paying ad network available.

Additionally, compared to its rivals, its ad networks are thought to be speedier and more secure.

PopAds provides its clients with real-time consumer data, which may be used to enhance ad layouts for more user acquisition.

It has a powerful network and solutions.  View the potential of PopAds and rediscover potential.

Simply said, PopAds is the highest paying popunder-focused advertising network online. Really no popunder ad network would pay more than us, they assure you! Register now to find out for yourself, and be ready to be amazed.


They have made the decision to install further security measures.

They have currently implemented activity logs, in which all members can view their most recent login activities. In addition, they now enable two-factor authentication with the YubiKey hardware token. All members can access the Security section under Account Manager, where they can order new YubiKeys or add existing ones.

Recently, they implemented new opt-out choices for advertisements for gambling and software downloads.

Publishers can choose whether to accept these ads in the website settings section of the PopAds panel.

16. Undertone:

An advertising network called Undertone was established in 2019. An essential component of advertising is targeting and retargeting. You can get royalties from Undertone as a publisher by check or PayPal. When you achieve the $50.00 payment level, your payments, which are made on Net 60 basis, will be released.

Undertone takes pride in its high-quality video marketing content and adaptable integrations and partners with leading brands and media across a number of industries.

They specialize in providing top-notch web, in-app, and mobile advertisements across a variety of platforms.

By utilizing inventory in unconventional ways, Undertone guarantees that no existing ad products will be harmed and that its CPVs will be between 100% and 1,500% higher than those of conventional display advertisements.


Undertone endorses CPV products. Cost Per View is mostly employed in video advertising but is also present in contextual or standard banner campaigns. The price of a person watching a piece of material is shown by the term cost per view. The most extensively employed platform for CPV advertising would be Google Adverts, which takes the shape of Youtube clip ads. As an affiliate, CPV represents the commission money you make for each view you recommend.

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The programs listed above are some of the most well-liked CPV network programs for marketers and publishers in 2022. In order to aid you in your search for a top CPV network, we recommend these networks. If you sign up for any of the aforementioned network platforms, you’ll not only be able to earn some extra cash but also increase the amount of traffic to your website.

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