CQA Test App: A Hidden Program 2024 (How To Use It?)

The CQA test app is abbreviated as the Certified Quality Auditor test app. In most Android devices it is pre-installed and it is a hidden diagnostic tool found in some models. It is specially designed to analyze or monitor the functions of other various apps and widgets on your phone.

This is an essential application as tests and makes sure if the device is functioning well or not. It also ensures the performance of your smartphones as a whole generally. This app notifies us if there is something wrong is going in our phones such as viruses or any errors and enables phones to run and function smoothly. These apps facilitate the testing of each and individual component of the smartphone.

Basically, it’s a monitoring software that looks into all aspects of your phone’s functioning. Motorola has a specific app for testing its phone named CQAtest. Motorola uses the app to test its smartphones after the manufacturing process. This app was disabled after completing its testing so that’s why it cannot be accessed easily and can be activated by key combinations in the dialer pad or it is located somewhere in settings. The app might appear in the app launcher.

Is This App Beneficial?

The purposes of this app are strictly professional and it’s an essential app that enables our phones to run smoothly so there’s nothing to worry about this app. It ensures the performance of various apps and notifies us if something is wrong.

The Purpose And Objective Of The CQATEST App?

With the help of the above discussion, we have come to know the what CQAtest app is and what is its main function. Basically, this app is hidden software that is running behind and checks on different apps if they are working properly or not. This app indicates to us that our phone creator has access to the system.

This excludes personal data. On the other hand, Android, Motorola, or any other device that you use, it will notify you when any inconveniences will occur in the performance of the system. The overall status report of your mobile device ascertains that every product of your phone is up to the required Android standards. You can find this data in the agreement of “Terms and Services” while you switch on a brand new Android smartphone.

 The Problems It Creates For Its Users:

Although this app is plotted in smartphones to ensure the working of apps and widgets there are many problems that users faced because of this app. The problems include

• Home button doesn’t work

• Recent apps don’t work

• Lock screen is not working

• After pressing the power button, the camera is not opening

• Problem with incoming calls

• It changes personal settings or device preferences.

• Messaging service not working

• Notifications get muted

• Notification drawer doesn’t open completely

• Some apps are not working.

• Factory Reset is not working

• Heating

• Bugged camera

• A harm to the battery

• Lagging

• Privacy issues

• High background data and storage space used

How These Issues Can Be Resolved?

CQA test app is a simple testing app that should not cause any issues in the devices ideally. But the users have reported many issues regarding this app on their phones. Anyways these issues can be resolved by following these steps:

1. Clear Cache And Data:

Clearing the cache and data will bring the app to its original state. It is like you have just installed the application on your device.

Go to Settings> All apps > Search CQATest > Click on the app > Clear Cache and Data.

2. Allow/Deny Permission To Android CQATest App:

After allowing or denying permissions you must recheck your phones. As this app has not have proper access most of the time and is a running process so this could be the reason for creating problems with your phones.

3. Temporarily Disable The CQATEST App:

If you’re not sure that the CQAtest app is creating issues in the phone then just temporarily disable this app and if the issues are because of this app should bring back the app in a stable state

4. Reset Your Android:

Before moving on to details, I want you to back up your data. Not just internal storage but app data too if you are a root user. This method will delete the entire data of your phone. Factory reset

This method does not delete the internal storage data. A factory reset is just restoring your device to the point you purchased it, or it just came. Hard reset your device resets your device’s hardware and software. This method deletes internal storage data.

How Did The CQATEST App End Up On My Device?

There is no need to fear if you discovered the CQATest app on your smartphone. It is a system app.

If your device is working smoothly, you will not be able to locate the app in the app drawer or on the main app’s homepage. However, if you go to the system menu, you will find the app.

1. Uninstall CQATEST App:

Since this app is already installed on mobile phones you might have difficulty in uninstalling it. But we won’t suggest you remove the program since it is a system app. If you have decided that you wish to permanently uninstall the CQATest app from your phone, we have got you covered with the following guide:

2. Force Stop CQAtest:

We would not suggest that you remove the program, since this is a system app. As a result, you are unable to delete it. However, you may completely halt its activities.

Open the Settings app and go to the Apps section.

Select the Show System Apps option and look for CQATest. Locate and open the app.

Then, at the bottom, choose the Force Stop option.

The app will remain on your smartphone, but all activity will be halted. It will no longer disturb you.

3. Clear Android Caches:

The simplest approach to end the CQATest activity is to force-quit the program. Having said that, it may be effective in certain circumstances.

In such a case, after following the previously described procedures to Force Stop CQATest, you may wish to remove the app cache. Here’s what you should do.

  • Open the Settings app and go to the Apps section.
  • Select the Show System Apps option and look for CQATest. Locate and open the app.
  • Tap the Storage option on the App Info screen.
  • The Clear Cache option is located at the bottom of the following page. Tap it to activate it.
  • After deleting the app cache, everything should be OK. There’s no reason to be concerned if it doesn’t. There are additional fixes available.
4. Complete Wipe Cache Partition:

If the CQATest program continues to bug you, you might try clearing the cache partition. However, for this step, you must first enter Recovery Mode. Let’s go through the steps.

  • Connect the charging cable to your Android smartphone and the other USB end to a PC or laptop.
  • Turn off your Android smartphone.
  • Hold down the Power and Volume Up keys for a few seconds. The smartphone will boot up into Recovery Mode.
  • Highlight the Wipe Cache Partition option using the volume buttons.
  • Then, press the Power button to start the execution.
  • Wipe Cache Partition from the Recovery Mode menu Android
  • Choose Wipe Cache Partition.
  • If this doesn’t work, your final option is to reset your device to factory settings.

Performing A Factory Reset (Use This Only If The First Method Does Not Work):

  • Make sure that all important data, documents, files, media, etc on your phone are backed up safely.
  • Navigate to General Management in the Settings app.
  • Tap the Reset button, then choose Factory Data Reset.
  • To begin the operation, tap on it. Finally, press the Blue Reset Button to finish.
  • Restore the Android Smartphone to Factory Default Factory Data Saurav Dey/Gotechtor/Screenshot
  • This is the quickest approach to restoring the device to factory settings. If you’re experiencing difficulties using the device correctly because of CQATest issues, you may use Recovery Mode to do a factory reset.

 Having CQA Test App In Your Phones Can Be Harmful?

No, this app is not malware or any form of virus, it is a testing app that ensures the quality and performance of various apps on your device and enables phones to function properly and smoothly. This isn’t an infected application.

It must be running in the background on your device, signaling normal device operation. Having this app on your phones means you have provided access to the manufacturer but that includes optional data, not your personal information. The manufacturer will resolve the issues which the CQAtest app tells about.

Should We Remove This App From Our Devices?

Removing this app is not a good option as it serves an important function in the device. Although it creates unexpected issues in the phones for which you can temporarily disable the app installing this app is not a good idea as it has a specific purpose we have mentioned above.


Taking into account the above discussion and details about the CQATEST app we will conclude that this app is not harmful or dangerous anymore. It is a system app that monitors the phone as a whole along with the different apps. CQAtest is a beneficial app that essentially performs its function, having this app on your phone will not have any effect.

It’s a hidden software running behind which is necessary to ensure the quality of performance, if any type of problem occurs in apps it will surely notify us. There is no specific drawback of this app sometimes it creates unusual issues in the phone for which you can disable it temporarily. I hope this article would help you know about the details of the CQATEST app.

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